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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 17, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas MR. FliMTMVeR , I HEARD THAT "YOU’RF Going to hire a FOREIGN WORKER THAT WILL. DO MV I JOB FOR LES5 MONJE? J i Clarence , y/Ho LEAKED THE MEWS ABOUT THE JAPAMESE ROBOTS , ^Washington Today What does the 30 second spot mean to politicians, see Washington Today, below Mailbag policy The Herald-Zeitung welcomes the opinions of its readers, and we’re happy to publish letters to the editor. While readers’ opinions on local issues generally are of more interest to other readers, we welcome letters on any topic — local, state, national or international — that the writer chooses to address. Content will not prevent publication unless the letter is judged to be potentially libelous. All letters to the editor should be signed and authorship must be verifiable by telephone. Anonymous letters will not be published. Send your letter to: Mailbag, New Braunfels Herald Zeitung, P.O. Drawer 361, New Braunfels Texas, 78131. lifters may also be hand delivered to the newspaper offices at 186 S. Caste!!. Hvrald-Zfltung ■mons Dave Kramer, Tiiitoi mid Ccncrtil Mnnngcr Susan Haire, Mm/ng/ng EditorAndy RooneyJustice is one thing, but let's not go after revenge Americans interviewed about strike back at the terrorists.    criminals    punished.    so we don’t look like weak-kneed terrorism want the United States to They want these international They insist the President get tough patsies to the rest of the world and-FORFEAWESStf PULLING THE WNGS of a av*-TOROOOWfcOUStf SETTING A KITTENS TAM. ON FIRE*WWNG OBSCENE anowwoos WOKE CMLS*OF THEWMSM 9MIKI£, fir GUSS -TORWAVE1V SWOCmN&TOWMH ANMF-TWMVrED OLD KW \H Aweuw&mt) INTONING WM INTO THE SEA- Washington Today Political ads: Garbage or Gold?Mailbag WASHINGTON (AP) - What is garbage to Terry Dolan is truth to John Danforth, and caught in the Huddle of their argument are voters bombarded every two years by 30-second television commercials ranging from tile scurrilous to the syrupy. Dolan and Danforth confronted each other last week at a hearing of the Senate Commerce Conunittee. Danforth, a Republican senator from Missouri, is chairman of the committee, and he is pushing legislation that would curb negative political advertising. As chairman of the National Conservative Political Action Committee, Dolan is the country’s foremost practitioner of what Danforth calls the “30-second hit job.” The two men represent the ex tremes of the latest debate on campaign reform, an exercise that shows no sign of producing any early changes in current law. The Missouri senator has a lot of support on Capitol Hill for his effort to curb negative ads, including backing of such colleagues as Sen. Barry Coldwater, K-Ariz., who still remembers that little girl plucking petals off a daisy. When Coldwater ran for president in 1964 lie was the target of an ad rn which tile daisy plucking scene disappeared into a nuclear explosion. The ad, designed to heighten public concern about whether the Arizona senator would be too quick to resort to nuclear weapons in a crisis, ran only once but became a classic example of an negative attack. American political campaigns have a long history of nastiness. “A barbarian and savage who can scarcely spell his own name” was how John Quincy Adams described Andrew Jackson. But, according to Danforth, even that level of nastiness has been dwarfed by the impact of television on political campaigning. The 30-second commercial, said the senator, has created “a whole new era of dirty politics.” The Danforth bill would require that candidates personally deliver attacks against their opponents. Broadcast stations that run negative ads violating that provision would be required to provide free equal time to the target. Dolan and other opponents of the legislation have attacked the proposal as unconstitutional. w 3 A (A V ti 8a were proud of the fact that we recently did just that with the cruise ship hijackers. They want revenge. I feel that way myself. Revenge is more satisfying than turning the other cheek. The most vengeful I’ve felt in my life was toward the Ayatollah Khomeini when he held 52 American hostages in Iran for 444 days. I still don’t know why we’ve never