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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 31, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Outdoors H«rald-ZfUun$ Thursday, October 31,1985 Page 10A Lease provides good game By CHARLES PARSONS Outdoors writer I^ast week, Hie American Sportsman Club sponsored seven Texas Outdoors Writers Association members on a three-day hunt on a 14,000-acre corporate lease in LaSalle County. Our primary target was feral hogs, domestic pigs that escaped long ago and have been running wild in the South Texas brush for years. Some weigh up to 500 pounds. Red Adams of Austin picked me up around I p.m. on Wednesday, and we had a leisurely drive though the lush countryside, greended up by recent rains. Arriving about 4 p.m. at the ranch, we went to the cabin, took our gear in, found a bunk and grabbed our binoculars. Several hundred yards from the cabins was a five-acre lake, and hundreds of doves as well as a small flock of blue-winged teal were flying over. We went back to our cabin to grab our shotguns, then returned to the lake, which had little vegetation around the edges. Soon afterward, birds flew over and I was lucky enough to get one on the second shot. Then the fun began The bird fell approximately 30 yards from us, and I went to retrieve it. Approaching the area where the bird went down, I started scanning the area. Turning my head to the right, I .spotted a coiled rattlesnake about two feet from my boot. An instant reaction brought a loud boom, ripping the head off the 5‘2-foot, 11-rattle reptile. He's now stretched on a board in my back yard, hopefully to soon become a belt. Needless to say, the next three days my eyes were constantly searching the ground in front of me wherever I walked. The next morning we were in our stands well before daybreak as we waited the arrival of the hogs. Primarily nocturnal critters, the best time to hunt the hogs is very early and very late. In areas that are fed by deer feeders or where a rancher is feeding cattle, the hogs often run in bunches of up to 20 animals, plus shoats. In fact, I have seen bunches literally run over a deer at a feeder when the times goes off. Although the first morning produced no game, several pigs were sighted, but no shots were fired. The hogs were still pretty well scattered as this particular property does not employ deer feeders and the rancher had not yet fed his cattle. We were picked up about 9 a.m., drove back to camp and wolfed down a huge breakfast. Several cups of coffee later, the resident manager gave me the keys to a four-wheel drive suburban and three of us went on a picture-taking outing. Being the elected driver, all I wanted to do was keep from getting lost. This venture took about two hours and everyone got great shots of blue quail, javelina, coyotes, deer, teal and a roadrunner that was perched on a fencepost as if he wanted to be photographed. After lunch and a short siesta, we went to one of the many tanks, each with a small jon boat and paddles, and tried our luck at fishing. Paddling out, we tossed surface plugs and managed to land bass in the 14 to 3-pound range. Bigger ones were there, but they got that way by eluding people like us. I «ite afternoon found us around a stock tank as singles, doubles and flocks of doves dive-bombed through the air. Shot after shot rang out and limits of 12 mourning doves were attained by everyone. So went three fantastic days, complemented by a very knowledgeable and courteous staff. The accomodations were adequate, nothing fancy, but comfortable. We did our own cooking and anything more flamboyant would have detracted from the camp atmosphere with great fellow hunters. Besides the fish and doves, two bobcats were Fishing report taken and a badger (although classified as fur-bearing animals, badgers damage quail and turkey populations and are not popular with landowners), as well as several pigs. The largest was a boar bagged by Jim Foster of Harlingen that weighed 330 pounds field-dressed. Since this was my first experience with ASG, I might say a few words about them. I have several friends who are happy members, but I also have heard