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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 17, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Page SB Herald Ze/fi/ng, New Braunfels. Texas Personals 405 SISTER THERESA Spiritualist, healer A advisor on health, happiness, love, business, lawsuits, marriage, divorce, etc She will show you results no matter who has failed you 512-224-5425 2419 East Houston Lost ft Found 410 FOUND MALE KITTEN Fn Oct 11 at N B H.S, charcoal yrey and cream 4 months old Call 629 1252 <10 151022410_ LOST - Reward $50 Female Great Dane white w gray Ft black spots 625 6918, 625 3989 f IO 15 1020410 FOUND 2 male horses on Sept 20th near Hwy 46 Ft Bear Creek Rd Both red, 1 with black mane Ft tail Brands on left side of neck Call Comal Co Sheriff Dept at 625 9141 Days or 629 1578 evenings DO 13 10 18410 <REWARDN Black and white border collie Green collar Answers to the name of Woody 625-7641 after 5 OO p rn No questions yasked  ^ Lost & Found 410 LOST OCT. 15 Near North Market St. Small female white Terrior puppy Child's pet Reward of fered. Please call 625 6270 f10 17-10 23410 LOST in Lake Dunlap. Small silver Ft black Schnauzer Leather collar and no tags Name is Schnapps 629 0287.Legal Public Notices 430 Legal/Public Notices Thursday, October 17,1985 legalWllc 430 Notices 430 PUBLIC NOTICE At its regular meeting of October 14,    1985, City Council of the City of New Braunfels, Texas, approved an amendment to the Code of Ordinances The caption and penalty of the or dinance are as follows: CAPTION AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF NEW BRAUNFELS, TEXAS, REPEALING EMERGENCY DRAINAGE POLICY FOR THE CITY OF NEW BRAUNFELS, CODIFIED AS SECTION 5 17, CHAPTER 5 OF THE CODE OF ORDINANCES OF THE CITY OF NEW BRAUN FELS, TEXAS, AND ENACTING A NEW OR DINANCE TO BE CODIFIED AS CHAPTER 28 OF SAID CODE OF ORDINANCES. ADOP TING    AND PROMULGATING RULES AND REGULATIONS GOVERNING THE PLANNING, DESIGN, CONSTRUCTION AND OPERATION OF STORM DRAINAGE FACILITIES WITHIN THE CITY OF NEW BRAUNFELS AND WITHIN AREAS SUBJECT TO    ITS    EX TRATERRITORIAL JURI SDICTION, ESTABLISH! NG A DRAINAGE BOARD OF ADJUSTMENTS AND APPEALS, EXTENDING ITS POLICY TO SUP PLEMENT AND COVER THE BUILDING OR DINANCE AND SUB DIVISION ORDINANCE CODIFIED AS CHAPTERS 5 AND 20 RESPECTIVELY; PROVIDING A SUNSET CLAUSE; PROVIDING FOR THE APPEAL OF THIS ORDINANCE; PROVIDING FOR FEES; PROVIDING PENALTIES    FOR VIOLATIONS OF ANY OF THE PROVISIONS    OF THIS ORDINANCE; AND PROVIDING A SAVINGS CLAUSE;    AND ESTABLISHING    AN    EF FECTIVE DATE PENALTY. A EXCEPT AS PROVIDED    IN PARAGRAPH B OF THIS SECTION, ANY PERSON VIOLATING ANY PROVISION OF THIS ORDINANCE WITHIN THE JURISDICTION    OF    THE CITY OF NEW BRAUN FELS, SHALL BE GUILTY OF A MISDEMEANOR, AND UPON CONVICTION SHALL BE FINED AN AMOUNT NOT LESS THAN FIFTY ($50 00) DOLLARS NOR MORE THAN TWO HUNDRED ($200 OO) DOLLARS. EACH LepFwnc Notices Legal/Piiblit HOU Notices 430 Services DAY THAT SUCH VIOLATION CONTINUES SHALL BE A SEPARATE OFFENSE. PROSECUTION OR CONVICTION UNDER THIS PROVISION SHALL NEVER BE A BAR TO ANY OTHER REMEDY OR RELIEF FOR VIOLATIONS OF THIS ORDINANCE. B ANY PERSON VIOLATING ANY PROVISION OF THIS ORDINANCE WITHIN THE EXTRATERRITORIAL JU RISDICTION OF THE CITY OF NEW BRAUNFELS, BUT OUTSIDE THE CORPORATE LIMITS OF THE CITY SHALL NOT BE