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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - September 12, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas   IT     r"1"' """" r,"T"Cougars eighth The Canyon Cougars are ranked eighth in the Harris Hating System’s rankings of the state’s Class 4 A teams this week, the highest rating ever for the team. New Braunfels is seventh. Both teams have 170 power points. Teams above the local squads are Tomball, Sweetwater, Bay City, Huntsville, Wichita Falls Hirschi and Denison. Complete Harris ratings will be in Friday’s edition. Thursday Special Hvrald-Zeitung Thursday, September 12,1985 The Red Rose cries. . The record's here — 4,192 hits CINCINNATI (AP) — Pete Rose passed Ty Cobb with a record-setting single to culminate 23 years of gritty determination, then christened the historic moment with his first tears as a baseball player. Hose lined a first-inning single Wednesday night off San Diego’s Erie Show to hustle past Cobb and put him alone atop baseball’s all-time hit list with 4,192. The sharp line drive, a trademark of Rose’s storied career, also touched off an emotional celebration that left him alone at first base, wiping away tears with his batting glove. The Cincinnati Reds’ player-manager has cried only one other time as an adult at the death ut his father Harry, the man he idolizes and credits for his hard-nosed style. ‘I was doing all right, then I looked up and started thinking about my father,” Hose said. I saw him up there and right behind him was Ty Cobb right BEHIND him. Regardless of what you think, he (Cobb) is up there. “That’s the univ time I’ve ever cried on a baseball field.” The single was the first of several bold strokes by the 44-year-old Rose as he led the Reds to a 2-0 victor} over tin- Padres before an uproarious crowd of 47,237 in his hometown. Appropriately, it came 57 years to the day of Cobb s last plate appearance a pinch-hit at-bat for the Philadelphia A’s. After going 0-for-4 before another capacity crowd at Riverfront Stadium the night before. Hose told himself to relax Wednesday and do what lie does best have fun playing baseball. “I was just much more relaxed today,’’ Hose said. “I just could tell I was going to get a hit. I approached the game differently. I didn t want to put everybody through another 0-for-4 ” He ended that possibility on the fourth delivery from Show. a right-hander. With a blimp hovering above, the crowd screaming Ins name and flashbulbs popping all around, Hose cleanly lined a 2-1 slider toward left- center field. From the instant it left his black Mizuno bat with an authoritative “crack,” there was no doubt He had THE HIT. “It’s like it was meant to be,” said first base umpire Ed Montague. “It was like watching something from the movie, ‘The Natural.’ It was just meant to be.” Rose rounded first base as left fielder Carmelo Martinez retrieved the ball on one hop Rose characteristically clapped his hands once and traded hand ships with first base coach Tommy Helms. Confetti and fireworks filled the air as 15-vear-old Pete Hose Jr. led a parade of Reds to congratulate Rose while the stadium rocked with chants of “Pete, Pete!” Show walked over to shake his hand. “It is the greatest moment in baseball history," said Reds first baseman Tony Perez, a close friend who shared the moment with a hug. When I got there I said, ‘It’s about time Then Davey (Concepcion) and I picked him up. He was crying; I’d never seen him cry before. I cried, too.” Reds owner Marge Schott hugged Rose and waved a new Corvette onto the field, a gift for baseball’s greatest hit producer. The ovation went on even after Hose s teammates left the field. lasting seven minutes. Rose got teary recalling the moment long after the game had ended. “I’m not smart enough to have the words to really describe my feelings,” Rose said. “I didn’t know w hat to do. I felt like a man looking for a hole to jump into. I was looking for .someone to talk to. “That was the first time I was ever on a baseball field and didn’t know what to do. I can’t explain my feelings. I’ve never had feelings like that liefore.” Rose said “It was like somebody wrote the script and I was playing the part.” He got an on-field call after the game from President Reagan, who assured him: “Your reputation and legacy are secure. It will In* a long time before anyone is standing in the spot where you’re standing now.”Record sets off assorted emotionsRose vs. Cobb By The