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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - November 29, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Religious focus Hvrald-Zeltwif Friday, November 29, 1985 Page SA Southern Baptists feel fallout from summer By GEORGEW. CORNELL AP Religion Writer That vast midsummer collision among Southern Baptists still is reverberating, the fallout including a threatened lawsuit, charges of “heresy” and proposed bylaw changes. All the while, a peace committee has pleaded for quiet restraint, and to a degree, has obtained it, except for signs of the underlying ferment that keep cropping up. The banked tensions stem from last June’s convention in Dallas at which the president, the Rev Charles Stanley, overruled a majority vote of the record-size convention of 45,000. He ruled the result out-of-order and void, even though he himself earlier had ordered the ballot to clarify an uncertain standing vote In a denomination that prides itself on democracy, the one-man squelching of the majority has fueled a running controversy, with a Georgia couple threatening a lawsuit unless the procedureis nullified. But the denomination’s executive committee refused to do that, deciding to affirm the challenged proceedings despite, it said, “whatever mistakes may have occurred.’’ Robert S. Crowder of Birmingham, who with his wife had retained an attorney to press the matter, said he was “heartbroken’’ that the committee failed its “duty and responsibility” in the matter. His attorney, Emmit J. Bondurant of Atlanta, contended that convention “messengers” clearly had the “power to amend” any report, but “were thwarted in their effort to do so” by chair rulings. Southern Baptist bylaws were “run roughshod over” by the “arbitrary and ... fundamentally illegal and unfair rulings” by Stanley, the attorney contended in presenting Crowder’s plea to the executive committee Bondurant said the denomination’s “representative form of government ... depends upon the integrity of the procedures guaranteeing" majority rule, but it “was denied the messengers of the Dallas convert lion.” The partisan conflict in the 14 million-member denomination, the largest in American Protestantism involves a drive by a resurgent fun damentalist wing, charging liberalism in denominational institu tions, to achieve control In the controversial vote, a majori ty held that the convention could substitute an entire slate for a com mittee. chosen through presidential appointive powers, that picks trustees overseeing agencies and in stitutions Stanley, earlier re-elected as the fundamentalist incumbent, had sub nutted the issue to to a ballot, but when the result was announced, ruled it out-of-order, backed by his parliamentarian, refusing to recognize floor objections However, the denomination's executive committee rebuffed Crowder's protest to the procedures, affirming them and declaring its own decision “makes a1) procedural defects moot, if any occurred ” At the same time. a proposal to revise a key bylaw- 16 to specify that alternate nominations can be made ti Worship at the church of your choice Briefly Local Assembles De Dios (Spanish Assembly of God), 255 W Commerce St Sunday school 5 30 p m, evangelistic service 6 30 p m Saturday 6 30 p rn. Bible Baptist Church 1235 Ervenberg Ave Sunday school 10 a rn worship 11 a rn and 7 p rn Wednesday service 7 30 p rn Calvary Baptist Church 566 U S 81 West Sunday School IO a m worship 11 a rn and 6pm. Wednesday 7 p m Church of Christ 1665 US 81 West Bible classes for all 9 am, worship IO am, evening worship