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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 13, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas 3-month Treasury bills Percent, weekly average interest rate 9.0% 8.0 , 7.0 6.0 5.0 5 12119 26 2 9 16 23 30 6 13 20 27 July Aug.    Sept. D Du siness H«rald-Zfitun$ Sunday, October 13,1985 Page 5A Westpoint announces fourth quarter earnings .V ; . ■"‘A*} LESLIE KRIEWALOT/MERALD ZEIT UNG Howell's grand opening Charlie Anderson of Howell Furniture talks with Bill Warner of grand opening of the furniture store Friday along with five the New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce. Warner was at the other Chamber blue coats to welcome the new business. Southwestern Bell expands its mobile network users on which locations they would SAN ANTONIO Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems (SBMS) has beauti a $3.6 million expansion program that will enhance the service quality, increase the capacity and enlarge the network. The expansion program, which calls for six new transmitters, will bring the total number of cells to 13. On Aug. 14 SBMS received permission from the Federal Communications Commission to increase the potential coverage area to aj>-proximately 2,500 square miles. A week later, SBMS officially launched the expansion program by turning on a new transmitter midway between I backland Air Force Base and the town of Castroville. That transmitter — plus three others SBMS plans to construct later this year will enlarge the initial DALLAS i Al* i Northwest of downtown Dallas, buffering new businesses and rundown residences, towers the Crescent, a triangular complex its developers say will become a nucleus for a city of suburbs. The Crescent is “personified as Texas,” said Phillip Shepherd, one of the builders, win* describes the complex’s design as “turn-of-the century Texas with French architectural influence.” He aud the other developers believe cheaper costs and total community planning will make the Crescent a popular alternative to downtown Dallas. Built on a 10-acre site beginning iii 1983, the Crescent consists of a three-tower office building, a 218-room hotel and a three-story retail center. Shepherd estimated total costs at $300 million One of the office towers opens next month and the other two are scheduled to follow by the end of the year. The hotel opens in late December and the retail center should be ready for shoppers soon afterward. The area’s split personality apparently has had little impact on the multi-use complex, which is fast acquiring tenants while other completed offices in Dallas stand vacant. The 1.25 million square feet of office space is 54 percent leased before one desk is moved into place. Jerry Fults, whose leasing finn rents out the office space, had predicted that about 50 percent of the space would be leased by the tune the doors opened. "It is outperforming the market,” Fults said. “This building will outperform any that we’ve done today 1,500-square-rnile coverage by 40 percent. With these four additional cells, the actual coverage area iii San Antonio will serve almost 2,200 of the potential 2,500 square miles. Two other transmitters one due to bt* constructed next montth and one in early 1986 are tieing built to enhance internal system capacity only. They will be located within the existing coverage area near the San Antonio airport and iii the downtown area. Together, the six new transmitters will increase the cellular system’s potential call-handling capability by almost 55 percent. “This expansion is a direct response to the San Antonio marketplace,” said John ll. At-terbury, president and ( FO at SBMS. “In fact, we surveyed cellular The office building is next to an elaborate marketing center and Fulls has two leasing agents working full-time on the project. Crescent Court, the lavish hotel, “is the single most important eminity" to the project because it offers lodging for out of-town-clients, food and entertainment, lie said. Another selling point is tin* 4,200 underground parking spaces, providing more parking space than generally is available iii the heart of dow ntown Dallas. Kxpansion options are available for larger tenants with longer leases, and some tenants will get free rent for a year It* offset moving expenses, Fults said. Such extras are designed to make the Crescent attractive in a highly competitive field. Rental rates range from $20 to $20 a square foot plus electricity, which he said is cheaper than rates in the central downtown district. Although the Crescent sits outside the traditional boundaries of downtown, Fults said “it is changing the face of the area It is pulling the Westside of dew ntown to it.” Triangular in shape, the project overshadows the rest of the neighborhood northwest of downtown. Restaurants, retail and businesses line the surrounding streets and older homes sit nearby. The architecture diverts from the path of glass-box buildings that line the city’s downtown skyline. Shpeherd described the style as eclectic — modern with an eye on the past. "It is graceful and dignified,” Shepherd said. “It’s a non-depleting asset. It’s