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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 18, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Trooper returns submachine gun fire Aide saw 'slime' In drinking water pitchers SAN ANTONIO I AI’) — A nursing aide has testified in a nursing home murder trial she found “slime” and “gook” in unwashed water pitchers in patients' rooms at Autumn Hills Convalescent Center in Texas City. Pamela James testified Thursday she rinsed the pitchers out and gseen one with the gook in it, I started checking the others and found slime in them, too,” she said. “It just turned my stomach.” James testified she worked as an aide at the nursing home in 1978, the year Elnora Breed died there. The nursing home chain, based in Houston, and five of its current and former employees are charged with murder in the Nov. 20, 1978, death of Breed. James also testified she saw a nurse stuff a bar of soap in the mouth of a patient who had kicked her. At other times, the same nurse jammed a washcloth in a patient’s mouth, she said. James also testified the nursing home was supposed to have six aides on duty, but they usually had three. But when state health inspectors were on the scene, she said, “we would get as many aides as we could.” White: Water campaign funds short AUSTIN (AP) Gov. Mark White says he now expects backers of the proposed statewide water plan to raise only about $500,000 for their campaign, but he believes voters will approve it Nov. 5. “We’re going to continue to urge every person in Texas to vote and to vote for the plan,” said White, who went to Houston Thursday to cast an absentee ballot on the 14 proposed constitutional amendments that include the water plan. Initially, water plan supporters set a $1.25 million fund-raising goal But White told his weekly news conference they will raise “in the neighborhood of a half-million dollars” to buy pro-plan advertising. The $1.43 billion water plan is contained in Amendments I and 2 that will be before Texas voters in the Nov. 5 general election. Amendment I would authorize the issuance of $980 million in bonds for construction of reservoirs, pipelines, treatment plants and flood control projects throughout the state. It also would create a $250 million state insurance fund to guarantee water bonds issued by cities and other local governments. Amendment 2 would authorize $200 million in bonds for low-interest loans to farmers wanting to buy water-saving irrigation equipment Rig survivor tells his story GALVESTON (AB) One of the nine workers who survived the c upsizing of i construe tion barge says he grabbed a life ring and floated in the Gulf of Mexico fin about 30 minutes before a supply ship rescued him I was fortunate When I finally got hold of the life ring, I was just praising the Lord,” Albert Taylor, 41, of Arnaudville, La., said Taylor, who operated a pile driving hammer aboard the offshore const rut tion barge DMC-l, was one of two survivors who remained hospitalized Thursday, a day after the rig rolled over in 45 feet of water about 12 miles southeast of Galveston. Vibrations may have caused leak at TMI unit: plant spokesman HARRISBURG, Ha. (AH) Vibrations in a steam line may have been responsible for a non-nuclear leak that forced a reduction in power at Three Mile Island’s Unit I plant, a spokesman said. The plant, which had been brought up to 40 percent of full power during testing, was scaled back to ti percent, TMI spokesman Doug Bedell said Thursday. The leak, in a 1-inch drain line off the steam system that drives power-producing turbines, was the third in two weeks TMI Unit I was restarted Oct. 3 after being shut for 64 years following the 1979 accident at adjacent Unit 2, where the reactor lost cooling water, fuel began melting, and radioactive gas was released Officials are putting the reactor through a three-month series of tests before full-scale operations are resumed. Liberty's new flame unveiled NEW YOUK i Al’) The Statue of Liberty’s shiny new flame is the product of 20th century computer technology and tools unchanged suite the days IOO years ago of Auguste Bartholdi, the statue’s designer. The new flame was unveiled Thursday in the shed on Liberty Island where it was built by French craftsmen imported to help restore the statue for its 100th anniversary next year. It took the French team almost a year, working six days a week, to build the new flame, which is about the size of a Volkswagen Beetle They began by photographing and measuring the old, rusty fbi me, and feeding the information into a computer High church official met with bomb suspect SALT LARK CITY (Al’i A Mormon documents researcher suspected in three bombings met with a top church official the day bombs killed two people and had $270,000 wiih him when the third bomb blew him out of his car, officials say. Mark Hofmann, 31. was in serious but stable condition today at I l)S Hospital