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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 11, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas CrosswordDear Abby ACROSS 1 Storm 5 Sentences 9 Plaintiffs 14 Arrow poison 15 Jai — 16 — Oakley 17 Of *he earth 18 Form 20 Midget 22 Souls 23 Undertake 24 Table part 25 Caption 26 Canine 27 Cultivate 28 Farm animal 31 Very dear 34 Carved gem 35 Santa — 36 Pretentious 37 — for: tended 38 Alaskan isle 39 Modernist 40 Separates 41 Dispatch 42 Dress up in 43 Summer coolers 44 Young one 45 Long-plumed bird 47 Flipper 48 Totality 51 Minimum 53 Garments 55 Emitting many colors 57 African monkey 58 Lofty abode 59 Voiced 60 Exploits 61 English city Z2 Hay quantity 63 Thrilled DOWN 1 Direction 2 Close by 3 Farinaceous 4 Booty 5 More piquant 6 Onward 7 Palpitate 8 Family gal 9 French town 10 Prior to 11 Tick off 12 "Rio —” 13 Watches 19 Shadowed 21 Premium 25 Eras 26 Skittish 27 Desserts 29 Pot entry PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED L A S H L A P S F L E E T A G H A A G U E R A T I O M O A N V E T E R I N A R Y A R M S A N T E A G L E S S A B E R IT I B E R A L O E N O ID E S N E A R T D R A G O O S I E R P U T T I N G O N J H E D O G E L L E N R U S E S E N S D E lf M S E T 111 A N Q R E E F S Y E L P ? C Hi A S E R I 1 E W A I T H E L L E B O R E S E N N A A R E A L B E E T S C A R R E A M S I S I E IJT t S T Double the Pleasure When You Buy Gifts for Twins 30 Whittier heroine 31 Music group 32 Mountain pref 33 Ceramics 34 Insert mark 37 Academy students 38 Appropriate 40 Zoroastrians 41 Melody 44 Prickle 46 Cold 47 Ultimate 48 Got active 49 Bedding 50 "To say the — ” 51 Young animal 52 Fencer’s blade 53 Turin money 54 Down Under birds 56 Corn unit I )KAR ABBY: A reader wrote that she was going to a shower for a friend who was expecting triplets. lier question: “Must I bring three presents, or is one gift acceptable?” Your reply: “Clive three gifts -one for each baby; the cost of all three should amount to whatever you would have spent had your triend been expecting a single." Abby, triplets art' three children horn together; had they been singles horn a year apart, they would have been entitled to separate "whole value" gifts. Neither the parents nor the children should he shortchanged at this time. The issue of multiples and gift giving is far reaching. When twins attend a birthday party, mothers should send them with two gifts of value that they would like to see reciprocated. Since parents of sin gles often spend in the manner that you suggest, multiples rarely receive a gift of similar value to what was given. In the reverse circumstances, when gifts are given to teachers, mothers of multiples should give the full amount per child because the teacher had the responsibility for two (or three) children. I he per child gift acknowledges that the teacher had two hands to hold and two noses to wipe. Friends and relatives could help by understanding that the circum stances of the birth should not affect the value of the gift. Bach child should he treated as an individual I HANK WK ISS, BK FSI I JENT, NASSAU ('OUN TY MOTH KRS OF TWINS CLUB DK AR MRS. WKISS: You are absolutely right: Every child should receive a “whole” gift, hut did you overlook the fact that the letter was signed "Over Budget”? In the interest of treating each child as an individual, I recommended three individual gilts instead of something all three could share, such as a box of dusting powder, a record allium or a game. Read on for another point ol view Fall Trade-In Day aft Bring in Your Old Light Fixture and Receive 50% off any New Light Fixture in Stock. Chandeliers A low as *29*5 (with trade in) Bedroom Lights From *525 (with trade ini Outdoor Lighting from •8°° (with trade-in! Bathroom Fixture from #4*° (with trade in) Ceiling Fan Close Out from *39 North American [Distributors Inc. Itta m SS E. (Om Buck Nank •( Canyon Hick School) New Braunfels, Team 781 IO PknM 629-3991 or I-RWL292 1219 (Toll Free) SM to SM Moo. • PH. MO to 4*0 8*1. One day shopping spree Saturday, October 12 25% off anything! ^with coupon You choose what s on sale! Coupon applies to any one regular price item in any department Coupon must be presented at time of purchase One coupon per person Valid only Saturday, 10/12/85 Good only 19/12/15 Good only at participating stores No spacial orders No phone O'ners