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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 10, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Outdoors Herald-Zeitung Thursday, October 10, 1985    Page    9ATurkey prospects improved for 1985-86 By CHARLES PARSONS Outdoors writer I^ast week, we touched on the deer hunting outlook for the upcoming season, so now we’ll take a look at the bonus everyone is after — the Rio Grande turkey. What a fantastic addition one of these wild gobblers would make to the Thanksgiving tahlp After two extremely poor nesting years, the Rio Grande turkey has rebounded with good production in 1985. Don Wilson, upland game program leader for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, said hen-poult counts in the state’s turkey range indicate that hunters this season will see more birds than they did last year, with up to 60 percent of the population being juveniles. “It’s fortunate that the state got good rains in early 1985, because we had back-to-back poor production years in 1983-84 because of the drought,” Wilson said. “It started out dry in the western portion of the turkey range in 1983, and then the drought spread to the entire range in 1984, bringing the lowest production on record.” Wilson said production this year is well above average in South Texas, the Edwards Plateau and the Cross Timbers, which comprise the major portion of Rio Grande turkey range in the state. The eastern Trans- Pecos, primarily Pecos and Terrell counties, was slightly above average, while the Oak Prairie of southeast Texas and the Panhandle had production somewhat below average. The fall Rio Grande turkey season runs concurrently with the white tailed deer season in most Texas counties, and this year it will be Nov. 9-Jan. 5. Hunters this year may take advantage of the new “swing” turkey tag on their hunting license. This allows a hunter to take one gobbler in the fall and another in the spring season, plus a third turkey which may be taken in either the fall or spring season.Quail season, limits set Although quail hunters should see a after reports that the population had only partially recovered from the horrendous weather of the previous year. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s quail program leader, Don Wilson, said the quail counts ranged from extremely good to poor in various regions of the state. But the overall population estimate is still below the long-term average. “There were good nesting conditions in most of the state during the spring, and the birds responded with a good hatch.” Wilson said. “But brood stocks were so low it’s going to take another favorable season in 1986 before we’ll have a bumper crop.” At left, turkey hunters may see this beautiful sight more often this season. Above, the quail population is recovering. vastly improved quail hunt over the miserable season that we had last year because of the 1983-84 freeze and drought, they still might have difficulty achieving the 12-bird-per-dav bag limit and possession limit of 36 The bag limit was set last week The statewide season is from Nov. 2 to Feb. 23, with the best counties for hunting in eastern South Texas — Bee, Live Oak, McMullen. Atascosa. Brooks, Starr and Willacy counties. Incidentally, the Hill Country was one of the hardest-hit areas, and it may be several more years before the quail population grows back. Be sure to watch next week for the announcement of the Herald Zeitung deer contest. We’ve put together a lot of fantastic prizes. If you have any questions or any suggestions for this column, feel free to write, care of Herald Zeitung Sports, P.O. Drawer 361, New Braunfels 78131.Fishing reportLocal reportLake McQueeney Fishing activity has been slow this week, with few fishermen out. Competitors in a bass tournament brought in an "above average" catch last weekend, though. Report courtesy McQueeney Marina.Canyon Lake The black bass are good to three pounds on buzz baits, spinners and motoroil worms in shallow water Stripers are slow, but the crappie are good to 50 fish per string on minnows and Flee Flies. White bass are slow; channel catfish are good to four pounds, while yellow catfish are fair to 20 pounds on live bait. Report courtesy Canyon Lake Marina AUSTIN (API Here is the fishing report compiled by the Parks and Wildlife Department CENTRAL BASTROP Water clear, normal level, black bass good to three pounds on Rattraps hybrid striper slow crappie slow catfish fair to three pounds on juglines BUCHANAN Water clear, 78 degrees, 10 feet low black bass good to five pounds, 12 ounces on spinners in shallow