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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - September 12, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas ★ Krueger.Titanic could have been saved Continued on Page 1A in the six-man race for the nomination the first time,” Krueger recalled. “And over 60 percent of Comal County went for me in the general election that first time, and on re-election it was even a larger margin.” He believed the speculation got started about his running when one of the congressmen he talked to had repeated their conversation to a Dallas Morning News reporter. “Until a month or so ago I was Heavy rains force sewage dumping SAN ANTONIO (AP) - Heavy rains forced the city of San Antonio to dump about 16 million gallons of almost raw sewage into the San Antonio River, officials said. Waste Water Management Director Joe Aceves confirmed Wednesday that crews at the Rilling Road treatment plant allowed the sewage to be released into the river downstream from the plant. The sewage had been chlorinated but not treated at the plant, Aceves said. The plant has not been operating at full capacity because parts of it are under repair. Apparently the facility flow could not handle the extra caused by the downpour. “They had more water than their plant can handle because of the rain,” river authority investigator Mike Gonzalez said. “But ifs a problem for all sewer systems everywhere, not just in San Antonio. “Their problem was the rainwater and there is construction so they are not at full operation,” he said. \ \ LESLIE KRIEWALDT HERALD ZEITUNG New judge County Court at Law Judge Charles Blackley will have & formal swearing in ceremony 4 p.m. today with Chief Justice Robert Shannon of the Texas Court of Appeals giving the oath. The short ceremony will occur in the third floor courtroom. Stocks Due to computer problems, the balance of the stock markets will not appear in today's paper. NEW YORK (AP 224 Entexlnc 184 184 184 Exxon 524 514 514 Fed ICO 424 424 424 Firestone 194 19 194 FtBcpTex 124 12 12 Flowerlnd s 184 18 184 FordMot 444 444 444 GAF Corp 354 344 344 GTF. ( orp 394 394 394 GnDynam 774 754 754 GenElec 60 594 60 Gen Food 874 86 864 Gen Motors 674 674 674 GnMotr F s 374 374 374 Goodrich 314 314 314 Goodyear 274 274 274 GtAtlPac 154 154 154 Gulf StaUt 134 13 13 Haliburtn 274 274 274 Holiday Corp 504 504 504 Houstlnd 264 26 26 HughesTl 134 134 134 Interfst ll 104 104 IBM 128 1274 1274 Intl Harv 84 84 84 Int Paper JohnsJn 484 48 48 464 454 464 K mart 314 314 314 KrogerCo 43 424 424 4 LTV Corp 74 74 74 Litton Ind 804 80 804 LoneSla Ind 264 26 264 Lowes 224 22 224 MCorp 204 204 204 May DSI s 524 52 52 Medtronic 344 344 344 Mobil 294 294 294 Monsanto 474 474 474 Motorola 344 344 344 NYNEX 814 804 81 Owenslll 474 474 474 PacifTel 72 714 714 Penney JC 494 494 494 Phelps Dod 204 204 204 PhiUpPt s 114 114 114 Polaroid 304 304 304 ProctGarnb 564 56 56 Pubs NwMx 264 264 264 RCA 444 44 444 RepBankCp 31 304 304 Sabine 154 154 154 Safeway 304 304 304 telling people I wasn’t interested, but then I said I would not IOO percent rule it out. But I am not sitting here planning strategies,” Krueger explained. “It’s a long way down the road.” So far three Republicans and two Democrats have announced they will seek the position that will be vacated by Tom Loeffler. The former representative lost two U.S. Senate races by close margins in 1978 and 1984. Krueger was appointed to the Lloyd Bentsen professorship in business and government in August by the University of Texas regents. The position means he teaches a graduate seminar at the LBJ School on U.S.-Mexico business and government relations. Krueger, 49, served President Jimmy Carter’s administration as the ambassador-at-large to Mexico and as the U.S. coordinator of Mexican Affairs. ★ Inmates. Continued from Page 1A for a couple of weeks before the security precautions were eased. But prison officials have labeled the entire system, which includes some 38,000 inmates housed at 27 separate units, as very tense. Most of the recent violence has been attributed to a recruiting war between two Hispanic gangs known as the Texas Syndicate and the Texas Mafia. “Part of the initiation rite is that you beat someone or stab someone,” Guthrie said. Officials estimated about 800 inmates are participants in gangs but said the number was very conservative. “It’s the ones we don’t know about that scare the hell out of me,” said McCotter. “We’ve got to put a stop to this now. And ITI lock down every unit if I have to.” “I’m not going to let them (gangs) dictate how this unit operates,” said Darrington Unit Warden Michael Moore. Eight slayings, recorded in eight days, brought the number of homicides this year in the state prison system to 26, one more than the record set in 1984. Three inmates were stabbed to death Sunday night at Darrington, south of Houston, in an