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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 31, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Page AA Herald Zeitung. New Braunfels Te*as Q'o'&nsjoaoplo, W' BY F%T£    i WF? Thursday, October 31, 1985 J OUR BEDROOM IS A MESS I .,, MYRON FLOREN! ALBUMS,... MVRONJ FLOREN! POSTERS,... MYRON FLOREN ACCORDION BOOKS ... Mailbag policy The Herald Zeitung welcomes the opinions of its readers, and we’re happy to publish letters to the editor. While readers* opinions on local issues generally are of more interest to other readers, we welcome letters on any topic — local, state, national or international — that the writer chooses to address. Content will not prevent publication unless the letter is judged to be potentially libelous All letters to the editor should be signed and authorship must be verifiable by telephone. Anonymous letters will not be published. Send your letter to: Mailbag, New Braunfels Herald Zeitung, P.O. Drawer 361, New Braunfels Texas, 78131. Letters may also be hand delivered to the newspaper offices at 186 S. Caste!!. Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith let us to the end dare to do our duty as we understand it. Abraham Lincoln Proposition 7 will allow local governments the decision, see Guest Viewpoint below Harald-Zeitung inions Dave Kramer, Editor and General Manager Smaan Hairs, Managing Editor Mike RoykoThere are enough gullible people around to support everyone There’s no reason why any reasonably intelligent, modestly educated person in this country can’t be earning a handsome living. Not as long as there are people like Sadie out there, just waiting to give you money. I don't kow how many Sadies I ve talked to over tha years. Dozens. Probably hundreds I ve lost count They watch the TV preachers or read the ads in the goofy newspapers and magazines sold in the supermarkets, and they believe that Mother Wanda or F ather Bobby Joe can drive away their misery, cure their aches and pains, make them lucky in love, and persuade their cats to use the litter box. And they are so trusting that they eagerly march down to the SAL and draw out some of their savings to send to a stranger. Take Sadie, a real person who live*: on the North Side of Chicago Although Sadie is 70, widowed, and a bit addled, she still hopes to find romance. And she has a specific man targeted. She wants to marry Iky doctor. However, the doc doesn’t seem to share Sadie's amorous feelings It s not even certain that he's aware of them. So, a few years ago, Sadie decided that if slit w as ever to drag the doctor to the alter, she would need a miracle. And what better place to look for a miracle than in one of the supermarket publications? I read about this minister in one of those magazines,” said Sadie. ‘‘I don't remember which one, but it He SAPS HS WONT P6BATE STAR ((/ARS BOT HE'S WILLING IO DISCUSS RETURN OF    THS JSM ANR ME STRIKES BACK, wrote about some of the miracles he had performed.’’ Such as? “Well, it said that he once grew real teeth from dentures in a man’s mouth.” A useful skill. “Yes. So I called him and told him that I wanted to get married. He said that he was good at that kind of thing and if I really wanted it and believed in it, he could do it. He would pray and it would happen. “But he said that I'd have to send him some money. I asked him how much. He said I should send him as much as I could. He said the money didn’t matter to me because I'd be marrying a rich man and I wouldn't need my own money anyway. “He said I couldn’t get married unless I did it that way. So I jotted dow n his address and .started sending turn the money in small bits. About $25 or $50 Sometimes $100.” How much did these small bits amount to? “I’m not sure. I think it was about $8,000 All I know is that I don’t have much left and I’m still not married. So, what I’d like to do is get my money back. I don't think it's fair. He said he'd get the doctor to marry me, and he didn’t.” You have canceled checks? “I had them. But I don’t have a big place, and when they started piling up I threw them away. I didn't think I’d ever need them. Of course, there’s still time for me to get married I called him, (the mailorder preacher) a few weeks ago, and he said he was still praying.” His knees must be calloused by now. “But I don’t have much faith left in him. If he didn’t get me married by now, I don’t think he ever will, do you?” I would have