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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 13, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Financial focus Z&'twry ***'* b'3s"e-s ~e*ae >no»v October ' 3 ' 386 Briefly s vt^os to* od sine ss Jwdi*? Cake anc r r9. Des; gas <s '    v*" 'jnr.er\ wig ff'irn sv*p iper*l f *r fcwsifiess f r<0»> 7* toitm ape'.a.au'u * bes.L-wr »**? '-even **    fS    r'^<»’.ed <    j    H.c'-' «»    e 87 jl'rd W si' j i <**>    *»    ii    I'-rease    a    weddira    -<*ke v ?:r Starr?.    f'«xr- -a.-’ft 4r*f*j >w*er> * *    «»r> up a nc't'i'kf    a Rf :*»: ss affirmed ■* H in mm&wf , •* T»* ?>*p ce* a'*-- « fir/. . -<*• ■*' pastries. p%«s and •uked oaked ‘res- da . Par* v trars i/ baked pastries are a , ,v - a va tab** J * cake arid fk*r* des*g?    *f Sit** new Pussies? ss a? dee    •«* -*r    J    <-* '.-‘•a    . Pe couped ?'•*:. **r V    *» "*    •«    a*    »it± tiar.enes ar*:    fr**:. ■ i?*i *U‘ ’ i ■’ ti is'ii ' aff.'' V •' s    ; .a - v*"* V* a?»4 ’<er lister ,d R.* rwrtf a ✓ a. c *rrtracl'-*r. nave la-* v#    reside*    ?1 .' ne past *» -ears r-*.*r yfK<' a'j    Jr    is• r*    .arr*?    attend New B>raudei' H>*'    vv»..    arid    Ute    farmer    "ars lived at O'* •iT'i '«•*-* J*--**-> if-fd Ca* * a-. Veneta* *«i B<#sPefs ort the Go e/p<mfJs ba •a.*' - ' r Tv f, -.«• exp* zv-d a-id :v «ffer:*(2 a new •de* i? greer*?.^ Ai - < * ■    ?    .«'**    ar<e*> if? baskets '* pastiness » •/    Va’'JE > p-- • ••.* /    • «r*-re: ed >v »t. a ■la - br* - Vfc"J f xpres< »':* a * *■ */* * •    , pa ?it«l stgrs ' **■■ '>•    <3    id    t»j    • -srii <r • j>' *■ -p»-' .a O' SN! > -k A v a -• iai#**’ are t w rt f Ida ■ie* arr»va.«s vj.' av> r f vn »?«.*• s’id « pa r *ie*-se I -r a .'I? r.^rsarves    fr er •:*- Hi a .'id KIP*' ‘ j af* ava av* >r    »ip^f'.a!    ^ a‘«d tar’ *da>s h<T '-r * • O I * ' t * «i ’*■'.' a i -    -    - *- Bueof»e Ser/ice Station rriarPs 00th /ear if B j*" syrpr •Sa' jf'i^. ^ r r "'J    .« Vr • c • . ** b^fVK*- .S'a't'fi Cnsl a liers finned t *- »e\jn a u * * / < * ■    '    1 a a *f ‘ •*•    *• ■»•* C tare? i* e ai id ( *-. > » Bu*** * V. J a id 'I* • f Bu*' * K't jfi i.w ■ l>a*'»    - 'j JI*n •< * Bu*" »* ^ 'j Ma" a t*J Ja'r * i Bu** 'a i ’A an tv »f ’’ .Saturday rn *• nj 'i fa- Vu !’<*••    «p*-n**d its d < *rs »r rr ' 12, lV{a, !/v Alvin Bu*** ta ^ ar*u* ♦ and r •<* -'*'*    ‘a*-**-*    ’ -* fAiv-'* -* remain*, r iv -t trinal •* a i -f a' I V*r» H«> ?I West. A!v• r■ 'M *d nj.* -pera'    .    j*    and    p**rv>naJ i^uvn* fie da> i/»*»:an af <i a rn and aa* im! *v«f until IO p n I' -* f') j • *■    n.<    *    'J ■*■.» 'la. a /**»* r iaf *■*>* * a d r * * i»f v*, a r k,nj ' * '*>» t fa'f«*-i a* an «-af }> a*1,**, and »*x* * p' f *f 'Hf.** spen* in tue armed f r« » ,    ,    i    ’I' u* 'I n a -fk. f * fft* it fa <*-f jJiUl ’.I»ey * * * »k .***•*•/. •>* r j >y# Sun e fit*'!), .er) leu 'titties ha*.* * * ain *-d 11**- f/usmess ii ii a > I -*"J *!' Sundayi aud '?>* t jr • * -rtei**"J Su>* e IVlu en* * p’ f r f'iaj f V-Jida;. *;, fft* f/u ffi**vs lias closed hi*-!! d *"f    'f*l> 'ft*-da.. Tha? Aas Af*!, \ J *. i;, Bij*-* fa-di*d T(jb Y installs BOS system 'lOAfY, lo* ated un Intei .ia’* >* ‘A* ,• has n.stai)*-d a/i iUKanai*aJ * ashier mg system d*-siw»ed Pi pf*vifie fa^f*-r * iiKl*ai**-r '*'f vi* *• lf** pf**je*'t, *aJi»d l'fif> fpuifit »*f -.aleI, will fa- me pJiiterifed I ii*-/Jay and will lielp mafia/* »nent fiav*-ample spa k in all merrnandis* a it fap'ur* .ales uf mdiveJual item Ii. fit'mg .