Associated Press Career comparisons of Ty Cobb and Pete Rose (all time top ten rankings in parentheses): Cobb Rnk Rose Rnk Years    24    (41    23    (5t> Games    3033    (4i    3476    (I) At Bats    11429(41    13770(1) 4191 12)    41-r) Singles    3052    12)    3162    (I) Doubles    724    (4)    738    (2) Triples    297    (2)    133    () I Home Runs    118 ( )    160    I    I Runs    2244 (I)    2142    14) Runs batted In    1960 (4    1308    I    ) Walks    1249 I )    1520    (IO) Strikeouts    357 ( I    1109    (    ) Stolen Bases    892(2)    1941-1 Average    367    (ll    305    (    I Hitting Streak    40    (61    44    !2tl 200 Hit Seasons    9    (21    IO    (I) Consecutive Games    NA    ( )    745    (IO) Total Bases    5863 (4)    5677    (6) 300 plus Seasons    23    (I)    15    I9t) 400 plus Seasons    3    Ut)    0    (    ) Slugging Pct    513    I I    412    (    I long Hits    1139    (8)    1031    (    ) Rose's milestones By The Associated Press Pete Rose's milestone hits with number o1 hit, date type of hit. pitcher and team I April 13 1963 triple. Bob Friend Pittsburgh 3.000 May 5 1978. single. Steve Rogers. Montreal 3 500 Aug 15 IMO, single Tom Hausman at New York 3.631 Aug IO 1981 single Mark lilted, St louis tall time N L record! 3,772    June    22,    1982    double,    John Stuper, St Louis (moved into second place on ad time list) 4.000    April    13,    1984 double.    Jerry    Koosman. Philadelphia 4 191    Sept    8    1985    single, Reggie    Patterson. Chicago 4.192 Sept ll 1985. single Erie Show, San Diego CINCINNATI (AP) - THE hit was exactly that and much more. When Pete Rose lined a single to left-center field in his first at-bat Wednesday night, his 23-year chase of Ty Cobb’s once seemingly invincible record officially ended. Hit No. 4,192 made Rose the No. I hitman in baseball history, and produced an evening filled with both euphoria and emptiness. Fawn Rose, who has been intently watching her father’s exploits, was both delighted and somewhat somber after the momentous occasion. “It was a wonderful feeling to know my father achieved the record he has strived for all his life. I got chills and I cried,” said the 20-year-old pre-med student Wednesday night at Frankln College in Columbus. “It’s sort of a big letdown too, now that it’s over.” But the rest of the Rose contingent was happy and exhausted. “I’m just so happy,” said UiVerne Noeth, his mother. "He was crying. He doesn’t show it, but he can be an emotional person.” “We’re very happy, it’s just wonderful,” said wife Carol Rose with her young son Tyler in a baby walker. “I just love him. It’s wonderful,” said Dave Rose, Pete’s younger brother, tears streaming down his cheeks. Kevin McCarthy, an employee of U.S. Steel Corp., was delighted he saw the record. His boss had the tickets Tuesday night when Rose didn’t get the record hit. The boss gave McCarthy the tickets Wednesday. "I’m extremely grateful to him,” said McCarthy, who said he will cherish the memory all his life. Pete Rose salutes the crowd after moving into the No. 2 spot in 1982Rangers ready to start winning games By TOM LABINSKI Staff writer The second week of the season may seem a little early for a crucial game, but Smithson Valley’s contest against Devine Friday night will bt* important “We came close in so many games last year and we came so close against Somerset last week. We are getting tired of being competitive. Its time to win some ballgames," said Ranger Coach Stan Irvine. Smithson Valley’s frustrations increased last week when a foiled two-point conversion attempt cost the team a game against the heavily favored Bulldogs. Because of the Rangers’ showing in that game, especially in the fourth quarter, Irvine said he has more confidence that Smithson Valley could pull of an upset this week “We feel good about this game because of what we did last week We can win if we play the whole game like we did in the fourth quarter against Somerset,” he said. Making it harder for the Rangers this week will be the Devine offense, which is more balanced that Somerset’s, Irvine said. Returning to the Warhorses’ backfield are two all-district selections from last season, quarterback Ernest Munoz and halfback Phillip Covarrubia. I hey have two all-district players returning in their backfield alone, one who can throw the ball arid one who can run it. They can move the football both ways,” Irvine said. Sophomores Trey Marsh and Matt Rowell complete