GUILTY OF A MISDEMEANOR WITHIN THE MEANING OF PARAGRAPH A IN THIS SECTION, NOR SHALL BE FINED IN RELATION THERETO. HOWEVER. THE CITY OF NEW BRAUNFELS MAY IN STOUTE AN ACTION IN THE DISTRICT COURT TO ENJOIN THE VIOLATION OF ANY PROVISIONS OF THIS ORDINANCE IN SUCH    EX TRATERRITORIAL JURI SDICTION, THE DISTRICT COURT HAVING BEEN EMPOWERED TO GRAN! ANY OR ALL TYPES OF INJUNCTION RELIEF IN SUCH CASES UNDER SECTION 4 OF ARTICLE 970a, VERNON'S REVISED    CIVIL STATUTES Done by order of the City Council of the City of New Braunfels, Texas, this the 15th day of October 1985. Veronica Sarkozi City Secretary c1017 1017430 PUBLIC NOTICE ' At its regular meeting of October 14, 1985, City Council of the City of New Braunfels, Texas, approved an amendment to the Code of Ordinances. The caption and penalty of the or dinance are as follows: CAPTION: AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING A CONSTRUCTION SPEED ZONE ON FARM TO MARKET ROAD 725 FROM 1,000 FEET SOUTHEAST OF THE COMAL GUADALUPE COUNTY LINE TO U.S. 81 WHEN POSTED; REPEALING ALL ORDINANCES IN CON FLICT; PROVIDING A PENALTY CLAUSE; PROVIDING AN EF FECTIVE DATE AND DECLARING    AN EMERGENCY PENALTY: FURTHER, ALL OR DINANCES AND PARTS OF ORDINANCES IN CONFLICT ARE HEREBY REPEALED ANY PERSON WHO SHALL VIOLATE ANY PROVISION OF THIS ORDINANCE SHALL BE DEEMED GUILTY OF A MISDEMEANOR AND UPON CONVICTION THEREOF, SHALL BE PUNISHABLE BY A FINE NOT TO EXCEED TWO HUNDRED AND NO IOO ($200 OO) DOLLARS Done by order of the City Council of the City of New Braunfels, Texas, this the 15th day of October 1985 Veronica Sarkozi City Secretary cl 0-17 1017 430Services 440 440 Services CHARLIE SCHUBERT painting contractor. Call 964 2551 cl O I 7 11 13 440 _ SPARKLE CLEANING SERVICES For free estimates on Residential, Commercial odd jobs, construction and hauling, etc. Call 629 3914 p10 16 11 12 440 TIN ROOF PROBLEMS? Too Hot? Leaks? Let me apply my energy saving roof coat    to solve your problems Save 15 20% on energy    costs. Free estimate 625 9312 or 625 8399 after 4 p m pl0-9-11 5 440 _ HANDYMAN Et Licensed Plumber. Contact Dennis 629 4155.629 9020 pl0 4 10 31 440_ SCREENS ETC Screen repairs,    new screens, custom    wood screen doors, light carpentry and remodeling 6291282. pl (T3 10 30440__ CARPENTRY WORK Decks especially, paneling, carports, home repairs Bnf by hour or job. Jim Tyler, 629 0693 p9 17 10 30 440 440 Smites 440 CLEANING Home or Office. Let Pat Do It! Reliable, honest, efficient. Pat’s Cleaning 625 4069 c3 6 tic 440 HAVE OPENING for 2 female Senior Citizens in private home. Lots of love Et home cooked meals. 625 0302. c4 16 tfc 440 HAULING: Crushed stone, fill dirt, etc. Fred Buch, phone 625 7824 c5 10-tfc 440___ SHREDDING, lawn mow ing, trees trimmed & removed. Yaid Et con struction clean up. Small or large job. Free estimates. 629 3220 or 6251830 c6 28 tfc 440 DUMP TRUCK Et Bobcat work Driveways, yard dirt spread, lots cleared, construction clean up, shredding, Tree Removal Et Trimming Free estimates. Preston Overstreeth 625 1034 or 625 2995 cl2 2 tfc 440    ____ TOP SOIL, gravel, large bobcat Et dump truck for jobsite cleat) up 625 2772 c6 23 tic 440_ THE WATER    STORE Filters, purifiers, con ditioners, sales, service, finance, 512 625 0448, 625 7657 c7 30 tfc 440_ HOUSE PAINTING Interior Et exterior, con crete work,    fencing, carpentry (all kinds) call 629 4914 ..m    11    OI    AAC! HOUSECLEANING Come home to a clean house! References available. Call 629 3204. PIO 2 10 29440 RICHS SPECIALTY PAINTING painting, refinish and restoration, experenced quality workmanship, free estimates. 