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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - September 4, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Opinions DAVE KRAMER, Editor and Publisher jim WEBRE, Managing Editor EditorialThey’re still insecure and not able to laugh The trial of 19-year-old West German pilot Mathias Rust clearly shows that the Soviet Union, while perhaps more adept at shaping public opinion than in past years, is a reflection of the fear that is pervasive among Russian officialdom. Why a country so powerful should be so insecure is hard for people not acquainted with their system of government to understand. It has been forty years since World War ll. yet the Soviet Union continues to behave as if foreign troops were poised on their borders ready to invade. In this latest incident, a young man apparently seeking publicity got more than he bargained for. He might have been shot down by Soviet fighter jets, but he wasn't, so the Soviet system has to do something to show that the nation is still tough Soviet prosecutors sought and received a four-year sentence in a labor camp for Rust. Attempting to land a plane on the lawn of the White House might have resulted in the plane's destruction, true; but all things being the same the likely result would have been a hefty fine and some kind of probation for the kid. revocation of his pilot’s license and a cover story in People magazine. Perhaps the best thing the Soviets have going for them is they do what they say they will do in international affairs. Perhaps Rust would have made a greater impact if he had used a bigger plane and dropped crates of Levi jeans. VCRs. Cuervo Gold and autographed pictures of Madonna with paper flyers saying; “With love from the boys at Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth.” “Glasnost” may be the in thing in Moscow, but clearly the “open” doors indicated by Soviet rhetoric can be slammed shut over simple chagrin. Nuclear weaponry and diplomatic discussion aside, the Russians have a long way to go before they learn what all world leaders should know — how to laugh at themselves.PROMISES, PROWSE, FERDINAND.FftLL IT. You'll NlvLHAMOUNT TO A THING AGAIN A AND WHAT ABOUT YOUR“old buddy" ronald reagan NOT ONE BIT of HELP FQOM Him. not LvLn one GOOD ID£A. HCS t>N VACATION rooHj cont ow, IMELDA. ONE OF THESE COUPS WILL PAY OFF. THE NEXT ONI I CAN FUL IT.oHfmuz. Don't DIVE me that ''ONE-OF-THESE-COUPS* STUFF ANYMORE.Voo SAID This mould Bi TNC ONE,. UOU SAID GO OUT AND Buy SOME INAUGURATION SMotS. TRV TO THINK Of THIS AS A ^CATION REU*. / / /'“N PEOPLE ADE LAUGHING AT us, FERDINAND. TNiY'WL LAUGHING AT ^.THEY CANT Pin A THING ONUS NJ080DV caw mwcu T*t COMP TO MS.Plausible deniauiuty. one GOOD IDEA PHOM My old buddy AN* WHAT AM I Svpooy t> To DO WITH SO PAIRS 0F IMAUCWRATOM SHOES > AND wAiwvU. TuX> poop 'DEA:. JOther Views Analysis The boxcar tragedy The Mexican consulate in El Paso has recommended an Albuquerque \ M law firm represent the families of 18 undocumented Mex lean workers who suffocated in July in a locked boxcar at Sierra Blanca in lawsuits against the Union Pacific Railroad and the I S Border Patrol Representatives of the firm have been interviewing family members in Ojo Caliente. Mexico, where most of those who died came from That the workers perished in such a fashion is most regrettable They had been locked inside a 4u-by- 10-foot insulated, steel sided boxcar in which temperatures were believed to have reached at least 130 degrees They must have suffered greatly and it is remarkable that one member of the group survived But to hold the railroad or the Border Patrol somehow responsible for the tragedy is to defy logic, and to try to place a price tag on the workers’ lives the most frequently heard figure for the proposed suits is $9 million is rep rehens 1 hie The horrible circumstances surrounding the deaths can’t alter the fact that the 18 victims were in this country illegally and were stow aw ays aboard the boxcar that became their death trap If any of these cases ever make it to court they should be summon ly thrown out for lack of merit And for general sleaziness Fort Worth Star Telegram A chance to try it Chief Justice John Hill surprised everyone outside his immediate family with his resignation from the Texas Supreme Court Mr Hill is right in calling for nonpartisan judicial selection The chief justice a Democrat, called on the man who defeated him for governor a couple of terms back Bill Clements, to name a 15-member ‘ blue-ribbon” panel to submit the names of three or more qualified candidates from whom the governor would select Hill’s successor This would set a pattern for merit selection of judges that Mr Hill hopes would spread to our entire judiciary Gov Clements, who has indicated past support for merit selection of some kind, should consider serious ly taking an approach similar to the one recommended by the man he defeater! in his first gubernatorial election Korn tile Daily Tunes Demise of the speed fraps Speed traps have become an integral part of the