atter eight hours of surgery for injuries he received Wednesday when a bomb destroyed his ear near Temple Square in dow ntown Salt I ake (Tty On Tuesday, the day Mormon bishop Steven F. Christensen and Kathy Sheets, »<* the wife of bishop and church history student J. Gary Sheets, died, Hofmann met with Fidel Dallm Oaks, said chin ch .spokesman Don LeF evre. Nation WAELDER (AF) A Department of Public Safety trooper who stopped a motorist .speeding along Interstate IO found himself tangling with the business end of an Uzi submachine gun. When the gunsmoke settled Thursday, Trooper Howard Brothers was uninjured and 21 year old Johnny Ray Pacheco lay unconscious with a shotgun wound in the head Pacheco, who is from Round Bock, was in critical condition after the shooting at Methodist Hospital in Sari Antonio. DPS spokesman David Wells said the confrontation occur cd shortly after 1:30 pm after Brothers stopped a stolen cai barreling down the interstate east of San Antonio. According to Wells, the driver said his female companion was ill, arid the trooper allowed them to proceed to a gas station about 500 yar ds down the highway In the meantime, Brothers ran a check on the car arid found it was stolen. Wells said Brothers, a seven-year DPS veteran based in Gonzales, pulled up at the service station and began walking toward the stolen vehicle. Then he saw the dr iver grab a gun from his back seat as he got out of his car. “He saw the barrel of the gun. Wells said When Pacheco ignored orders to drop his weapon, Brothers fired twice with his service revolver, Weds said. Brothers was about 20 feet from the car, which had pulled behind a roadside service station, when Pacheco fired back with two shots from the Uzi that hit the DPS patrol car, Wells said. Wells said Brothers returned the tiro with his shotgun, wounding Pacheco in the temple. According to Wells, Pacheco climbed back into his car arid then passed out. Wells said authorities are looking for Pacheco’s companion, who fled on foot after the shootout. He said she is a heavyset brunette in her 20s. Hp also said that authorities are looking into the possibility that the car was used in tin armed robbery in Houston. Italy begins process of forming government ROME (AP) — Politicians scheduled a flurry of fneetings to build a new coalition government to replace that of Socialist Bettino Craxi, one of Italy’s most durable premiers whose government shat tered over his handling of the Achille Lauro hijacking. President Francesco Cossiga scheduled meetings today with the Christian Democrat Senate leader, Amintore Fanfani, and the speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Nilde Iotti, a Communist. The president also planned to meet over the weekend with leaders of the Communists, Italy’s largest opposition party; and the five coalition partners:    Craxi’s Socialists, the Republicans, Christian Democrats, Liberals and Social Demon als Cossiga could name Craxi, whom he asked to stay on in a caretaker capacity, or someone else, to form a new coalition government In the event the consultations do not provide an agreement on a new govenrment. Cossiga could dissolve Parliament and call an election three years ahead of schedule. Craxi, who resigned Thursday, bitterly reproached the Reagan administration for criticizing Italy's release Mohammed Abbas, leader of the Palestine Liberation Front, a faction of the Palestine Liberation Organization. The four hijackers of the ship said they were members of Abbas’ organization, arid the United States accused Abbas of planning the hijacking. U.S. officials were outraged when Italy released Abbas. In a speech to Parliament, Craxi also claimed two American warplanes violated Italian airspace Oct. ll by following the Egyptian airplane when it carried Abbas from Sicily to Rome’s Ciampino military airpoi t And he disclosed that Italy has filed a protest for alleged US violation of Italian airspace Craxi told Parliament The polemical tone of the first reactions of tho American government could not but provoke the st rf ingest and displeased surprise as well as a feeling of bitterness for the ignorance on the part of a friendly government of everything that the Italian government had done to overcome with success a particularly critical md difficult situation and of the *esults which had been achieved The fate of Craxi’s five-party •oalition. which began in August I <#83 and in another month would have been Italy’s longest-lasting post war government, was sealed Wednesday when Defense Minister Giovanni Spadolini and two other Cabinet members from his Republican Party resigned to protest the release of Abbas. Stock prices on the Milan exchange tumbled after word of the government's fall, and the lira weakened against other West European countries Craxi, whose support for installation of U S.