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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 17, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas ★ Meeting Continued from Page 1A street resurfacing projects, which are still needed in all parts of the city, have traditionally been paid for with federal revenue sharing money. “We are not going to have revenue sharing after October 1986. That has been the source of our paving money for five or six years and it’s going to be gone,” he said. “If we don’t get bond revenue money, I don’t know where it’s going to come from. There aren’t any Santa Claus federal funds that there used to be.” Michie added that, “I’d like to get it done all at one time and then we’re set for 15 years.” Along with newly paved streets should come curbs and gutters, Michie said. He explained that street-frontage property owners may join a curb assessment program and pay a certain amount per foot for the structures on his property. “It improves your property, it looks better, it drains better, and helps the re-sale of your property,” Michie said. “The property owner ought to pay for it. You either pay for it when you bought a house in a subdivision or you are paying for it now.” The city pays for engineering work and for the curbs and gutters in intersections, said Assistant City Manager Hector Tamayo. All the money allocated in the overlay project proposal will pay for material, he added, because city crews will do the work. Citizen Nayo Zamora asked Michie why there are only four areas included the bond issue proposal for drainage system improvements. “We’re looking at four areas out of 16,” Michie said. “We’re going to have to stay on this drainage every four or five years and get the rest of these 16 areas. We’re going to have to play catch up. “This city hasn’t spent a dime on major storm drainage structures in 16 years,” he said. “We're just getting started.” Proposition 5 asks for $2.5 million for improvements in areas of Green Valley, luanda and Fredericksburg, North Santa Clara and West San Antonio, and the Main Plaza. Attorney Paul Cedilla, who said it was a shame there weren’t more Mexican-Arnericans at the meeting, said he believes only one of the issues on the ballot is of an emergency nature. “I would recommend City Hall be the only one passed,” he said. “It’s a shame to go in there and see the facilities you all have." Cedilla said taxes for the school districts and the county also are set to increase “at a time when most of our people are going downscale. “A lot of my people are working on a poverty level,” he said, “You’re going to have people living on the streets; they’re not going to be concerned about the pool bubble, that the pool at the golf course is sinking. They’re not going to care about gullywashers for two or three months.” Cedillo suggested the city take one project at a time. “Build city hall and see how it is next year,” he said. “I would rather put up with a little increase than come up at the end of the year with a tax bite of $300 or $400 that I don’t have.” Michie responded that bond planners made a wise decision when they agreed to place the items on the ballot separately .so voters will have a “shopping list.” “You have a choice,” he said. “Vote on the propositions. Everyone has priorities.” Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday. District I voters go to Lone Star School; District 2, to First United Methodist Church; District 3, New Braunfels Presbyterian Church; and District 4, Eagles Hall. Child killed in S. A. bus hijack SAN ANTONIO (AP) - A man accused of hijacking a city bus and taking it on a wild and deadly chase through city streets with police was nervous and irritable but caused no problems during his brief stay at a Salvation Army shelter for the destitute, the center’s director says. Ronald Ennis, 33, was taken into custody after a man stole the unoccupied bus, then careened through four traffic accidents Wednesday, one of them killing a 3-year-old girl. Ennis was in the Bexar County jail Wednesday night in lieu of $150,000 bond on charges of murder and attempt to commit capital murder, jail Sgt. K. Ramirez said. Irma Escamilla, director of the Salvation Army in San Antonio, said Ennis stayed at the center six times in the last six months. He spent three nights at the center this month. "He never caused us any problems,” said Ms. Escamilla, who added Ennis stayed at the center for the last time Sunday night. Donald Frazier, who said he had known Ennis for about four months, said he saw him Tuesday night near the Salvation Army Center. “When I saw him last he was feeling pretty tipsy then,” Frazier said. “He never was violent to me, but he was to other people. He liked to fight. I saw him in a few fights,” Frazier said. Stocks★ Hijacker... Continued from Page IA Klinghoffer. Barak said a Portuguese cleaning worker and the ship’s hairdresser were forced at gunpoint to push Klinghoffer’s body over the side of the Achille l.auro. and then to “clean the blood stains off the ship." Prosecutor Dolcino Favi told a news conference in Genoa early today after the Achille I .atiro returned to its home port: “We have reconstructed the killing of the American in all the details." He said prosecutors were certain who shot Klinghoffer, why he was killed, and who threw the body overboard. However, he declined to provide details. Authorities have said the hi jackers were traveling on false documents, and have not identified them. But criminal complaint filed against them in the United States identify them as Hallah Abdal Al-Asan, Maged Yussef Al-Malaki, Hammed Al-Abdulla, and Abdel Atif Ibrahim Fatayer. Italian news agencies have said