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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - November 24, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Page4A Herald Zertung, Nie* Braunfeis,7e>ias Sunday, November 24,1385 pinions HvraJd-Zfitung Dave Kramer. Editor and General Manager Susan Haire. Managing Editor Lloyd Bentsen Ocean incineration needs study We as a nation devi'*-a ( Aa. to deal with the toxic waMe that ar* an unavoidable by product of many industrial procedures We have learned the (oolt.shne ,s of carelessly dumping such wastes iii the ground or pouring them into rivers We have learned that great care must he used in handling these wastes to ensure they won I con laminate the air we breathe or the water we dr ink and bathe in Great care is now exercised on the construction and monitoring of toxic-waste dumps Hut even the safest toxic waste dump offers no solution to the- pro blem We can only store wastes at dump sites our goal is to destroy them Ocean incineration burning toxic wastes on board stops was propos ed some years ago by tin* Ko viromenlal Protection Agency .is an effective method of dc-struct ion Two test burns were conducted iii tin* OUK of Mexico off the Texas coast Understandably residents along our coast were concerned atmut the possible dangers posed by these test burns arid by any future ocean iii cineration Contamination or even tin* threat of it could seriously damage clean coastal industries such as fishing shrimping tourism and real estate I share many of the misgivings and am pleased at tile progress we have made iii forcing the KHA to listen and to more carefully evaluate its plan At my request, tin* KPA iii 1382 in eluded public hearings in its evalua lions, iii IHM postponed a third test burn, and iii 1384 delayed issuing burn permits My continuing dialogue with the agency has hammered home four basic questions Is there a need for ocean incinera tion iii light of current land based in cineration capacity and emerging alternat ive diposai met hods"' Has tile research tor tins plan bern thorough*' Is the Gulf of Mexico an appropriate ocean burn site*' Ic-* current law adequately ad-dress liability protections'' In answer, the KPA designed a research strategy proposed regulation- for ocean burnings, and assessed tins disposal method Nod an independent research firm studied the human health and en viromenlal risks involved In June arid July of this year, as tanking member of the Senate Kn viroment and Public Works Commit te* I chaired hearings to review these documents and the issues the address Testimony by public interest groups arid state and local officials filled the first hearing and the second was Hie federal response I followed up with another list of spe c if ie questions for the KPA In September. I learned that the twee research burns scheduled for IoHi. will not be conducted in the Gulf of Mexico but instead in the Atlantic Ocean Although the KPA claimed this represented no change in policy, that it happe ned only beeause no companies applied to burn in the Gulf, a Washington today Reagan was his most entertaining self Mike Royko Halloween used to be fun and scary reporter who called one of the firms involved was told KPA had made it clear that applications for the Gulf were not wanted This is a sensible change in attitude. since the search for a way to rid ourselves of toxic watses is a na ttonal one and the people of one region should not be expected to carry an unfairhare of the burden It would have been inequitable to conduct all ocean incineration research in only the Gulf of Mexico Meanwhile, I have also won Senate approval of my proposal to make ocean incineration operators - along with waste producerand transporters — equally liable* with land-based operators for clean up any toxic-waste accidents. They would have to pay all clean up costs, up to $50 million in natural resources damages and third-party damages claimed by people like commercial fishermen A solution for diposing of PCBS and other dangerous wastes must be found, but it is obvious there is more work that must be done before we can be satisfied that ocean incineration is the answer. Halloween isn't much fun anymore Kverybody is afraid of real-life demons and fiends who stick pins and glass in the candy So. I shouldn't have been surprised by the reaction of the blonde when I proposed a modest little prank to enliven our evening ■ Absolutely not.” she said “That's a terrible idea ” I used to do it and it was lots of fun. honest "No You are not going to terrify a lot of little children who come to our front door ” But that's the whole idea of Halloween Thrills, chills, spooks and frights lf it s make believe, there’s nothing wrong w ith it **We just moved into this neighborhood and people will think you are crazy So forget it ” Aw. just once'* "No And I can’t believe that a grown man would even think of such a thing " That’s the trouble with having an adolescent's spirit in a grown man s body. You have to pretend you’re an adult All I wanted to do was something I used to do. a decade or two ago At the time. I was living in a big. old. gray Victorian house, shaded.by tall trees Because of its contrast with the sterile new three-flats on the street, some of the kids in the neighborhood thought the house looked haunted So that gave me an idea for putting a little drama into their trick-or treat routine How much fun could it be to go from door to door, filling a bag with stuff that would give them cavities? There wasn’t much to my prank, really The little kiddies in costumes and masks, usually in groups of four or five, would come marching up the walk. onto the big, darkened porch, and ring the hell After several seconds passed when they looked like they might leave the lock would click The door would open an inch or two. The a