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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 31, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Spurs fall in fourth quarter, Page 9A SAN ANTONIO T    C* Ihursday Special H»rald-Zeitun$ Thursday, October 31,1985 Page 8A NB wants history repeat By DAVID KING Sports editor History is on New Braunfels’ side this week against Kerrville Tivy. In 1979, the Unicorns lost their starting quarterback the seventh week of the season — and responded by winning their last three games by shutouts and finishing in a three-way tie for first place. In 1982, New Braunfels lost its fullback and tailback in the same game — and went on to win the game and reach the state semifinals. “Every time we’ve found ourselves in a situation like this, our players have responded,” New Braunfels Coach Jim Streety said. “I don’t see any reason for that to change.” New Braunfels’ latest chance to respond to a big injury — quarterback Victor Sierra's broken collarbone — is this week, when the Unicorns meet the Antlers Friday at 8 p.m. at Unicorn Stadium. Junior Alan Matney, who filled in for Sierra last week, will get his first start at quarterback. “We’re getting Alan as much work as we can,” Streety said. “And he’s really looked good — almost like he’s getting a lot of work." Matney’s practice time with the first unit had been limited this season, but despite his inexperience, New Braunfels won’t change its offensive approach against the Antlers. “The only difference I can see is that we might be a little more conservative,” Streety said. “But we haven’t altered our workouts, and we’ll do what we’ve been doing.” What New Braunfels has been doing — and doing effectively — is mixing inside and outside running with a short, ball-control passing attack. This week’s inside game will be led by fullback Stephen Hanz, who ran well last week in the two quarters he played offense. Stephen Millett will get his combination of inside and outside plays, and Matney will look for the quick passes to take advantage of a Tivy defense that often blitzes ail four linebackers. “One real big key is if the offensive line continues to come around the way it has been,” Streety said. “The first half the other night (against Canyon) and against Ixickhart, they were pretty impressive. “We've got to get that kind of movement off the ball. We’ve also got to keep them from penetrating (the backfield). “If we can keep them from penetrating, we feel like we have a chance to make a big play the same way that they do when they send people.” New Braunfels’ defense faces a wishbone CERYL Cl ARK/HERALD ZEIT UNGVictor Sierra, before last week's injury attack with a 225-pound fullback in Pat Hall and three good runners in quarterback Britt Leissner and halfbacks Philip White and either Alfonso IiOpez or Thinnon Dimery. Dimery, who also is Tivy’s backup quarterback, scored the winning touchdown last week against Fredericksburg. “The key is for us to be able to do something on offense," Streety said. “The last three games, we’ve been able to get the offense going, and the defense really hasn't been pressured too much early in the game.” Tivy applied that kind of pressure last week, taking advantage of seven Fredericksburg turnovers for a 17-14 upset victory. Aside from Sierra. New Braunfels’ only other injury is defensive tackle Dicky Ortega's sprained ankle. Ortega may or may not play Friday, but if he can't, then Mike Sullivan and Erie Rivers will simply increass their time on defense. Bobby Douglas may also fill in as well. New Braunfels may be in for as big a surprise as it got the third week of the season at Gonzales, when the Apaches changes offenses and defenses Starters New Braunfels Offense Roe. Player Mt. Wt. Cl. OB 80 171 11 TB BO 186 12 FB 03 184 11 and 5 10 173 12 WB 60 155 11 and 5 11 145 11 SE 5 11 153 11 and 58 155 12 RT 62 226 11 RG 64 255 12 C 62 210 12 LG 5 IO 222 12 LT 60 195 11 TE 64 194 12 Defense Bos. Player Ht Wt. Cl