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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 24, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Outdoors Harald-Zeitung Thursday, October 24, 1985 Page 8A Y 'N,    \ v/ Sa t * Geese leave their roosting site to head for their feeding areas at dawn A hunter waits as three lesser Canada geese drop down in response to calls and a decoy spread 1985 could be year of the goose By CHARLES PAHSONS Outdoors writer Within the next several weeks, Texans will have a complete inventory of legally harvestable wild game. Duck and goose seasons open Nov. 2, and this could well be the year of the goose, for several reasons: First, because of a dramatic decrease in the North American duck population, the point limits of the favorite mallard and pintail drakes has been increased to 35. Thus, three drakes of either bird and you’re through shooting for the day. The decline has been attributed to drought conditions in Canada for the past several years, conditions which have caused poor nesting conditions. With this year’s low hatch, federal officials have set higher point limits to try and restrict the harvest. Second, geese have had a good hatch, and a recent check with coastal and rice field guides indicate excellent numbers have already arrived The food supply is good, so the geese should stay put through the season. Also, a liberal bag limit enables hunters to shoot up to seven of these fine-eating birds per day. Here are the season guides: Ducks: Season: High Plains, Nov. 5-Jan. 12; Rest of state, Nov. 2-5, Nov. 23-Dec. 8, Dec 14-Jan. 12. Limits: 100-point system. Geese: (East of U.S. 81) Season: Ught: Nov. 2-Jan 26; Dark: Nov. 2-Dec. 8 and Dec. 16-Jan. 19. limits: Ught, five per day; dark, two per day. Geese I West of U S. 81) Season: Get. 29-Jan. 19. Umits: Five total including tw o dark The daily bag limit is reached when the point total of any bird taken reaches or exceeds IOO points. Here are the point values: IOO points: Canvadrakes, mallard hens, mottled ducks, black ducks. 70 points . Hooded mergansers, redheads, wood ducks, fulvous and black-billed whistling tree ducks. 20 points: Gadwells, mergansers (except hooded), scaups, shoveler, all species of teal. 35 points: All others, but mainly pintail and mallard drakes. Special regulations: Hunters must possess a state duck stamp, regardless of age. Hunters 16 and older must also possess a federal waterfowl stamp. DUCK, COOT, & GOOSE HUNTING ZONESFishing report AUSTIN (AP) Here is the fishing report compiled by the Parks and Wildlife Department: CENTRAL BASTROP Water clear, 79 degrees, lake full; black bass good to four pounds, 11 ounces on spinners, RatLtraps; hybrid striper slow; crappie fair on minnows at night; catfish good to 22 pounds on live bait, good numbers of channel catfish; fairly clear in lake, creeks muddy, three feet low, black bass good to four pounds on black worms, spinners and Model A; striper good to four pounds; catfish good to four pounds on worms; yellow catfish good to 25 pounds. BUCHANAN Water clear, muddy on upper end. ll degrees, 12 feet low; black bass good to fivo pounds on Storm Rattling cranks or Wiggle Worms, striper good to nine pounds on deep running fish per string, catfish good to eight pounds on live bait GIBBONS CREEK: Water partly muddy, 76 degrees, one foot low; black bass fairly good inside slot, several keepers below 15 inches on wide variety of baits; crappie good to 20 fish per string; channel catfish good to si* pounds, blue catfish good to 14 pounds on chicken livers LBJ: Water muddy, ll degrees, normal level; black bass good to three pounds on cranks; striper good to three pounds on silver and black cranks, white bass good to 35 fish per string; crappie good to 35 fish per string; crappie good to 35 fish per string around lights and docks; catfish good to si* pounds on cutbait NORTHEAST ATHENS Water clear, six inches low; black bass good to five pounds on RatLtraps, worms topwaters striper slow, crappie real good to 50 fish per string; white bass good; catfish slow CEDAR CREEK Water murky, 67 degrees, si* inches low; black bass fair and spotty on dark metalflake worms during day: hybrid striper good to seven pounds in open water early, crappie good during daylight in 20 feet of water, white bass good to 50 fish per string early and late, channel catfish good to 5V» pounds on night crawlers and blood bait MONTICELLO Water murky, 78 degrees, si* inches high, black trass good to 6''» pounds on dark metalflake worms; crappie slow catfish good to eight pounds on night crawlers and shrimp