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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - September 10, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas MOSS MI'-ROF'i p x r h 1 (>/^2/8s MT Tm , ,    1N'~ ■ -/ 'humbler.U. BOX mugs, tx IS- Marion now has Marion cable television See Page 2 Water Watch Comal River.......... 208    cfs    (down 4) Canyon inflow ......... 250    cfs (same) Canyon outflow........ 143 cfs (same) Edwards Aquifer ....... 623.60    (up 09) Canyon Lake level  907.90 (down .02) County sanitarian County resigns position See Page 2 wa Dallas Cowboys soundly defeat Washington Redskins, See Page 6A New Braunfels New Braunfels. Texas Guadalupe River victim is identified By DEBBIE DeLOACH Staff writer A man found floating face-up in the Guadalupe River with a bullet hole in his forehead Sunday has been identified as Gilbert Galindo of Spring Branch. The 32-year-old Galindo was listed in fair, but guarded condition, at Medical Center IVopistal in San Antonio, a spokeswoman there said today. However. Comal County Sheriff’s Ct. Rudy Rubio said a small caliber bullet lodged in the back of Galindo’s skull was not removed in surgery Sunday afternoon. Sheriff’s Investigator Dennis Koepp said authorities were unsure of Galindo’s identity until he wrote his name on a piece of paper for doctors Monday. His 36-year-old brother is due at Medical Center sometime today to make a positive identification. Koepp said Galindo and his brother live off Spring Branch Road about two or three miles from where Galindo’s body was found by canoeists around 11:30 a m. Sunday. He was floating face-up against a sandbar below Specht’s Crossing, and was wearing only green Army fatigue pants with no money or identification in them. “He was near-death, white and wrinkled,’’ Koepp said. “His brother said the last time he saw him was about IO a m. Saturday, when he dropped him off near Specht’s Crossing to go swimming.” Koepp said the investigation into the shooting is being handled as an attempted murder, and not a suicide attempt. “It looks like he’s beginning to come out of it now,” he added. Burglary shooting victim in satisfactory condition By DEBBIE DeLOACH Staff writer A 71-year-old New Braunfels man shot Saturday at his home by a burglar remains in McKenna Memorial Hospital today in satisfactory condition. Modesto Amain of 2524 W. Katy, Apt. No. 114, was shot once iii the right rib area by a man who forced his way inside th** home around 4:30 a.in. Saturday About $000 in cash, some food and a small caliber pistol were also taken in the burglary. New Braunfels Rohe** Detective John Villarreal said Amani was shot with his own gun after the suspect demanded more money. Amani indicated there was none, and the suspect shot him. The suspect left the home about 6:30 a m. through the front door. Villarreal said Amani and his wife told him that they were ‘too scared to look out the door and see how the man left." Villarreal said he isn’t sure if there were one or two suspects, because of conflicting statements from the victims. Mrs. Amani first told police the suspect was 5’3”-5’4”, 230-240 pounds, in his early 20s, with a dark complexion and black hair. He also had a scar on the right side of his forehead and was wearing a long gold earring in his left ear. loiter, she told police the suspect was about 6 feet tall and weighed less than 200 pounds. She said the man had a stocking over his face, and was clad in only a T-shirt and a pair of boots. Sac n-Pac robbed at knife point Police are still looking for an unknown male suspect who took an undetermined amount of cash at kmfe-poirit from the Sac-n-Pac on PM 725around6:45p.m. Friday. The suspect with sandy-colored hair was wearing a green baseball cap and a red and blue shirt at the See POLICK, Page 12 Football fan gets the bite By DEBBIE DeLOACH Staff writer Dollie Cantu thought the excitement was over as she watched a Unicorn tailback score on a winning 95-yard kick-off return in the last two minutes of Friday night's gam**. But that was before a rattlesnake gave her another brand of excitement and put lier in the hospital for four days. Cantu and her boyfriend were neat the trunk of their car when the snake bit her on top of he! right foot. The car was parked across Ixiop 337 from New Braunfels High School. “The doctors said it was a rattlesnake, but I never saw it. I just felt it sting,” Cantu said from her hospital room today. “Once I got inside the car, you could see the fang marks. That’s when my toes started cramping, and I asked my boyfriend to take me to Dr. Anderson's house ” Cantu, who is supposed to go home from the hospital today, works for W.C. Anderson, a local dermatologist, as an assistant. “My foot was real swollen by the time we got there. They used a belt as a tourniquet, and got me to the hospital," Cantu said. • They said I was real lucky Ifs so late in the snake season that it didn't have a whole lot of venom,” she added. Cantu had loafer-type shoes on, so the snake’s fangs didn’t go through any leather first. Does that mean she’ll probably wear boots to the next Unicorn home game? “No, probably not.” Cantu replied. “But that’s what everybody has suggested to me.” T uesday September 10, 1985 25 Cents 12 Pages 1 