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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 8, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Page 8A    Herald    Ze/tong, New Braunfels, Texas ★ Accidents_ Tuesday, October 8, 1985 Continued from Page 1A marks, and Henderson’s car was pushed into the intersection before coming to rest facing north on Texas 4(1, according to the police report. Another weekend accident was a one-car rollover about ll p.m. Saturday. No one was injured. John Moreno Gonzales, 33, of 218 S. Central, lost control of his car when he hit a dip in the 900 block of West San Antonio, according to the police report. The car hit a utility pole with its right rear, spun around and rolled over on the driver’s side. Gonzales was cited for failure to control vehicle. The police report also indicated that driver’s fatigue contributed to the accident.* Marion Continued from Page la complained that the city police officers are going out of their jurisdiction to escort the high school football team and band to games out of town. Police Chief Mike Earl said he and some of the reserve officers have been accompanying the team to prevent any problems at games. Earl said he drives his own car and a reserve officer takes one of the two city patrol cars. He added that he provides gasoline for the trips. “We are just there as authority figures to act as deterrents to crime," Earl said. 4 We’re not ruffians, we’re just there to keep the peace. Most places we play can’t afford to have enough patrolmen at football games.’’ The officers have gone with the teams to Poteet and Jourdanton. ‘‘I don’t see anything wrong with it (going to football games),’’ the mayor said. "We still have adequate protection here in the city. They I the officers) are part of the community and the city is benefiting from them. We’ve got a winning team this year and I’m glad to see it." Some residents expressed concern Monday that the city Is getting a reputation as a speed trap. Marion has one full-time police officer and five reserve officers. Schertz get honor By SARAH DUKE Staff writer The city of Schertz and Jimmy Gilmore, Schertz’ city manager, have been recognized by a national organization for conforming to high standards of governmental accounting. Schertz lias been awarded a Certificate of Conformance in financial reporting by the Govern- Crossword ACROSS 1 Has to 5 Way off 9 Movie director Frank — 14 Competently 15 Tenth pre! 16 Erns milieu 17 Circle 18 Puppeteer 19 Lariat 20 Bandaged 22 Treats again differently ?4 Worrywart 26 Eye sores 27 Vein 29 Finesse 30 Article Sp 33 Tin Pan Alley 37 Stratagem 38 Fire escapes 39 Math sub) 4C March king 4 1 Willing 42 Deadlocked 44 Flee unit 45 UK air arm 46 Etc 47 Cuban money 49 Fleet 53 Away 57 Sea currents 58 Ammonia compound 59 Pith helmet 61 Rich folk 62 Polishes 63 playing fields of —" 64 Fort —, Ont 65 Tidbit 66 Editor s post 67 Prescribes DOWN 1 Milkshakes 2 Naval vessel 3 Gradient 4 Did secretarial work 5 Classifieds 6 Cold feet 7 Tract units 8 90 degrees 9 Instrument 10 Sour liquids 11 Sound out 12 Classify 13 Collections 21 Adventures 23 French river 25 King Sp 28 Forthright merits Finance Officers Association. The certificate was awarded for Schertz' comprehensive annual financial report for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30,1984. The Certificate of Conformance is the highest form of recognition in the area of governmental accounting and financial reporting. Attaining the certificate represents a significant accomplishment by the government and management of Schertz. PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED 30 Lummox 31 York s river 32 Surveying nail 33 Great pre! 34 Qui! 35 Spiritless 3 6 mode 37 Fuel sources 40 intelligent 42 Obi 43 Greek letter 45 Try again 47 Himalayan mammal 48 Hit hard 50 Love much 51 Charge 52 Silly people 53 Famed cartoonist Khayyam 55 Branch 56 Folk verse 60 India — 54 I— ~r~ i 14 17 IO a I ... 