folklore of life on the American highway and Texas is certainly no exception to the rule l^t us celebrate the cheerful Rafting' of the cash registers of Kendleton Let us sing of the sirens of Selma Ah but what have we here0 What we have is a new Texas law which is going to make life considerably more difficult for little penny-ante towns which up to now have made a comfortable living otf of mostly unintentional speeders Bv the terms of House Bill 581 municipal courts w ill be permitted to keep on iv S2 for each mile per hour by which a ticketed driver exceeds the speed limit Anything above that goes into the state treasury It is easy to understand these communities apprehensions but it's difficult to work up much sym pathy for them For years speed trap towns in Texas have survived as predator* pouncing on unwitting motorists for speed law infractions which in other jurisdictions would in all likelihood go unpunished Corpus Christi ( aller Times Textbook selections W hile textbook companies spend time in Texas awaiting adoption decisions and scouring the state seeking sales important educa ti on a I issues as well as economic decisions are at stake Critics claim textbooks have become watered down in recent years so students who receive fewer academic challenges will, nonetheless, experience success While allegations range from valid social concerns to extreme demands they illustrate the nature of the dilemma facing those developing and marketing textbooks Most important citizens can send the message to educators par ticulariy those making selections, that they want textbooks to promote rigorous instruction and to serve as aids to teachers who will put their -x*st effort into classroom instruction .San Antonio Li#ht The shadow remains After the death of unrepentant Nazi Rudolf Hess in West Berlin’s Spandau Prison, there was a spate of neo Nazi demonstrations that in dicate Germany unfortunately is not completely rid of the scourge of Nazism The family had to conduct burial services for Hess secretly to thwart a giant neo-Nazi rally at the cemetery The Allies have announc ed the old prison will be completely dismantled so it cannot become a neo-Nazi shrine and the West Berlin mayor said he wants the work completed as rapidly as puss! hie There are some people in this world who need to be educated about exactly what Nazism did to the Germany of the 19:f0s and the 1940s It was a terrible costly mistake for Germany, it is sicken mg to think remnants of that philosophy are still extant Houston I 'hronicle Reagan wants ‘impact reviews’ for welfare By TERENCE HUNT AP White Mouse Correspondent WASHINGTON AP President Reagan ap plying a new yardstick for evaluating welfare housing and education program* says federal policies must be judged in terms of how they will affect families and parents supervision of their children Reagan at his v acation home in California signed an executive order Thursday that will re quire a review of existing and proposed regula tions and policies in terms of their impact on families lf we would have had this in place a numt>er of years ago we could have stopped the unintended consequences of some of these well meaning efforts to help poor families Gary Bauer the president s assistant for policy development said in an interview sn Washington It was the latest in a series of steps intended to help promote the agenda of conservatives The new order empowers Bauer s office to assess the way in which policies strengthen or erode the stability of the family and. particular Iv the marital commitment Bauer said that if a polio I* judge I barr fu from a family standpoint th** order give* me new grounds to stop things Bauer a leader of conservative furies in the White House said Hie order w.,s the equivalent of the env ironmental impact statements required of federal building pro]«*ct* It will appl> chiefly to welfare eden atior arui housing programs but actually covers all policies Bauer said Discussing the potential impact Bauer said there are a lot of welfare programs that were put in the »«os and 70s that clearly at this porn? most experts will say have hurt ’fie poor family or the minority family lf they had been examined a little more closely at Hie time they might have been modified in order to avoid that For example he said unmarried teen age girls who have children now get benefits under the Md to Families with Dependent Children program and also might qualify for subsidized housing He said research shows thai an unmarried girl who remains at home after having a child is unlikely to have another their own households e and a third out of wedan Bauer said that umuj the government would n teen age mothers unless Bauer said Uh- farm! Courage Hie puor to I .iv of living in feder.o lnms In addition be said th many of the edut at Iona the last tau years dont ingful way for parental \ recent Reagan dire federal funds fen abort! rat He also has at.noun ter agency task force to alternative for pregnan considering afortiori XI so Thursday Keag. til find ways to divest U grams and functions th ttelieves can