«OI** iu know 'h* * sa* i quantities and items we will .ell* a* Ii da, a** auh* a >ured of a g'**/J in st*a k p"eili*a <n th*- met* i amli.se '*ur < u-»tum* ts want W<* ar** iea|J5 (lilted ah<,uf the *pp*«rtunlty to serve nut « upturn* r s Veto i. mn-manager Hill I -ar son said Kniploye* hav* le*'fi trained on th* new registers through attending a emmai at a *1* ugrlated regional training sf<«re With POS a* * an a* hove greater a*«ura»y at * h* » koijfani In* k S* «At pr/S provides sales information for stores pj |je in spa k rn, mer* liandis*- the * ustomers need at Hie time they need It W* will liave Hie advertised mer* handise and * he* k out the ad merchandise fast* r and more accurately ” I la- « ompany nidi* ated this is *aie of the ways they will make significant progress in implementing new Ie# hnologieg in Tiki This will require a SIO million investment to provide Petter customer servile and improve store ordering and inventory reporting lOAf y is a « ham of /IO stores ha ated in a 20 state area with primary concentration in the Sunbelt area Its lieadquarters are rn Oklahoma (Tty, where it has been in operatnai f*n 40 years Ifs a subsidary of llou.seliold Mer* Ila I nil sing of < in* ago, III , with moi*- than 28,000 employees Busin«i»smfin gloomy eibout trurio rifriicit HOI SPHINOS, Va fAPi OS business leaders voiced gloom Saturday over th*- nation's huge trade deficit while a tup adfiunistr abort official iridic ab d that a fresh hah Ii of unfair trading complaints against oilier nations ale being weighed Bruc e Smart, deputy Commerce secretary for trade, said an inter agency panel that Im- * hair s has identified at buist three "egregious ami large” areas of unfair trading pi actu es against IJS pioduc ta Ile dec lined P* say which products or nations would tie Ha* auh)*-*! ul i umplaint* Hut Smait P*ld a group of leporUrr s that lite panel, part *if a six agency task for* e named last month by President lleagan, would im et again on l ues*lay to firm up its re* ommcmlatiohs He said Heat as many as five examples of unfair trailing pf a* ti* es might la- passed along Pi tlu- task forc e for action TI ae complaint* would la- in addition Pi five arn trounced late bist summer by tire president Hut ifrembets of Ute Business (Joura U, wrapping up a three day fail retreat, seemed Pi take little comfort from steps ladiig taken by faith Hrs* administration alai I ongi ess oil ii atle Rhoades Service moves rlvoiKies Prri?esstvr»a Typmg and Seemans Ser-CK'-e 'Af aeried a new rtEbce art .2*9 E Corncnor. St in Sew Braunfels The avnnesa offers ercripiete serrjra. arid rapine aervK es »r«r .utfcrjc eeriera. r:*rrespr»ncleTiee nunwrifts. -eprta *eta. daetcriems rear. estate doomeffis. e»r»rr 'acts, to'tis    visas estimates irctattm-., cassettee ranecnftr r 'esumes r^rwsiette-'s iedmca. capers -    r'-u^rrs    sa«es    letters 9ctie*^ue5 edacatuw*. c^>r.a. .vstructKir booitlets arid rgfcvKiaa..> ".tied furrr! setters ■'.rwcier Leer® Rhuades is a 'satrwe of Bewten Sr* 'aid veer, a Sattler 'es.hertt sr. trie 1346s arid came Pack ic trie >* Braunfels area aste** *amf beer' emp#*r*yed as a »eua afteretan for trie State :»f Mtcrugar s Office if trie A : *r-*ey Genera. fee 2& years He' expenence cov ers # years of secretana. aervxe. re, jrdiUr a ;* <t as secretary to the Mactectan Ec c. *rrm Act* *- C<*ur«ci. arrj adrramstratrve as&stam p. ire M,' c:ta*: J**t» Deve.'omerr Aatv.rrty S' j*r r.t retiremer*. Mrs Firnades *pe*ed 'er rutma. off tee rn New Braunfels it. I SCS at TBI L/»*p33T Antique show planned There w.U re a spec;*- shoving and sa* of Soatfe w es'.er- Primrtives-American Cmmtry antiques arid * eetaoes. Orc 12 arid 13 T *•'* a ] be many ur.usua- rtems *r. 4.sp.a> such as * *r* s e.rers irrliar. corn dryers and baking rafters mu be displayed T*e sr rn U take place at the Gruer* Antique f *r rip® fry is > *cated if Henry D Gruenes -/j Mer ca mi ie st re -a* *as built in TY4 C/naim arist sri ps. lr* ■a uery arrd restaraunts iv r«st*rK tnakhruts will ais" be *pe' f *r *** event. 