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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 13, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas NOTICE TO OUR CUSTOMERS The correct price for 22-0z Dish Detergent as advertised in our mailer this week is SI OO An incorrect price was listed We apologize for any inconvenice AECKERDTerry's A Pro. you (mow When Jerry Strewer ta*es hi* cleaning equipment (and expertise) to your home or office you get much more than cleaner fresher, prettier CARPETS DRAP ERIES. CHAIRS Tou get inyejt ment protection. (It *ould cost so much today if you had to replace those items') For a FREE ESTIMATE on carpet cleaning, or other info call TERRY STREUER 629-1322. TERRY'S CLEANING SERVICESThree teens held for McDonald's shooting DETROIT (AF*) - A 17-year-old gunman, upset about a damaged car, opened fire inside a McDonald’s restaurant packed with lunchtime patrons from a nearby high school and injured IO teen-agers, two of them seriously, authorities say. The melee was a continuation of clashes Thursday and earlier Friday between students and non-students, Deputy F*olice Chief Richard Dungy said. Three teen-agers, including the suspected gunman, were in custody early today at Detroit police headquarters following Friday’s shootings, Officer Marcia Cole said. "Warrants probably will not be issued until ... (today), when the investigation is completed,” she said. Three teen-agers shot at the restaurant remained hospitalized early today, three others were treated and released and four more were undergoing treatment late Friday and were not expected to be admitted, officials said. At least eight of those injured were students at Cody High School on Detroit’s west side, near the McDonald’s where the shootings were reported at ll :27 a.m., police said. Some of the wounded "probably were innocent bystanders,” Dungy said. He declined to identify the suspects but said two were 17-year-old boys and the other was an 18-year-old man. F*olice arrested the three about an hour after the shootings and later seized the gun believed to have been used. Fort Bend County wary of violence RICHMOND (AP) — Residents of east Fort Rend County subdivisions are locking their doors and hoping their streets are safe after IO violent deaths have haunted the community in less than a year .Jury selection is scheduled to begin Monday for two men accused of six murders earlier this year. The six deaths occurred less than Texas (25.000 ‘90.000 80.000 60.000 40.000 ’25.000 • 15.000 70.000 ‘50.000 30.000 i20.000Almost there Stan Cunningham, left, 1985 Comal County Community Fund drive chairman, helps push up the irnount of total pledges registered on the giant thermometer on Main Plaza. Tony Mudford, center, industrial committee rn ■ lf SUF X RIF WAI f)T HFWA! 0 ZFITUNG chairman, and Ray Schoch, chairman of public relations, lend him a helping hand Anyone who hasn't made a donation is nm**' p v * d in a pledge toComfund, Box bld New Braunfels, TX 78130. Stan Cunningham 1000 N. Walnut Suite F New Braunfels. Tx. 71130 629-0055 Bl Jatiii • Ca. Herald Zeitung, New Braunfels, Texas    Sunday,    October    13,1985    Page    3A Reginald Lewis, 21, is charged with four counts of murder in the Feb. I shooting deaths of his parents and two brothers. He will be tried in state District Judge Charles Dickerson’s court. Just around the comer of the courthouse, state District Judge A. Reagan Clark will preside over the trial of Archie Smith, 38, who is charged with the April 28 shooting death of his ex-wife, Lunita Smith and Charley Steptoe, 27, of Richmond. He is also charged with the attempted murders of Arthur Office, 42, and Donna Duah, 33, both of Fort fiend County. "I’d venture to say a large percentage of these subdivision people don’t even know who their neighbor is across the street or next door,” said Sgt. I^arry Welch with the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Department crime prevention division. "Most of our crime problem is on the east end — the Houston side of Fort Bend County,” he said. “The majority of the people are very transient. They live in Fort Bend County, but they work in Houston.” A Fort Bend County grand jury indicted I>ewis in May in the mass slaying. He was charged with killing his family, Henry I.ewis Sr., 45, his father; Mary I^ewis, 44, his mother; and brothers Henry Jr., 22, and Byron, 13. They were found shot to death in their home Feb. I. The February slayings came less than five months after another murder just a few blocks away. Four people, including a mother and her child, were shot to death Sept. 18,    1984, when convicted murderer Charles E. Goosby, 34, entered their home. Goosby was sentenced to life imprisonment for lulling 4-year-old Christine Lakey; her mother, Beverly Clark, 21; the home’s owner, I^irry Gentry, 35; and Lloyd Armstrong, 25 The most recent double homicide occurred when a man entered Ms Duah’s home through an open window and began shooting at the four people inside, resulting in the deaths of Ms. Smith and Steptoe, police records show.Fetuses found behind hostipal emergency room ALVIN (AF) - Two "wellpreserved” human fetuses were found buried behind a hospital emergency room by construction workers digging up a par king lot, but investigators say they don’t suspect, any foul play “At this point, we don’t have any reason to suspect any criminal activity was involved, but we really don’t know why they were here,” Alvin Police Chief Michael J el said The fetuses were found Friday behind the Alvin Community Hospital emergency room by construction workers who are enlarging the hospital They were sent to the Galveston County medical examiner’s office for autopsies. Investigators hope to determine the ages of the fetuses and when they were buried "We feel, after talking to the medical examiner’s investigators, that they’ve been here for quite some time — that they weren’t placed there recently,” Jez said “We received a call from the hospital administration that the construction crews had unearthed what they thought was a fetus,” Jez said. "We responded and in a cursory exam, we discovered a second one Both fetuses appeared to have been well preserved and inside glass containers ” Authorities do not expect to find any