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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 13, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas 5S!e! ■**««<'n I J. Mike Royko Mailbag    . _ Remember when Mailbag policy The Herald Zeitung welcomes the opinions of its readers, and we’re happy to publish letters to the editor. While readers’ opinions on local issues generally are of more interest to other readers, we welcome letters on any topic — local, state, national or international — that the writer chooses to address. Content will not prevent publication unless the letter is judged to be potentially libelous. All letters to the editor should be signed and authorship must be verifiable by telephone. Anonymous letters will not be published. Send your letter to: Mailbag, New Braunfels Herald Zeitung, P.O. Drawer 361, New Braunfels Texas, 78131. Letters may also be hand delivered to the newspaper offices at 186 S. Casted. paign to eliminate accident-causing hazards in the home, according to R.H.Tays, chairman. The New Braunfels Music Study Club will give a Halloween Carnival on Friday, Get. 25, at 7:30 p.m. The public is invited. Mrs. Gilbert Zipp is chairman of the affair. Honorable mention goes to Hilmar and Irene Staats and the others who are putting the Country Club back on its feet. A good Country Club is one of the vital civic enterprises that make up an all-around good town. 25 years ago today Voters in the New Braunfels Independent School District voted 1,284 to 972 Saturday to authorize the district to issue $1,937,000 in bonds to finance the construction of a new high school and repair and remodel existing school buildings. L.L. Knibbe of Spring Branch was elected president of the Hill Country Singers League at a Saengerfest in Boerne celebrating the Boerne Gesangverein’s Centennial. He is a member of Spring Branch Gesangverein Gemutlichkeit. (Canyon High School’s) Future Homemakers’ beau for this year is Jerome P. Ha nu ma im, a 16-year-old member of the senior class. Jerome, son of Mr. and Mrs. Percy Hansmann of Comal Community, attended Danville School for eight years, New Braunfels Junior High and New Braunfels High School before attending Canyon. I Among teachers returning to junior high): William Karnau, vice- principal, junior business, nine years’ experience: BS 1951 business administration, administrative education; MA 1955, administration and education, business administration. Married, one child. From Shiner. The Zeta Iota Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi sorority, held its Oct. 3 meeting in the home of Mrs. Arlon E. Moeller Jr. on Memweather Street. Twenty-eight turkeys wire w *n by marksmen at the a dual New Braunfels Schuetzenverein Turkey Shoot at the club range on Bulverde Road Sunday. The Greeboo lankly, father Kermit, mother Glady 4, and son Kirk were well equip)led for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s with the six turkeys they collected in four of the five match divisions held at the shoot J.C. Reagan was guest speaker at a meeting of the Exemplar Chapter Beta Sigma Phi iorority, Mo ilay ii, the home of M*s Melvin Johe. 10 years ago today The county should watch the development of the pipeline to tarry water to San Antonio as a possible source of more water for the community. Dr. Ed Grist county sanitarian, told county commissioners Monday morning. Robert J. I hr nos been appointed by Gov. Dolph Briscoe lo serve on the new nine-member Commission on Jail Standards, which was created during the last session of the legislature Tom hurrus of New Braunfels has been re-elected president of Hie South Texas ( ’ amb* r »f Commerce at the organization's 49th annual meeting in I Laredo last Thursday Four other New Braunfels men were elected to leadership positions with the chamber Vt D. Fortner was elected to tfie board of directors, while ( arroil C. Hoffmann. Jack Ohlrich and Robert H Sobn were re-elected to Ute board A Bicentennial theme, Reflections of the South,’ lias been chosen 50 years ( has. W. Scruggs, Publisher of the Herald, tins week was named as a member of the Printing Committee of the Texas Press Association, one of the most irnpoitaiit of the association’s committees. Forms for making application for refunds to producers on cotton produced iii 1935 and sold on the open market are in the county agent’s office arid may be secured by calling for them, according to Gen. E. Fh Ii liger, county agent. City Health Officer Fred Frueholz stated that no contagious diseases had been reported in Hie city in September. by