7 • u**s a be ll a n. p< IO p m. Oct. 12 and Oct. 13 ll arr : 7 p rr. F r rrc*re mfurmatjon please contact «r a: >12-824-6364 -r luavey Jacks. rnar»ager at 823-7781. Alamo Welding offers seminars A.aire- Welding Supply G*. in San AnP*m*« offers free safety semi ria rs fur vocational education students * r Nd in welding classes. William R. Rt*ck»<«4, pr*-sKient, said '!n* sa?* *> seminars will be conducted by Lou Purvis. '•* Sa* Antoni'^based company’s *eutside salesman. H * e a - id said Pirns lias been at Alamo Welding for 14 years. Purvis recently conducted a seminar f -r students **f 7*-xas Vocational School in recommerxied safety practices ara! precauti*>ns in U* use *^ gas cylinders and rented wleding equjprr*ent Instrur turs or schools wishing to arrange a safety seminar * lass at Alamo Welding Supply G>. may contact Sr < lib Myers at 228-0177 for irifc>rrriatjufi. Engineer named to professional board K<#y H'csin, of Rosin, Krc*sct*. & I-imbert Inc., bas been narrjed cfiairman of Professional Engineers in Private Prac tice Bexar County Chapter H**sir has been a rr»emt*r **f H* organfzatiort f**r tw • years. (jitter -ifii » rs in ti* organization are: chairman elect, Steve Raciner ^cretary-treasurer, Steve Horvath; vice president, rr*e* bamcal, Bill Wallis; vice president electrical, Ox. ar Sctiuctiart. ll*,sin. Kr*a-sc be, 4 lambert is a full .service planning, architectural arni erigineeering firm ttiat spec ializes in land planning, architec ture, civil engif*eeririg and surveying. Bad backs are bad business Had hacks are bad business. Hack injuries cost you' tune and money Many hours at work, home and play are lost to bad hacks Eigth out of IO Americans have a bad back injury' Preventing hack injuries is simple Take three hours to learn how your back works, go**l b*»dy mechanics, proper lifting techniques, exercises to strengthen ba* k muscles, and how posture, nutrition, exei use and stress affects your back I be program is offered through the Community Education Program It will begin on Oct. 16, at Canyon High School The program is taught by Robert Rodriguez, a licensed physical tlierapist. For more m-formation, call Tressie Russell at 62f»-M61, or Robert Kudi iguez, at fi25-73b0 NB investors happy A group of New Braunfels investors were happyy this week to learn that Bloomington, Illinois has been chosen as lh*- location of the new $bWi million Chrysler-Mit.subishl automobile plant Gay. and Graham Green, representing local investors have been pun (lasing apartment units in Pekin, Illinois approximately .’JO minutes west of lire Diamond-Star plant winch is suspected to employ 2,1*00 arid create 9.000 more new jobs iii related fields. I-ester W Bra fin, Jr. president »*f ti* Illinois State Chamber **f Commerce estimated the plant would generate more titan $.