water, striper good to nine pounds on yellow jigs; crappie slow, white bass picking up to strings of 45 fish on white slabs; catfish good to 16 pounds on live bait GIBBONS CREEK Water fairly clear, 76 degiees 2Vt feet low black bass fair but mostly under 15 inch slot limit, norie over 21 inches, on chartreuse spinners black and purple worms. Rattraps crappie real good to 25 fish per string average catfish slow to three pounds on rod and reel weekdays average about 20 boats per day, weekends about 80 LBJ Water murky 79 degrees, normal level, black bass good to 4 , pounds on motoroil worms striper good to five pounds on white Hellbenders crappie fair with small stringers to 25 fish at night on lighted docks white bass fairly slow tf< 20 fist! in I l ino arm on slabs catfish good to 12 pounds on shad NORTHEAST CEDAR CREEK Water clear 63 degrees. 33 inches low black bass fair and spotty to 2% pounds in good numbers on dark metalflake worms, hybrid striper good to 7 W pounds in open wZter surfacing early crappie very good to 70 fish per stony on minnows during day white bass good early and late surfacing, channel catfish good to five pounds in si* feet of water on cheese bait MONTICELLO Waterclear 80 degrees normal level, blat k bass good to 7 V, pounds on plum worms in shallow water crappie slow, catfish ★ Unicorn Continued from Page 7A since their freshman years, while Dorman is a transfer from San Antonio. New Braunfels’ experience has played a tug part in the team’s success this season, as has the team’s natural talent. “Of course, you have to have the speed to run cross country,” Pink said. “But it also takes a lot of concentration. And the more experience you have, the better you do. “It’s a menial race; there’s a lot of thinking going on. It’s strange out there; there’s nobody yelling at you, and you can get to where you don’t see anybody in front of you and you can’t hear anybody behind you. “It takes self-motivation; you’ve got to think about what you’re doing all along.” Runners have to pace themselves over the three-mile course and go onto the course with a winner’s confidence. New Braunfels has that confidence. In Pink’s four seasons with the program, he’s taken a boys’ team to regionals three times. The team has two more meets before district, running this Saturday in Bandera and the week after in Gonzales. The district meet is Oct. 26. Pink’s girls’ varsity team is headed for a good season as well, he noted Robin Raborn, the team’s top competitor, has beaten runners she’s never beaten before this season, and she’s finished in the top IO in three of four meets. good to 10 pounds in deep water on worms and shrimp. WELSH Water clear 82 degrees, normal level black bass fair to five pounds on black neon worms; crappie slow, white bass slow catfish slowSOUTHEAST CONROE Water clear 2'4 feet low black bass fair to five pounds, 12 ounces but spotty early and late in shallow water and around 12 feet during day on worms, cranks, spinners, som trolling, striper good in good numbers in 30 feet of water on spoons; crappie slow but good sized around stickups, good one day, poor next white bass fairly slow, catfish picking up to eight pounds average on hotline baited with shad shrimp nightcrawlers, and Catfish Chatty grass carp good to 40 pounds at night, not many fishermen out, LIVINGSTON Water clear 73 degrees two feet low black bass fair to 5'A pounds on grape worms, average about two pounds in 4 Vj feet of water, striper fair to 18 pounds mostly smaller, white bass fair to 35 fish in four hours crappie improving to 30 fish per string in creeks, channel catfish good to 2 Vt pounds, blue catfish good to 12 pounds; yellow catfish good to 69 pounds RAYBURN Water clear seven feet low black bass good to four pounds on spinners, diving baits jigs topwaters, and worms striper fairly slow white bass schooling; channel catfish good from three to five pounds in good numbers on rod and reel on minnows and stmkbait TOLEDO BEND Water clear 75 degrees 3 v feet low black bass fairly good between fronts to four pounds on spinners, worms striper slow some schooling in woods, crappie good late on minnows in 20 feet of water, catfish slow SOUTH AMIS TAD Water clear 75 degrees, 20 feet low black bass good to seven pounds on buzz baits, spinners arid worms striper good to six pounds schooling on white Roadrunner jigs and slabspoons up the Rio Grande around Markers One and Six on American side of main channel and m San Pedro Canyon crappie slow white bass fair to one pound rn same area as striper catfish very good in baited holes and where freshwater coming m and in 40 70 