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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 10, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Page 2A Herald Zeitung, New Braunfels, Texas Thursday, Octobe- 10, 1985 CISD superintendent creates advisory group By DEBBIE DeLOACH Staff writer Comal ISO Superintendent Bill Brown has created an advisory committee to serve as a communication tool between all departments from administrators to maintenance workers. Approximately 35 members attended an organizational meeting Tuesday. Representatives from each campus and department were selected by their peers to serve on the committee. “I didn't pick them. I didn’t want to,” Brown said. ‘ You get a lot of criticism that way, because people claim the committee’s hand-picked. “There needs to be good communication between my office and every factor of the district’s employees,” he added. “This is something I wanted to do a long time ago. But the bond issue took first priority.” The CISD committee is scheduled to meet monthly at various locations throughout the district. Committee members will have an opportunity to express their opinions and ask questions, including those submitted by others in their departments. \ complete report of all questions and responses will be co. ipiled after each meeting. Copies will then be distributed to committee members, principals, central staff administration and school board members. ‘‘This isn't a place to destroy someone’s supervisor. It’s a place to communicate,” Brown said. ‘‘Questions get answered, but they may not always be the answers they want to hear.” After luesday’s meeting, Brown said he got a lot of positive comments from committee members. “Some came up to me and said we had needed something like this in the district a long time, and they were willing to serve as long as it’s productive,” he said. All I did at the first meeting was walk them through it, and asked them to get feedback from their campus or department. If they want to do it, we’re going to do it,” he added. “I'm willing to take my time. They indicated they were, too.” Brown set up a similar advisory committee in Caldwell ISI) when he was superintendent there. “To give an example,” Brown said, “we had a constant gripe about the teacher's restrooms — there never was any toilet paper. We checked it out, and the man who was putting the toilet paper in the restrooms turned out to be a thief. He’d put it there, but come back later and take it out. That probably sounds silly and unimportant," he added, “but everything is taken seriously. If something keeps coming up. there’s usually a problem." Once the CIS!) committee ic organized and a president and vice-president have been elected, Brown said his role will undergo a slight change. What ITI do after officers have been elected, ITI become a resource person. ITI get people to them to answer the questions, and that's how this thing works ” he said. Students turn themselves in for $ 70 theft By LILLIAN THOMAS Staff writer Two 17-year-old high school students turned themselves in earlier this week for theft of between $20 and $200. Erie Nathan Batchelor. 17, and Steven Markbanks, 17, both students at Churchill High School in San Antonio, accompanied by their lawyer, were arrested Monday, and released on $300 bond. The boys allegedly stole a collection jar containing about $70 from (laby’s of Canyon I .ake, Chief Deputy Brian John said. The theft occurred a month ago. The money was being collected for Amanda Hensley, the little girl injured with burning gasoline in a freak accident, Gaby’s owner, (iii Reyna, said. The incident occurred when a number of people were in the restaurant. Two boys came in and ordered food and left the building. A few minutes later one of them came back, took the jar and ran out, jumping into a car through the window, the owner of the restaurant said. “Reyna chased the car and got the license number. The deputy who went out there took the information from him,” Sheriff’s Investigator Dennis Koepp said. “But Reyna decided to find the boys himself.” Reyna said he is a retired police officer from the San Antonio Police Department. “I found out the car belonged to a man in San Antonio and when I called him, he said the car had been traded in for a new Cadillac,” Reyna said. Reyna then contacted the dealership where the car was traded A few hours aft^r that phone call. the boys called him back and said they would bring the money back. T hey returned the money about three days after the incident, Reyna said. “()ne boy still had $30 of the money, the other wrote out a check for the remainder,” Reyna said. He called Deputy Ed Mullins when the boys came in to turn in the money. Reyna and Koepp did not know why the boys were not arrested and charged when they turned in the money. Reyna said he was still pressing charges even though the money had been returned shortly after the incident because he felt the boys needed to realize it was a crime. Koepp said theft between $20-$200 is a Class B misdemeanor. I would drop the charges if they made a substantial contribution for Amanda, and if the dads made the boys work it out,” Reyna said. Weather Texas weather Rain-soaked West Texas today received relief from heavy storms that    resulted from    a Mexican hurricane, but fog shrouded parts of the Panhandle and Permian Basin. The National Weather Service has cancelled its flash flood watch for West    Texas    as the    remains    of Hurricane Waldo languished. But a cold    front    carrying    polar    air produced widespread thunderstorms as it rolled through warn) tropical air. Visibilities in the Panhandle and the Permian Basin were limited