24 5 8 7 8 1$ 18 yr 29 [39 ’•TF UT 65 [50" rn RHT lei rn RTT Kites rise against, not with the wind No man ever worked his passage anywhere in a dead calm John Neal Be cautious with whom you associate, and never give your company or your confidence to those of whose good principles you are not sure Coleridge The human heart, at what ever age, opens only to the heart that opens in return Maris Edgeworth I can live for two months on a good compliment Mark Twain When Your Thoughts Turn To Eating Out Think Of... Church's Frlsd Chicken 124 W. San Antonio New Braunfels 829-0411* District 21 Continued from Page LA Archer, a San Antonio stockbroker, has been elected to four terms as city councilman. He continues to serve as city councilman as he runs for congressman. He also has held many positions in the Republican Party including six terms as a member of the Republican State Executive Committee and a delegate to the Republican National Convention four times. He served as the regional chairman for Ronald Reagan’s 1976 presidential campaign and finance chairman for Reagan’s 1980 campaign. Archer also the Bexar County chairman for Bill Clement’s 1976 gubernatorial campaign. Hunsicker, retired five years ago from the military, worked 44 years at the Pentagon, and has flown IOO combat missions in Viet Nam in a reconnaissance aircraft. The builder-developer said he decided to run because he felt the other candidates do not understand the risk small businessmen and farmers must take. Terry Michael Lowry, 32, has run for mayor of Midland and is chairman of the Democratic Party in Midland County. “Those of us members of the National Democratic Policy Committee (LaRouche’s party) who are running for office as citizen candidates across the country are doing so to effect a return to the American system of political economy,” Lowry said. Though the party has Democrat in its name, neither the National Democratic Party nor the state party recognize his as part of the Democratic fold. Lowry works as an independent petroleum landman in the firm of Boyd and McWilliam. Couple arrested on drug charges By DEBBIE DeLOACH Staff writer Nine federal, state arid local law enforcement officers arrested an Alabama couple on federal drug charges in tile Canyon I.ake area Monday. Kimberly (.’aye Downard, 26, and I-arry Dean Stringer. 35, both of Gulf Shores, Ala , were charged with possession of cocaine. They were later transported to the Bexar County Jail. About a half-pound of white powder substance believed to be cocaine was confiscated during the arrests. Comal County Sheriff’s Lt. Rudy Rubio said that amount of cocaine would carry a street value of $25,000 or $3,000 an ounce. "Officers from Comal County and the Drug Enforcement Agency have had these two under surveillance for a week,” Rubio said. ‘‘They’ve been living out of three vehicles in parks around Canyon Lake.” Stringer was arrested on River Road around noon Monday, while Downard’s arrest occurred later in Cranes Mill Park. Stocks NKW YORK (Al* I - Morning stocks: JohnsJn 434 434 434 High low Last K mart 314 314 314 AMR Corp v Amer Can 384 384 384 KrogerCo 434 43 434 ./I 'i 514 514 ETV Corp 54 54 54 Amertech im, 874 88 Litton Ind 67 4 66 66 AMI Inc 174 174 174 IxineSta Ind 264 264 264 Arn Motors 34 24 34 Lowes 21 204 21 ArnStand 304 4 4? MCorp 194 194 194 Amer TSrT 214 214 14 MayDSt 50 494 494 Amoco 674 664 67 Medtronic 38 38 38 Armco ne 84 84 84 Mobil 294 29 294 AtlRichf Id 624 614 62 Monsanto 434 414 434 BancTex 24 2 24 Motorola 324 324 324 Bell At tan 864 86 864 NYNEX 80 794 80 BellSouth 384 374 38 Owenslll 47 464 47 Beth Steel I 164 164 Pa cif Tel 69 684 684 Minden s 42 ll 414 Penney JC 484 474 484 CaterpTr 354 354 354 Phelps Dod 204 204 204 Centel 414 414 414 PlnlipPt s 124 124 124 ChesebgP 334 334 334 Polaroid 354 344 354 Chevron 384 374 374 ProctGainb 564 564 564 Chrysler 374 364 I PsbS NwMx 27 264 27 CoastalCp s 29 284 284 BCA 43 424 424 CocaCola 704 69s* 694 RepBankCp 294 294 294 Coleman 264 264 264 Sabine 154 154 154 Com I Met I 174 174 174 Safeway 324 324 324 DeltaAirl 394 384 384 SFeSouPac 334 324 324 DiamShm 154 154 154 SearsRoeb 324 32 324 DowCliem 344 334 334 Singer Co 54 354 354 Dressrlnd 184 184 184 Southerco 194 194 194 duMont 584 58 584 Southland 374 364 37 KastKodak s 444 434 44 SwstBell 764 764 76 Bnaorch 204 204 204 Tandy 334 334 334 Entexlnc 194 194 194 TexComBn 304 30 304 Exxon 524 514 524 TexEastn 354 334 334 Fed ICo 414 414 414 Texas Inst 924 924 924 Firestone 184 184 184 TexasOGas 174 17 174 KtBcpTex 114 114 114 Tex Util 264 264 264 Flowered 194 194 194 Textron 45 444 444 FordMot 444 444 MMI Tylers 144 14 144 (IAF Corp 374 374 374 Un Carbide 524 514 52 (ITF Corp 394 384 39 UnPacCp 474 464 464 GnDynarn 69 67 674 US Steel u 314 314 314 GenElec 574 564 57 USWest 754 754 754 Gen Food 1184 1184 1184 UniTel 204 204 204 Gen Motors 684 674 684 Unocal 284 284 284 GnMotr E s 354 354 354 WalMarts 254 244 25 Goodrich 314 31 31 WestghEl 374 364 364 Goodyear 264 264 264 Xerox Cp 464 454 464 GtAtlPac 16 154 154 ZemthE 164 164 164 Gulf StaUt Balibuntl HolidayCorp Houstlnd HughesTl Interfst IBM Intl Hurv Int Paper 124 254 504 264 124 104 124 25 504 264 124 104 1244 124 64    64 Stocks open mixed NEW YORK (AP) — Stocks opened mixed today after posting a loss in the previous session. Dear Abby Michigan Tall Tales Make New York Teen Feel Short-Changed DEAR ABBY: I am a male fresh man at the University of Michigan I am 5 feet IO inches tall, lait whim I arrived at school, I found I was one of the shortest guys hero. Back home in New York, I am considered average height. I just spoke to my ii foot 2 room mate who tells me that I am “short." Abby, in New York, 5 feet IO inches is not considered short. Am I crazy, or are the guys in the Midwest taller than the guys in the East? Also, what is the average height for men in the United States? I thought it was 5 feet IO inches. KEELING SHORT KROM NYC DEAR FEELING: You are not short; you are taller than the average. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the average height for an American male is 5 feet 9 inches. Regional statistics are not available, so I can’t tell you if men grow taller in the Midwest than they do in the East, hut off the top of my head I’d guess that ♦ he average Swede in Minneapolis is taller than the average Irishman in Boston. DEAR ABBN I am dismayed when I see my smart, handsome col lege-age grandsons remain slouched in their chairs when they are intro dueed to older people. College fraternities used to polish up the manners of their pledges in a hurry if their parents had not taught them basic etiquette These grandsons are my sons children, arid I ve considered giving each one some private instruction. (Their manners are atrocious.! What else should I tell them he sides, “Always stand when a lady or older person enters the room Also, The Dow Jones average of 30 industrials, off more than 4 points Monday, slipped another 1.90 to 1,322.47 in the opening hour. lasers overall held a slight lead over gainers on the New York Stock Exchange. On the NYSE’s active list, Revlon rose *8 to 5541. Pantry Pride on Monday sweetened its hid to acquire Revlon to $56.25 a share from $53. SCM jumped I to 734 after Hanson Trust of Britain today offered $75 a share for SCM, which already has agreed to a $74-a-share leveraged buyout by a group led by Merrill Lynch, which fell 4 to 27V The NYSE’s composite index of more than 1,500 common stocks was up 0.09 at 105.34 at IO iii LU I At the American Stock Exchange, the market value index .slipped 0.14 to 221.36. On Monday the Dow Jones industrial average dropped 4.37 to 1,324.37. Declines led advances by 5 to 3 on the NYSE, where volume totaled 95.55 million shares, against 101.17 million in the previous session. hold the door open for women, hold their coats and seat them at the dinner table”? My grandsons jump into an automobile, taking the best seats for themselves while I scramble for myself. The father of the two grandsons who are most in need of lessons in manners is divorced, so I don’t want to confront him with this problem. (’an vou help me? OHIO GRANDMOTHER DEAR GRANDMOTHER: First, have a private talk with your grandsons to find out if they’re interested in improving their manners. The rules you men-t inned are elementary, but more will come to mind as the boys interact in a social setting. And grandmother, divorced fathers arc not exempt from teaching their children consideration for others, which is really what basic good manners is all about. DLAR ABBY. I am a 17-year-old high school senior with a problem I can’t talk to anybody about. I think I have some kind of venereal disease. Please don’t tell me to talk to my parents or a teacher at school or a clergyman. I just can’t. Can you send me a list of symptoms? I need to know as soon as possible. Thank ANONYMOUS IN SANTA ANA. (’ALIE. DEAR ANONYMOUS: There is a national, toll-free VI) Hotline you can call. The number is I -HOO-227-8922. In California, it’s I-800-982-5883.Trained operators will answer all your questions relating to VD. ... M t IMN! I ON J- I H PHI I MIMI I) SPONSOR OF THE WECK Insurance all types Insurance Safi Kunksl /Lgu Iniursnce Agency 629-5881 ISO W MILL ST 19 . FEATURED ON YOUR , WHITE S GREEN PHONE BOOK COVERI \ WALLET SIZE COLOR PHOTOS WE USE KODAK PAPER 99c No limit on this offer ^ CHURCH *^ TODAY’S THOUGHTS! WITH BOB DIETZ OFF DEVELOPING 528 & PRINTING on disc 110 1?6 or )bmm color print roll of film dull ♦fame C 41 process only) One roll per coupon Multiple sets of prims are ’ .< off regular print puce ai time of developing t xcludes use of other coupons Otter good through 10 12-85    _    _ ■ w    COUPON    MUST ACCOMPANY ORDER wmmmPCK PHOTO J J KODAK FILm"sALE - COST*" 7°7o“" J •    Plus    huge savings on other film sizes. A Q4 . . 7,^ -V Hurry! Sale Ends Saturday.    nn    ,,!?nc;r.i 7 mmmZnZtvon, 1^0-12 Exposure J ............ ,............. 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