‘100 million annually in income iii the surrounding area. Porter selected as NICC member Mr Jim Porter, president of ABC Pest Control & Chemical Co , Inc., has been notified by the National Pest Control Association ti tat fie furs been selected as a member of Hie Inser t Control Committee. The National Pest Control Association is comprised id 2,248 pest «'oiling firms in tfw- Unites States and certain territor ies. l h*- other memlrers of this select committee are from: Atlanta, Georgia; Schaumburg, Illinois; Kennewick, Washington; and Beckley, West Virginia Mr. Porter is a graduate biologist from Southwest Texas State University. Announce your garage sale in the Herald Classifieds for best results q* 625-9144 17 11),,.. W//    IS    M;    *    J    ' CASH FOR MORTGAGES W, (Mill IIJM lira HMM I Iliff, (MNT* Mi uirii Ity (urX m M JH* MilllllHilll Mil IM Af IHM,(NM, Mi, t    I IMI!, Ira M l VMC Call or trlir Mr. Nolauirow UNO UMNJBCU CORPORATION hi IMM IMM) Albino iluiUling Sam Anlooio, Ic-juis 7M2U8 Ii kphone (SI2) 227 2262 Mutual funds are classified according to objectives IWV raitrtcc i LTS? IT* fair* JDr B« S^AN CLNN VG-AV £o*fb~i s Co A.. n. ^    sx    e c^aass aoerwdbTNt. lo inx?€StiaesK «t ectrre This 'massifJK’SLwai si* ws tr* vesux Ic, read tne or «pec:^> determine 2 she fund s ojecsiv * ^ a ii. r^5 € r*r (byeetive. anc fjs fund sz* ULhers with vessrTien: rbjecTzve Or* eAaasiflotion    . •'.i.-terrr gr -w:r. w :tr    car re rn    r>c* rr* aect^idarv Lor.e-terrr. ® generals accented a per. <i / m.,*re iter five \ ear? T'ss ts a meamr.cfu. per. c wracr. tr* fan:"? marlier? >* _ d be ab* :<• meet.' u**ir **t‘.*;*t.\e? >••>;. e van *u? €*< erat c-*r>i!t. •-.? a-cd market react) «s. The r.ar.a^er? >f m-;ua fu a-wn' a k«2-term *.r- wt; *t.)e< *. e k>« f*r imrestrr*nt pp r.u n.es itet '^ve wk reacrtei treir full prkentiaJ Ttiese finrrs usua.n Lave a pr \e rec-cd A pert cma.uce i    '-*ir    ne djstrv but, unhke *id established ; «apaTikes.. dedicated a major p.iTLvir >i earnings to expansion. 7'* resurt i? tr*e> pay little or no dr. tic va? t shareduiders during this Lr «t* pen'.ki V.utLi' fund nianagers invest in 'lese c wnpames to benefit from rrese*: Lr-wth and participate in rjiure income as it is paid N : ever> »r* agrees what ti* c**sT >i. v.- i will be in five years. M s: awree. however, it will be rn re Ina:, it is n*day T meet rising prices, B's »ecessary to plan fur a rising mc.’me G’Tiservalive investors l<»*k f<*r ways t-> insure tfieir income checks i,r '* >\ er tf*e years. B • d> *t 'tt*er fixed-mterest in-\ es:a*nts do not ,^fer rising inc *me Ma;iv mutual fui*ds wfnch are created f >r if* purpose *f , -ng-temi gr win and future incline do I • -ked at the 56th annual report of a mutual fund wtiose *bjective is . iig-temi growth of capital — it places greater empfiasis on future dividends tfian on current income. Tf* first dividend ever paid was sn 1936. and it amounted to $387 cm a ti OXM) irr. estment. TGat w as just under 4 percent From Blat point, the income doubled an average of every eight years In 1940 the fund paid $782: by 1947, it Mad risen to $1,642: in 19&9. $3,070; in 1967. $6,669: in 1974. $15,443: and in 1983 the fund paid $29,384 in inc -me. Ttiat’s aim**st three tur*s the ►riginal $10,000 investment. Iii ti* meantime, lf* original in-vestment had grown ut vaiue to $751,961. There are no guarantees with mutual funds, but consistent, longterm reaulls are a valid yardstick wnen selecting a mutual fund. Investment Term: Prospectus -TI* legal document tfiat offers a mutual fund **r new issue of securities to ti* public. It is required under the Securities Act of 1933. Easy access to be explained at town meetings Wednesday Guest emcee She'mar Hems-e/, better kr az/" as television's G*-org*-Jeffersor //ill be spec al guest emcee at the grand opening of Classy Cleaners, Courtyard Shopping Center ir Nev/ Braunfels The television comedian //ill emcee the opening from 4pm to 8 p m Saturday The public is invited to the