disparaging remarks about the club and its operation. Under new ownership for the last year and a half, the club seems to be trying to create a new, more positive public image. With approximately 50 properties under lease in Texas, ranging from family camping to waterfowl, small game, trophy mule and whitetail deer hunting to fishing, the club encompasses every aspect of outdoor activity in Texas, plus several other states. From personal observation, I see the club as first-rate all the way — including regulations, restrictions, reservation systems and personnel. With three type of membership available, the price is very reasonable considering all the memberships available. The San Antonio number is 732-9991. One parting comment — you can’t trust hired help. One afternoon we were having truck trouble, arui it finally quit where I later found out was as far as the camp as it could have been. Being a little younger than my partners, I voulteered to walk back for help. Parker Hays, the resident manager (one of the most likeable, crusty old cusses I’ve ever met) told me it was about two or two and a half miles to camp. Arrving right at dark, we had driven out only a short distance when they arrived with the "dead” truck. I later measured the distance at slightly over four miles. When I confronted Parker with that, he just chuckled and said, "If I would have told you it was four miles instead of two you probably wouldn’t have walked, and someone had to.” Oh well, good hunting. Jim Foster of Harlingen with a 330-pound feral hog Big »    :    V cat Kenneth Seidel (left) and his father Emil Seidel show off a 39 pound yellow catfish they caught on a trotline in Lake Dunlap on Friday. It took almost 15 minutes to haul in the big fish. AUSTIN I API    Hmh* is the fishing (epott compital by the Pinks anti Wildlife Department CENTRAL BASTROP Wafer «.le,n 72 ilegiees. normal black bass good to lour pounds on cranks bu// baits a or ms hybrid striper slow crappie slow catfish good to IS pounds BUCHANAN Water clear, 74 degrees black trass good to four pounds on black worm*, striper good to eight pounds on deep running cranks, white bass good to 7b fish per string on topwaters. crappie good to 30 fish per string on minnows. < attest* good to 12 pounds on goldfish GIBBONS CREEK Water murky 70 degrees. 18 inches low, black trass good under 1b inch slot on motor oil worms spinners and Rail traps, crappie good catfish good to sn (rounds in spillway, good to two pounds in lake LBJ Watei muddy 7b degrees black bass good to 2 W pounds on stiver cranks striper slow crappie small to 30 fish cattish good to 12 pounds on shrimp, few fishermen out TRAVIS Water clear 74 degrees nine feet low black bass fair to four (rounds on spinners topwaters plastu worms, sloper slow crappie fair under docks white bass spotty, small in size catfish fair to eight pounds NORTHEAST CEDAR CREEK Water murky, 67 degrees normal level black bass slow to 3 (rounds on rnetalflake dark worms hybrid striper good eany surfacing early in cen water, crappie good to 30 fish in 2b feet of water white bass good early and late in open water and in maine cleeks to 3b fish (ret string. Channel catfish good to sn pounds in ma|or creek channels on night crawlers and chicken liver, shrimp on rod and reel MONTICELLO Water murky 76 degrees, normal level, black bass good to seven pounds on dark worms crappie slow cattish good to 12 pounds on worms and shrimp WELSH Water clear 78 degrees norma! level; black bass good to 7H pounds on white spinner purple black and white ripple worms, catfish fair to IO pounds bream good with red wigglers crappie fair an minnows SOUTHEAST CONROE Water clear two feet low black bass good to 7V> pounds before front, few fishermen out after front, on worms, diving cranks, Rail traps striper slow crappie good sized but few in number, white bass slow, catfish picking up on trotline. blue catfish good to 90 pounds on trotline with cutbait. grass carp fishing real slow LIVINGSTON Creeks and rivers muddy, some murky water in lake, 67 degrees one toot high. black bass slow striper whtie bass, crappie slow, channel catfish eicellent at mouth of creeks to 2 Vt pounds blue catfish fairly slow to 1b pounds, yellow catfish good to 68 pounds in creek channels and in river HAYBURN Water muddy up river seven feet below pool, black bass fair to live pounds before front around moss on topwaters and worms, lizards, striper slow crappie fair in submerged brush, few fishermen out after front, some schftoling white bass catfish slow TOLEDO BEND Water muddy, normal level, black bass good to six pounds on spinners and plum worms before the front, slow afterwards, striper slow, crappie slow, catfish slow, few fishermen out SOUTH AMISTAD Water clear. 