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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - November 29, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Page 6A Hera\dZeitung, New Braunfels, Texas Friday, November 29,1985 Geronimo Creek “There are nearly 2 million (NFIP) policyholders.” Bragg said. “hut estimates are there are between 6 and 8 million insurable buildings exposed to a risk of flooding This means there could be as many as 4 million uninsured buildings." Bragg warned Christmas warning: Gift wrap with safety WASHINGTON <AP» The love that prompts holiday toy buying needs to be tempered by thoughts of safety so the gifts will bring only fun and not injuries say government and industry toy experts Nationally there were 21 MHI fewer > tov relater! injuries last year than iii 1077 and those that occurred weir* mostly minor But hazards still exist • arui adults must watch for them, the • safety experts said Tuesday •; flu- decline iii injuries is very • ‘ hopeful said Douglas Thomson of the • Toy Manufacturers of America, with most problems associated with the •* exuberance of youth, tin* purchase of *. toys tor tin* wrong age level anil lack ut supervision I The majority of the I2<» two injuries ^•reported last year were minor cuts ’and scrapes, Consumer Product T Safety Commission Chairman Ter ;»rence M Scallion said But in* said there were also ...dangerous cases of toddlers inhaling or swallowing small items, and "con suiners must t*e informed and use .* good judgment if we are to further reduce I hese injuries arid deaths ” Thomson and Scanlon joined hands !; at a morning press conference replete witll a school choir ami bell •| ringers. Santa Claus, punch and •* cookies, dozens of cameras and hun-dreds of news reporters, to deliver their annual Christmas toy safety message One member of the product safety commission skipped the session, however, contending the nations toymaker do not go far enough in their age labeling on toys. " I tie basic message (of toy safety i is fine,” said Commissioner Stuart M Statler, contacted later at his of flee But he said fie would rather see the agency’s effort go toward finding dangerous toys and getting them off tile market As for age labeling, he said, manufacturers only list the ages a product is or is not recommended for Much better, contended Statler. would be labels saying why the recommendation is made such as tiiat a toy contains small parts a tod (lier might choke on, or sharp points winch could cause eye injuries Nonetheless, Scanlon and Commis stoner Carol Dawson were at the conference to deliver their safety message “Consumer* must make the appropriate toy selection at point of purchase, must supervise children while at play to ensure safe habits, must assure proper storage of unus cd toys, and must regularly examine toys repairing or discarding broken ones,” Scanlon told the gathering Scanlon warned of the hazards of balloons and toy chests Balloons, if broken or deflated, can suffocate small children, tie said He urged adults to remove balloons and pieces of broken balloons after parties Toy chest lids can drop onto a child looking for something in the box. Scanlon said, with some 30 deaths caused by this type of accident over a decade He urged buying toy chests with spring supports for the lids. business The coverage and costs of flood insurance are the same, whether a policy is written directly with the NFIP or through one of the companies with arrangments with the FI A The advantage of purchasing flood insurance from a company may be improved service VPU CANT DO BETTER THAN csr—*«* -/ke& ON SALE NOV. 29 THPU DEC. 3 v — SIT-fl 2.97 X mort’ Sot* Pue* V 1.00 iou roc lory Babul* 1.97 VOO) Not Cod Ade* PatxMe 197 Price After Rebate 20 twin-pock OOO flashes or twin-pack flashbar. Urn*j!«    lo    mil    i    >tipokjtiurI 397 Price After Rebate Rechargeable batteries in pkg of 2 "AA" size tfrtjuto kmilecJ lo mfc I shputohor MISSION VALLEY BIBLE CHURCH Temporarily meeting at T Bar M Conference Center W Highway 46, 629 5725 After Rebate Choice of rechargeable batteries; nickel cadmium Select 2 "C"- or "D ’-celi batteries or I for 9-V application. Umtxitm krmted to rn* s mputadon Bob’s Notes! Vol. No. ll Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving yesterday! Aren’t we lucky in America to be able to just get up and go I ANYWHERE in the country without fear of passing through check-points and having someone looking down our throats to see who we are, where we’re I going, etc.? Many countries I aren’t so lucky. We should be thankful. What are some more things we could take a couple of minutes to be thankful for dur- I mg this holiday season? • Our freedom of worship I and freedom of the press. • Our health, eyesight and hearing. • Our jobs, homes and automobiles. • Our wives, husbands and children. • Our pastors, Sunday school teachers, deacons, choir members and other church leaders. • Our policemen, firemen and military personel. • Our school teachers, principals and other school leaders. • Our farmers and ranchers. • Our local, state and national leaders. • The Bible • Our God The Creator of all things. • Jesus’ death on the Cross for our sins. • Jesus’ Resurrection from the dead. • The Holy Spirit How many of the above things do we take for granted . . . and never thank Him for them7 During this Thanksgiving season ... I challenge you to take just a moment . . . "To smell the roses" ... and give thanks for all He has given us. the most blessed nation in the world. In closing tonight. I have to tell you of a very real threat to many of the above freedoms. A certain "lady’’ known to all Christians as a devout atheist . whose son now professes Christianity . . and whose initials are . . . MMO ... who successfully eliminated the use of Bible reading and prayer in all public schools five years ago has been granted a Federal hearing in Washington, DC on the subject of Religion and the Airwaves" by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The petition (RM 2493) would ultimately pave the way to stop the reading of the Gospel on the airwaves of America . . . radio AND TV!!! She is