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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - October 2, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas ' ‘jIOjSjS t t > it tit Ct' cc* ’ccc ct it i t ct t cerci ct ti • erect e • ii c e e* _** tt* 11 r eye cc cc* itft * * ceca«cc* * r* * * it cee* Ct ct cee ft ct ct ret feet Ct tea* cc cee et * cee* eeeeece*ce eeeeeeceeee* eeeeece cr cere* ea* t ce ct FA I*. VS*THURSDAY, OCT. 3rd THRU WEDNESDAY, OCT. 9th, 1985 LANDA PLAZA MANAGERS DOWN TOWN MANAGERS r\ I JAMIS BUECHE STORE MANABER HAROLD KLUG ASSIST AHT STORE MAHAQER FRAHCIS SALGE MARKET MANAGER ROLAND RAMOS PRODUCE MANAGER j 1cee ce* * ct 11» cc cee eet ii cee cct >ee ce ce cee eee_e.ee c cee cree cee cc c cc e e cc cc cee cee ece recta eeeeeee i t * e e t e cerer ce crrcccrcceccecccecr, MANARD IVY FERDINAND JUNG WILBURN ACKER WESLEY TYMRAK JUDY LETBETTER STORE    ASSISTANT    MARKET    PRODUCE    DELICATESSEN manager store manager    MANAGER    manager    manager 77777777777777777777777777777777777377777P?T7ZZ?ZZPZaaE*lfltiati6<* I ceeeeeeec e ccce eccee.eee/eceeceecceece ce e \ ll IT I S 3 5 J $ PEPSI - DIET PEPSI - PEPSI FREE - DIET PEPSI FREE PEPSI PEPSI LIGHT - REG OR DIET MOUNTAIN DEW - SLICE 6Pak 12 oz. Cans k k ISS I rn) L s rf ■Dei cir 2 Liter Pit. Btls. efcccccccceccccccccccccctc e tccccccccicccececcccccccccccccceccccccc • cree cececceeeeceececccccceece READY - TO - EAT FRI. ET SAT. OCT. 4th Cr 5th HOT DOGS EA, ALL HOT DOGS ARI WRAPPED b PREPARED FRESH HOURLY WITH KRAFT MUSTARD AND PICKLE RELI8H k» DECKER S FRANKS AS LONG AS THEY LAST FRI. & SAT. OCT. 4th & 5th crc rec cc cree e rec cc cce cc cc cee cc* '7mrj7rgTffTrmmmn¥mnii3mf?fi ece eee*eee»e eeeeeee eeeeeee eeee ceeeeeeeeeee Wuest's Pure Cane SUGAR Mid ii' 'I Iii' SUGAR 3 U EST'S S Gebhardt REFRIED BEANS 16 oz Can Plain Chili ^ 950 Tamales........1£*    650 Chili Powder.... *£• 890 MANUFACTURERS' coupons! Details Posted In Store cc c* 111 ttti-.. ...yr wwr ft 11 j t, cee* j t * * t c eee cc cee cc cc cee cee cc* I cc cc    ce    cere    crc    cc    cc    crc    cee    cccc cc c c cc crc cee cc crc cee cee cCcc cccc ceeeeee* cee cee * Ct c ;

Clippings and Obituaries for the New Braunfels Herald Zeitung