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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 27, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas O*<S&nSp<20ptQ V bv F&va IaAuwjas Mailbag policy The Herald-Zeitung welcomes the opinions of its readers, and we’re happy to publish letters to the editor. While readers’ opinions on local issues generally are of more interest to other readers, we welcome letters on any topic — local, state, national or international — that the writer chooses to address. Content will not prevent publication unless the letter is judged to be potentially libelous. All letters to the editor should be signed and authorship must be verifiable by telephone. Anonymous letters will not be published. Send your letter to: Mailbag, New Braunfels Herald Zeitung, P.O. Drawer 361, New Braunfels Texas, 78131. letters may also be hand delivered to the newspaper offices at 186 S. Casten. I J SIK I ll —LL mmmmm I Wa Hmrald-Zrltung inions Dave Kramer, Editor and General Manager    Susan    Hairs,    Managing    Edit or Mailbag Reader wanted local angle To the Editor: I have read much about HB 72 recently, so like many others who are interested, was glad to see first report today in San Antonio Light. The report is not one to make most communities happy, however, the comments about our New Braunfels band and football team, should make us all proud of our young people < hot kids) and those who are instructing them. I am writing you because I feel you missed the boat in not having something in your paper tonight on this hot subject. Many families in our community depend on you for their news. W.D. Sullivan Editor's note: Stories on the effects of No Pass-No Play on local students and how the students were doing under that new regulation ran in both the Oct. 9 and the Oct. 20 editions of Herald Zeitung — one in the sports section and one as a page one feature. School attendance is important To the Editor: Attendance is important this month Remember when 50 years ago Statements b> Dr. Fred Frueholz, city health officer, and school authorities this week quelled rumors of an impending epidemic of diphtheria among school children of New Braunfels. Notice that an election would be held on Saturday, Nov. 9, for the purpose of voting on a bond issue of $40,(HK) with which to build a gymnasium and an additum to the Carl Schurz School, was published this week by the Board of Trustees of the New Braunfels Independent School District. The reports for the first six weeks of school were issued Wednesday, Get. 22. Good work has been shown as is indicated by the Honor Roll. The following are honor students: Seniors:    John Street Juniors: Eugene Haas. Freshmen: Kenneth Nuhn, Raymond Haas. Subfreshmen. Kathleen Babel, Gloria Ludwig, Della Mae Enders. Seven additional boys have been sent to Civilian Conservation Corps camps from this county, under new minimum age limit regulations, according to Kermit Schlameus chief case worker in charge of the local office. They are Jesus Villareal, Cruz Carrillo, Carmen Dmgoria, John Brandt Jr., Felipe I rdiales, William Givens aud Zigmond Vfolnar. A bill creating the Guadalupe-Bianco River Authority, composed of IO counties interested in the erection of flood-prevention and power dams on the two rivers, became a law Thursday, Oct. 19 when it was signed by Governor James Allred. Ann Norris, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Norris, will reign as homeconung queen during halftime festivities at the Unicorn-Johns ton football game. Comal County’s top 4-H girl and boy, 1960 Gold Star winners Lois Rompel and Vance Rittimann, are officially announced this week in the advent of the District IO 4-H Gold Star Banquet Nov. 5 at Victoria. Lester Stratemann, 16, son of Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Stratemann of Soims, was recently elected “Ubrette Beau” at Canyon Highschool. Wyoming are displayed by this group of hunters who returned from encampment last Thursday. From left, with the weight of their trophies, are County Clerk Otto Rohde, 230; Monroe Wetz, 270; Mrs. Norman Brehmer, 168; Emil Rahe Jr., 226; Weldon Brehmer, 228; Marvin Herry, 170; and Norman Brehmer, 218. The Eden Home for the Aged will celebrate its 50th anniversary Sunday at the Home on l^akeview Boulevard with a service at 3:30 p.m., a dedication of the first cottage area, now nearly complete, and the serving of refreshments. Photo caption) Big deer from Kenneth Armke of New Braunfels 10 years ago 25 years ago The class of 1950-01 will be honored this year at the annual New Braunfels High School Homecoming celebration Friday, Get 28. Loretta New security arrangements have been announced for Wurstfest. Howard Benson, who has served 18 years with the Dallas Police Department and is now associated professor in law enforcement at Southwest Texas State University, has been hired to direct the security force. Campamgning by both proponents and opponents of the unionization of Mission Valley Mills ended yesterday, and balloting is under way today at both the Mission Valley and Iselinb plants. At issue is whether the mill hands wish to be represented by the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America. The parent company of the Guaranty State Bank and a Dallas THE CAMPUS Toady SUMS to Be Flaw mn tim* I 9UPPIN6 NIHILISTS LIKE \ you? mum or little PROIOS mo JUSTMAN! ' to de Fee?