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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 18, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Page 2A    Herald    Zeitung, MAX WINKLER New Braunfels, Texas    Friday, GEORGE ERBEN October 18, 1985 BETTY LOU RUSHING ED SCIANTARELLI JAMES GOODBREAD    VALDEMAR    ESPINOZACouncil members offer views on bond issue By DANA OVERSTREET Staff writer It’s almost time for the citizens of New Braunfels to cast their votes in the city’s first bond issue election since IWR. Here’s how the members of City Council feel about Saturday’s $11.45 million bond issue election: George Erben: ‘‘Basically, I’m certainly for the total bond package. I think there is a definite need in some areas and obviously there are some areas I feel more strongly about than others. "Streets there is a definite need there and in the drainage. And, I would rather pay higher prices and have the (fire) protection and have a low key rate. I think that (small, periodic bond issues I would be a good idea since it doesn’t get so far out of hand especially since this is the last year for revenue sharing.” Valdemar Espinoza: "I think we should go through with it and hope everybody votes for it and it will pass. We need it and although many areas are not included, it is going to help some areas of the city. And I think most people that have kept up with it think it’s needed and hope they I and their area i will get more in the future. "Drainage is important; we definitely need some drainage improvements on the west side. There are some areas that are pretty doggone bad. lf we don’t pass this bond issue this year, next year for the same items it is going to cost a lot more.” James Gondbread: I feel the bond issue is very, very necessary. Our town has gone since 1968 with no capital improvements and no bond issue and (the financial situation) is sound enough to handle a bond issue with no problem. "Some items are a little more necessary than others, like .streets and drainage. Whenever you start getting water in people's houses you have a drainage problem. (Pool cover and golf course) will pay for themselves. There’s no way you can make a street pay for itself, but any place that’s appropriate, we should have a user fee. "It’s viable (to have small, periodic bond issues), but to make that work, we need this bond issue to play catch-up. The past city councils have not owned up and accepted their responsibility and dropped this in council’s lap and we accepted he responsibility.! would hate to see us wait another 15 years; this same bond issue IO years ago would have been $5 million. Unfortunately the county is having a large tax increase and we recently OK’d a bond issue for utilities, but people don’t realize the smallest tax they pay is for the city they live, the one that’s responsible for all the services.” Betty Lou Rushing: Growth is being forced upon us ...and will be 79 percent by the year 2000 and this requires of us planned management. 3 men charged in burglary By DEBBIE DeLOACH Staff writer Three New Braunfels men remained ui Hie Comal County Jail today after being arrested for burglary of a building Thursday. Bond for Steven Gaytan, Hod Woods and Scott Hal low was set at $5,000 each by Municipal Judge David Perkins. Detective Juan Gusmc said Crittenden Drywall Co., and the local Shiner and Pearl beer distributorships each reported burglaries to police Thursday morning. "They’re all under the same roof, and we took the last report at 7:15 a.m.," Gusme said. "About two hours later, one of the victims saw the subjects walking down the railroad tracks with what Ik* believed to be his property.” Gusme said Detective Mario Guerrero, Sgt. Kevin Clayton and patrolmen Tony Celli and Russell Bell made the arrests. An undetermined amount of money, tools and consumable goods were taken in the burglaries. "From what we’ve been able to inventory, almost everything taken was recovered,” Gusme said. "But some of the consumable goods were com sullied.” Man sentenced in sexual assault A man charged with two counts of sexally assaulting a 3-year-old girl was sentenced to 20 years iii prison Thursday. Sidney Franklin Smith of 230 Cadded lane was found guilty on July 20 by a Comal County jury. His sentence was decided Thursday by 207th District Court Judge Robert Pfeuffer. Both counts of sexual assault allegedly occurred on Dec. IO, 1984. But during his trial last July, South took tile witness stand and denied any sexual contact with the child. His attorney, Mark Clark, asked him, "Did you ever touch her down in her panties?” Smith said no in the courtroom. In a taped confession to police on Dec. 2, 1984, which was admitted as trial evidence, Detective Ray Douglas asked Smith the same question. His reply was "Well, I didn’t mean to doit.” Weather Texas Flash flood producing rainfall drenched western portions of North Texas early today, prompting the National Weather Service to issue flash flood warnings for several counties and a flash flood watch for a vast area. About seven inches of rain fell at Abilene during the night, flooding streets and overpasses and leaving traffic at a virtual standstill. All travel rn the area was discouraged, the National Weather Service said. Street flooding was also reported at Midland and numerous highway and roads were under varying amounts of water over a vast area of western portions of North Texas at dawn. Forecasts called for the rain to slack off during the day, but forecasts called for showers and thunderstorms over most of the state. A flash flood warning was in effect in Taylor, Throckmorton and Jones Counties. Extensive flooding was reported on U.S. 277 in southern Jones County at dawn. Flash flood watches covered most of the western third of North Texas. Showers and thunderstorms covered much of tile Edwards Plateau, southeastern sections of die Panhandle and the South Plains. Skies were cloudy over most of the rest of the state with the exception being far West Texas where skies were clear Forecasts called for rain and thunderstorms across North Texas today and a few lingering showers, some of them heavy, in West Texas. Ixiws tonight will be in the 50s and 60s with a few readings expected in the lower 80s iii South Texas. Highs Saturday will be mostly in the 70s and 80s. Early morning temperatures were mostly in the 60s, ranging from the 50s in the Panhandle to the 70s in South Texas. Extremes ranged from 48 at El Paso to 80 at Corpus Christi. Other early morning temperatures around the state included 57 at Amarillo, 63 at Wichita Falls, 74 at Fort Worth, 75 at Waco, 73 at Lufkin, 76 at Austin, 75 at San Antonio, 78 at Houston and Brownsville, 65 at San Angelo, 58 at Lubeck and 60 at Midland. Midland and 48 at El Paso. Forecast North Texas- Rain and thunderstorms likely all sections tonight, Vanishes.. • Did you buy a form policy just to invest the difference? 