tried to get hack at him to show him he can’t do that to us. I’m sure there’s a good, international reason why we haven’t bombed the Ayatollah's tieadquar-ters hut it’s frustrating to all of us who so dearly love revenge. Probably we haven’t done it because we’re not sure who we detest more, Iran or Iraq. We’re turning our rage on all terrorists. It’s strange how attractive the idea of revenge is. It provides us with such a pleasant sensation ifs too had it doesn’t have a better reputation. Almost no one has anything good to say about it. “Revenge,” the Roman philosopher Juvinal wrote way back about IOO A.D. “is the delight of a little, weak and petty mind.” That's me, Juvinal, old boy. I love a little revenge once in a while. There are days I’d rather get a little revenge than see a good movie. In Poor Richard’s Alinanak, Ben Franklin said, "Tis more noble to forgive, than to revenge injury.” The Old Testament doesn’t fool around when it comes to revenge. It’s all in favor of “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth....” The Israelis are observing that old rule today and a lot of Americans admire them for it. Other parts of the Bible deal differently with revenge. “...‘Vengance is mine; I will repay,’ saith the Ixird. Therefore, ‘If thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink; for in doing so thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head." I don’t know whether the Ix>rd really ever saith that or not. I wonder if he took any pleasure in irritating his enemies by being nice to them? There’s something very catching about revenge. It has elements of drama to it. Shakespeare, for example, used the idea of revenge in many of his plays. He knew how entertaining the idea of getting hack at someone was to people. The real reason the United States can’t get revenge on its enemies is that we aren’t sure who they are. We can’t hit what we can’t see. We can’t bomb all the innocent people in lebanon just because a handful of terrorists there killed 264 Marines. The second reason revenge is unbecoming to a grown-up nation like ours is that it doesn’t work. Justice works, but revenge never makes anything better, as satisfying as it may he at the tune. The best evidence we have that it’s best not to act vengefully is what we did to Germany and Japan after World War ll, which was nothing. We treated them in a civilized way and the whole world has ended up better because we did. There is very little bitterness left between our countries. Instead of enemies, we have friends. Ifs a good thinthat leaders Uke George Marshall and Dwight Eisenhower were smarter people than the rest of us. Bond election vital To the Editor: The city bond election to he held (Jct. 19, is very vital to this community. Many items long needed have been postponed for years and now we find ourselves playing catch-up on public buildings, streets, storm drainage and parks. Many months of study by various citizen groups and committees have gone into the bond program to be voted on. A great deal of plaiming and forethought iiave gone into each proposition. Ev**ry voter will have the choice of voting on eight separate items. As former Mayors, we feel that the entire capital improvements program is needed and we encourage each New Braunfels voter to vote yes on each item Oct. 19. H.E. Knox Joseph Faust Your representatives Rep. Tom Loeffler Gov. Mark White U.S. House Governor's Office of Representatives Room 200 State Capitol 1212 Long worth Austin, Texas 78701 House Office Bldg Washington, D.C. 20515 Rep. Mac Sweeney (Guadalupe County) Rep. Edmund Kuempel U.S. House Texas House of Representatives of Representatives Washington, D.C., 20515 P.O. Box 2910 Austin, Texas 78769 Sen. Phil Gramm United States Senate Washington D.C., 20510 Sen. Lloyd Bentsen United States Senate Room 240 Russell Bldg Sen. John Traeger Washington, D.C. 20510 Texas Senate Capitol Station Austin, Texas 78711 PR PAN, WHAT ABOUT THAT NOTORIOUS BABY boomsubspecjes— TNB yuppie. ? IS HE A PHENOMENON OF INELL, AS AN OBJECT OF MECHA INTEREST, THERE'S NO QUESTION HE'S IN REMISSION. THE YUPPIE'S VERT RESILIENT, THOUOH I HAVE NO POUST HE'LL BE BACK, PROBABLY IN TIME FOR THE CHRISTMAS SEASON. HE TEMPS TORE- UFS BEEN Mf *    CALLET? FRUIT    (NORSE ;

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