396 2638, San Marcos, TX. p10 16 10 23 440__ HOME CARE. Caring responsible person will come into home and assit elderly with any needs. Eight years experience. 629 6084 p10 16 10-22 440 ___ ROCK HILL GOSPEL CHURCH FAITH CENTER IIH 35 South of New Braunfels Behind the Rest Area) You are welcome to attend any and all of the following set vices Sunday Morning Early Service 8:00 a m.; Sunday School 10:00 a rn.; Sunday Morning Worship 11:00    a.m.; Sunday Night Reg Service 7:30 p.m.; Tuesday Night 7:30 p.m.; Saturday Night Reg Service 7:30 p.m.; For More Information Call 625 7237; Pastor Ed Collins p10 1610 22440__ FISCHER S WOOD FENCES privacy fences and decks to your specifications. Free estimates and reasonable rates Darrell Fischer 625 6807. .im m in 7? 440 FOR ALL your cleaning needs call Lucy 629 6904. p10 2 10 29 440 ____________ BABE    &    JANS Professional House Cleaning Service. Yes we do windows. Plant care Et laundry. Call Babe or Jan at 629 7871. PIO 13 1025440 LICENSED CHILD CARE home,    has    fulltime opening for toddler Drop in also welcome Near NI B H S. 625 9779. c10 17 10 20 440__ WILL DO babysitting in my registered home. 18 mo. or older preferred. 629 6726. pl0 8 IO 20 440 ALVIN KREUGER Contractor, 512 899 4675, remodeling, repairs, ad ditions, decks Before you build your shell or com plete home, let me help you to save money I have references. pip 1 IO 20440__ CARPENTRY carports, patios, additions, siding, paneling, privacy fences, counter tops, remodeling, etc 15 yrs experience. Licensed and bonded Free estimates Billy McDonald 625 4831 p9 6 10 I 7 440HOUSE WASHING PRI SSURE CII AMINO Removes Yeats ot • Mildew •Dill •Wells Porn Wall* • Driveways •Hoik625-8337 BRAUNFELS PAINT CO. BUSINESS DIRECTORY IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE IN THE HERALD BUSINESS DIRECTORY Whatever The Service Find It Quickly Call These Experts Today! TO PLACE YOUR AD PHONE 625-9144 Service ******** Services ******** Services Services Services Services ******** ******** Services ******** Dietert Construction New Homes    painting Repairs    Cabinets Free Estimates Licensed Bonded Darryl Dietert 625-4057 aC«7-*337>rr lot MAL OK sweep! Villanueva Concrete Works Licensed A Hinnied 629-2580 629 0170 029 4549 f acropolis”! RCKJFINC, A    a I REMODELING    9 'Modestly Pinto ’GV Semite . I’Hrgd OoaMy Wort *titenlenoarj I bu#.* mr a no e.vg ant    t*ti I a routes To Reside*(«* Commercial a |    629-1885^ J & J CLEANING Offices, vk indow s construction cleaning home*, move in or outs Bonded CALL 629-1593 Cleaning Services Professional house and office cleaning, rea^ sonable rate*, free es tansies. 