the backfield as halfbacks. Unlike Somerset, which sent out only two receivers and kept everyone else in to block, Devine will send as many as five Warhorses out to receive. “They like those quick throws on offense. We are going to have to try to get iii there fast and put some pressure on the quarterback before he spots an open receiver,” Irvine said. Defensively, Devine is big on the line and at the middle linebacker positions. The Warhorses play a four-man line like the Rangers, but sometimes play the outside Imebakers on the line of scrimmage. "Their defense is definitely geared towards stopping the run,” Irvine said “Their philosophy is much the same as ours — it is a much more difficult defense to try to block against.” Two members of the Warhorses’ defensive line were also all-district picks last year — tackle Dennis Splaw n and end Ralph Reyes. Devine’s secondary is young, with two juniors and a sophomore in the starting backfield ‘‘We’ll stick with our bread-and-butter, which is our running game, but we will probably throw a little more than we did last week. We are confident that we can move the football by passing,” Irvine said. The key to the game, he said, may be how well Smithson Valley is able to move the ball early in the game “We can’t wait until the fourth quarter this week. We’ll have to jump out in the first quarter and kick a good team early,” he said. Starters ES Scott Balmos 6 I 200 ll Devine Smithson Valley Offense Offense Pos Player Wt Cl »o« Player Ht Wt Cl OB Ernest Munoz 60 162 12 OB . Mike Irvine SII 165 12 FB Trey Marsh 6 11 180 IO IB . Scott H.limos .61 200 ll HB Phillip Covarrunia 59 162 12 :B Chris Gentry 6 I 240 ll HB Matt Rowell 5 IO 156 IO WB Phillip Ulcak 5 IO 156 12 TE_____ Royd Graham 64 175 11 SE Joey Cash 510 145 12 E...... Mark Lopez 60 185 11 RT Diron Wunderlich 60 216 12 RT____ Kenny Whitley 6 IO 200 12 RC Bobby Mockert 60 186 12 RG Peter Herrera 6 11 180 ll Jason Smart .. . 59 190 ll C..... Stacey Martin 5 11 165 ll LG Jeff Marquis SII 186 12 LG Dennis Splawri 60 175 12 IT Dennis Parker 511 190 12 IT____ Ralph Reyes 62 205 12 TE John Lozano 60 196 12 Defense Defense Pos Player Ht Wt Cl Poe Player Ht Wt Cl RF Ralph Reyes 62 205 12 f Diron Wunderlich 60 215 12 LT____ Lance Rodgers . 61 192 11 T ..... Bobby Mockert 60 185 12 RT Kenny Whitley 510 200 12 E..... Preston Janes 60 200 12 LT .... Dennis Splawn 60 175 12 t John Lozano 60 196 12 ILB____ Phillip Covarrubia . 59 16? 12 OLB Greg Mosier 510 155 12 ILB Trey Marsh . 511 ISO IO OIH Kevin McCoy 5 11 160 12 OLB Mark Lopez 60 185 11 'I H Shawn Balmos .61 190 12 OLB Randy Harrell 59 160 ll ILB Mike Wilson 5 11 170 11 CB Coy Ricord 59 160 ll CB Mike Irvine 511 165 12 CB Matt Rowell 5 IO 155 IO CB Phillip Ulcak 5 IO 155 12 S .... George Alexander . 61 165 ll Unicorns, Seguin rivalry rekindled By DAVID KING Sports editor It was 58 years ago. America was booming. Cotton was Comal County’s cash crop. Calvin Coolidge was President. And New Braunfels and Seguin played each other in football for the first time. Seguin won that first game, and five of the first six before a 6-6 standoff in 1933 The Shelley Burt-Weldon Bynum New Braunfels teams from the 30s to the early 1950s controlled the series Seguin won more than its share in the 50s, 60s and early 70s The series lias turned again. The Jim Streety era at New Braunfels has been rough on the Matadors; the Unicorns have won the last four meetings between the teams. l^ast season’s game, a controversial last-second victory by the Unicorns (Seguin (Tanned New Braunfels’ line wasn’t set before the snap on the game-winning touchdown), started a slide that left the Matadors 0-10. But that losing streak was snapped last week, as Seguin, under new Coach Mike Honeycutt, whipped Clemens 27-0. “I’m real pleased to see them coming back,” Streety said. "I think it will help our balldub for our series with them to be competitive. “That win sure was what the doctor ordered for a new regime.” Some doctoring on Seguin’* defense is what made the difference last week. The aggressive Matadors allowed four first downs and 81 total yards last week and wiped out Clemens’ passing game by simply not allowing quarterback Bruce Rea to get off a pass “We’re not going to be able to wait until we have to throw; they’ll tee off on us if we do that,” Streety said. “If we wait till third and long every time, it won’t work.” Seguin combines good size rn the defensive line — tackles John De U>s Santos (256 pounds) and