T 64 255 12 T 6-2 210 12 NG 60 197 12 OIB 64 210 12 OLB 64 194 12 ILB ........J.T Cody 510 174 12 ILB 61 195 11 CB 511 156 12 CB 58 155 I? ES 60 155 11 SS 5 IO 173 12 Kerrville Tivy Offense Poe Player Wt Cl OB 175 12 B Pat Hall 225 12 RHB 150 I? LHB 155 12 SE 140 ll TE IRO 12 RT 210 12 RG 190 12 C 175 12 LG 185 11 LT Hayden Johnson 185 11 Defense Pos Player Wt Cl RE 185 ll RT 205 IO LT 185 11 LE 205 ll OLB 156 ll OLB 150 12 ILB 190 12 ILB 205 12 CB 150 12 CB 160 10 S 150 12 the week of the game. Tivy scrapped its wishbone for the I and replaced Leissner with Dimery at quarterback to start last week's game at Fredericksburg. But the Antlers returned to the wishbone later in the game. Italy's plan simple — allow no points ITALY (AP) - The Italy High School football team has devised a simple, but highly effective strategy for winning. The Gladiators don’t allow their opponents to score. Not at all. What's more, no team has even pushed inside Italy's 29-yard-line yet. The closest thing to a score was when Frost recovered a fumble at the Italy 25 last Friday, but couldn't move and then missed a field goal attempt. In eight games, Italy has outscored its opponents 361-0 while running its record to 8-0 and nstng to No. 4 among Class IA schools statewide in the Associated Press high school football poll. “Shutting out everyone is a goal we set at the beginning of tile year, but you never realistically believe it will happen,” head football coach W E. (Willie) Kotensaid. As sterling as the string of eight shutouts is, the offense is potent, too. The 361 points is the highest total of any team in North Texas this year. The next closest is Denison, a Class 4-A school, which ‘Shutting out everyone is a goal we set at the beginning of the year, but you never realistically believe it will happen.’ Italy Coach W.E. (Willie) Roten has 305 points. There's no jealousy at Italy among offensive starters about publicity the defense gets, or vice versa, however. That’s because when you talk about the defense, you're also talking about the offense. At Italy, as with most other schools in Class A, most players end up playing both offense and defense. “Eight of our offensive starters are also starters on defense,” Roten said Of 22 varsity players, 13 Cards have shock for SV are seniors and have played together since elementary school. The line, averaging almost 200 pounds, is very large for a Class A school. Much of Italy’s success on offense this season can be attributed to the field position it enjoyed because of the stingy defense, Roten said. “It’s kind of been a situation where they defense played well and the offense hadn't had to go very far, a lot of times,” Roten said. Quarterback Kyle Holley directs the Italy offense, but the emphasis has been on a ground game spearheaded by fullback Steve Copeland and two players who have alternated at tailback, Charles Davis and Clint Riddle Italy opened the season with a 34-0 victory over Whitney and followed by beating Itasca 46-0, Grandview 414, Cayuga 48-0, Trinidad 42-0, Cross Roads 574, Scurry-Rosser 444 and Frost 494. The state and national record for shutouts in a season is 14 by Class 3-A Daingerfield in 1983. By TOM LABINSKI Staff writer The Southside Cardinals are the football equivalent of a toy jack-in-the box. Even though you know the offense will errupt, when it does ifs still a surprise. The Cardinals host Smithson Valley Friday night in a District 27-3A game, and Ranger Coach Stan Irvine said Southside’s unpredictability makes the Cardinals a hard team to defend. “What makes them so dangerous is that there is no rule of thumb about the way they play. A trick play to some people is their bread and butter,” Irvine said. “Everytime you play Southside, it comes as a surprise,” he said. Leading the Cardinal offense is quarterback David Flores, owner of the strongest arm in the district. “Flores is just tremendous. He started for them last year and did a good job, and he's having an even better