few more inches And slowly, so Slowly, it would sw mg until it w as wide open The children would peer in and see ... nothing Only inky darkness Suddenly there would be this apparition. I guess you’d call it A gray, featureless head, disembodied, hovering in the air and moaning It was me Actually, it wasn’t difficult to achieve those special effects. All I did was pull a nylon stocking over my face And when the little kiddies were standing there. I would flick on a flashlight that was pressed against my chin An instant apparition Well, if the idea of Halloween is to have some thrills, chills and goose bumps, the results were gratifying. As they turned and ran, flopping and falling all over each other, there would be squeals, shrieks, wails and cries of terror I could hear them howling when they were a block away Chuckling, I d go on the porch and pick up the candy, cookies and other confections they had flung aside or dropped in their hasty retreat Then I'd go back inside, close the door and wait for my next victims By the end of the evening. I would have gathered enough sacks to last a month Am! scores of children once they stopped sobbing would realize that they had a truly memorable Halloween experience Only Norbert Zatkowski's mother complained She said that as he dove from my porch, he skinned his knees and elbows, dropped his gloves and his bag of candy, anil couldn’t get to sleep for two nights "You gave Norbert some kind of trauma." she said I told her I regretted that, but I didn’t think an IH year old should have been out trick or treating anyway VS hen I explained all of this to the blonde a couple of days ago. she said: ‘ How many lawyers lived in your old neighborhood?” We didn’t have any lawyers around there Why do you ask? "Well, there are lots of lawyers in this neighlMirhood And. knowing lawyers, how much do you think a trauma and a skinned knee would In* worth in a lawsuit.?” She had a point So it was nothing but bugs of jellybeans and bars of crunchy w umbles But next year well, next year I might try the old ruhber-snake-popping out of the door Bf MICHAEL PUTZEL IP Correspondent GKNKVA <AI*» National Seoiri ly Adviser Robert <' VHT ai lane said It would la* "vintage President Reagan ,” and Hie first meeting tie! ween Hie president of the United Stales and ins Soviet summit partner was just that instead of sitting through tour hours of serious talk Tuesday by ex peris who had carefully prepared themselves tor months to face each Other, Reagan took Mikhail Got bachev aside away from Hie for mantles and detail ttiat have never been his strength As Hie host for the first day o( talks, Reagan scheduled a 15 minute chat with the Soviet leader before joining their advisers at the bargaining table They remained closeted with their interpreters for more than an hour, leaving only half the time that had been allotted for formal talks And iii the afternoon, after an flour Iii plenary session. Reagan invited his guest to take a walk in the garden, culminating in more private comer sat ion in a carefully but secretly prepared meeting stte in the pool house of a government-owned estate "This is my hope.” Reagan said tiefore the summit “that I can con vince him, if lie s a reasonable man and there s every indication that tie is tie would see that if we both wan! peace there’ll be peace ” I don t envision this meeting as being one where we will get down to specific numbers and so forth.” Reagan said in another pre summit interview Numbers after all, and details sometimes get him into embarrassing situations He bas misstated them or stumbled over them, sometimes to the consternation of his own advisers But Reagan appeared confident even before ne came to Geneva that lie could somehow accomplish the one goal tie set for himself, that of reducing the level of suspicion and distrust between the two superpowers. ”! think that the most we could get out of it is if we could eliminate some of the paranoia,” he told British jour nalists. To do that, he had to escape the confines of the traditional conference table, where opposing sides face off and restate arguments they have made to each other through every level of bureacracy for years. The pool house meeting at the Villa Fleur d’Kau on Tuesday was, indeed, vintage Reagan, whether it brought the superpower leaders closer to some understanding or not. UALVYbAYG IHt PT AU UHL UP OVE* CUP WUU IS ACTUALLY , HUNUPWS (JE UUU. PEACE MACHINES THE KAU MACHINE* API thousanps of mr* Moue (JJMPL UA JEU TUAN ANY UJLAPONS EVER PML I m MWY SAYS HATH ENOUGH TIME ANV MONEY, IHE PEN!AGON CAN 0UILP MOST ANYTHING. THIS IS THE: SOT. YORK. Your representatives Rep. Tom Loeffler Sen. Phil Gramm U.S. House United States Senate of Representatives Washington D C, 20510 1212 Lorigworth House Office Bldg Washington, D C. 20515 Gov. Mark White Governor's Office Room 200 State Capitol Rep. Edmund Kuempel Austin, Texas 78701 Texas House of Representatives P.O.Box 2910 Austin, Texas 78769 Sen. John Traeger Texas Senate Capitol Station Austin, Texas 78711 Rep. Mac Sweeney (Guadalupe County) Sen. Lloyd Bentsen U.S. House United States Senate 'of Representatives Room 240 Russell Bldg Washington, D C., 20515 Washington, D C. 20510 What's your beef? Got a complaint or a comment about something in Comal or Guadalupe counties? Write it down or call the Herald-Zeitung with it and it might wind up as a part of Bob Baker’s "What’s Your Bee/?” cartoons Our mailing address is PO. Drawer 381, New Braunfels 78131. The phone number is 625-9144, and we’re open from 8 a rn to5p iii Monday through Friday. Ail kinds of local ideas are welcome, but the Herald Zeitung reserves the right to select the ideas to be used in the paper If you idea appears in “What's Your Beef?”, we ll give you credit in •he cartoon ;

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