SectionInterim drainage ordinance approved; builders protest By DANA OVERS! HEET    at all, New Braunfels City Council Staff writer    Monday approved the first reading of an interim drainage ordinance. Following the suggestion that an The interim ordinance may take imperfect plan is better than no plan the place of the city’s emergency Bentsen's issue finally getting attention WASHINGTON * AP) - Sen. Lloyd Bentsen says that until recently, talk about the U.S. trade deficit has fallen on deaf ears in Washington. Bentsen started talking about the issue six years ago when he was chairman of the Joint Economic Committee. But since Democrats credited the issue with their narrow win last month in a hard-fought special congressional election targeted by the GOP, trade is in the political wind. Now Bentsen’s name is on the premier trade measure pending before Congress. “I took a group, a task force of senators, and held hearings in South Korea and Taiwan and the Philippines, Hong Kong and began to see what what happening to the sale of American products abroad and what was developing in the way of manufactured products there," Bentsen recalled “I had as witnesses just sales representatives of U.S. companies, and I had them all day long every day, to the extent that when I got back, one of the other members said, I don't think I'll ever take another trip with you. “Ever since that trip, trade has been his top priority,” said press secretary Jack DeVore. Bentsen's bill, sponsored on the House side by Dan Rostenkowski, D-111., and Richard Gephardt, D-Mo., would impose an across-the-board 25 percent tariff on goods from countries whose exports exceed imports by 55 percent. Bentsen says if the bill does what it is supposed to — force U.S. trading ordinance approved last December — the first time the city had regulations for drainage structures other than the rules set forth in the city's subdivision ordinance. partners to buy more U S goods — no tariff will ever be imposed Trade, translated by the Democrats into jobs, was a surprise hot topic in the 1st Congressional District of Texas this summer. The seat opened up when the Democratic incumbent, Sam Hall, was appointed to a federal judgeship. His nomination came from Republican Texas Sen. Phil Gramm, who then endorsed a GOP candidate to replace him. Edd Hargett spent over $1 million on the race, twice as much as Jim Chapman, the Democrat he faced in an Aug. 3 runoff. But Chapman eked out a win. “I think the trade issue was a vital factoi in this election," said House Majority Leader Jim Wright, D-Fort Worth, as he celebrated Chapman’s The ordinance will have to tie approved by council two more times and Councilman Max Winkler suggested the details * an be worked out and the ordmam e refined before arrival in Congress last week. "It s interesting that in the polls it hardly registered as that race started,’’ said Bentsen But as the issue was discussed, it went right off the charts.” Bentsen says trade will likely be an important political issue next year when Democrats hope to regain control of the Senate Despite, his self-interest in that occurrence — he would become chairman of the Senate Finance Committee — he says that isn't what’s important “It's going to develop into a major political issue unless the administration decides to develop an aggressive, coordinated trade policy," Bentsen said “I hope they do for the benefit of the nation. It’s a lot more important to the nation than politics." the sec ond reading Approval of the interim ordinance was opposed, in force Monday. by the Comal County Builders Association. which asked for the repeal of the emergency ordinance. The association also called for a moratorium on new ordinances until the city conducts a comprehensive study of the drainage situation in theInsideToday s Weather A 40 percent chance of rain today and tomorrow and a 30 percent chance tonight are in the forecast Otherwise skies will be mostly cloudy with temperatures reaching the low-90s and dropping to the mid-70s overnight.Setting it straight The County Attorney Bill Retmer sets the record straight on the Guadalupe kitten case See Opinions. Page 4ATop Players Canyon’s Danny Hernandez and Smithson Valley’s John Lozano are entire New Braunfels watershed The association previously (ailed for a moratorium an the emergency ordinance last June, after builders and developers reported difficulty complying with the ordinance drainage committee, which wrote both ordinances, also is calling See DRAINAGE, Page 12 the Comal County offensive and defensive players of the week for the first week of the 19*5 football season Sports Page 6 CLASSIFIED    HI COMICS_ __741 CROSSWORD _3 DEAR ABBY__ J DEATHS 2 HOROSCOPE 8 OPINIONS^ 4 SPORTS_ _JI STOCKS_ _JI WEATHER    2 Audilia Gomez patrol mottler helps Carl Schurz Elementary students cross on their wav home Monday Patrol mothers are employed by the New Braunfels Police Department and there are about IO who help to keep area children safe during their trips to and from school Motorists however are warned that since school has h^gun, caution needs to be n xeroxed in school zones School safety ISI ( « Hit WAI ij ’ Hf MAt U 'n ss* yr *• | , „ Pf "Vi* ;

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