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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 11, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Anti-nuclear doctor group gets Nobel prize    tZmTgmI OSLO, Norway (AP) - The 1985 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded today to International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, an anti-war organization created and jointly led by American and Soviet doctors. The Norwegian Nobel Committee, which announced its choice in a statement, said the Boston, Mass.-based organization had “performed a considerable service to mankind by spreading authoritative information and by creating an awareness of the catastrophic consequences of atomic warfare.” The doctors’ organization was founded in 1980 after a meeting of six Soviet and American physicians in Geneva, Switzerland, and has campaigned since then to publicize the dangers of nuclear war. Reached in Geneva by The Associated Press, American cofounder Dr. Bernard Down said, “It’s just something extraordinary, we are not an organization that has been around for decades. We are an organization that five years ago didn’t exist.” In its citation, the five-member committee said it believes that the organization’s activity “contributes to an increase in the pressure of public opposition to the prolification of atomic weapons and to redefining priorities with greater attention being paid to health and other humanitarian issues.” The Nobel committee said it would invite Lown, a professor at the Harvard School of Public Health in Cambridge, Mass., and Soviet cofounder Dr. Yevgeny Chazov of the USSR Cardiological Institute, to receive the prize in Oslo on Dec. IO. Nobel jurors said in their citation that they attached “particular importance to the fact that the organization was formed as a result of a joint initiative by Soviet and American physicians.” They said the organization now is supported by 145,000 doctors and health professionals in more than 40 countries around the world. It has a branch office in London. The prestigious Peace Prize was established in the 1895 will of Swedish dynamite inventor Alfred Nobel as an award to the person or organization contributing most to '‘fraternity between peoples,” reducing the size of armies, or holding and promoting peace conferences. It has been awarded since 1901. I -ast year’s winner was black Anglican Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa. The Peace Prize’s gold medal and certificate come with an award of 1.8 million Swedish kronor, or about $225,000. The award marked the 15th time in 84 years that the Nobel Peace Prize has gone to an organization rather than an individual. The most recent organizational winner was the United Nations High Commission for Refugees in 1981. It also won in 1954. Reagan declares Puerto Rico disaster area PONCE, Puerto Rico (AP) — President Ronald Reagan declared parts of this Caribbean island a federal disaster area, and Gov. Rafael Hernandez Colon vowed to search for hundreds of bodies believed buried in the Mameyes shantytown “as long as humanly possible.” The National Guard ordered everyone out of the shantytown Thursday after Hernandez Colon said he was considering turning the community into a common grave to avoid outbreak of disease. The proposal drew a storm of protest and he later changed his mind. A mudslide triggered by a 30-hour tropical deluge covered Mameyes on Monday, burying up to 500 people. Seventy-five people are known dead throughout the island. The governor said the idea for a common grave had been proposed by Ponce Mayor Jose Dapena Thomp-* son and approved by the commonwealth health department to avert an outbreak of disease which could result from the decomposing bodies. Dapena Thompson denied he proposed the mass grave and the governor said later in the day that Health Secretary Luis Izquierdo Mora had decided the health danger was not as serious as originally believed. However, Col. Luis Manuel Carrillo, who is in charge of the search effort, said an “orientation effort” was under way to prepare survivors and relatives for action such as that suggested by the governor. He said the government had sent 35 psychologists and 60 other “crisis specialists” from the department of social services to talk with the people. Victorio Reyes Quiles, 74, who lost his wife and daugher in the avalanche, learned of the governor’s plans while waiting anxiously at the Ponce District Hospital for bodies to be brought to the morgue. “My God, man, we are human beings, not beasts. We are Christians and we want to bury our dead," Reyes Quiles said. “I won’t rest until my wife is found.” President Reagan on Thursday designated four of Puerto Rico’s flood-stricken cities as major disaster areas making them eligible for federal funds in relief and recovery efforts. Puerto Rican authorities have recovered 75 bodies from flooded communities and landslide debris and believe up to 500 people are buried in Mameyes, a working-class community of wood and tin shacks perched on a hillside outside Ponce, a city of 200,000 people on the south side of the island. About 400 shacks were crushed by the mudslide. Thirty-five bodies had been recovered from the muck by Thursday, but no one had been found alive. Dogs from France and the United States trained to sniff out bodies paced the landslide zone, their barks echoing off the hillsides and breaking the silence ordered by specialists probing for victims with sound-sensitive equipment. Open Daily 9-9 Sunday 11-5 ON SALE THRU OCT. IO thru Oct. 15 THURS THRU TUES.. ONLY! ► Light Kit Adaptable Style drys mtf may vary 24.88 Sale Price. 36 ceiling fan with 3 speeds and 4 blades. Light adaptable White brown Save now ► 19.97 Sale Price Nantucket Wicker hamper COLUMBUS DAY SAVINGSLittle Dutch Girl f i    1294    Hwy.    81 West625-1954Carnie Ii ta Fernandes * Vq Grand Opening f    Monday,    October    14    10:00    a.m.^    Opening    Day    Drawings h 4    for    Giftsiii ''cpi $ ^    European    Imports r^, r'c.vr sss Mf EE ElEE m IM IM sale sftKl AT THESE SPECIALS $300-$1000 Cash Rebate Cleanest Used Cars In The Area 1985 Olds 98 Regency 4 Dr. *0036A V-6. Auto-Air, All Power. 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