-me ■To ANSM5. I XsWfc I My pews usea to bb FILLEP MITH KJOS LIKE you MHO ASKE? QUESTIONS, MHO GRAPPLE? MITH mitt FAITH, MHO LEAP EXAMINEE? / LIVES! f UH-HUH LOOK, „ . „ mu.ru soppy, but mr cap.    fj&u*i. poocs mum.. „ LATER is editor of one of the state’s best college newspapers, The College Star at Southwest Texas State. Jimmy Heitkamp, 170-pound senior Unicorn fullback, was picked as the "Back of the Week” by the Austin American Statesman sports staff Tuesday on the basis of his outstanding play in last Friday’s Unicorn 45-8 rout of the San Marcos Rattlers. Dr. O.A. Stratemann was among 200 dentists whop received the degree of Fellow of the American College of Dentists, conferred on them at the annual convocation of the College held this week in Ixis Angeles, Calif. banking corporation have agreed to merge. Joe T. Seibold president and chief executive officer of Guaranty State Bank, said Federated Capital Corp. of Houston and Mercantile National Corp. of Dallas had reached an agreement in principle. Two New Braunfels women are among officers of the newly chartered Guadalupe Firemen’s and Fire Marshals Auxiliary. Mrs. Elmer (Viola) Zipp was elected president and Mrs. Ruby (Geraldine) Wesch was chosen secretary-treasurer. . . .(Canyon Coach) Troy Burch called Canyon’s zone alignment with New Braunfels “logical” but warned that the Canyon athletic program will be dealt a setback since the opening of Smithson Valley will trim Canyon’s average daily enrollment by about 300 students. Burch predicted it will take five years for Canyon to rebuild its athletic programs to current strength. in schools since each day the .student is absent, the district loses money, so said business manager Abel Campos. Does that mean, to hell with attendance for the rest of the year? The colleges use bribery I hopefully no more) to get certain students to attend their school. To pay incentives to encourage students to attend school, sounds like bribery to me. Superintendent Brown is supposed to have pointed out that some schools are even offering trips. Does that make it right, just because some schools subscribe to this appalling tactic? Is that why we had loc school bond issue to waste money? lf students don’t care to attend school, by all means let them drop out. One would think, however, that the parents should care enough to make the students attend regularly. I heard one local radio announcer read this “little” item and he, too just did not know what to say. Gerda Barker Tax debate may create opportunities To the Editor: The debate in Washington over the President’s proposed tax reform bill has created an opportunity that you should take advantage of! lf the tax reform bill is passed as it has been proposed, many types of projects financed today by using federally tax-exempt municipal bonds would no longer be allowed to use this tax-advantaged method of borrowing money. Because of this potential restriction, many states, cities and counties are issuing municipal bonds now in order to assure the lower cost of financing their projects. This rush to theh market prior to year end has created a temporary over-supply of tax-free bonds. In order to attract dollars away from other types of investments, the interest rates being offered today have risen to high levels. Investors today are now able to lock in federal income tax-free yields of over 9 percent to maturity on fully insured, AAA rated municipal bonds. To compare this return with other taxable investments; a married couple filing a joint Federal Income Tax Return »n 1985 on taxable earnings of $48,000 would find themselves in the 38 percent tax bracket. In order for them to matehh theh return of a 9 percent tax-free bond, they would need to earn over 14.5 percent before paying the IRS! If tax-free income is one of your investment objectives, we recommend you talk to your broker soon to take advantage of these higher tax free rates. Stan Cunningham What's Your Beef? Got a complaint or a comment about something in Comal or Guadalupe counties? Write it down or call the Herald Zeitung with it and it might wind up as a part of Bob Baker’s “What’s Your Beef?” cartoons. Gut mailing address is P.O. Drawer 361, New Braunfels 78131. ;

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