year this year,” Irvine said. Complimenting Flores are a number of receivers, any one of whom act as primary targets for the quarterback’s bombs. Seniors Tim Higgins and Jeff Guajardo serve as the team’s split ends, while running backs Mark Wander, Bernie Gamboa and Alex Trevino are all threats coming out of the backfield. “They have the most explosive passing attack of anybody we’ve seen,” Irvine said. “If they have the ball first-and-goal at the I, they'd just as soon pass the ball, and it works the same way if they are stuck back at their own 5.” Irvine said Southside is coming off its worst game of the season in a 36-21 loss to Cole last week. “In that game, they had almost as many rushing yards as passing, so their running game isn't that bad either. And they still scored 21 points against a good football team,” he said. Compounding the Cardinals ex-plosivensess is a liberal philosophy that would make Ted Kennedy blush. “They do a lot of crazy, unorthodox things that work. They'll do a lot of things that most coaches are afraid of trying — motions, unbalanced lines, setting strong-side one down and weak-side the next. They are definitely not a conservative team,” Irvine said. The Cardinals are not a big football team either — Smithson Valley outmatches them in terms of size — but Southside is dangerously quick, lie said. “Their front line is not small, but they are not as big as a lot of the teams we have seen. But their pass blocking is as good as anybody's we’ve seen, mainly due to their quickness and finesse,” Irvine said. Defensively, die Cardinals line up the same unpredicatble way. “They don’t have the manpower to sit in there and play, but they do a lot of stunting and a lot of moving Starters Smithson Valley Offense Pos. Playar Ht Wt. Cl OB Mike Irvine 5 11 165 12 TB Scott Balmos 6 1 200 11 EB Chris Gentry 6 I 240 11 WB Aaron Smith 5 11 155 12 SE Joey Cash 5 10 145 12 RT Diron Wunderlich 60 215 12 RG Bobby Mocker! 60 185 12 C..... Mark Caldwell 5 11 185 12 LG Jeff Marquis 5 11 185 12 LT Dennis Parker 5 11 190 12 TE John Lozano 60 196 12 Defense Pos Player Ht Wt. Cl T Diron Wunderlich 60 215 12 T ____ Bobby Mockert 60 185 12 E Preston Janes 60 200 12 E John Lozano 1,0 196 12 OLB Greg Mosier 5 IO 155 12 OLB Kevin McCoy 5 11 160 12 ILB Shawn Balmos 6 I 190 12 ILB Mike Wilson 5 11 170 ll CB Mike Irvine 5 11 165 12 CB Aaron Smith 511 155 12 FS . . . . Scott Balmos 61 200 11 Southside Offense Pos Player Hi WI Cl OB David Flores 59 170 12 FB Bernie Gamboa 5 10 190 12 RHB Mark Wander 5 IO 170 ll LHB Ales Trevino 59 165 12 SE Tim Higgins 5 11 180 12 SE . .. Jell Guaiardo 59 160 12 RT . Roland Villogiarirl 6 0 190 11 RG David Stallcup 511 195 ll C David Ramirez 60 196 12 LO .... Ricky Ortega 60 705 ll LT Fernando Garcia 5 11 195 11 Defense Pos Player Ht Wt Cl. RE Dewayn# Casey 60 190 12 RT David Rimes/ 60 195 12 LE____ Bernie Gamboa 510 190 12 LT Mark Cruz 60 190 12 ILB ... Ryan Stone 5 IO 180 11 ILB Ricky Ortega 60 205 11 OLB Mark Wander 510 170 11 OIB Aiea Trevino 59 165 12 RHB Robert Ochoa . 510 160 12 LHB Curtis Pulita 511 170 12 ES ... Ten Higgins . . S II 180 12 around to keep you guessing,” Irvine said. Even if the Rangers turn in the same defensive effort they had in last week’s 04 tie with defending champions Bandera, Smithson Valley will not be able to keep Southside from scoring, Irvine said. “We can play just like we did last week, and they will still score two touchdowns. We just have to see if we can’t score three," he said. To bolster tile team, fullback Bruce Abetter will see his first offensive action of the season since a knee injury in the Rangers’ first scrimmage of the year. “We .started him out slowly by just playing lulu on defense, but he did such a tremendous job last week, we’re not afraid to play him on offense," Irvine said. Southside has beaten Smithson Valley in its last two encounters, and Irvine said tills year's Cardinal team will make it hard to snap that string. “No matter how much talent they