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"It has been my contention that we must institute a program of user fees wherein we can guarantee to the taxpayers that adult users will pay for the privelege of using our facilities, rather than expecting the taxpayer to subsidize and this will happen.” Ed Sciantarelli: "I think the voters in New Braunfels are very intelligent people and look forward to them making educated decisions about the issues. I think certain areas that need to be addressed are being addressed in there. "(Periodic bond issues) are viable — people are much less objectionable to small items. And voters that are concerned won’t get tired; they will continue to express themselves and the non-concerned citizens don’t voe no matter what magnitude is presented. "But. we need to develop a plan first of all; that is our big problem. We were offered a master plan and that has been set aside for a long time. We need a plan much like the utilities is doing, they have a feasible, working plan laid out for IO years for organized growth. That’s one of my main concerns. ‘‘I’m in full favor of user fees; they need to be addressed more than they have been. We as a city need to provide recreation for our children — a clean, healthy environment for kids. Adults should pay as they go. If the city proviceds adult recreation, the adult needs to pay for it.” Mlax Winkler: "We came up with big numbers and have chiseled them down and we have had more than a hundred people working on a variety of committees and I think we’ve really sifted this thing down to what really we need over the next five to IO years. All of a sudden we were just slapped in the face with drainage and street problems and city hall and every time we got with recreation people we heard about that. Now, we’re really playing catch-up. "I like the idea of small, periodic bond issues after IO years on council with an administration that was more conservative. I do think that even with a bond issue and our tax rate increased by 12 cents, we will still be one of the lowest cities." Polls will open at 7 a.m. Saturday and will be open until 7 p.m. in each of the four district polling places — District one, I^one Star School; District two, First United Methodist Church; District three, New Braunfels Presbyterian Church; and See COUNCIL, Page 9A Wife gets probation in hindering arrest decreasing from the west on Saturday. Ixiws tonight 60 west to 68 east. Highs Saturday 76 west to 83 east. West Texas- Partly cloudy tonight through Saturday with scattered afternoon and evening thunderstorms. Highs Saturday mid 60s north to the mid 70s south except low 80s in Big Bend valleys. Lows tonight mid 40s north and far west to the upper 50s south, low 60s Big Bend valleys. South Texas- Partly cloudy to mostly cloudy tonight and Saturday with a chance of thundershowers. By LILLIAN THOMAS Staff writer A New Braunfels woman was given a one-year probated sentence and a $750 fine after being convicted of hindering the arrest of her husband. Jeanette Ortiz, wife of Javier Ortiz, was sentenced by a five-man, one-woman jury in county court-at-law Thursday. The incident allegedly occurred when warrant officer Bob Richardson went to the Ortiz residence May 20 to serve a warrant for Mr. Ortiz' arrest on a weapons charge. Mrs. Ortiz allegedly told Richardson that her husband was not home and starting pushing the warrant officer when he attempted to enter the house and search for him, Richardson testified at the trial. Mr. Ortiz was found hiding in a closet, he added, and came quietly after he was found. Ortiz, on probation for attempted murder, had his probation revoked. Since then, the weapons charge was dismissed against Mr. Ortiz and the Ortizes filed a civil case in district court for $10,000 damages against Warrant Officer Bob Richardson, Sheriff Walter Fellers and the county. The complaint against Mrs. Ortiz was filed by Richardson May 31; the civil case was filed June 14. After Mrs. Ortiz’s guilty verdict came in, County Attorney Bill Renner said, "In my opinion, the civil action was filed for leverage on the criminal charges, and this judgment totally supports the county’s and Richardson’s stand." "To prove hindering an arrest, we did not have to prove that she had pushed and shoved the officer," Renner said. "Lying to the officer who came to serve the paper was enough.” Mrs. Ortiz testified that the warrant was not shown to her until after her husband was taken into custody. She denied her husband hid in the closet or that she had even touched the officer and accused Richardson of pushing her and making her fall. Richardson testified he told Mrs. Ortiz that she needed to get her husband to come into the sheriff’s office to be served with the warrant. When the suspect did not show up, Richardson waited 15 minutes and went to the house. "He knocked at the front door. When no one answered, lie went to the back door and when he knocked there, the door opened and he went in,” assistant county attorney Ron Prichard said. According to Richardson, he handed her the warrant there and she read it. But then she told the officer that her husband was not at home, butat work. "Richardson then tried to go past See WIFE, Page 14A Hvrald-Zeitung (USPS 377 880) lf you have not received your paper by 5:30 p.m. Tuesday through Friday or by 7:30 a.rn. Sunday, call 625 9144 or 658 1900 by 7 p.m. and 11 a.m., respectively. Published Sunday morning and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon by New Braunfels Herald Publishing Co., 186 S. Casted Ave., New Braunfels, TX 78131. 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