foot boles to five pounds on shrimp stmkbait BRAUNIG Water murky due to high winds 80 degrees 18 inches low PUK* bass slow to eight pounds 12 ounces on ..ranks, one for IO'ii pounds on hotline baited with tiiapia from two keepers for week redfish good to 17 pounds average about 12 pounds on tiiapia from bank and boats; crappie slow catfish slow to three pounds on hotline with chicken liver and shad hybrid striper fair to five pounds on tiiapia CALAVERAS Water clear 78 degrees one foot low black bass very good to 8 '6 on tiiapia cranks and plastic worms hybrid striper poor corvma good to three pounds average on tiiapia catfish good to 20 pounds on Mapia and shad redfish fairly slow to 2 W pounds average on Ratlhap shad and tiiapia COLE TO CREEK Water fairly murky, normal level black bass good to 6 pounds on white spinners silver and black cranks purple and black worms, black lizards striper slow to five pounds 12 ounces ciappie average with strings to 15 fish to 1 VE pounds on minnows white bass slow catfish ekceilent to nine pounds on rod ana trotline with cutshaa squid bloodbath shrimp and worms FALCON Water clear 25 feet low black bass fair to five pounds off points on worms sh pe> slow crappie slow white bass slow caH s>- fairly good to seven pounds rn deep water some Ires* water coming rnWEST POSSUM KINGDOM Wate- slightly murk, five feet low black bass good to five pounds good numbers of threes fours striper good ic five pounds, crapie tan white bass good to IOC fish per string on slabs catfish rn good number to four pounds on trotline SPENCE Water clear 74 degrees 19 *eet ow black bass slow stripe! slow all tishmq slowCOASTAL GALVESTON Redfish fairly slow a 'ew keeoei size near 30 inches at beachfront and jetties a good number of redfish from 19 22 inches some throwbacks rn upper readies ot bays mainly on live shrimp and mullet mud minnows scattered specks just above keeper size some throwbacks under birds att over bays at tour pounds tides ♦airly high early many marshes hooded water* paved with golder croaker stringers to IOO fish common along beachfront ship channels Rollover Pass Texas City Dike spillway prer at Bacliff sandtrout good at spillway pier ship Channels flounder run slowing compared to last year live ban available some pintails coming in along with bluewing teal small bunches of geese sighted PORT O'CONNOR Redfish tairly slow some at surf and lefties during last weekend some nice trout to five pounds around reefs in back bay at the pass oil well cuts during midweek flounder good many .mall bsh on iqs some offshore fishing snapper good r good numbers live bai* available tides high PALACIOS Redfish general good to 29 in ones few n as n shrimp and cutbae along st-.reline Cararr-ai ,a Ba, and Tres Palacios R ,ei inp nae bsf re.-- er» a her naif below 18 tonnes windy ■ idweek im a* o* ’rout early from mouth of Palacios P ver along seawall and new turning base rn shrimp and touts some catches of rounder on shrimp blae* drum good to 50 pounds at night •>' sn an raht live batt shrimp crabs mijtie* ava. ,pi, rood numbers of ducks and some dark geese sighted mourning doves hunting improving ROCKPORT Redt'Sh fairly slow since .ast front some good f sh to amit ar Kind Hog island Flats Mud vigrd Estes Bas n d around Dagger island bes' fishing >ate a day mostly on CrodeM Reddish and spor es trout St owing up in lathy good numbers ar 16 ir ;hes aim g C'.pano Causeway along motel piers a’ night south tip of Mud Island and off Ami sas Bas in • ’drylot island flounder beginning to brr >< mi- ,i, ug ship channel in Port A I ,kar ti, mg to start some in sud live bait scare e POR' ARANSAS Redtisk tenty stow super nigh rides tr rf red! m si attered hounder show - g up ai >vei Lydia Ann Channel, around Ferry anding*, or nve mullet trout fairly slow also golden maker showing up in good num ber-, a> urn wens ap ,s Cr i sh Bay gafftop plentiful around Marker 13 one 97 pound alligator ga' night by wader on 20 pound test ane ed snapper good n J2 pounds ,n tairly good numbers live bait plentiful ■ iPP'JS rapi*. ' bin i tiers ut redfisb to 30 arches s'ane slowing siree the fronts in the flats shallows a gold spry ais and tinge! mullet Stocking a complete line of Browning Shotguns, Knives, clothing, Safes & Archery Accessories. Visa Mastercard American Express is your Hunting Browning Headquarters (3>°' Th* s^° tv TI $2 25 W,CK DRY SOCKS X-Cellerator Bow Brau ping s fastest tiro u heeler *239.95 ul«,litv "'.„stv1'> Aa' •I p°pu bl * la* IDI ii*1 &    \ * DOC S GUNS UHN. Walnut New Braunfels. Tx. 78130 629-1736 ;

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