and children s Bible hour 6 p rn , Wednesday classes 7 p m Nursery available Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 2386 W San Antonio St Priesthood meeting 9am, relief society 9 a rn young women 9am. primary 9 a rn Sunday school 10 a rn sacrament 10 50 a rn Cross Lutheran Church iMissouri Synodi South Hickory and Cross Streets Sunday school and adult Bible 9am, worship 1015 a rn Eastside Baptist Church 983 Holly St Sunday school 9 45 a rn worship ll a rn and 6pm Wednesday prayer meeting 6 pm Eiemplo Vivo Baptist Church Gamer Hall Santa Clara and Guenther Streets Sunday school 9 30 a rn worship 10 45 a rn church training 6pm prayer meeting Wednesday 7 p rn at 498 Liberty faith United Church of Christ 970 Loop 337 Church school 9 15 a rn worship IO 30 a rn fellowship Bible Church Soims and Morningside Sunday school 9 45 a rn worship 11 a rn and 6pm first Assembly of God 1687 U S 81 West Sunday school 9 45 a rn , worship IO 45 a rn and 7 pm; Wednesday service 7 p m First Baptist Church 733 Cross St Sunday school 9 30 a.m., worship 10 45 a m and 7 pm; Wednesday dinner 5 30 pm Bible study and prayer service 6 15pm First Church of Christ Scientist 137 E Mill St Sunday service IO 30 a rn Sunday school 10 30 am, Wednesday service 7 30 pm Child care available First Church of the Nacarene 1465 In terstate 35 East Sunday school 9 45 a rn worship IO 50 a rn and6pm First Presbyterian Church 272 S Krueger Sunday school 9 45 am, fellowship 10 30 a rn , worship 11 a rn and 7pm First Protestant United Church of Christ Seguin and Coll Streets Worship 8 and IO 30 a rn . church school 9 a rn First United Methodist Church 572 W San Antonio St Church school 9 30 arn worship 10 50 a rn and youth activities 6pm Freedom Fellowship Church 330 Hack berry Christian growth class 8 30 am, teaching 10 am. worship ll am Wed nesday meeting 7pm Green Valley Apostolic Tabernacle IU P C I 104 Melody Lane Sunday school IO a rn evangelistic service 7pm Bible study 7 30 p rn Thursday Harmony Baptist Church 14 72 Te«as 46 S Sunday school 9 45 a rn worship 11 a rn and 7pm, Bible study 6pm Wednesday prayer meeting 7 30 p rn Holy Family Catholic Church 245 S Hidalgo Saturday Mass 5pm Sunday Mass Sam (Spanish) IO a rn and 5pm (English) Iglesia Bethel Pentecoste 38 N Grape St Saturday Sunday and Wednesday 7 30 p rn Sunday school 10 and ll 30 am worship 11 30 a m and noon, Monday prayer meeting 7 30 p rn Lakeside Baptist Mission PM 725 Sunday school 9 45 a m worship 11 a rn and 7pm Wednesday Bible study and prayer meeting 7 p rn Live Oak Baptist 335 Washington Sunday school 9 45 a rn worship 11 a rn Living Word Church 1254 LIS 81 East Sunday worship 10 am and 7 pm Wed nesday service 7pm Mission Pentecoste Church 129 School St Services Tuesday, Thursday Saturday and Sunday 7 30 p rn Mission Valley Bible Church T Bar M Conference Center Texas 46 Worship 9 30 am Sunday Scott J Tjernagei pastor teacher New Braunfels Christian Church Loop 337 Sunday school 9 30 a rn worship IO 30 a rn and 6pm |unior church IO 30 a rn New Braunfels Foursquare Gospel Church, one fourth mile from Interstate 35 on PM 306 Sunday school 10 am worship 11 a m Wednesday worship 7pm New Braunfels Presbyterian Church 373 Howard Church school 9 30 a rn worship 9 45 a rn and ll am Nursery provided New Braunfels Seventh Day Adventist Church 2990 W San Antonio St Sabbath school 9 30 a rn Saturday worship 11 a rn Saturday Northside Church of Christ 511 E North St Sunday Bible classes 9 30 a rn worship 10 30 am and 6 pm Wednesday Bible classes 7 30 p rn Oakwood Baptist Church 2154 Loop 337 North Bible study 9 30 a rn worship 1045 a rn and 7 p m , Wednesday prayer service 7 p rn Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church 138 W Austin Masses 5 30 p rn Saturday and 8 a rn and 11 a rn Sunday I first Mexican Baptist 2080 W San An jomo Si Sunday school 9 45 a rn worship 10 50 am and 6pm, Wednesday prayer Service 7pm I Ceorganired Church of Jesus Christ of atter Day Saints I lur.