Kerry Koehler (250 pounds) — with quick linebackers and backs “They’ve got a good scheme on defense; they have their personnel placed in good spots,’’ Streety noted. The same can be said for the offense, where Felix Savior, a parttime quarterback last season, has become a full-time terror at halfback in the Seguin Wing T. Savior, a 183-pound senior, runs well in the crossing, sweeping Seguin offense. And he throws the ball well on the halfback pass play, one that Football Schedule Announced by Coach Of High School Team Annoiuuement of the High School football schedule for (his fall was made this week by Coach O. C Rode. The fiist game of the season will be played against Seguin, traditional rival of New Braunfels in sports The game will he played tonight (Fiiday) on a lighted field at Seguin Starting time has been set for H o’clock The High School Ha nd and Pep Squad plan to accompany the team if sufficient transportation can be arranged for. UNICORNS TRIUMPH IN FIRST GAME A record breaking crowd cheered the New Braunfels Unicorns on to victory with a score of 12 0 against Seguin on their own field last Friday evening. The Matadors were hopelessly nub hissed by the Unicorns, who kept the ball in the Seguin terii-toiy most of the time. The first touchdown occurred in the second quartet when Gotthardt, on an off-tackle play, went through for the (list score of the season. Iii the third quarter a beautifully executed pass by Gotthardt to Borgfeld resulted in another touchdown. The series was intense even 50 years ago went for a touchdown last year against the Unicorns. Quarterback Brett Beiinarez, a junior, runs the offense well and can throw when necessary, Streety said. The Matadors also use the fullback trap play effectively, with starter Greg Valdez or backup Craig Witten, who scored three touchdowns last week. “To stop them, we’ve got to handle the fullback trap first, then handle Savior on the counter sweeps and plays like that,” Streety said. “We have to play with intensity every play, and to our credit, we did that last week.” New Braunfels’ offense also played with intensity last week, although it didn’t score any points against Travis. “I felt better about our per formance last week after I studied the film in detail,” Streety said. “I realized that Travis had a pretty good balldub, and that made our performance look a lot better.” New Braunfels will stick with the same starters in the offensive line this week — Mike Sullivan and I,arry 1/ongoria at guards, Billy Lytton and Darrin Toney at tackles and Erie Rivers at center. Joe Vasquez will play some at guard as well. “We’ll definitely be better in the offensive line this week,” Streety said. “We’re a week further along.” Still, the offensive plan will be fairly simple, to help with execution, the coach »aid. Game time is 7:30 p.m. at Matador Stadium.Starters Now Braunfels Offense Poe Pleyer    Mf    Wt.CI. CIB    Victor    Sierra    60    1 75    12 TB    Stephen Millett    6    2    186    12 FB    Ryan    Purdy    510    184    ll WB    Barry    Baker    5 8    155    12 and    Kevin Walker    510 156 ll SE    Leon Sneed    6 0    153    11 and    Craig Compton    510    145    ll RT    Billy Lytton    6 1    226    11 RC    Mike    Sullivan    6 3    255    12 C    Enc    Rivers    60    210    12 LG    Larry    Longoria    5 10    222    12 LT    Darrin    Toney    510    195    ll Defense Pos Player Ht Wt Cl T...... Mike Sullivan 63 255 12 T Enc Rivers 60 210 12 NG Oicky Ortega 58 216 12 and Keith Cook 60 197 12 OLB Kevin Webb SIO 210 12 OLB Damon Millen 64 194 12 ILB J T. Cody 59 174 12 ILB ____ Bred Stabl 510 195 11 CB Claude Portene 60 156 12 CB Barry Baker 58 155 12 FS Kevin Walker 6 10 155 ll SS Stephen Hanz 59 173 12 Seguin Offense Pos Player Ht Wt Cl OB Bren Belmarez 5 7 ISS ll FB Greg Valdez . 58 158 12 HB Alan Speir 59 159 12 HB Felix Savior 60 183 12 TE Chris Lange 60 176 12 WR Jeff Jubela 6 0 164 ll RT Rodney Smith 62 I do I IO HG Van Sampleton 63 206 12 C Kevin Koehler . 62 214 12 LG Bryant Hart SIO 161 12 IT .. . William Mast 59 175 12 Defense Pos Player Ht Wt Cl RE . . . Alan Spaa . . S9 159 12 RT . John De Los Santos .. 64) 250 ll LT .. Kevm Koehler 6 2 214 12 LE . . . Van Sampleton 63 205 12 OLB Rudy Borrego SS 147 12 OLB .....Kevm Ellis 610 163 ll ILB . Neat Rte be SIO 180 ll ILB Bryant Hart 5-10 161 12 RCS . . . Brian Boscamp .. ., ST 143 11 LCB Jeff Jubela SO 164 ll S SO 183 12 ;

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