ta* provide private sectorMike Rovko Cuomo should ante up and run for president The Democratic scramble for the presidential nomination is atxiut as exciting as a jx*nny ante poker game ' I bel my 4 percent showing in the polls And I call your 4 percent showing in the polls ami raise my 5 percent name recognition I call your 5 percent name recognition and raise my 3 percent approval rating Hmm I call your approval rating and raise my new surge of support in Iowa which consists of two farmers and their wives Two farmers and their wives You must tx* bluffing ’” The candidates have had so little impact that a survey by a liberal magazine showed that if Gary Hart re-entered the race he d again ta* the front runner The magazine thought this was significant But if they took another survey, they d probably find that Vanna White ‘'Fridge’’ Perry or Pee Wee Herman could be front runners too And it s unlikely that any of the candidates will be able to do or say anything that will send their popularity rocketing from 5 percent in the polls to. say. a dazzling 20 percent Joe Biden had decided he can become a household name by boldy challenging the Burk nomination for the Supreme Court The only pro blem is that the vast majority of Americans don t know who Berk is, and they don't care what he s nominated for Biden would get more attention if he’d arm wrestle Burk on a cable sports channel Right now, Jesse Jackson has the most sup port, which is contorting for his ego But unless he can slip something in the water supply that turns HO percent of Americans black, his support has already peaked And while the political Journalists might find something significant about Paul Simon tx»ing greeted enthusiastically by 30 rustics at a church pancake breakfast in Compone Iowa. its not driving the nation s Democrats into a frenzy of Simonmania No I’m afraid this crop of Democratic can didates while they re decent bright a apatite people seem to tx* chronic unknowns X ou ask somebody on the street who or what .» Dukakis is and the might t>e that it * something a Greek parent says while potty train mg an infant So this should In* a melter of serious concern for those who believe in the importance of a strong two party system It should tx* of even more concern for those who consider themselves Democrats Do you want to face a future with George Bush guiding the ship of state while wearing starched white yachting togs and sipping gin and tonic Or as Slats Grobnik said “I had a dream about Bush txung the commander in chief He was over in the Persian Gulf lobbing tennis ball* at the ay atollah " No. it's time for the democrats to recognize that what they need is a political heavy hitter And to persuade their one heavy hitter that it s time for him to quit ginning around and to get in to It I’m talking of tours** about Mario Cuomo the governor of New York He has lx*en the logical candidate since the moment he finished his elec fraying keynote speech at the last democratic convention He's still the most logical candidate for a number of reasons the most important tx*ing he can win Sure months ago he said he didn t want to run and didn t intend to run Hut he said it early enough so tfiat most people forgot by the next major sports event Besides, when Cuomo declined, it wasn t wide ly known that Gary Hart was the fastest zipper in the West Since Hart s departure, the Democrats have iHt-n without a leading < antedate What th«*v have is a bunch of guys Hilo iou \ Im. ? r , seven way tie for last St) (MIW (anilin has a perfect ext ,-v,- f,,{ i f<.,; g mg hts mind He need only \uv that as loyal Democrat it is his duty lo provide leadership pull Hit* party together and save us from four more year* of not knowing what guys like Poindexter are up to I don t know why I unum said fie wouidn t run Maybe he was shrewd enough to know that f he wailed tx* d avoid Hh- indignity of trudging around Iowa trying to impress a few hun Infamies Maybe he genuinely didn’t want in et involved in the primary rat race the free world’s dumbest way of choosing a teadei Dr maybe txxause Im- s more sensitive than most pols, tx* knows blere an* a few outs Atm think that anyone with a name like Ma rn has to tx* a cousin of Vito ( orleone and he do* sn t want to put up with their bigoted guff Whatever the reasons were they n* no I urger relevant lf the Democrats hope to win Duomo has to tx* their candidate He has the compelling personality the brilliant mind and in a world of politics by television the oratorical gifts He s the right age and has the common sense not to let the extremists at either end of hts parts push into dumb positions He s shown that tie can do what most people want from a president articulate his vision of what our society should tx* Sure rock ribbed Kepublicans and conservatives won t like it but they won t vote for hun anyway But my hunch is that his message will tx* welcomed by Democrats and the vast middle that doesn t place much importance on party labels So it s time for the democrats to end the penny ante game fine push by a high roller and It’s all over ;