not a building to be sold.” The Crescent represents the largest single limestone structure built since the Empire State like to see added to the network.” Castroville became part of the cellular coverage area when the transmitter near lackland Air Force Base was installed iii August. Once the remaining transmitters are turned on, the San Antonio cellular coverage area also will include the surrounding towns of Boerne. Cascade Cavern, Fisher, Canyon lake and Valley. Cellular service operates by dividing a city into small geographic areas called cells, each served bbby its own low-powered radio transmitter As the caller drives across the service area, each call is automatically passed from one cell to another, without noticeable interruption. Headquartered iii Dallas, SBMS is Building, and its limestone comes from the same quarry in Indiana used to build the Manhattan landmark. tie said All three complex divisions have slate mansard rt*ofs shipped from a quarry in England, and the buildings are trimmed with intricate metal grillwork • We tried to get detail, personality in tile project, so people would accept it," Shepherd said. “Wtiat we wanted to do was bring that feeling of a historical root to the area," said Robert Traub, architect and partner w ith Shepherd’s firm. The project was developed by Shepherd and Rosewood Properties Inc., a division of Rosewood Corp. Shepherd and the Rosewood corporation are developers of the Mansion in Dallas and the Remington in Houston. Shepherd and Philip Johnson of New York were tile main architects of the project. Traub said the offices buildings were designed to face downtown, the others aw ay from it. The two outside towers are 18 stories high and the center one has 19 floors. The project is scaled down as it stretches away from downtown. The hotel sits iii the middle w ith an avenue dividing it from the office towers. Fults and Shepherd believe tile Crescent, coupled with careful planning for the rest of the area, will help create a new center for Dallas. “It will be the first true urban society in the Southwest,” Fults said He said the Crescent and additional residences, restaurants and retail shops planned w ill make it feasible to live in Dallas without having to commute to work by car. Shepherd said he believes the various shops and galleries in the a subsidary of Southwestern Bell Corporation of St. I»uis. SBMS has built and now operates cellular phone .systems in Dallas-Fort Worth, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, St. Louis, San Antonio and Wichita. The company also is involved in the reselling of cellular service. As a retailer, the SBMS Retail Division purchases cellular service wholesale from a system operator, then offers both the service and cellular telephone equipment to customers at retail rates. The division’s reseller markets include the six cities where SBMS itself operates cellular networks, as well as seven markets served by other system operators: Austin, Houston, las Angeles, Phoenix, Tulsa, Miami and West Palm Beach, Fla. complex also will appeal ti* suburb dwellers. • It will be a neighborhood center,” he said “We trying to bring back the nucleus that the city wants. We trying to get the urbanism you don’t find in many cities. With good planning, it will be a place you can go out. It will have a street life.” “It represents a 24-hour place to be in Dallas,” Traub said “Until this project, we felt the city was in need of that.” Graham promoted Detex manager I ae Graham has been promoted to manager of quality control for the Detex Corporation, according to an announcement by A L. Mudford, vice president. In his new position Graham will be responsible for accomplishing the company’s objectives of improving and maintaining the quality, reliability and performance of its product. Graham joined Detex in 1981 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. In a related move, Jim Beath, who joined Detex in 1984, will assume additional responsibilities as supervisor of the machine shot. This is in addition to his present role as supervisor of the watchlock and print shop. Detex is headquartered in New Braunfels and is a major manufacturer of watchlocks and industrial security hardware WEST POINT, Ga. - “Sales of $315.6 million for the fourth quarter ended Aug. 31, were down about two percent from $322.5 million of a year ago,” J.L. linier Chairman of WestPoint Pepperell said. “Net income for the period was $9 million (88 cents per share! compared to $10.8 million )$1.05 per share)) or about 16 percent below last year.” Twelve-month sales were $12 billion, down 9.7 percent from the previous year, and net income was $28 4 million ($2.75 per share) compared to $55.7 million '$5 40 per share) last year, for a decline of 49 percent. “More than 80 percent of the sales decline for the year was in the apparel fabrics segment of our business,” linier said.4th Quarter “Compared to last year, fourth quarter operating profits improved in all major product lines except in woven apparel fabrics,” linier said “Sharply increased sales in carpets led the household fabrics segment to a 24 percent earnings increase for the quarter. Although