70 degrees. 1b feet low; bass picking up to three pounds on spinners and worms in submerged vegetation area, stnpei schooling with catches from five to 15 pounds on Redfms, Zeta Spooks (us) off the bluffs, crappie slow, white bass good to IOO worms and Rogers Chess Bait to four pounds in 40 80 feet of water BRAUNIG Water murky, 78 degrees, one foot above normal, black bass slow, striper slow to four pounds on cranks and chicken liver, catfish good to eight pounds on tilapia. shat! shrimp; redfish slow to 14 pounds, in smaller sizes good to two pounds in good numbers CALAVERAS Water clear. 69 degrees, normal level; black bass real good to nine pounds. IO ounces on cranks and plastic worms, hybrid striper good to five pounds in fairly good numbers on spoons, crappie slow to two pounds on minnows, redfish good to five pounds on spoons, corvine fair to three pounds, IO ounces on shad, yellow catfish good to 3b pounds, many in 20 on plastic worms and tilapia Briefly Reimers, Kraft win tournaments Kevin Reimers and Bobby Kraft won tournaments sponsored by the McQueeney Bass Club earlier this month. On Get. 12-13, Reimers had the heavy stringer at the club’s tournament on l,ake Anustad. His total was 13 pounds. Paul Pierson caught the big bass, at seven pounds, four ounces He was second in the standings with nine pounds, IO ounces, followed by Britt Schultze, 6-10; Harold Soechting, 6-05; and Ix;lan Wesch, 6-04. Twenty-eight fishermen caught 90 fish weighing 106 pounds, 13 ounces. In a one-day tournament held Saturday on the Big 7 Guadalupe River lakes, Kraft had the heavy stringer at 8-14 and the big bass at 1-U. Second was Wesch with 7-01, followed by Danny Kent, 6-11; Jerry Zercher, 5-06; and Joe Kraft, 4-01. Twenty-four fishermen caught 58 bass weighing 56 pounds, eight ounces. In the yearly standings, Bobby Bartels leads with 75 pounds, 14 ounces, followed by Kent, 69-06; Darwin Dietert, 51-14; Zercher, 45-04; Jeff McKee, 44-00; Reimers, 43-03; Wesch, 41-10; Robert Altwein, 38-14; Schultze, 37-15; and Gary Foerster, 33-09. Trout stocking may start next month The first stocking of rainbow trout in the Guadalupe River below Canyon Dam has been tentatively set for Nov. 23. Come toWheretheGuns Are! Doc holds the Ruger 44 Mag Rifle that Doc’s Guns is giving as grand prize in the Herald Zeitung Deer Contest this season Deer Season Begins Nov. 9* .And Will You Be Ready? Doc’s Guns will get you Ready •REGULAR SEASON BEGINS NOV. 9 IN COMAL COUNTY ARCHERY SEASON IN PROGRESS Doc's Guns 1111N. Walnut/ 629-1736 Ask About our Layaway Plan Buy-Sell-Trade - REPAIRS -Open Mon. Tri. 9:JO-4> I Sat. 9:30 5 Guns Are Our Business VISA Mastercard-Amencanixpress-Oiners Club A LITTLE LIGHT GOES A LONG WAY One of the greatest myths about saving energy at home involves lighting Today, lighting accounts for only 7 percent of the energy used in a typical home For example, burning a 100 watt bulb for three straight days costs about 55 cents Saving energy and money with lighting involves using the right kind of light in the right place, and only when you need it. Install fluorescent lighting wherever possible They give three to four times as much light as incandescent bulbs and last 20 times longer. Remember to include light fixtures and bulbs on your regular cleaning schedule Dirty bulbs can t provide their full amount of light. For more information on conserving energy through efficient lighting, contact the Member Relations Department. We’re here to help you. P€D€RNfUES electric cooperative, inc. JOHNSON C KYU SUO/ (VON LAKE ;

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