attack that lasted no more than 45 seconds. Another gang slaying occured on Monday at the nearby Ramsey II Unit. “The only thing we can do is increase our vigilance, make our presence known,” said Ramsey Warden Lepher Jenkins. ★ Weather. Continued from Page 1A it takes quite a while to find the problem.” The downed line was across U.S. 281 near the Guadalupe River. New Braunfels Utilities customers experienced even fewer problems. “We had only one very minor outage, and it lasted only a very short time,” a spokeswoman for New Braunfels Utilities said. Weather service officials said that there is a 50 percent chance of rain today, decreasing to 20 percent tonight and 40 percent Friday. A fair weekend is expected. SFeSouPac 324 324 324 NEW YORK (AP) - Stocks SearsRoeb 344 344 344 rebounded from opening levels but Singer Co 364 354 354 remained mostly lower after morning Southern Co 194 194 tis trading today Southland 35 344 344 Oil, airline and financial issues were SwstBell 794 784 784 among the casualties, while several Sperry Cp 494 494 494 computer stocks advanced. StdOilOh 45 45 45 The Dow Jones average of 30 industrials SunComp 504 494 50 opened about 34 points lower after Tandy 344 334 34 tumbling 14 points Wednesday for iLs Tenneco 404 394 404 worst setback in five weeks But after two Texaco Inc 354 354 354 hours the blue-chip average had TexComBn 294 29 29 recovered and edged up 0 12 to 1,319.56 TexEastn 344 34 344 The Dow Jones transportation and Texas Inst 944 934 944 utility averages remained lower, TexasOGas 154 154 154 however, and losers overall maintained a Tex Util 274 27 274 7-4 lead over gainers on the New York Textron 504 504 504 Stock Exchange. The NYSK composite Tyler s 134 134 134 index was off 0.18 at 107.04. Un Carbide 534 534 534 Big Board volume totaled 47.20 million UnPacCp 474 474 474 shares at noon EDT, against 41 56 million US Steel 294 294 294 at that hour Wednesday. USWest 784 784 784 The NYSE’s active list was led by UniTel 214 214 US Rockefeller Center Properties, a new issue that began tradE 184D WAS Pnocal 294 29 294 WalMart 494 404 49S QUOTED AT 4?. A I 56 million-share WeatghEI 314 38 314 block crossed at 204. Xerox Cp 514 514 514 ZenithE US 114 HS WASHINGTON (AP) - “Tragedy needn’t have existed” with the 1912 sinking of the oceanliner Titanic because a nearby ship, the Californian, could have rescued the passengers who died, a scientist who discovered the sunken vessel claims. “There is no doubt it (the Californian) could have gone in there and rescued those people,” when the elegant oceanliner struck an iceberg and went down, Robert Ballard told reporters Wednesday. Ballard, 43, chief scientist of the U.S.-French team that found the Titanic in 13,000 feet of water about 560 miles from Newfoundland on Sept. I, said his evidence shows the Californian’s captain “didn’t report his position right.” The Californian made no attempt to reach the wreck in which more than 1,500 people perished. About 700 people rescued, largely because a third ship, the Carpathia, steamed to the scene when the Titanic foundered on its maiden voyage from Southampton, England to New York. Ballard, who refused to disclose the precise location of the Titanic on grounds that scavengers might seek it out, said there “is no doubt that that tragedy needn’t have existed ... The Californian was inside of IO miles, perhaps as close as four miles, and there is no doubt it could have gone in there and rescued those people. It’s just tragic.” “I’d like to say more about that, but I probably shouldn’t,” Ballard Elsie's Tours 605 Gloria Seguin, Texas 78155 379-1257 Oct, 1 - Travelers Get Together' 2 -5 p.m. Seguin American Legion Hall Refreshments & Fun Oct. 18-21 - Louisiana Cajun Festival Swamp Tour, Delta Downs Races "Laisse Le Bon Ton Roule" $245.00 Oct. 24 - "Lost Maples" - 1 Day Tour $19.00 Nov. 2 & 3 - Laredo "Fun Weekend" La Posada ■ Buffet Breakfast Shopping or Races - Only $79.00 Houston "Galleria" Fun Day $25.00 Nov. 26 The Professionals In Commercial And Residential Roofing All Over Central Texas For Nearly 40 Years r\rr i« "Christmas" at Country U.S.A. & Dinner at Yoakum $22.00 Paying Better Than Em SAVINGS BONDS declared. “What I’ve said already isn’t very nice.” The role of the Californian in the disaster has been debated for years. Passengers aboard the Leyland liner said they saw the Titanias distress rockets and even its running lights. “There’s no way it could have been that far for them to see that kind of detail in those (weather) conditions,” Ballard commented. The scientist said the Titanic was found only after the U.S.