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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 13, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Buffy sings/Give me a home' Herald Zeitung, New Braunfels, Texas Sunday, October 13, 1985 Page 9A BAKER, ta. (AP) — They’re trying to save Buffy, the Baker High School 1,500-pound mascot, from becoming buffalo burgers. Buffy’s owner Ken Ryder is out of work, and has been since 1983. He can’t afford $1,000 to $1,200 a year to care for the animal. “I can’t do it anymore,” Ryder said. “I just can’t put out the money. I need to sell him. I can’t keep him for the school anymore. The feed, vet bills, fences, transportation — I just can’t do it anymore.” Ryder has put a $2,500 pricetag on the shaggy beast, and a group calling itself “Save Buffy Inc.” is trying to raise the money. How did Ryder end up buying and caring for a school mascot? “Baker (High) is known as ‘Buffalo Country,’ ” Ryder said, “and Baker never had a buffalo. So I got one for them.” Baker Mayor Pete Heine also is involved. He proclaimed next week as “Save Buffy Week.” “The buffalo has become a financial burden to Ken,” said Jerry Epperson, Baker High principal. “So instead of selling him to an outside group, he hopes he can keep him in the area — as a live mascot.” Ryder said he really wants Buffy to stay, but said if he has to, he will sell him to a man in Arkansas who already is in the buffalo-showing business. “If nothing else, I’ll put him in my freezer. I can’t afford to keep feeding him,” Ryder said. Ryder bought Buffy in Desoto, Kan., in 1983, and tranquilized him to get him into a trailer. The buffalo slept about 12 hours and almost died, Ryder said. “I gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation three times,” he said. Since then, he has become a fixture for the school. Ryder has a large album full of photos — Buffy at football games, Buffy in parades, Buffy playing with his family. “It means a lot to the kids to have the buffalo," Epperson said. “He’s very prominent during football season. “But then what do you do with a live buffalo the rest of the year9 He’s out of sight and kind of out of mind during the off-season ” Save Buffy Inc. hopes to buy Buffy and sign a contract to keep the animal at Ryder s small farm near Zachary. Ryder said Buffy is pretty tame “He’ll lie down and go to sleep in th* end zone But Ryder is afraid that as owner* be ll lose everything he owns if Buffy ever injures anybody during a game. “He’s a wild animal, and every now and then, he throws his head at somebody," lie said “But he gets tamer and tamer. All in all. he's not bad." "Read the fine print' Hart says budget-balancing plan pure politics WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen. Gary Hart on Saturday dismissed a White House-backed proposal that promises to balance the federal budget by fiscal 1991 as “politics as usual" and urged Congress to “read the fine print” before supporting the plan. Hart charged the proposal, which was approved by the Republican-controlled Senate and embraced by the Democratic-run House this week, does not equally distribute the burden of reducing budget deficits currently running at about $200 billion a year. “Ultimately this plan fails because it’s just politics as usual. It’s a typical Washington response. Ifs based on changing the budget process instead of the budget policies,” Hart said, in the Democratic response to President Reagan’s weekly radio address. Hart said the proposal doesn’t require any budget cuts until after GARY HART the 1986 elections. That may help re-    hdp put our country on sound elect a few politicians. But it doesn’t    economic footing soon enough," Hart said. The House voted Friday to begin bargaining with the Senate on legislation to increase the national debt limit above $2 trillion and an accompanying amendment embraced by the Reagan administration to revise the budget process and place statutory limits on the government’s deficit spending. The measure also gives the president power to make across-the-board spending cuts if Congress can’t reach agreement with the White House on how to meet deficit reduction goals. “It is a tragedy and a travesty that those who visited these deficits upon the least fortunate among us are asking them to bear more than their share of the deficit-reduction burden,” Hart said. "Our challenge is to ask all segments (A our society and our government to contribute their fair share to reducing the deficit." City crime jumps over 1981 level WASHINGTON (AP) - The number of crimes reported to police went up 3 percent in the first half of 19&5, the first increase since the same six months of 1981, the FBI reported Saturday. The bureau’s Uniform Crime Report showed that reported crimes in cities of a million people or more decreased by 2 percent, while total reported crimes in suburban areas jumped by 4 percent. The overall 3 percent increase in reported crimes was attributable largely to “6 percent upturns in both the Southern and Western regions of the country,” said FBI Director William H Webster. The Uniform Crime Report gave no reason why reported crime rose significantly in the South and West but showed no change in the Northeast, and dropped by I percent in the Midwest. While reported murders nationwide from Jan. I to June 30 fell by 2 percent, the FBI said. violent crime overall went up 4 percent and property crime increased by 3 percent. Reported rapes rose by 7 percent, as did aggravated assault, the report said. The figures confirmed a disquieting trend in crime that emerged in the last three months of 1984, according to an FBI report released last April. For the last three months of 1984. overall reported crime had risen by 2 percent compared to the last quarter of 1983, the report said. The newest report compared the first six months of this year with the Jan. 1-June 30 period of 1984 When the FBI released its preliminary 1984 crime figures, in April, Webster had noted that overall crime decreased by 3 percent from 1983 to 1984 “The overall downward trend is encouraging, but the increase in the fourth quarter demonstrates that crime in our society must remain a concern of the general public and a high priority of the criminal justice community," Webster said at the time The report released Saturday showed that the 4 percent increase in the overall number of crimes reported for the Jan. 1-June 30 period (A 1985 was the first time the index went up since the figures for the same six-month period in 1981 were compared with those for 1980 Overall reported crime dropped by 5 percent from 1981 to 1982 The same 5 percent decrease occurred in the first six months of 1982. 1983 and 1984 Some crime experts and Justice Department officials have questioned the reliablity of the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, maintaining there are few controls to detect instances where local police might inflate or shrink crime figures for political or budgetary reasons. A broader gauge of crime in America, the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ National Crime Survey, showed that for all of 1984. the number of people victimized by crime fell from 37 million to 35.5 million — a decrease of 4 I percent. These annual surveys have shown that only about one in every three crimes are reported to police, although a much higher proportion of serious crimes are reported No National Crime Survey figures have yet been released for 1985, however AMI MICAN TRADITION An r*.,-gant invest ment in quality Thisdense cut pile Saxony plush is a cut above all others A perfect balance of surface beauty and traditional styling with a velvet touch In 28 classic col ors for the more discriminating homeowner Regular Price »21 50;P«f5>d yd AMERICAN CHARM A uxoriously velour finish saxony rn soft resilient nylon Tightly twisted and heat set to keep its charming appearance throughout the life of the car pet E bremely durable andeasy to care for at a common sense price In IO of the very latest pastel coiorways Regular Price *18 50'per sq yd A i NSL E V The fresh (Astinc tem o* this smooth new easy care saxony nasa took a tsown State of the art f.bers enhance ts dense pinpoint texture and create a carpet that resists soil stains and shoe«s am of the 28 color choices can instill decorator conli dence wherever you choose to mala t Regu ar Price »12 95 Per>q yd inferior* Amu Sale Ends October 22 943 N. 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