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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - September 12, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Gramm may head FTC WASHINGTON (AP) — Texas Republican Sen. Phil Gramm’s wife, Wendy, says she has not ruled out accepting an appointment as chairman of the Federal Trade Commission if the Reagan administration offers her the job. Mrs. Gramm currently serves as director of the FTC’s bureau of economics. “I don’t know to what extent I’m being considered,” Mrs. Gramm said in a telephone interview this week. “At this point, I haven’t ruled out anything.” The current chairman of the agency, James C. Miller III, was nominated by the White House to succeed David Stockman as director of the Office and Management and Budget. He recommended Mrs. Gramm and the other two FTC directors to the White House as potential candidates for FTC chairman. Miller is still awaiting Senate confirmation hearings, so the naming of his successor at FTC is probably several weeks away. In an interview last week, Gramm said he was under the impression his wife would not take the job. “I don’t think she’s sure yet what she’s going to do, but I think at this point she is not interested in being chairman,” he said. “We sort of have a separation of career patterns so that I don’t get involved in her business.” he added. “I will do basically what people feel would be the best, if that means staying in the bureau of economics or another position,” Mrs. Gramm said. Gramm, a former economics professor, was a sponsor of President Reagan’s economic programs as a Democratic member of the House. He switched parties in 1983 and won the Senate seat last year. Mrs. Gramm, 40, has a Ph.D. in economics. On her office wall is a picture of Reagan with the Gramms in the Oval Office. Reagan inscribed the picture to Mrs. Gramm with the words, “to my favorite economist.” White House spokesman Dale Petroskey would not comment about the selection process. “We have a long-standing policy of not talking about who’s pushing whom,” he said. “It only tends to get us in trouble.” Judy Pond, a spokeswoman at the FTC, said Miller would not comment on the search for his successor. If Mrs. Gramm got the job, Gramm would be the second member of the Senate whose wife heads an executive branch agency. Elizabeth Dole, wife of Senate Majority leader Bob Dole, is secretary of transportation. Checklist foul-up endangered satellite SPACE CENTER, Houston (AP) — A mistake in a checklist aboard space shuttle Discovery last month led to a jammed thermal shield that threatened to damage an Australian satellite, members of an astronaut crew said Wednesday at a news conference. Joe Engle, commander of the Discovery flight that landed Sept. 3 after a spectacular spacewalk rescue of a disabled satellite, said that hurried preparation for the salvage mission led to an error Mattox wants television in government meetings AUSTIN (AP) — Attorney General Jim Mattox says he will support efforts to broaden the state Open Meetings Act to make certain television news cameras can cover public sessions of governmental bodies. However, he said, some groups likely will exclude cameras until the law is amended. “I think it is entirely possible that video cameras will be barred from a number of public meetings,” Mattox said Wednesday. “In some rural counties, I think we’re going to see cameras excluded at times.” Mattox’s comments followed a legal opinion he issued Tuesday saying the open meetings law gives Texans a right to make audio tape recordings of public governmental meetings but not video recordings. Asked about that opinion at a news conference Wednesday, Mattox said he was only interpreting the law as it is written, not expressing his personal feelings about the issue. He compared the situation to his negative feelings about a state law requiring clergymen to tell authorities about people who commit child abuse, even if they learn of it in confession. But his legal opinions must interpret whatever the law says, he insisted. “It is an unfortunate thing I have to interpret the law this way. I feel very .strongly about open meetings and open government. (But) we believe the law means what it says,” Mattox said. Several broadcasters already have voiced fears that city councils, county commissioners, school boards and others might try to use the opinion to force cameras out of their meetings. As an author of the open meetings law when he was a member of the legislature, Mattox said he hopes government officials won’t see his opinion as a tool for blocking televised news coverage of their sessions. “I was one of the authors of the open meetings and open records acts, and I feel very strongly about the concept of allowing the public to understand what takes place within these meetings,” Mattox said. Mattox said he would support efforts to amend the open meetings law in the next legislative session to include television cameras, possibly having his staff draft a bill that would doit. While the issue ultimately might be presented to the courts, Mattox said, “Probably the best thing for us is to try to get this law changed here in the legislature.” Mattox said that when the open meetings law was written in 1973, television video recorders weren’t in widespread use. There was no intention of excluding television coverage, he said. “Our intent was to allow the public to get access to information of what took place in public forums and public meetings,” he said. Mattox said his feelings extend to allowing cameras in courtrooms, although current court rules don’t allow it. “Even today, cameras are excluded from courtrooms. I don’t think they should be excluded. I’ve advised several judges of that,” he said. in the sequence of on-board crew instructions and endangered another satellite. The error caused a thermal shield to be jammed against a camera on the shuttle’s robot arm and endangered an Australian satellite called Aussat. Astronaut Mike lounge, who was responsible for operating Discovery’s robot arm, said the flawed checklist, or mission script, failed to call for the robot arm to be moved before the thermal shield was operated. Normally, he said, the arm is rolled out of the way before the shield is commanded to move. “This trap was in our ... checklist all along and we had just never done a high fidelity simulation of that part of the mission,” said Lounge. “The trap was that we did the sunshield operation first and then rolled the arm out and didn’t think of the mechanical interference problem.” Engle said lounge was not at fault Fisher s VCR is!; Igto. v-. FISH FRDon't Miss These Special Savings Today! I Maytag’s Washer499 Reg. $449.95*349 Your n«*w fabulous Fisher \ HS unit feature* 14 day/3-«*venl program mablr timer with everyday function. IO function wireleaa infrared remote control, 105 channel cable ready tuner with 12 pre-aeta. and more Save 1100.95 now during Lack# Texan Size Sale! 72 IOO r». Sanyo Deluxe Enjoy the real dependability of famous Maytag from Lark'*! 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Lack’s of New Braunfels *399 971 W. San Antonio 625-7324 Control your viewing with Hitachi*    remote    control color television! Ha* a 19" diagonal screen. 106 channel capability,    Signal    Tracker system random access electronic tuning and more! Without    remote    control •333 70-182-0Loeb Royal heir to visit Lone Star state AUSTIN (AP) - Texas’ 150th anniversary has drawn royal attention in the form of a visit from Prince Charles, heir to the British throne. Gov. Mark White announced Wednesday that the prince had accepted an invitation to visit Texas in February as part of the .state’s Sesquicentennial celebration, In addition to honoring Texas, Prince Charles will honor H. Ross Perot, one of the best-known Texans Perot, a Dallas businessman, will receive the Winston Churchill Award from Prince Charles. The British consulate in Houston confirmed plans for the prince to visit Dallas and perhaps other Texas cities Feb. 17-21. “The governor invited him,” said Linda Kelly, assistant information officer for the consulate. Princess Diana will not make the trip, she said. The only definite stop on the trip is Dallas, where Perot will be given the award made by the United States Winston Churchill Foundation The honor goes to people of “exceptional accomplishment,” according to a Prince Charles The popularity in Great Britain of the television show “Dallas” has left many Britons fascinated by Texas. One British gas .station chain now is sponsoring a “Dallas" contest, offering a trip to Texas for the winner ;

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