-French team concluded that the captain of the Californian, Stanley Lord, had misrepresented his position relative to the doomed vessel because of his “vested interests.” “The behavior of the Carpathia proved of most importance to us,” in leading the scientists to the wreck’s real location, said Ballard. “That skipper was a doggoned good skip- MAO. H per. Ballard also disclosed that after “mowing the lawn” — searching the sea-floor — time and again highly advanced technological gear, the Titanic actually was found by “a 25-year-old echo sounder — it could Crossword have been done in a fishing boat.” Ballard is senior scientist for the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, funded by the Navy, and which co-sponsored the search for the Titanic with the French Institute for Research and Exploration of the Sea. Ballard, in a 90-minute press briefing at the National Geographic Society, reiterated that he believes the Titanic should be left at her grave. “It’s a memorial,” he said. “It belongs where it is and should remain there.” The scientist released new photographs of the Titanic taken by two unmanned research vessels, some showing great detail, such as unbroken plates and wine bottles. He said he and fellow researchers were surprised to find the vessel in essentially one piece, though most of the stern was broken off. “We couldn’t wipe the grins off our faces for the longest while,” he said, at finding the ship so intact. He noted that only the middle two of four smokestacks remained. ★ Cougars— Continued from Page 7A And while Del Valle’s offense has Canyon worried, the Cougar offense should have the Cardinals shaking. Canyon rolled up 48 points and scored five of the first six times it had the ball against Gonzales last week. “We feel the offense is our strength,” Burch said. “We feel we can move the football. I may be completely wrong about that, but I don’t think so.” About the only flaw in Canyon’s offense last week was on extra points, where the Cougars did not convert a kick. “We’ve worked real hard on the kicking this week,” Burch noted. “We’ve gotten some good work in, and we have two or three guys who can kick it. They just haven’t performed under that pressure yet.” Danny Hernandez, Canyon’s alldistrict kicker from a year ago, strained a leg muscle two weeks ago and hasn’t been able to kick. But he can do everything else, including run the Cougar offense. Still, the key to the game will be stopping the Veer. “I think we can stop them if we play hard and take care of our responsibilities,” Burch said. “The secondary has to play a little better pass defense and the people responsible for the pitch have to do a better job.” Burch’s confidence in the defense comes from close examination of last week's film. “We allowed a couple of big plays, but overall we didn’t play that badly,” he said. “Hopefully we can correct our mistakes.” ACROSS 1 Sila s spouse 5 Shoal 9 Big teeth 14 Article 15 Florence's river 16 Remove ropes 17 Bus abbr 18 Gain favor 20 Noun suffix 21 — Mar, Cal 22 Decayed 23 Equip with new weapons 25 Hindu guitar 27 Intimate 29 Sad sound 30 Noble 34 Direction Fr 38 on!” 38 Wild party 39 Numismatists field 42 Moslem deity 43 Comforter 44 Wrong pref 45 Bottomless 46 Container 47 Fictional plantation 49 Blanc-51 Flower part 54 Afterworld 58 An armed force: abbr 60 Loathsome 61 Continuous 63 Ending for Mex or Amer 64 Boulder 65 Middle - 66 Gemstone 67 Delegates 68 Forward 69 Trees DOWN 1 Kitchen tool 2 Repent 3 Commercial 4 Current unit 5 Invasion 6 Falcons of the sea 7 Shakespeare s medium 8 Pro 9 Instructor 10 Fixed amount 11 Photocopy 12 Flying toy 13 Bird food 19 Semite 24 Time of year 26 Conveys 28 — Bravo 30 Finial PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED IF El f I I 31 Fragrant var 32 Kidney pref 33 Shorter 34 Modified organism 35 Unique 37 Gather 38 Leather item 40 Siesta 41 Whale pre! 46 Walking aid 48 Update 49 Apportions 50 Oleate 52 Frighten 53 Advances 54 Catcall 55 Being Sp 56 Eden's earldom 57 Peddle 59 Fit together 62 Punishment 1 3 3 14 17 30 33 57 rn 39 43 45 i • 16 ll 12 13 ?? 51 I 64 67 We're Here To Help With the best communications system In the Hill Country. PCC wants you to know that a PCC vehicle is a lifeline that is available to you when instant communication is needed to alert law enforcement. Are fighters or emergency medical services. We are also prepared to assist medically in an emergency situation, if needed. AII PCC employees are trained in CPR and First Aid. We do not attempt to take the place of the ENS or other professional medical help, however we are pre pared to stabilize an emergency situation until professional care can be given. We want every person living in our service area to know that the PCC logo on our trucks, hard hats and offices is a symbol for quick help in emergency situations and hope you will spread that word to your family and friends. every time you see a PCC logo, remember—we are willing and able to help if you need us. P€D€RNH£S ofoctric cooperative, ne. JOHNSON CHV • Bl Rf HAM # CANYON LAUE KYLE BUDA* LAKE TRAVIS • MARBLE TAILSCAU 179-6351M SEGUR ;

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