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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 8, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Amusements Herald-Zritung Tuesday, October 8, 1985 Pag® 2 Bloom County Garfield Cathy (I'M GETTING v RESTLESS J Vr»*- C t I I I I HW I haven't been INTO TOWN FOR FIVE WEEKS. UOELL IT SEEMS LIKE FIVE WEEKS... A -v^ < / ac. Hew pip rfcxJ e^r fag STAf?TiN<2> SPC xo^or^om, f « tm**9 tyejMPf MHH Annie .. Y^U M£Atf Tpu.. UM ... vVHAts that f* I (TO THIMM ANNIE T SPENT A PLEASANT I WIW J §R*S?Y von mama*? <***• ^ W° YOU, MAMA . I 6He flQULp 2>t BACH„ ahii n iw im\ Dick Tracy rn \_Vt tv -I'M NOT TOO GOOP AT rsr THE MINI? OF 6AME6 J AMITV PLAYS, PUT IT I    ,rT*b ftNVHOW'T fF    N^W ANYHOW. [ FK|EN(7,6 JOYG 7- UH-HUH.' I PON T KNOW    JI HT HER TOP AWAY WITH ME/ " HOW I HAPPENEPT CARRV. I'LL RETURN IT T'MORROW^ WHY, MR. TRACY- IT’S. SUCH A PLEASANT SURPRISE SEE IN’ YA AGAIN... Wizard of Id Tumbleweeds Marmaduke The Quigmans "The police are on the phone something about you obstructing justice!" TV listings CABLE (2) (al (4) (SI (6] (71 (111 “ (13) Pm USA KSAT KMOL KENS KLRN CNN KBVC» CBN KWEX I U. in .ti UH THI wont CH 12 San Antonio CH 4 San Antonio CHB San Antonio CH 9 San Anton* C ebe Naws Nat CH.42 Austin I 2bn Caw# Not CH.41 San Antone A«i Q jo t bde IWO I kagret I 'not It I Right >M Mafanna I taw* I mr WW rlVWIrfflU I Gama taws Meal of Fortuna WI. I Contact (CC) nightly Buat- < nasa Asport Moreylma r. * >oaafira I Jood Tinea ( > yores I Court >>urtahip/Ed de s Fatter 'Imm Don't Eat Daises Topsce rn* OO » /*> ’nm* Tim# \ Wrasthng ( Who 1 tha I Bom' (CC) I Stowing Paint (CC) nstda Look I Major laaguo Baseball Amor icon Hometown Mac Noil/- I Lahrsr Nawshour Prime Naws ■iawaii FiveO Oak un Benes Vidal 8 8 OO * Moonlighting (CC) Laogu# I Champion *htp Gama 1 Movia Lova, Mary (CC) Nova (CC) Larry King Lrva af Move 'Far Pavillion! Part 3 700 Club Chotpirtto 9: Powerboat Racing Formula Ona Our f amity Honor (CC) - m War A Com man tory with Gwynn# Dyor(CC) E v#nirtg Plevis Naws Caecity Chats Dancing Dayl 24 Horas lo AHrad HiMctck rnai* Now* Thraai Company (wwl Boat of Carton Nows Jeff arsons Nightly Busr- n#M R aport Or Who Morey 1 ma Sports Tonight Quincy Man From UNCLE Raportar 41 La Traeen ll" Edgs of Ntfht Gaul Shaw lamoy Millar Lavamaand Shirtoy WKRP rn Cincinnati Dynasty Uncommon Platea Nowamght Fantasy Island Boat of Groucho Bill Coaby Show PaiwuM Pobra Nino Rico' 12" Haortlighi eat AK Now* Nightlife Eyaon Hollywood Lata Night with David Lattorman Quincy Sign Off Crossfire Nowamght Updau That's Incrsdibe Bill Dana Lova That Bob CABLE I (17) (19) 120] (21) (221 (231 (24) (251 [28! Pm SHOW NICK WTBS LIFE TIME WON ESPN GALA HBO NASH S^MWrtJin# Wiefcalodeorv §4a Atlanta Ufatima Chicago Sports Network Gatavision Homa Box Offica Naselle Ni 6- P motor Satan rn Pana You Can't Do That On TV OangarmouM Mary Tytar Moors Sanford and Son Mothers Day What Evary Baby Knows Bamoy Miler Boreon Sportscantsr Basoteli's Graatoat Him NovaU'La Noc ha bol Cobs rd# Prog Contd You Can Ba Sui Fandango 7: FaanaTala Thaatra Tha Emperors Sbuu, Al—ti. — — PHW LK/intl Jana Eyra Movia Tho Spiral Road' Hot Propanes with Richard Belier Move Good Timas' Championship Wrestling Palicula El Redeicubri mento do Mexico Move YO' Nashville Now 8 8 OO Move Aauten. Pawpaw' Evanu in a Muaaum Rage Philbms Lifaatylas - Championship Roliar Darby - Naw Countr 8 8 o> Inatda Undor tha Ham mar - Or Ruth Show Naws NFL Arm Wrsstting Palicula La Amant! Part acu 1st A Ton Vidoocountr 140 Paradis lo Mov ia Tha WM Ufa' ICC) . Movia Experiment In Terror Move Smashing Tine' Comedy Break Lova Boat Powarboat Racing Sportscantsr El Estudio da Iola Boltran Move: Thay Call Ma Bruet? You Can Ba Star Fandango ll: 'mw* IU Jana Eyra m m Move: Tha Hall with Meade Sportslook NFL# Greet ast Momanu Sore El Toque Sutif Move Rood hogs# BB' Nsshvite Now sa 12: IM Mama' Evanu in a Muaaum Movia Tha Elocution#!'' Family Guida Praaanu Morose PRA Fun Contact Karats Palicula Nodes do Cabaraf - fawmm fikiinfi ;

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