- Plaza eel g joom, 300 Laurel Lane Church school 9 45 a rn , worship 11 a rn Second Baptist Church 243 Mernweatr ••r Sunday school 9 45 a m worship ll air ^nd 7pm, church training 6pm Wed besday service 7 30 p rn [it Joseph's Anglican Church An ... - >• piscopal Church), 185 E Jehn St Worship er /ice I o a rn I 928 Prayer Book John s Episcopal Church 312 S iuenther Holy Eucharist 8am Christ ar iducation 9 30 a m Holy Eucharist 10 30 i 01 St Paul Lutheran Church .rgss and Santa tiara Streets Worship settee 8 am iiroadcast on KNBT Radio PM 92i and IO 30 4 m Sunday school 9 15 a m Sts Peter and Paul Catholic Church 18* Al Casted Saturday Vass 7pm Sunday gasses 8 30 IO and ll 15 am No eyer ng Vass through Friday Spirit of Ltfa Fellowship 4’9 Enchantment Lane off PM 725 near Zipp Lane Sunday worship Sunday school nursery IO am evening service 7 pm Wednesday Bible Study 7 30 p rn at 1111 Gardenia md 307 E Zipp Pastor Tom Sietert Tree of Lire Fellowship '25 J S 8' West iunday setvices 9 45 am aid 7 pm Wednesday service 7pm Faith United plans Advent celebration Faith United Church celebrates Advent Sunday with an Advent candle lighting and special children’s message There will also be holy communion at the 10:30 a rn morning worship At 5:30 p rn an Advent fellowship potluck meal and program will be hosted by the Circle of Faith The church is located at 970 Loop 337 from the floor was expected to be presented at the next executive committee meeting in February Meanwhile the Rev Robison B James, a religion professor at the University of Richmond, affiliated with Virginia Southern Baptists, accused the increasingly dominant fundamentalists of heresy By their insistence on belief that the Bible is scientifically and historically without error, he says they consider their “inerrantist view of the Bible as supreme over the Bible rather than submitting directly to it Sts. PeterErPaul offers babysitting The Middle School Youth Group of Sts Peter and Paul s parish will offer a Christmas Shoppers Babysitting Service this weekend at the parish center Babysitting services will be available from 9 a rn until 6 p rn on Saturday and from noon until 6pm on Sunday Area. Bracken United Methodist Church FM 2252 Sunday school 9 30 a rn    chute h service IO 45 a rn Bulverde Baptist Church P O Box 43 Sunday school 9 30 a rn worship IO 45 a rn and 7pm. Christian training 6pm Wed nesday service 7pm Bulverde United Methodist Church U S 281 and Cibolo Creek Sunday scnool 9 30 am church service IO 45 a rn Canyon Lake United Methodist Church Flmtstone Drive Canyon Lake Mobile Home Estates Sunday school 9 15 am worship IO 30 a rn Chapel in the Cove (interdenominational) Cypress Cove Club House Worship 9am Church of Christ FM 3159 and FM 2673 Bible class IO a rn Sunday worship ll a rn and 6pm Wednesday service 7pm Church in the Valley (interdenominational) Deep Acres, Canyon City Church school 9 a rn worship 1015am, Bible study 7pm Church in the Wildwood Assembly of God), FM 2673 The Oaks Sunday school 10 a rn worship IO 50 a m and 6 30 pm Cranes Milt Baptist Church FM 2673 at Starkville Sunday Bible study 9 30 am worship 10 45 a m and 6 30 p m Wed nesday Bible study and prayer 7 30 p m Nursery provided Friedens United Church