event, which will also include music and refresh ments Transportation for Hemsley is being provided by Brenda's Travel Center and Classy Cleaners Two special ‘town hall meetings’' :    explain long distance telephone service options to New Braunfels subscribers will be held by SouUe wesiern Bell Telephone Wednesday in Honors Hall adjacent to the Chamber of Commerce Building. The meetings are lo be at 5:30 p.m. arid 7:30 p.m., according to Doyle Bebee. community relations manager for tf* company. Bebee >aid Bell will be providing Equal Access and Easy Access services to New Braunfels starting Nov. 9. The services and how tf*y affect h*cai telephone customers will be explained at the meetings. “Equal Access means that customers can go through long distance companies to complete their intrastate or interstate calls by dialing a four-digit access c**de for each,’ said Bet** Right now to go through nn*st long distance companies a customer has to dial 20 or more digits.” Bebee explained that customers also will be offered “Easy Access” to ti* long distance company of tf*ir choice. This means the primary long distance carrier Hurt they choose will I* accessed by dialing “I” plus ti* area code and lf* number desired “Right now only AT&T is accessible iii this manner.” Bebee said 13 long distance companies have subcribed to Equal Access and Easy Access in New Braunfels. r. Buchanan s Best Our best free advice: IO. 40% TAX-FREE INTEREST Houston Area General Obligation Bonds 9 375% TAX-FREE INTEREST Tully Insured, AAA-Rated Bonds And we ll even treat you to dinner Let Buchanan ft Co., Inc , show you how to earn high tax-free interest rates on these bonds Attend our free investment seminar and complimentary dinner 6:30 p.m., Thursday, October 24 Holiday Inn I0SI Interstate Highway 33 East New Braunfels Reservations required. OUI Toll-Free: l-KOO-392-4972 Bonds prural it jur InUtnl carn*-d in frra- from ill ft-dt-rnl inform- uxitUoii suh|t-ct lo prior salt- or i Imw in prut- r I i I i i I I I I i I L 11 xtiiioi iiiciid the stunt(i4r PU-4M- semi ii* (Im- tnllovunx information J IO -»0% Tu frrr Houston \ri-4 bent-ral Oblivion Munds ] 9 476% fully liisuml XAA kan-d lax-free Munds J Oilier free investment semnurs scheduled fur my 4rea NVMI Al»l)kt>S GTY AM) S IAU. MI S PHOM ZIP KI S PHOM; lo mr ut =iSI 111111(111 Suite Win BUCHANAN HSII North freeway Houfclon, Texax 77060 ~ MEMBER: NASD, PSA, SIPC w lovt    Isuijiris JACK MIN PHOISIK MISOS M*(I*N HIM SI US HO, SUMOS MS OM 1.0 I I I I I I I I I I I I Special booklets title?. Tele-Help.” will be offered to guest? at lf* * two meetings Tf* booklets explain flow best to ! select a hug distance company and I how Equal and Easy Access w,i-k Representatives from ti* various departments of Southwestern Bell Telephone will be on hand to answer questions, and light refreshments will be serv ed. Bebee said Ut Cwww 10.60% (MfMIMl •« to *nOC (OO,   A fotoro*! •«nbo>4 Coo'Ncatot 0* 0(|Mi! ti MX SIM OM .. ("KIM lX-t-*S 9.60% l«N« rn Cr Or. ti IR, arn* Tai Ira* • Mm",< <ea< •Mil 9.35 o/o -(*•«! "Say na houri to oa«a » -oca, im MA AM RI OCN Raurama*' •toot 11.25 »/0; a Simi oo R rata* Carf RooOr ** Current name is available through your local Edward 0 Jones Broker * * * federal regulations require a substantial interest penalty tor certy withdraw!. FREE Money Market Class Tuesdays at 7 p.m. “Investing for Growth" Class Monday Oct., 21. S:30 p.m. Stan Cunningham 1000 N. Walnut Suita F New Braunfels, Tx. 70130 I20-009S Mi The Herald ie nera ZHtwif Check it out 625-9144 ;

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