No mail orders No catalog orders Limited lo merchandise in stock only Clearance or sate merchan dise not included Coupon must be presented al lime of purchase Not applicable to prtor purchases Cash redemption value of i/20tn Of I* JCPenney Company Inc New York NY 10019 JCPenney 223 W. San Antonio DEAR ABBY: As a twin yourself, you should have used better sense in your reply to “Over Budget.” I, too, am a twin, and I have plenty of bad memories of receiving half a gift at birthday parties. My sister and I wert' better off when we received a “normal” gift that we could share, DEAR ABBY: I use the bus to get around town. Often a person will come along and sit beside me. I am by nature a very friendly person, and I enjoy visiting with people. It makes the time pass, and I have met a lot of nice people on buses. I usually begin the conversation like a game. Instead, we got a lot of by asking .«How far are you going?” low cost gilts that were totally use- Abby, you would not believe how ess because mothers would try to many people say, “Its none of your buy us Iwo gifts for the price of one! business!” This hurts my feelings. Sure, I enjoyed the fun and bene- I never thought I was out of line to tits of being a twin and I am not strike up a friendly conversation spoiled—but multiple-birth babies with a stranger on the bus. Why are should not be treated as a half or a third of a person. I know what it feels like, and I’m sure you do. JILL COUSINS, MARIETTA, GA. DEAR ABBY: I am 28 years old and female. I am either confused or stupid, but there is something I need explained to me. I heard that a man determines whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. For example, my dad had the mumps when he was in his teens, and the mumps fell on the left side of his private parts. After Dad got married, Mom had six girls—no boys The doctor told bim that the mumps bad fallen on bis “boy side,” so he could only have girls. Is that true? IN THE DARK DEAK IN: No. Although the male does determine the sex of the child, it has nothing to do with either the left or right side—or the mumps, for that matter. Either your dad misunderstood the doctor, or the doctor was joking. people so rude? OFTEN HURT DEAR HURT: Some people don’t want to talk to strangers on a bus. To ask “How far are you going?” may be construed as an invasion of privacy. If you feel inclined to strike up a conversation with a stranger, open with a comment on the weather. And if it evokes a chilly response, cool it. (Do you hate to write letters because you don’t know what to say? Thankyou notes, sympathy letters, congratulations, how to decline and accept invitations and how to write an interesting letter are included in Abby’s booklet, “How to Write Letters for All Occasions.” Send your name and address clearly printed with a check or money order for $2.50 and a long, stamped (39 cents) self-addressed envelope to: Dear Abby, Letter Booklet, P.O. Box 38923, Hollywood, (alif. 90038.) "T CZZ) CZZ) CZZ) (in CU) CZI CID CHD CZZ) (HD CZZ) CZZ) (ZZ) CZZ) CZI) MISSION VALLEY BIBLE CHURCH Temporarily meeting at T Bar M Conference Center W-Highway 46, 629-5725 Worship Service 9:30 Each Sunday Morning Scott L. Tjernagel, Th. M., Pastor-Teacher 2 Timothy 2:15 EVERYONE WELCOME! CZJ CID CZZ] CLD CZD CZD CID CD (ZZ) CZZ) CZD CD CID CZZ) CZJ Botel Statal 1929 - Oct. 12, 1985 Help Us Celebrate Our 56th Anniversary... Enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner Sat., Oct. 12, featuring sumptuous Prune Rib and fine wine. Dinner will be served 5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. RESER VA TIONS SUGGESTED. Entertainment in the Veranda Bar will be provided by Aaron & Beth. For more information call 625-7791 an On Sun. Oct. 13, we will host Open House 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. featuring guided tours of this historical hotel There is no charge. Refreshments will be served in the Lobby. J57. T. RENTALS RENT TO OWN □■KIM LOW WEEKLY PRICES! FREE DELIVERY! 672 S. WALNUT (Walnut Square) {Hail Door lo Mf Calli i ft tit) New Braunfels, TX LIVING ROOM SUITS BEDROOM SUITS BUNK BEDS DINETTES WASHERS DRYERS ★ •REFRIGERATORS ★ VCR’S ★ STEREOS ★ JAM BOXES ★ WATEBEDS ★ AIR CONDITIONERS ★ COFFEE & END TABLES ★ MICROWAVES ★ M0REII HOURS 10:00 am-7 p.m. Mon-Sat 629-7088 First Month’s Rent FREE! ;

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