bed and bath sales were down slightly from a year ago, operating rpofits increased reflecting further manufacturing efficiencies and lower raw materials prices. Selling prices, however, remain, very DALLAS — A speech technology application, development program was announced recently by VoxTron Systems, Inc., and Texas Instruments at the American Society for Industrial Security annual conference in Dallas. The joint announcement discussed the incorporation of TI’s voice verification technology in VoxTron’s Veritron Series 1000. a voice-activated access control system. The Veritron Series 1000 is a bn (metric system based on the technology of verifying an individual’s identity using the unique is • me of the surest available since only the verified voice can activate the system. The voice is the “key” which cannot be lost, stolen or transferred, according to George Bylander, president of VoxTron, a subsidary of the Texas-based Detex Corporation. which has been making security system products for over 60 years Detrex Corporation, headquartered in New Braunfels, is a major manufacturer of Watchiocks and Industrial Security Hardware marketed throughout the U S and overseas. Southwestern Bell Telephone has developed a sesquincentennial calendar to help Texas celebrate its 150th birthday. The company is selling 1986 calendars which feature sketches of historic Texas landmarks and some of the state’s most notable sites. The detailed drawings were done by Texas artist Norman Baxter, who for years illustrated many of Bell's Yellow Pages directory covers. All proceeds from the calendar sales will benefit the Texas Independence Express, an antique touring train which will be a major activity during the state’s sesquin-centenmal year. The calendars are available in desk and wall formats. The desk calendar features 51 Baxter drawings which represent more than three decades of the Houston artist’s work Included are competitive in all houehold lines and show little change from year ago levels,” lamer said. “Industrial fabrics were at breakeven in the fourth quarter compared with a small loss a year ago. Sluggish markets persist for the fabrics sold to the manufacturers of abrasive and rubber products and to many other industrial customers,” lamer said “The outlook in the apparel segment is a mixture of improving trends and margins in the knit line but with a very weak demand for many woven fabrics. While steps taken to reduce woven capacity in 1985 should substantially reduce or eliminate losses in 1986, we do riot expect profits soon to tx* at a satisfactory level because of the import situation. “Our outlook for fiscal year 1986 is naturally tempered by the tremendous dislocation caused bv these excessive imports and the poor market conditions experienced during most of fiscal 1985 Nevertheless, the stronger trends in our household fabrics lines should pr**duce improved profits in the first fiscal quarter of 1986 ending Nov 30* as compared with the $ 72 earned in the same quarter of last year These increases should tx* even more significant for the first half giver the severely depressed level of profits last year for this period,” learner said leading edge research and expertise in voice technology .’’said By lander “Als**, Tis recently announced Bus mess-Ibm computer is ideally suited for application because - f its expandibility and versatility,” he added “We believe the features *f Ti s speech technology as a part **f VoxTron's unique application software will serve an important function in today’s market where security is a major consideration,” .^aid Bylander The Veritron Series I OOO uses either the TI Business Pro .»r the TI Professional Computer as the system’s central processing unit. depending on capacity required Sophisticated applications software developed by VoxTron Systems. Inc , provides the access control and reporting features of the Veritron. Business-Pr is a trademark of Texas Instruments Incorporated VoxTron and Veritron Series l(kk) are trademarks of VoxTron Incorporated such landmarks as the State Capitol, the Alani**, the San Jacinto Monument, LBJ s birthplac e and Washington-on-the-Brazos. The desk version sells for $9 95 plus $1 45 for postage and handling The wall calendar includes 12 Baxter drawings Each drawing is accompanied by a caption past-ar.d-present-day history of Texas Price of the wall calendar is $4 95 plus $1 for postage and handling Customers can purchase a calendar by sending check or money order — no cash, please — to: Texas 150, P.O. Box 1333, Houston. Texas 77001. Customers are asked not to include calendar orders with their phone bill payments Funds raised by calendar sales will be used by the Texas Independence Express organization to complete restoration of the antique engine and rail cars and to help pay for operating costs in 1986. I I rhon cnnio+w/NewCrescentcorTiplex: v/1 UCI I I OUUIul y/ Downtown alternative ? VoxTron, Texas Instruments develop speech vellication “We chose to work with TI on developing the speech technology portion of our system because of Ti s Sesquicentennial calendar developed ;

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