WELSH Water clear, 76 degrees, normal level black bass fair to 4 "> pounds; catfish fairly good SOUTHEAST CONROE Water clear, 73 degrees, 2't feet low; black bass good before ram, nothing af terward; fry brid striper slow, crappie slow but good sized supsended at 12 15 feet, catfish fair on trotlme. fishing generally slow LIVINGSTON Water clear, creeks murky, 74 degrees, normal level, black bass fairly good to 3’A pounds on spinners and cranks, worms, striper slow, white bass fair to 25 keepers per half day, many smaller crappie fairly good to 30 fish per trip in half day channel catfish good to P'Y pounds blue catfish good to 22 pounds on hotline, yellow catfish good to IO pounds, many in 12 25 pound class RAYBURN Water murky up rivers, clear spots in lake. 60 degrees seven feet low, black bass good to 5 i pounds on topwaters and worms, spinners around and over hydnlla, striper slow crappie Farr but not many fishermen white bass good in good numbers to three pounds, catfish slow, some on minnows TOLEDO BEND Water clear two feet low black bass good to 5V> pounds on spinners, buzz baits striper super good schooling to 12 pounds in wood area on topwaters with plenty of limits. crappie fair late and evening on shiners in 28 35 feet of water; white bass slow; catfish slow, few fishermen. SOUTH AMISTAD Water clear, 70 degrees, 15vj feet low; black bass good to nine pounds, around three pounds average, on spinners and worms in newly flooded cedar areas of lake, striper schooling to 16 pounds, average five pounds, in the main pan of lake near dam and in San Pedro Canyon; crappie slow white bass good to 2 Vt pounds in good numbers in Zoro Canyon and mouth of Devils River; catfish very good to ex cellent all over lake to four pounds on shrimp and Roger s cheese bait in 40 80 feet of water BRAUNIG Water murky, 80 degrees, one foot above normal; black bass slow, striper good to si* pounds on pgs and tilapia, redfish fairly good to 21 pounds on cranks, several 10s and 12s on tilapia, nightcrawlers, cranks catfish fairly good to four pounds on hotline CALAVERAS: Water clear, 73 degrees, normal level; black bass real good to 10'j pounds on crank, hybrid striper fair to five pounds with limits of 10 fish on silver spoons, crappie slow, yellow catfish good to 25' > pounds, blue catfish good to nine pounds and channel catfish slow orangemouth slow to 3 to pounds on silver spoon redfish fair to two pounds, 10 ounces on silve6r spoon COLETO CREEK Water clear, 72 degrees normal level; black bass good to 4'j pounds on varoius lures in good numbers; striper slow crappie excellent to eight pounds on rod and reel and to 11 pounds on hotline, btoodbait, soap and nightcrawlers CORPUS CHRISTI Lake fairly clear, north end murky, 74 degrees, si* inches low. black bass fair to four pounds on worms, Hula Poppers lunkers, striper slow; crappie good in 12 14 feet of water, not in shallows yet, white bass good early around brush, birds working some, blue catfish good to 14 pounds on shad in 14 16 feet of water some yellow catfish in 20 pounds on live perch FALCON Water clear in canyons muddy in river, 26 feet low, black bass fairly slow, rising water slowed bass; catfish good to fair WEST POSSUM KINGDOM Water clear normal level, bass slow, striper fair to 3 to pounds crappie slow and small, white bass good in 20 30 feet of water chi slabs; catfish slow SPENCE Water muddy, upriver, cleat in lower lake, 72 degrees, 25 feet low. black bass slow striper slow, crappie teal slow white trass good on topwaters to 14 fish per string, catfish good in baited holes, few fishermen out COASTAL GALVESTON Golden croaker and sand trout plentiful around lefties and throughout the trays flounder fishing still slow, need nodder, (rest flounder fishing near marshline in bays on floodttdes, tegular flounder places slow specks picking up with some under birds and in slicks in all bays; about one third of all trout are throwbacks, keepers redfish in bays but only about half keepers around marshlmes jetties producing large oversized redfish, offshore good snapper catches, party boats getting good mixtures of blue runners, bluefish, amberjack. blat k grouper, good specks to six pounds along beachfront, water clear, beachfront plots producing Spanish mackerel, live bait available, a few ducks in. only two nightflights of geese over city this week PALACIOS Good numbers of redfish to 29 indies but no limits, on shrimp, trout many limits to six pounds on live shrimp in Tres Palacios River Local report Canyon Lake Water offcolor, six feet above normal; black bass good to four pounds in IO feet