-built NATO nuclear missiles in Sicily enhanced Italy’s value as a Western ally, had refused to allow the Communists into his coalition government Communist leader Giorgio Napolitano praised (Taxi s speech to Parliament, saying it indicated that the “behavior by our major ally does not conform to those rules of respect for sovereignty of eaeh member of the Atlantic alliance.” Outside layoffs begin in Chrysler strike HIGHLAND PARK, Mich (AP) layoffs from a Chrysler Corp supplier are the first casualties of a 3 day-old walkout by BO.OOO autoworkers and some strikers say Chairman Lee Iacocca has betrayed the loyalty they showed when th* carmaker faced bankruptcy. • We took concessions and what did they do? They slapped us in tin face,” said Allan Dean, a 21-year Chrysler worker who repairs engine cylinder heads Chrysler autoworkers, who gnu up an estimated $1 billion in con cessions to help the carmaker sur vive its 1979 brush with bankruptcy, “feel betrayed’’ by Iacocca, said Wilbur Spencer, president of United Auto Workers Ixnal 227 at Chrysler s Detroit glass plant Meanwhile, the 3-day-old strike by 70,000 workers in the United State and 10,000 in Canada forced layoffs af C ii F Stamping Co. of Grand Rapids which makes metal parts and plastic bumpers. It will furlough 155 of 55C workers. Chrysler is estimated to be losing $15 million a day in profits and supplier layoffs are expected t< mount elsewhere within days In Canada, where United Aute Workers of Canada President Robert Implant underway with new style heart HERSHEY, Pa. (API Doctors using an artificial heart never previously implanted in a human began a transplant operation early today on a dying Philadelphia man, a spokesman for the Hershey Medical Center said A team led by Dr William S. Pierce, who developed the Penn State Heart, began operating on Anthony Mandia, 44, ut 4 30 a iii when a donor organ could not be located, said hospital spokesman Carl Andrews. Mandia w ill be th** **♦ <*nd patient in the United States to undei to an artificial heart implant us a stop ap measure Officials expect to lo- ut* * donor heart within a week Amli - * said White and Chrysler Canada Ltd cruet bargainer William Fisher met privately in Toronto for IO minutes, White said fie believed Iacocca was responsibn for lack of a settlement in tile dispute Sorm I* ly s got the agreement on hold, for whatever reason,” he said. Similar sentiments were voiced on picket lint > and rn union flails. Iller . no serious effort to drive toward u »ettlement,” White said Theie io momentum here at all today At this plant it s sort of like hitting your head against a wall tc get a headache.” White has maintained that progre ,s was being made towards reaching a new < ontract when, foul hours before th* strike deadline at midnight Tuesday, bargaining progress was halted by the company Spencer said many workers wert financially unprepared for the strike but “now, they’re the ones saying ‘Hey, I'm ready to stay out longer In the United States, UAW negotiators prepared to leave town tonight for a meeting of top focal union officials in Huntsville. Ala , site of two major Chrysler electronics plants. The UAW’s 170-member Chrysler Council, made up of presidents and other officials of union locals nationwide, reviews tentative contract settlements and bears much of the burden of persuading rank and file members to vote. The group won’t have an agreement to examine at the present pace of ta.ks CAW President Owen Blether anc fits bar gainers met w ith Chrysler ai headquarters here all day Thursday Without a tentative agreement, til# meeting will become a sink# strategy session The union is demanding a contract giving Chrysler workers wage and benefi parity with those at General Motors Corp and Ford Motor Co. Chrysler chief bargainer Thomas Miner criticized the strike as ut. necessary , say ing the two sides wen close enough to an agreement to warrant more bargaining Mine* declined to meet w ith reporter-Thursday and neither side would giv a status report on the talks “Now you can afford a houseful of fs never-never floors.” rn-** &[sn* p AURORA™ by Mannington. The affordable Never-Wax floors that NEVER need brighteners, stripping or dressing. Ever. FOODS • DRUGS Only from Mannington: Built-in shine. Exclusive JI BB Never Wax protection builds the shine right in Clean with plain water and ammonia That s it1 LETTUCE CALIFORNIA ICEBERG URGE CRISP HEADS...... Built-in moisture protection. Dryioc moisture barrier stops mold mildew and discoloring before they start Built-in beauty, won t st low wear shrugs off stains So tough it has a 5 warranty Styles and colors to fill any house with beauty iipiniimlon NIVER WAX ^^FLOORS SAIE ENOS OCT 31st And built-in savings: Sale price    For example A 9 x 12 floor just: Baa Bf ire 49 Reg price MO 05 sq V«l aq yd (Available in I? w 113 88 din inferiors io seams in rn PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE I 30 5 30 Mon * Frl. I OO 2 OO Saturday 943 N. Walnut ;

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