have on team, or what goes wrong because of injuries or grades, Southside always fields a very competitive team. We better be ready to play,” he said. 0 'JU % 4 Cougars look for spark By DAVID KING Sport* editor That great alarm clock in tile sky needs to go off this week — right above the Canyon Cougars. “I don’t think we have stretched ourselves to the limit yet this season,” Canyon Coach Troy Burch said Wednesday before the team’s workout for Hays, this week's opponent. “If we ever hit our potential one night, it may be pretty bad for the team on the other side of the field.” Friday at 8 at Rebel Stadium would be a good time for the Cougars to wake up and glue everything together. Canyon is 1-1 in District 13-4A play, dozing between a run for the playoffs and a slide to fourth place. The Cougars, despite the absence of quarterback Danny Hernandez and halfback Danny Rodriguez (both out with bad ankles), are in charge of their fates. “Our most pressing problem, the biggest thing we face, is coming together as a team,” Burch said. “I know it’s late in the season to still be saying that, but when we really never Starters CB Hector Martinez . 67 146 It Haya Csnyon Off ana# Offense Poe Playar Ht Wt Cl Pos Playar Ht Wt Cl OB..... Jeff Lehman . 511 161 12 OB Kody Smith 64 160 ll EB .... Gene Salatar 69 166 12 EB Scott Wagner .. . 5 10 190 12 HB Michael Grizzle .. 66 147 12 LH ... Wade Jankowski . . . 68 170 12 MB At1 sn Adas 5 7 169 12 RH Brad Campbell 64 150 12 TE..... Randy Covey 511 190 12 SE ... Scott Smith 56 130 11 SE Carlos Martinez 59 140 12 TI .... Todd Banks 66 190 12 T Scotl Selman 60 189 12 RT Alton Elks 6 IO 196 12 G Jimmy Atbrado 61 219 12 RG Msrk Torres 510 198 12 C Brad White 511 186 12 C Marc Heymenn . . . 60 170 12 G Victor Martinez 611 225 IO LG .. I Chria Brown 69 176 12 T Kyle Horton 510 196 12 LT .... Tad Eleaner 63 185 ll Oaf anta Oefsnse Poe Playar Wt Cl Pos Playar Ht Wt Cl NG . ... Jimmy A IP i ado ...61 219 12 DE Ken D Alfonso 62 185 ll DT Kyle Horton 610 196 12 DE Scott Wagner 6 IO 190 12 DT Scott Salman 60 189 12 GT ,, Chria Yency 69 190 ll OLB Randy Covey 60 207 12 DT Alton Elks 510 198 12 OLB Richard Spiller 146 12 OLB Hal Barns 610 176 ll ILB 66 164 12 OLB 6 7 190 12 IIH 68 158 11 MLB Brian Holt . .. 5 IO 176 11 CB .... Michael Grizzle 56 147 12 WS Ban Garcia ...to 160 12 CB..... Matt K oai In ai. 60 124 ll SS ... Albert Natal 66 150 12 S Joe Castillo 66 133 11 CB Kevm Nam ac 69 166 11 S Carlo# Martinez 69 140 12 have gotten together as a team. “This team has good ability, but they need to put it all together in a team setting. If they do, we’ll be hard to beat.” So Canyon’s biggest difficulty this week is pulling together. Hays is another problem. Despite their 0-2 record in district play, the Rebels have played fairly well in losses to Fredericksburg and Lockhart. “Our scouts thought they had both games under control, and then they let it get away,” Burch said. In both games, the Rebels controlled the ball with their wishbone offense, using the triple option as well as a series of plays where the quarterback fakes inside to the fullback and gives to one of the halfbacks going the opposite direction. Fullback Gene Salazar (54,185) is Hays’ main ballcarrier in the inside game, with Michael Grizzle (54,147) and Allan Adair (5-7, 159) carrying the outside plays. All three are returning starters. “They’ll run all day if you let them make three and four yards a crack at it,” Burch said. “They pass the ball very sparingly. “But they might air it out against us because people seem to have had some success doing that against us,” he added. Canyon won’t exactly air it out against Hays’ defense, not without radar-accurate Hernandez throwing the ball, but the Cougars will try to use the pass to back the defense off quarterback Kody Smith. The Cougars also will use fullbacks CERYL CLARX / HE RALDZE (TUNG See cougars, Page »A Canyon's Todd Banks cuts upfield ;

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