of Christ Geronimo Church school 9 a rn worship service IO 15 a rn First Baptist Church of Canyon Lake Horseshoe Fads Estates Sunday school 9 30 a rn worship 10 40 a rn and 6pm Nursery provided Gethsemane Baptist Church Starkville Community Center Sunday school 10 a m worship ll a rn and 7pm Wednesday worship 7 p m Rock Hill Gospel Faith Center 502 In terstate 35 South (behind 'est aieat Sunday school IO a rn worship 8 and ll a rn and 7 30 p rn , Tuesday Bible college 7 30 p rn Thursday ladies meeting 9 30 am and young ministers 7 30 p rn St Andrew Lutheran Church AlC> FM 2673 east of Starkville Sunday school 9 am. worship 1015 am communion hist Sunday St Francis By the Leke Episcopal Church 14 miles west of Interstate 35 on FM 306 Services IO am Sunday and oesday Rev Katherine G R'ggs Wed St John's Mission Church Ou* en ' Perpetual Help mtssvnl Hume* Sunday Mass $ 30 a rn tt Paul Lutheran Church FM '865 it S ^81 Sunday school 9 am Aorsh.p 10 16 St Paul United Church of Christ " Vain and FM 78 C 1 bo lo Church school and worship 10 a rn $t Thornes Chapel Roman Cathop Canyon Dam hillside Sunday Mass 9 30 and ll 15 a rn pre Sunday Mass Saturday 5 ana lpm Antigun 6 Gift* 186 E. Garden 629-0186 FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN 259 Trade Center Dr. 629 2129 BLUEBONNET I    Moron    CO 315 N. Seguin    625    8011 SUMMIT CENTER 2405 135 Wet    629-5677 HAPPY MfI MfMlffWm 115 N. I mon 629-1141 Shop 1072 W. San Antonio <25-4115 COMAL BOWL Open Bowling Special Every Friday Noon 6 p m 48‘ per game 1053 Hwy 81 W. 625-6263 ZOELLER FUNERAL HOME 615 Ludt    625*2349 1297 Common St. 629-6505 Benn* Hardware The Olde it Store In Town 246 W. San Antonio 625 3318 BECKER MOTOR CO., INC flrelp Plymouth CHK) SUK 547 S. Seguin 625 3463 Guadalupe C Realty j Company 1150 Hr*. 46 3    629*0935 Call the Herald at 625-9144 to submit news Religious Focus FASHION ll CROSSROADS •HIK kSMTOi ll ANO aim MKI Ladies Apparel Downtown New Braunfels 625-2823 State Farm Insurance Companias ^ ___ 625*8061 Pick Keegie, Agent 622 lf. Walnut "nii Sfn/euoto 659 Lands    629*6100 OLD TOWN INN Hyw. 81 A Loop 337 629*6888 S!\ci'ior\ __ 146 N. Casten 625-5522 Sony’s Satellite Shop We have the Beit systems. 2226 W. San Antonie -    625-Sfc|} MARTY’S FLOWER & BRIDAL SHOP 2438 Hwy. 2(Spur 31 625-6169 971 W. San Amninia 625-7324 ' 043V. SM Antonio 625-7717 SAN^H ANTONIO SAVINGS) 501 Landa 625-8051 kdSfrifg* •43 N. Walnut 625-3477 COLONIAL MANOR NURSING HOME 821 Hwy 81 W 625 7526 624 W. San Antonio 625*0491 204 W. San Antonio 625-3241 Milt Ferguson Motor Co 710 Sa Seguin 125-1112 N f TV HMA . N * ) 699 W San Antonio 625-2361 Oak Crest Inn Nursing Center 1310 1-35 West 629-6941 isti I Caidx, Candiel c’ s ' it 876 West 625 0150    San    Antonio Koehler’s Lock & Safe Co. 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVICE 625-0123 DAYS 625-0163 24 HR SERVICE 9 rig Restaurant 227 Hwy 81 E 625-5020 Beauty Cartel Courtyard Stepping Center 6X9-8990 KRAUSE BOOKS Hyw. 46 Semli 629-3775 Land# Plain 625*9X51 HILL COUNTRY RESTAURANT 210 Hyw. OIE <25-1013 Slums fiord Creations "a. 880 Hyw. 81 Welt 6X9-8187 Nothing la Just arn Good no Friedrich Room Air Conditioner* KRAFT REFRIGERATION COMPANY    625-32X1 Woeppensckmiclt ^Funeial ^iome 199 N. Senoia £P/iofo L 684 S. Walnut Walant Square ace 629-4317 LARRY PHILLIPS, C.P.A., P.C. 04 S. Sagaia, *»    619    7222 Auto Economy Store 1924 W. San Anteal# 625-9323 L hatiie «.Mutates Lfunetal dMo me 171 E. r amarna 62524X5 Compliments of lim I. Mercer, DDS GENERAL DENISTRY 535 S. Seguin 629*1954 ;

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