to between 3 and 5 miles. The    front    stretched from    the Wichita Falls area southwestward to Iomega and Hobbs. Winds north of the front were northerly at IO to 20 mph, producing wind chill indexes in the 30s and 40s Readings across the rest of the state were generally iii the 70s. Winds were light and southwesterly over the Trans-Pecos and Permian Basin and south southeast at around IO mph elsewhere. Extreme readings were 38 degrees in Amarillo and 79 at several points in South Texas. Rain was patchy across the Panhandle and South Plains. Scattered thunderstorms extended from the Red River near Wichita Falls south to Abilene and Brownwood The weather service said the heaviest thunderstorms were located just east of Ballinger and near Brownwood, with other storms scattered across Southwest Texas from near Ozona to Sonora. Heavy showers and thunderstorms were widely scattered over the northeast Gulf, some about 30 miles east of Freeport. A flash flood watch canceled for West Texas should continue over Hvrald-Zeltung (USPS 377 8801 lf you have not received your paper by 5 30 p.m. Tuesday through Friday or by 7 30 a rn Sunday, call 025 9144 or 658 1900 by 7 p.m. and 11 .I rn., respectively Published Sunday morning and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon by New Braunfels Herald Publishing Co., 186 S Casted Ave., New Braunfels, IX /Bl31 Second class postage paid at New Braunfels Herald Publishing Co , 186 S. Casted Ave., New Braunfels, TX 78131. Dave Kramer    Lditor/Gen    Mgr. Susan Mane . Managing Editor Claude Scruggs.......Publisher Shirlene Thornton , Office Manager Saudi Hutter    Asst. Adv Mgr Cheryl Br/o/owski .... Class. Mgr. Don Avery . Circulation Manager Carol Avery . 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Rain and scattered thunderstorms were expected elsewhere with highs in the 70s and 80s. Highs should only reach the 50s in most areas of the High Plains under cloudy skies. Extended forecasts South Texas- Partly cloudy warm and humid Saturday. Mostly cloudy Sunday with a chance of thundershowers north. Decreasing clouds Monday, turning cooler north Sunday night and most sections Monday. The cities of the Randolph Metrocom will meet in open session at 7 tonight at the Samuel Clemens High School cafeteria. This event, the first ever in the state of Texas, is through the efforts of the Greater Randopph Aceu Chambsr of commerce. The cities of the Randolph Metrocom are those outside the Ixxrp 410 and between Interstate 35 and Interstate IO, with Randolph Air Force Base as the hub. The cities are Kirby, Windcrest, live Oak, Converse, Universal City, Selma, Schertz, Garden Ridge, Cibolo and Marion. Unique to this type meeting is that the full council of each city will be in session and act independently, but collectively, on a number of issues dealing with economi development in the gateway to the Austin-San Antonio Corridor. Before action on anv resolutions, the public and the city councils will hear presentations from Lynne Cooke, Hospital Corporation of America and Stephanie Coleman, president, San Antonio Economic Development Foundation. A key item on Hie agenda is a presentation by Bill Chadwick, president of the Greater Randolph Area Chamber of Commerce. Chadwick assumed his new duties as president on Oct. I. Before his position here he was with the East Texas Chamber of Commerce at IiOngview. Other agenda items included are funding procedures for General l,aw cities, new requirements for overtime pay for Texas cities, the Texas Water Bill, and VIA Bus Service. Frank McNiff, president of Federated National Bank and a member of the Randolph Economic Development Committee of the Randolph Chamber, will be the moderator. Samuel Clemens High School is locatsf at 1001 Eibel Road, mile southwest of FM 3009 in Schertz. Births Mr. and Mrs. Juan Hernandez, Route 6, Box 477, New Braunfels, 7 lb., 13oz. boy,Oct. 8. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Coble, Star Route 3, Box 17A4, New Braunfels, 7 lb., Doz.girl,Oct.8. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Paynter, 1320 Winding Way, 7 lb., 3 oz. boy, Oct. 8 Mr. and Mrs. Fernando Ortega, 204 E. Faust, 7 lb., 5oz. boy, Oct. 8. Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Heckathorne, 416 E. Klein Rd., 8 lb., 4 oz. boy, Oct. 8. cLct Us cEntenainc\bu fWtihLes&Enagy Sd Most modern televisions, stereos, home video games and computers need little energy because they are made with tiny solid-state parts and microchips These electronic miracle makers can bring music and visuals, in one device, into your home for a few pennies a month Although entertainment appliances need less energy than most people would guess they do use power Here are some suggestions for saving energy and money Televisions Color televisions use more power than black and white sets, and the larger the set, the more energy it needs “Instant-on" solid state TV's use considerably more power than conventional sets, because they're on all the time Save about $1 each month in electricity costs by buying an on-off switch Check your TV first—it may already have a switch on its back Stereo Systems Extra stereo equipment and higher wattage systems increase power consumption Remember, you are buying a sound system for a home -not an auditorium—so be realistic about your needs before you buy Computers & Video Games These devices use little power But additions, such as a printer, audio synthesizer, or disc drive may need three to four times more electricity Operate them for short time periods For more energy-saving ideas, call your nearest PEC office JOHNSON CHV • St HT HAM • CANYON LAH! 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