629-6824 yaarosaoaoHWtiBy “ LAWNS. INC. » Mow in# Mien* Tilling Tm Trimming Lot Cleaning Haul mg Flower Beda * »b> glue Pf air..taal la wa ('•re IU tide a Ila! * (mb •rciai Preprrtiee Erie Cr isham 629 -4973 UNLIMITED [j Dacha Laws Maiaiaaaaa* I Carga airy. Mumm ^Metrical A Pl a ai Mag. Haaliag mw ( eiUm I'abi Erie 629-4973 Services ******** Earth-Tone Soil Service Grader, Rackhoe, Hob cat & Truck Work. 651-6854 ACME FOUNDATIONS INTRODUCTORY OFFER S275 OO to completely reshim your foundation All blocks sills toolings an* additional) • Slabs Pier & Beam •Cedar Post & Block •Replace Floors, sills, foists, underpinning, water proofing, gutters drains Sn Marcos A 396*1833 surrounding net •Roolmg painting or ropiacmg JACK KENT JR. AIA Residential & Commercial Architecture Historic Restoration P O Bai ISI, Blaura, Ti 7MM (5121 964-2744 Oct. Special Owens Mobile Glass Service We install all types auto qlass Windshields full size Chevy. GMC. for pickups blazers and Suburbans 1973 to 1985 $130 00 installed price Wmdsheilds 60% oft 629-0405 or 625-6755 ( K ( ntn.ul Av* t inny you in siyhf Mama King H40 N W ainu! 62541121 • Over 20 Yr* Expertem-e MORN AN DKX HOUSE LEVELING l.ltiaaad tad ll aa A rd Sprnil IORI Off lur Holiday? I*baa# its SIU jinn*-    Oater Hi 2 Bm MSI T Now Hraunleli. Tri 78130 kb/, fW t,“*' for Comphmontiry racial cad (5171 675 5718 Anna Garth Ft rod Saki enactor RI 8 Bot 775 Na* Braunite TI 78130 ■RMFS..----- SHARPENING SHOP^a***** n^aVRlAM ~ ^    > g •CHAIN SAW1-    X 4 •MANO TOOLS ll    \ •CAHRiW Bi ADI S ANO MI T PPiNg I ISI Rushier Na* Braunfels. Tx. 71130 (512) 825-4758 t or Bookkrmpinq Tax X Management Advisory Services Coleman Oalrymple Schuler A (Hey 625-8897 Most Replaced In One Day. 20 yr guaranteed Fiber glass Shingles JAMES WEBER 625-6101 MICHAEL SCHMIDT 420-2703 Central Texas Builders COWBOY'S PAVING A CONCRETE SERVICE licmU 4 Bondoa Raaionabl# Br HOI •Storwaiky oO'vawayt •Patio?    •^alanin#? •S'obs    «Saai coaling MS-1349 Insulate \ our Home With Storm Windows & Doors    Replace old wood] windows with new windows. Aluminum Screen Products Free 625-7913 Estimated BULKHEAD'S PIERS    % CoaWMKlil A Kmd.ntial Building. Skew orb McArthur builder's fSUlaW-SXlP    WI    I AIUOKNIA J SIJ! M* Jig*    NU*    eKAUNHiy    HAAS TiUO -»! ppoooooooooooo Fine Engraving •Precision Watch Repair ‘Gold Smith Work •Diamond Setting •Electric Shaver Repair •Silverplatmg •Shoe Bronzino All AUH* GUARANTIED AT RI ASON ABH RAUS New Braunfels iuutelier 358 Lands ’YOUK hat >*kviu. JI wlujt 629-2781 Home Improvements Room* Garage* Decks Fence* Kitchen* Bathroom* Free Estimate* Licensed • Bonded Insured Jbmm Johnson, ■•lldera 425-M88 ■    629-2579 fcoooooooooooodl Lawn Dirt & Sand Driveway Material Blade Loader & Backhoe Asphalt Pavinq Septic l anks Cleaned U cart Ready Mix Concrete Bumper Stops and Railroad Ties ♦ Leroy or Cecil# Neuse 625-9708 SHEETROCK Repairs •Installation •Quality Work Reasonable Rates »Free Estimates Ask (or James 629-7430 DRILLING, SERVICE AND PUMPS Newborn Water Well Service Roy Newborn    Glenn Morn* 1-851-8221    125    5087 Inchon Allen Parker Company Data Services Division Word ProceuBing-Specialty Software Preparation of: Labels, Rolodex Cards, Envelopes, Form Letters, Monthly Statements, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Balance Sheet, Payroll, Income and Expense Statements Call Ralph Brock-(512| 629-6111 OUNTRV SAPID ROOF IAI" RAPID ROOF ll •FLEXIBLE EXCf I LENT FOP MOBILE HOMES 'SEAMLESS • HAIL RESISTANT IO YR GUARANTEE    'FIRE RESISTANT 'ENERGY EFFICIENT Relict* #6% ultraviolet npnt rays •MULTI SURFACE VERSITILITY M*v De sooted lo 'Metal ’Asphalt Shingle* ’TarfGfaval Hoofs •Plywood Decking _ Wo Fix Roof Loaks GARY KORNOONFFER    RWW S^JHSLIy 199-4211 CANYON I AAI    847-1) SI (teMMAlH CRANE Construction Co. Specialists la: •Vinyl