also campaigning to remove Christmas programs, songs and carols from public schools Don t take these freedoms for granted! Please send the following note TODAY! DATE: FCC 1919 "H" Street Washington, DC 20054 Re Petition No 2493 I am an American and proud of my heritage. I am also very much aware of the place religious faith has played in the freedom we, as Americans, now enjoy. Therefore; I protest any human efforts to remove from radio or television any program designed to show faith in God NAME;______ ADDRESS:__ CITY_______ STATE   ZIP _ (Ed. Note: This space donated by HCC, Inc ). Tuesday floods plague Hunter Hills area By th* TIMMERMANN SISTERS Usually under normal rainfall conditions in the Hunter area of Comal County the water rushes down the York Creek draw, but the torrential down pour on Tuesday sent the banks overflowing The water coming in a tidal wavelike rush made a roaring noise as it forced onward flattening brush, debris and widenedmg to include the Alligator Creek draw The Alligator Creek water hit the Barbarrossa area and Sunday morning peaked around IO: 15 am The Sam Bretzke home on Bar-barossa Road edged the high rise and luckily only a gallon of water entered the home A dump truck was needed for the family and helpers to reach the house The wafer receded as fast as it rose but left the yard with a foot of silt to wash down to find the sidewalks and gravel driveway The wheat fields had spot erosion and silt pile-ups The Alligator Creek feeds into Geronimo Creek hut little damage thus far has been reported 25th anniversary Family and relatives join Ray and Alice Buck in Bryan to help them observe their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary Tuesday The heavev rains closed roads along the travelways. Monroe Schubert of the Feutress area helped to patrol and rerouted us to avoid the San Mai cos river Monroe remembers the river higher only one previous time Flowing water along the roadway and water across the highway at Cedar Creek kept us watchful all the way to Bryan Ryan Ramsey welcomed Ryan William Ramsey was welcomed Monday by his parents Steve and Gail Ramsey Ryan weighed in at 7 pounds 111 > ounces and measured 20‘_. inches He was born at the Guadalupe Valley Hospital The proud grandparents include the paternal. Bob and Ann Ramsey of Temple and Elsie Heinemeyer of Seguin is the proud maternal grandmother Auxiliary meets The Geronimo Volunteer Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary met Nov 20 President June Herzog called the meeting to order and asked for the opening devotional Margaret Harbroth read “Life’s Little Blessings ’ Juanita Dreirbradt read the minutes and gave the treasurers report. Juanita also gave a break down on how much profit each booth made at the October Festival. The main item of business was the upcoming Christmas Party planned for Dec 18 It will be held at the Geronimo V F W Hall Happy Hour will begin at 7 p m and dinner will be served at 7:30 p m All the Geronimo firemen Winter is flood season for many parts of the country, including this one, and officials of the federal government’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) caution that homeowner’s insurance does not and auxiliary members and their families are invited The meat, drinks and eating utensils will be furnished by the fire department and auxiliary. Each familiy is asked to bring either z vegetable, chip and dip or a dessert. Santa Claus will also be at the party. Therefore each family with a child or children is asked to bring a gift for their child or children. The gift should be wrapped and labeled with your child’s name. Remember this fun date when Santa will be in Geronimo — Dec. 18 — Happy hour 7 p m. and dinner at 7:30 p.m. Silver anniversary The Laubach Hall with its tree lac- cover losses from flooding. Jeffery S. Bragg, head of the Federal Insurance Administration (FIA), which oversees the operation of the NFIP. pointed out this important financial protection is available ed grounds was invitingly lighted to welcome the silver anniversary of Fred and Rita Gilbert. They were helped with the party chores by their daughters Suzanne and Janet. The reception and dance was held Monday from 6-11 p m They were married Nov. 27, 1960 A barbecue dinner was served complimented by dishes brought by family and friends The anniversary cake was placed in the center of the hall and served by Tracy Bittner and Leanne Johns After super a dance was enjoyed by the guests Leroy and Beth Johns led the grandmarch through the government’s program in communities which participate in the NFIP, “but it isn t automatic; the property owner must purchase the coverage from any property and casualty insurance agent or broker.” There are nearly 18. (HK) communities throughout the country that have agreed to adopt and enforce floodplain management ordinances. “This action on the part of the com minty makes flood insruance available to owners of property in the community, including renters who may insure their contents in a rented property.” Bragg emphasized that buildings which are not in special flood hazard areas may he insured “In fact, almost 40 percent of the claims paid by the NFIP are for losses that occurred in areas thought to have only minimal to moderate flood risk.” Bragg reported The Administrator said FIA. part of the Federal Emergency Manage ment Agency, is working to inform the public about the availability of flood insurance because there are so many buildings exposed to a flood risk which covered It's winter flood season Getting ready for winter LESLIE KRIEWALDT/HMALD ZEITLIN^ Everything seems to be busy lately with everyone getting no different with these industrious squirrels busily stocking ready for winter and the holiday season The animal kingdom is away their winter stores. While flood insurance may be pur chased through any insurance agent. FIA recently initiated a new pro gram which allows insurance com panics to offer coverage under their own names through arrangements with FIA These arrangements pro vide the companies financial assurance for their flood isurance ;

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