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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 18, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Griffith joins Krueger, Cisneros in Quake relief effort AUSTIN — Beverly Griffith, a vice president at InterFirst Bank Austin, has been named by Gov. Mark White to a 24-member task force whose assignment is to coordinate statewide efforts providing relief to earthquake victims in Mexico City. The task force — called “Texas Response - Citizens for Mexican Relief” — is chaired by San Antonio Mayor Henry Cisneros and Bob Krueger, former ambassador-at-large to Mexico and New Braunfels resident. InterFirst Bank Austin is the depository for incoming funds. Griffith said that the task force is coordinating donations of money and services such as transportation and medical supplies. For further information, contact Beverly Griffith, InterFirst Bank Austin, at (512) 397-2363. Their goal is to match needs in Mexico City with what has been contributed by the citizens of Texas. 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SIDEWALK SALE FRIDAY & SATURDAY, VALUES TO 50% Seguin Plaza Del Rey IO A M. to 9 P.M., Mon.-Sat. New Braunfels Courtyard Center IO A.M. to 9 P.M., Mon.-Sat. 12:30 P.M. to 5:30 P.M., Sunday I 1/^ BEH Bob’s Notes! How would you like to have I someone give you $86,400 each and every day for the rest of your life!!! The only rule would be that you spend every cent of it before the end of the day ... or else you would lose what you didn't spend. You would STILL want the deal wouldn't you? Would you believe that each of us receives credit to our account each day of 86,400 SECONDS! You can't save them up . . . you| HAVE to spend them all. What are some of the ways we spend our "time account” each day??? Driving to work and back. Cleaning the house and other housework. 'Watching T.V. 'Working on the job. 'Listening to the radio. 'Eating. 'Talking on the phone. 'Writing letters. 'Paying bills. 'Exercising. 'Working on hobbies. 'Talking to our spouses and children. Doing things with our spouses and children. 'Working on our cars. 'Worshiping. 'Praying. •Reading the Bible. •Thinking. 'Sleeping. 'Shopping. 'Studying I'm sure you could add many other items to the list. The question I think each of us should ask ourselves is: What Priority do we place on each of these functions? Which ones take up so much of our 86,400 seconds that there is no time or is not adequate time ... for the others? I started thinking about this after seeing a short story on T V. this week about a little girl who received a 'mysterious" invitation to a 'Children's Zoo.” She had to bring her parents with her in order to get in. From the beginning of the show until they brought the child to the Zoo, her parents could be heard arguing about first one thing and then another in the background. Upon arrival at the "Zoo”, the Parents were shuffled off to a waiting room while the little girl walked through a door to start seeing the animals. Only, there were no animals . . . only a different set of Parents in every room or cage she walked by! The plot of this fictional story was focused upon the child now being able to CHOOSE her parents based upon: How they got along with each other; How much love she felt they would exhibit to her . . . and how much she felt they would let her love them back; and basically, how much of their TIME she felt they would spend with her. How would you stand up under these circumstances? The story shocked me into a review of my own priorities. Particularly, of the amount of time I spend with my family. They say the average businessman spends about FIVE MINUTES of time per day with his children. It would be embarrassing to most of us, myself included, to discover how little time we dedicate to talking and doing things with our sons and daughters. I'm going to turn over a new leaf and I challenge you, if you're guilty of the same neglect, to correct it . . . before they're all grown up and moved out. Bob Lewis (Editor's Note: This space | donated by HCC, Inc.) ;

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