that a hijacker they identified as Hallah Abdullah Alhsan is 19 years old, and that the three other hijackers range in age from 20 to 23. Judicial sources have said the four deny killing Klinghoffer. Barak also played a tape recording on Israel television of a conversation in Arabic that he said was conducted Oct. 9 between PLO official Mohammed Abbas and the four hijackers, the same day they surrendered. The United States accuses Abbas of masterminding the hijacking and Barak said the ship-to-shore conversation proved Abbas knew of the pirate's plans in advance★ Rangers Continued from Page 7A    their best games of the season, Irvine The Greyhounds .switched from    said. Balmos lead the team with 20 their usual I-formation to the    tackles. wishbone last week, making it hard    “Anytime    you are in    on that many for the Rangers to know what to    tackles, you    know he    has been all expect.    aver the field," Irvine said. Smithson Valley had a number of    Both teams enter Friday’s contest outstanding performances iii its loss    with 2-4 records, but Irvine said the to the Tigers, most notably running    similarities do not end there, back Aaron Smith, center Mark    "We both    have the    same record Caldwell and middle linebacker    and we both have been hit pretty Shawn Balmos.    good by bumps and bruises. But I Smith led the team in rushing    don’t think you can judge either team despite carrying the ball only nine    by its record. We have both played times. Smith s combined rushing and    some tough teams, passing yardage fell just shy of IOO    “Boerne is a very caable football yards.    team. You still have to rate them as a Caldwell and Balmos both played    definite contender," he said. NKW YOUK (AP) - Morning stocks: High Low Last duPont 594 584 59 AMK Corp 40 Hi 394 40 KastKodak s 434 434 434 Ame r Can 56 Hi 554 58 Enserch 224 214 22 Ameriteeh 897 * 89s a 894 Entexlnc 194 194 194 AMI Inc 204 204 204 Exxon 534 534 534 Am Motors 3 27a 24 FedlCo 434 434 434 AmStand 304 294 294 Firestone 18 174 174 Airier TAT 21 Hi 204 204 KtBcpTex 114 114 114 Amoco 68*8 084 684 Flowered 204 194 194 Armcolnc 84 84 8*4 FordMot 47 464 464 AtlKichfld 65 644 644 GAF Corp 374 364 364 HancTexas 2 I’m 2 GTE Corp 394 384 384 BetlAtlan 884 88 88 GnDynam 664 664 664 BellSouth 394 384 384 GenEIec 614 BO 61 Beth Steel 164 164 164 Gen Food 1194 1194 1194 Borden s 424 424 424 Gen Motors 694 694 6914 CaterpTr 364 364 364 GnMotrE 374 364 37 Centei 43Ts 434 434 Goodrich 31 304 304 Chese bgP 394 374 384 Goodyear 264 264 264 Chevron 39 384 384 GtAtlPac 184 164 164 Chrysler 38 Hi 374 374 Gulf StaUt 124 124 124 CoastalCps 304 304 304 Ha ll burt 11 254 254 254 CocaCola 714 704 71 HolidayCorp 534 53 53 Coleman 27 ll1. 264 Houstlnd 264 264 264 DcltaAirl 404 394 40 HughesTI 124 124 124 DiumShm 154 154 154 Interfst 94 94 94 DowChern 354 344 35 IBM 1294 1284 1294 Dressrind 194 184 19 Intl Harv 74 64 74 Int Paper 464 454 454 Singer Co 354 35 354 Johnson 464 454 464 Southern Co 194 194 tm K mart 334 324 33 Southland 394 384 384 KrogerCo 434 431 j 434 SwstBell 774 764 77 LTV Corp 6 54 6 Sperry Cp 484 484 484 Litton Ind 734 72 734 SldOil Oh 474 47 47 LoneSta Iud 294 284 294 SunComp 514 514 514 Lowes 224 224 224 Tandy 354 344 354 MCorp 194 194 194 Tenneco 384 374 38 MayDSt 54 534 534 Texaco Inc 384 38 384 Medtronic 384 384 384 TexAmBnch 284 284 284 Mobil 304 304 304 TexComBn 28 274 28 Monsanto 44 434 44 TexKastn 354 344 35 Motorola 334 324 334 Texas Inst 944 934 944 NYNF.X 824 814 824 TexasOGas 184 174 184 Owenslll 494 484 484 Tex Util 274 264 27 PacifTel 724 714 714 Textron 464 464 484 Penney JC 47 7 a 474 473t Tylers 144 144 144 Phelps God 214 21 21 Un Carbide 564 564 564 PhllipPt s 124 124 124 UnPacCp 494 49 494 Polaroid 374 364 364 US Steel 314 31 314 ProctGamb 59 584 584 USWest 764 754 76 Pubs NwMx 274 274 274 UniTel 214 214 214 BCA 454 Hi 45 Unocal 284 284 284 KepBankCp 30 30 30 WalMart s 274 ■a;'. 274 Safeway 344 34 344 WestghKI 404 394 394 SFeSouPae 334 I 324 Xerox Cp 494 484 494 SearsKoeb 34 334 334 ZenithE 17 164 17 ★Tax- Continued from Page IA the state and federal officials know how you feel. Don’t try to compare today with yesterday and don’t try to tell us we can do what you did 50 years ago without a tax increase." Sagebiel said he knows of no way the county can build a new jail and modify the courthouse so it is iii compliance with federal regulations on accessibility for the handicapped without increasing taxes. “We are in violation right now because of some problems that could have been taken care of by previous courts," he added★ Grand_ Continued from Page 1A as of presstime today. Others indicted Wednesday were: Christopher Leo Covington of 11960 Airline Dr.. No. 1209. Houston, Driving While Intoxicated — subsequent offense; Keith Walter Taylor of 441 S. Union, credit card abuse; (Jasper Farias of 1063 Linde St., burglary of a habitation with intent to commit indecency with a child. Also, David Wayne James of 8436 Country Village No. 4B, San Antonio, theft over $750 but less than $20,000; Mitch Morse of 108 Lakeridge Dr., Canyon I-ake, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle; and Don Allen Parmelly of 105 Donna Kay, Kerrville, credit card abuse. The indictment against James was also enhanced by a Dec. 15, 1977 conviction in Jefferson County for delivery of marijuana. Advance Jacket Sale BRUNLR'S London Towne All Weather Coats SAVE *35.00 to *50.00 to 119 Keg. 1125,00 and 8160.00...make the beet of a lemii winter with these great traveler coat* (rum London Towne...rich poplin shell with watchable lip out pile linera...amarity detailed roata in neutral rolora. 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