of water on motoroil and purple worms; striper slow; crappie slow; white bass fair early and late on top with spoons in 25 feet on min nows and jigging spoons; catfish good to four pounds on shrimp and worms. and Bay, Carankawa Bay, Turtle Bay, flats on Matagorda Penninsula; sand trout mixed with trout flounder to I to pounds, live bait available; black drum good to 45 pounds at night on small crab ROCKPORT Redfish to six pounds around Mud Island, Allan's Bite on lures, bait fishermen catching some throwbacks approximately half of trout are throwbacks; good trout to 20 inches in good numbers in Panther Point area in San Antonio Bay; trout three to one keepers in Copano Bay, some keeper redfish in Copano Bay, live bait off and on, a few teal, pintail in Mission Copano byas, flights late this year PORT ARANSAS Redfish fairly slow due to high tides and fresh water, tides six to eight in ches above normal, trout spotty; flounder fair and picking up to two pounds mainly around Lydia Ann Channel on Port Arkansas side; golden croaker picking up but no run yet around jetties, mostly small; offshore good for snapper averaging 12 15 fish per person, live bait available, live mullet or mud minnows best for flounder PORT ISABEL Redfish good to nine pounds on trouts and topwaters on calm mornings good trout in three to five pound range a few throwbacks, best fish hit topwaters. snapper fishing good offshore to 30 pounds of fish jiei person, a few tuna to 25 pounds trolling near shnmpboats; live bait available flounder good to four pounds at night when water clear, a few golden croaker showing up. black drum fairly slow still RAINBOW TROUT Stockings of rainbow trout will be placed in the tailrai es of Canyon Dam, Possum Kingdom Darn, Boykin Springs in Angelina National Forest and Foster Park in San Angelo beginning about Nov 20 No exact dates will be available due to un predictable weather, fish supplies, availability of crews and vehicles Stocks will be made in Buescher, Tyler, Meridian and Bonham State Parks Altogether, an estimated quarter million trout will be stocked in the Guadalupe River, Brazos Riiver, Foster Park and Boykin Springs Some 50,000 will be stocked in state parks Stockings will be made roughly every two weeks and no dates will be announced Keep an eye on the news in the Herald Zeitung □ High Plains Mallard Management Unit CD Remainder of the State Hunters must have one fully feathered wing attached to the bird until they reach home. Hunters must make a reasonable effort to retrieve any killed or wounded bird. Anterless permit sites set Texas Parks and Wildlife Department officials have set times and locations for landowners or their agents to obtain anterless deer hunting pennies for the 1985-86 season. The gun season for whitetailed deer in most Texas counties is Nov. 9-Jan. 5. landowners are encouraged to utilize all permits available to them, lAst year, 108,000 does were harvested, a state record, and it was the first time the antlerless harvest topped 100,000. Blanco: Get. 30-31, County courthouse annex, Johnson City. Burnet: Nov. 6-7, County courthouse, Burnet. Comal: Get. 28-29, Police Department, New Braunfels. Hay*: Today, County Courthouse, San Marcos. Kendall: Get. 30-31,County courthouse, Boerne. Travis: No. 6-7, Parks and Wildlife headquarters, Austin. Gonzales: Get. 31-Nov. I, County courthouse, Gonzales. Guadalupe: Nov. 6, County courthouse, Seguin. IT PATS TO TUB ATI TOUB. MB TERI You can easily tell what your monthly electric bill will be by keeping track of your electric meter readings The meter records the number of kilowatt-hours you have used, which is the basis for figuring your bill Since you pay for electric service after you use it. reading your meter regularly is a good way of keeping track and controlling the amount of electricity you are using The meter measures kilowatt-hours like your car s odometer measures miles It is read the same way Subtracting the previous reading from the present gives you the latest amount used It is important to read your meter on the same day every month Variations in the time you read the meter will affect the amount of your bill. especially during times of extreme weather when you will use more electricity for heating or cooling However, if your read your meter at the same time every month, you will generally have more consistent bills lf the meter has been misread, the mistake will be automatically corrected when the meter is read again because it records continuously. like an automobile odometer cooperative, inc. 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