lambda Psi Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi, for tins year’s Junior Miss program. Mrs. David Rayburn and Mrs. Mike King, both members of the sponsoring sorority chapter, are general chairmen. Deborah Richardson, a senior at Texas Adt.M University, is one of 35 chosen for new membership in Cap and Gown, a senior women’s honor society. Tile Canyon Cigarettes pulled above the .500 mark for the first time this season as they bowled over three opponents in the Kerrville tournament over the weekend then slammed Cuero in district play Tuesday night. In the first round at Kerrville, Debbie Soechting and l<aura Cash did most of the serving and Kathy Sisak and Kay link sparkled at the net as the Cigarette varsity routed Uvalde 15-2,15-6. Chery l Adams and Glenny Heuser captured wins Saturday in a women’s fall singles tourney sponsored by the New Braunfels Tennis Association. ago today The complete program for the celebration of the second anniversary of tile founding of the Sophienburg Memorial Museum on next Sunday was announced this week by Mrs. Martin Faust, president of the Museum Auxiliary. Roger Nuhn was elected president of the student council, and Neurone Lr be u secretary at the meeting Friday morning. The council, in addition to the election of officers, discussed plans for the year with Miss Martin, sponsor. The Comal County chapter of the Red Cross is joining its national organization in launching a cam- AH MAY HAVE PUMPED IT DRY-, BUT AT LEAST AH KEPT MAH PISHT TO OO SO! Page 4A    Herald    Zeitung,    New    Braunfels.    Texas    Sunday,    October 13,1985 Students are encouraged by Bradberry's comments, see mailbag below pinions Dave Kramer, Editor and General Manager Bradberry article encourages students out, may someday wear out our joints and have to resort to swimming for aerobic activity. Please vote for the covered pool in the Bond Election. Sincerely, Don Bedford Rock should help itself I was asked by some sincere civil liberations if I would help them defend the right of record companies to produce rock records with raunchy lyrics. When I declined the invitation, one of them said: ‘ But you’re against censorship, aren’t you?” Most of the time, yes. But it’s always been my policy that if some creep is determined to make a buck by producing or selling something that is obscene, disgusting, offensive and of no social artistic value, they should have to fight for the right to do so. And without my help. That’s what’s been happening to some elements of the recording industry. They are being hounded and harassed by a Senate committee, wives of congressmen, the PT A and other influential groups. These groups want to bully the record companies into putting labels on jackets that would warn purchasers that they are buying sleaze. The idea is to protect children from hearing songs that hail the joys of incest, sadism, masochism, suicide. rape and other subjects that inspire some of today’s lyricists. I doubt if such labeling would help. More likely, it would make it easier for youthful record-buyers to do their shopping. They wouldn’t have to worry about inadvertently buying a record that sounds good and has something worthwhile to say. Nor do I believe that members of Congress or any other politicians should start deciding what people should read or hear. And, so far, nobody has proposed any laws that would prevent record companies from producing junk They just want the junk labeled as junk. But that’s been enough to cause great anguish at some of the record companies and bring cries of outrage from some of their better-known stars. Which is fine. Nobody ever guaranteed that the path of the creative artist would be smooth and easy. Mozart had to deal with royal patrons who were demanding and restrictive. Beethoven started losing his hearing while still a young man. So, it isn’t unreasonable to expect a few recording executives and musicians to face some adversity while they strive for the artistic fulfillment that comes with producing songs that describe the joys of getting it on with one’s sister or schoolteacher. Actually, nothing is going to come out of all this. Any new laws trying to censor musical lyrics would probably be shot down by the courts. But I see nothing wrong with somebody putting the heat on the record companies and musical groups that can’t find anything more interestng to yowl about than the joys of rape. That’s one of the useful, informal systems of checks and balances in our society. Somebody writes a creepy song, hoping to make enough money to buy a California