more fetuses, hut workers Saturday were digging on the site, a police spokeswoman said. "We just want to make certain there are no others," Jez said Tommy Shapiro, executive director of the 86-bed hospital which opened in 1967, said tie was uncertain how the hospital disposed of fetuses in past years. He said current hospital policy gives families discretion in disposing of dead fetuses Shapiro said hospital administrators had ivi idea why the fetuses were buried behind the emergency room Botha's foes meet black leaders JOH AN NKSH U BG. South Africa (AF) — White opposition politicians seeking a solution to South Africa’s racial conflict met Saturday with chiefs of the outlawed African National Congress black guerrilla group in neighboring Zambia. In South Africa, four blacks were meanwhile reported killed in new anti-apartheid violence. President P W Botha, who condemned a similar meeting last month by three prominent white businessmen, ted no comment on Saturday’s session between four legislators of the Progressive Federal Party and four ANC leaders. The whites, headed by party leader Frederik Van Zyl Slabbery traveled to Lusaka, Zambia's capital, for the meeting and were expected to return to South Aff lea cm Sunday, ANC spokesman Tom Sebina said in a telephone interview Sebina said the delegations "exchanged views on possible solutions to tile crisis created by the apartheid system,” South Africa's policy of racial segregation under which 5 million whites deny Die vote to 24 million blacks With van Zyl Slabbert were legislators Colin Eglin, Alex Boraine and Peter Gastrow. Sebina said the ANC participants included the group’s secretary general, Alfred Nzo; Thabo Mbeki, director of information; and Max Maharaj and Simon Makana, members of the national executive committee. Gavin Belly, chairman of the giant Anglo American mining conglomerate who led the businessmen’s delegation last month, said then he thought "more* talks might lead to some fimtful conclusion.” That meeting was an unprecedented attempt by members of the white-minority establishment to directly involve die banned ANC, which claims tile sympathy of most blacks, in talks for ending the country’s racial conflict Botha's spokesman, Jac k Viviers, said Sunday the president would make no comment on the legislators’ visit. The Progressive Federal Party does not endorse black demands for a one-man, one-vote form of majority rule. But it opposes th** governing National Party's racial segregation policies and long has sought to bring the ANC and other parti* chunner! by the government into negotiations on South Africa’s future. The government says it will not talk with the ANC until the guerrilla movement renounces violence, and the ANC says it has nothing to discuss with the government except the details Cif dismantling apartheid. Police headquarters in Pretoria reported that four black men died of riot injuries in the 24 hours up to Saturday morning. A police statement said five people were injured in the same period and 18 were arrested in 30 cases of stone-throwing and arson nationwide Police gunfire killed three of the men, one of them dying of wounds received days earlier, headquarters said The fourth man was burned to death, apparently by vengeful blacks, police said. • •Current name it available through your local inward 0 Jones Broker • • * federal regulations require a substantial interest penalty for early withdraw! FRIE Money Market Class Tuesdays at 7 p rn ‘ Investing for Growth Class Monday Oct., 21. 6 30 p m. Justice Brennan raps high court's critics WASHINGTON (AIM Supreme Court Justice William Brennan, apparently responding to Reagan administration critn s, said Saturday that ‘‘arrogance cloaked as humility” motivated recent r ails for the high court to follow the Constitution’s “original intent "It is arrogant to pretend that from our vantage we can gauge accurately the intent of the framers to specific, contemporary questions," Brennan, one of the most liberal justices, said in a speech delivered at Georgetown University. Brennan did not specifically mention the Reagan administration in his remarks, hut his comments appeared to be made in a response to recent remarks about high court rulings by administration officials. People who want such strict interpretation are motivated by politics and "have no familiarity (kith the historical record,” Brennan laid. He added that opponents of judicial activism "turn a blind eye to social progress.” Attorney General Edwin Meese III laid in July that he thought the high court was weakening the Constitution with ‘ bizarre" and "ad hoc” rulings. Recent decisions affirming a strict separation of church and state "would have struck tile founding generation as somewhat bizarre,” said Meese, promising to press for rulings that he said would interpret the Constitution as its framers intended Brennan told his audience that requiring fidelity to "the intentions of the framers...is a view that feigns self-effacing deference to the specific judgments of those who forged our original social compact.” "But in truth,” he concluded, “it is little more than arrogance cloaked as humility.” Advocates of that view also argue that they are eliminating politics, or activism, from the judiciary, Brennan said. But judicial passivity "is a choice no less political than any other. It expresses antipathy to claims of the minority to rights against the majority.” “Ail the talk in the last half decade about shrinking the government” must not cover up the government’s duty to protect invididual liberties, he said. Hvrald-Zeitung (LISPS 377 880* lf you have not received your paper by 5 30 p.m. Tuesday through Friday or by 7 30 a rn. Sunday, call 625 9144 or 658 1900 by 7 p rn and 11 a rn., respectively. Published Sunday morning arid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon by New Braunfels Herald Publishing Co, 186 S Casten Ave , New Braunfels, TX 78131 Second class postage paid at New Braunfels Herald Publishing Co , 186 S Casten Ave , New Braunfels. TX 78131 Dave Kramer .... Editor Gen Mgr Susan Haire    Managing    Editor Claude Scruggs  Publisher Shtrlene Thornton Office Manager Sandi Hutter ... Asst Adv Mgr Cheryl Brzo/owski ... 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