my doubts. “Can anybody get my money back9 Maybe I could try somebody else.” Without canceled checks as evidence, it's doubtful. But we will try. So I called the peacher at his office or church or pawn shop wherever it is that he takes his calls in Florida. “Yes, I have spoken to her,” he said, in an oily voice. “But I never called her. She called rue.” She says you clipped her for about eight grand, promising that you would get her hitched to the old geezer of her dreams. “I never told her to send money. I told her we accept donations. And it wasn’t anything like $8,000. That’s ridiculous. I’m sure it was no more than $700 or $800 ” She says she wants it back. “Oh, I can’t do that. It’s already gone. I travel a great deal in my work to preach from various pulpits, and the donations are used to cover my travel expenses.” Well, what about her marital goals? Is anything cooking on your end? “I never promised that my prayers would bring her marriage. That would be encroaching on the man’s prerogatives." You have a code of ethics. Ours is a reputable ministry. And believe me, that woman is speaking with a forked tongue. She is engaging in a smear campaign. Goodbye.” So it looks like Sadie is out of luck. And ifs a shame. For $8,000, if that’s what she really sent, she ought to get a new husband. And at those prices, the preacher should have made sure the guy had his own teeth. Guest viewpoint Proposition 7 allows local government to decide By MAHR STILES Stat* Hep . Dis! 21 The Texas Constitution was amended rn 1913 to require each Texas county to have a certain number of justice of the peace (JI*) precincts, depending on county population according to Ute most recent federal census The constitution now requires counties of 30,001) or more to have four to eight precincts, counties of 18,000 to 30,000 to have two to five, and counties of less tluin 18,000 to maintain one hi four precincts. On Nov. 5 you will have the opportunity to vote for Proposition No. 7, a proposed amendment ttiat would allow Chambers County to have six JP courts even though it is entitled to <ml> live under the 1983 amendment Chambers County is a small county on the Gulf Coast between Houston and Beaumont. Although It had a 1980 census population of just 18,538, the county had a high volume of intercity and coastal tourist traffic. As many as 50,(JOO nonresidents pass through Ute county daily. As a result, the county’s six JP courts handled 16 94$ cases last year — a considerable increase compared to the 10,936 cases liandled in 1983-84. Several physical harriers — the Trinity Kiver, Trinity Bay, I-ike Anahuac, numerous bayous and Interstate IO — also justify liaving six JP courts in Chambers County, lf the number of JP precincts were reduced, getting to the JP’s office would be more difficult for some county residents. The county is also divided between two local telephone systems, which means some residents could end up having lo pay long-distance tolls to speak to their JP. Justice of the Peace courts are maintained with county funds, lf Chambers County wants six rather than five, that decision should rightfully lie with tile county. Making this exception for Chambers County does not mean the 1983 constitutional amendment was a bad idea. Its purpose was to allow sparsely populated counties to have only the number of precincts the commissioner’s court deemed necessary. That purpose can be served without imposing needless hardships on Cha in hers County. As state representative for Chambers County, I urge you to vote YKS to Proposition No. 7. u 3 JO 5/5 V C I JUSl (ANJ mm rn PLW HMX Mi LII INTO ThlbPlAU1 _ / PWB Ult lh rn* WHALE ON MW WATI**; *0 IW V CAN TUI IWM OlHtM ATARI I THOUGHT! HJA** TUt ONLY ONEUJHO NOTICED ‘jm nu* YOU OOT A NAMI * Your representatives Gov. Mark White Governor's Office Room 200 State Capitol Austin, Texas 78701 Rep. Edmund Kuempel Texas House of Representatives P.O. Box 2910 Austin, Texas 78769 Rep Tom Loeffler U.S. House of Representatives 1212 Long worth House Office Bldg Washington, D.C. 20515 Sen. Lloyd Bentsen United States Senate Room 240 Russell Bldg Washington, D.C. 20510 Rep. Mac Sweeney (Guadalupe County) U.S. House of Representatives Washington, D.C., 20515 Sen. Phil Gramm United States Senate Washington D C., 20510 Sen. John Traeger Texas Senate Capitol Station Austin, Texas 78711 it ah, m I DON'T use it. OUTRAGEOUS1 ML NEITHER I \ ;

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