house with a swimming pool and hot-and-cold-runnmg groupies. Some record executive punches his desk calculator and sees the song increasing his bottom line. Then along comes the bluenosed ladies, forcing the songwriter and the record executive to hire lawyers to defend their right to be public nuisances. Eventually, the creeps will win their battle. But they have to sweat a little and spend some money on lawyers. To the Editor In response to Mr Bradberry's article “The Right Teacher Can Make a Difference" included in the October sc rid edition of the New Braunfels Herald Zeitung. we. as members -f New Braunfels High Sc hool, have this to say Thanks. Thanks for standing behind your children and wanting the best possible facilities in which to learn. We are extremely enthusiastic to be backed so strongly by our superintendent. Mr. Bradberry. and of course, by our parents; for without your support. New Braunfels High School would not have the history of excellence that it has Looking back upon our past years as Unicorns and the many years preceeding those, we find that in almost any organization sponsored by the school, there have been award-winning performances by groups and individuals alike. The Student Council at NBHS is one of the best in the state. This is proven by their many activities involving not only our high school, but also our community. Their latest activity is The Golden Unicorn project. The Mighty Urn' rn Band, in the fifty-fourth year, is proceeding to win yet another sweepstakes award - to make it the twenty-fifth (consecutively). The athletic department, including volleyball, football. track, basketball, baseball, tennis and more, has attended state com-peitinn by mastering District and Regional competitions. Hie ROK department has achieved high ranking; sn c rnpeitive a< tivitiesand has produced highly qualified cadets. The Mon *« era Dr ll Team also has received excellence awards for their dancing abilities. A former Monocera u eel lier dancing experience to qualify her as a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader The NBHS Choir department ha- helped develop students with vocal talents to reach the District. Regional and State level of competition; and has encouraged several to pursue their interests after graduating. As with these groups, many other excel in their individual areas, thus upholding the Unicom tradition. In conclusion, we totally agree with Mr Bradberry that education is more than learning facts. He has entered into a district which already provides, as he provided for his other students before, the best program and directors-sponsors available. However, it is not only the instructor that makes the program what it is. True, the instructor instigates and encourages the program, but without the pride, confidence and desire of the students to be their very best, the program will not work. In NBHS we have both factors and therefore have been and will be the best we can be. We feel as freshmen through seniors that we have been given more than that chance Mr. Bradberry wrote of to be our best in any activity. It does not take until graduation to realize why excellence is so important at NBHS. It is part of the pride of that Ix>ng Blue lune. Thanks again for your support. Signed : Nancy Kadlecek. Cara Nowntny, ( hen Bueche. Brian Vauter, Georgic Tamayo. Karen Knippa, Christy Englerth, Erin Long, Jose Vargas. Heather Woods, Elizabeth E. Rodriguez, Steve Smith, Jenny Deville?, Ix*slie Nelson* Amy Starnes. Robert Rodriguez, Jay Vaunte, Brad Reeder. Linda Schwang, Terry Hanson. Jason Crawford, Brigitte Suhr, Mike Mitroand others. Resident wants cover on pool To the Editor: I would like to put in a plug for the covered pool in the up and coming bond election. I ani tired of paying taxes as anyone, but this is one thing that will pay for itself. Not only will it pay financially, but it will also reap benefits for the health of our people. Also our schools will be able to compete with swim teams and teach water safety. I .ast but not least, those of us that jog try to keep our arteries cleaned Hurald-Zeltung Susan Hairs, Managing Editor IHE THINK. IT PREPARES THEM FOR THE real world 111 RETRIEVE IT AS SOON AS VOCI TELLME TUE CAPITAL OF KUWAIT. THIS IS ONE PROGRAM THAT doegntcoddle STUDENTS ASK FOR THE FILE AGAIN THE FINAL PROGRAM GOVERNED & t THE I WOODHOUSE IS . “USER-EDUCATIONAL' * r \s ITS A VERI DEMANDING MRP PROCESSING PROGRAM DEVELOPED FOR THE UNTAPPED COLLEGE MARRET FOR COURSE-(HARB. ASK FOR FILE "A* \ W ;

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