and Aluminum Siding •Overhang Coverage •Carports •Roofing •Remodeling •IOO*/* Financing •Free Eitimateo 625-1010 WOLF! BHOS. CONSTRUCTION Homgs •( •BemodH'»'] •Bond*) •Addition? •insu'ed ••«)*»? •)AMI*n Gag'anlet? SIMI Wolfe (912) 925-0830 NnnfuuwBnaMffwt# [Phillips Eli* tnk ll Sphuiu* PEH. OYU S4UH PNH 11*11881 'AH'. .I int • ******** Health Supplies ****** J Sales-Rentals^ Repairs DELIVERY Whee1 Chairs    Walkers Commodes    Crutches Canes Traction Equip Under Pads Adult Diapers Hospital Supplies VOLLBRECHT S PHARMACY 339 Main Plaza 625-3211 € * * * * * OOO Building ******** Addition* New Honea Remodeling Experienced. Free Estimates. Dale Culbertson 629-6076 Bravo Enterprises •Hoofing • Urethane Foam .( onrreie • Arrylir ( ogling .Femes •Leaks .Shtiigli s •Conklin bis) Hhett Stuns na 438 7366 Day or Night J X GI NI NAI CONT NAC TON Chainimk A Privacy Fence becks a Home Repair FREE ESTIMATE 5 OO PM TO 8 OO PM JI HNT KUHR mon Catering for all Ocassions BBQ Bee! A Chicken iv'ell trimming. ’J 75 aer plate Cl SO under IN plates) JOHNNY S BAB B OUI NM Stockdale Hwy Seguin IMM Cell J)* 8U7 or m IIS7 Ant at mhh.- ******** Printing ******** j Complete I PRINTING |    Service • Letterheads ' •Envelopes I •Statements I    •Business Cards I    •Business Forms I Etc ! KRAFT I PRINTING I 208 B S. Casted 625-8004 Roland Krait ******** Building ******** Jimbob a Construction Co.. Mobile Home and Home Repair Remodeling, Repairs; Room Additions UC. ANO BONDED 929-1503 Kubtom f ence Co. AU (vr>» of trucing a tVoixf abvi hi a ('haul Link a gum ll Eh I ret I si I mg In I all ban Minus ag rr iff Original Construction Co. •Remodeling •House Leveling •Roofing •Encloeuree •Additions •Patios •Sidewalks •Paneling •Sheetrock •Privacy Fencee Intenor/Exterior Painting We do it your way!! Reference*, Reasonable 625-1188 I I Fabric Creation!) Ness leg All Types jP Lei Me Ile ll ler I ae Hearing Apparel. IaMr Clothe Hratal I.iran. ami Arreaearim Lupe Roy 625 2217 ******** Trees ******** Excavation lUnk Paving Co. Paving Excavating Hauling 625-0223 or 625 7174 After Hour* ******** Monuments Greenleaf Tree Experts i he Complete i ree service New Doing I roo Spray me A ree ksUatlss 625-3757 Deemed by TUA 48 IEI7 MEMORIAL CO . INC; "(kilt lo ,ju> uwN unes I Mf] Inscription levHinq Cleaning & Maintenance ut Hwy. ii rn. 625-0261 anytime A******* Trees • •••a a *T ••••••••••tat# Bingham 2 & Sons * 7rrr Trimming Tnt Spraying t* Moiling • „__ J V' A    r*    ITH'II'IHJI    ^ • 625-7246    625-9241    * foe#*#* • •••••aP - m -w treejTcare RESIDENTIAL 4 COMMERCIAL BONDED LICENSED INSURED •25-1196 a******* Painting_ aaa***** PAINTING Lowest Prices lo town References 625-0689 ******** Tile Flooring ******** RELIABLE PAINT CO. Commercial- Residential Good OI#’ Paintir Estimates Free 629-2695 lr LUU* e 1'LL.LL Eli Iii I! UTU • linoleum • Tde *Carpel •Formica •Fmnh Sanding 625-9431 ******** Fencing ******** BAB SOUTHWEST FENCE 4 Painting SUPPLY CO. Interior-Exterior Custom Made Gates Free Estimates All Types Installation 629-3417 S29-5224 ) Painting I I Get the job done | I right everytoie. a I Also tape-flout- I . toxtone | I CaU Joe J »L*ng*rh*DB for | free eottmate a ROBINSON fences 629-2194 ALTWEIN'S PICKET FENCING 379-1171 11 ARROWHEAD BLUFF SEQUIN. TX. 71165 SPECIALIZING IN OLDTIME CUSTOM PICKETSl ;

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