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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - November 21, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas *** DALLAS 752    *** 10/22/9^ ^XAS AMERICAN mCROFJLM ATT^”PETE SINCLAIR 24? p n BOX 45436 DALLAS, TX 75245 New Braunfels makes City pollution 'best list' See below Water Watch Comal River.......... 294    (down    10) Canyon inflow . , .    .... 405 (down 15) Canyon outflow...........601 (up 1) Fdwards Aquifer ....... 625    66 (up 03) ( jnyon l ake level .    909.06    (down    08) Schertz City secretary Area plans to stay around See Page 2A SVHS members make All District VB team, See Page 7A New Braunfels Herald New Braunfels. Texas Thursday November 21,1985 25 Cents 20 Pages 2 Sections Kate threatens Florida PENSACOLA < AP > Hurricane Kale stalked 350 miles of the Gulf Coast today and H7.<hmi Panhandle residents were ordered to flee inland trom the storm whose 115 mph winds and massive tidal surges have been blamed for up to lo deaths Gov Bob Graham called out 300 National Guardsmen to prevent looting in three of the eight coastal counties he ordered evacuated and to set up roadblocks on roads jammed with refugees from Hate s threaten ed fury About 2.200 people were evacuated Wednesday from Grand Isle. La., and coastal residents in Louisiana. Alabama and Mississippi prepared for what could be the fourth massive Gulf Coast onslaught this year At I a rn CST today, the hurricane was centered near latitude 2H o north and longitude HH.5 west, about 150 miles southwest of Apalachicola It was headed north at 5 to lo mph with maximum sustained winds near HO mph anil gusts of 13H mph Gales ex tended 150 miles north of the center and loo miles south Flood tides as high as 12 lect above normal were expected along Florida s west coast and small craft were warned to stay in port from central Louisiana to Jupiter Inlet on Florida s eastern coast "It's a very significant hurricane," warned meteorologist Jim Lynch at the National Hurricane ( enter in Coral Gables After causing up to lo deaths in Cuba during a IO hour battering on See KATK Page 12A Volunteer patient Ruth Ellis helps EMS techicians and nurses at McKenna Memorial Hospital stay on their toes during a disaster drill Wednesday. About 15 volunteer patients par DCHYl CLARK MEH ALO ZEIT UNG ticipated in the drill, which helps the two medical services practice their skills. From left are, Zulema Rodriguez, Carl Carlin, Chris Pena, Katrina Brown, and Linda Moreno. Tax rollback sought By SARAN DUKE Staff writer A crowd of about 150 Guadalupe County residents voted overwhelm ingly at a taxpayers' meeting in Mc Que?ney Wednesday to petition county commissioners for a election to rollback a recent 50 percent count v tax increase Dick Tatum, Seguin's city treasurer led a forum of the Guadalupe Taxpayers Association and several county officials on the IW> Guadalupe County budget and the jump in taxes from 24 cents per $100 valuation to 36 cents per $100 valuation Following the meeting County Judge James Sagebiel said that if the rollback effort is successful the county will br* forced to make cuts in personal at the courthouse and will eliminate three new sheriff s deput> [x><-it ions budgeted for low; What we re dealing with is public ignorance." Sagebiel said "I think these people have no idea what is r»* quired to keep th** county operating and what they are going to go out and dr) " The judge said he thinks some pen pie have the wrong idea that if there is a rollback of the tax increase the county can still have a six cent tax in crease instead of a 12 cent increase If thr* rollback effort is successful the tax rate will be increased only eight percent over last year's rate Representatives from Schertz Cibolo and throughout the county See ROLLBACK Page 12AWater pollution New Braunfels gets kudos for good environmental record By UNI OVERSTRICT Staff writer New Braunfels is one of four cities and five wastew ater permit holders given an honorable mention for having a good environmental record The Texas Water Commission Friday named the state’s 14 worst water polluters, paired with permit holders who have exemplary operations New Braunfels’ wastewater treatment plant i^. among the rest of the hest or the honorable mention category, explained Tom Milligan water commission spokesman This was the initial go round of passing out kudos and calling attention to wastewater permit holders, including hazardous waste facilities." Milligan said "Th** psi started with lo worst and lo best, hut it got a little bigger ’’ Milligan explained that the water commission’s district managers made nominations to the central of flee The field office people make a suhj«*rtive ill Bien it goes to the central office where flies look .it the permit holder s compliance record he said The water commission plans to release ,i wor>i and I>est list quarterly This is the first time we have done ibis sort of thing Milligan said The executive director of the Texas Water Commis sion has ^et out to do a stricter job of enforcing permits We’re drawing attention to the permit holders we ieel are problems and enlisting public support and See RECORD Page 12AInsideToday's weather It will he cloudy and cool today with a 20 percent chance of light rain this afternoon and a high expected in the upper 5os Winds will be from the northeast at 5 to IO mph There s a JO percent chance of rain tonight with cloudy skies and cool temperatures and a low in the low SosDrive through New Braunfels Utilities’ old drive through facility will be reopened by Nov 27 The new drive through tacilities will not tie in operation until a later date Payments can be made at the old night deposit window during the Thanksgiving holidays NBL will he closed Nov 20 Also on Dec 2, payments still may be made for the net amount at the old drive-through window CLASSIFIED 54B COMICS 4B CROSSWORD 5B DEAR ABBY TOA DEATHS 2A HOROSCOPE 5B KALEIDOSCOPE 2B OPINIONS 4A SCRAPBOOK 38 SPORTS B-7A STOCKS 12A WEATHER 2A Across the United States last year. a record 20 4 million smokers participated in the Smokeout Of those, 5 4 million stopped for the day and 3 1 million were still off cigarettes five days later, according to the Gallup Poll The society was unable to provide a regional breakdown The Cancer Society’s goal this year is to get at least one in every five smokers to give up cigarettes for 24 hours The Washington D C -based Tobacco Institute launched a counter-offensive Wednesday, issuing a poll in which most people disagreed with legislative restrictions on smoking "This poll confirms that the small minority of vocal anti-smokers in America are elitists, totally (Nit of step with the general public," said Walter Merryman assistant to the president of the institute Others in the South voiced opposition to the Cancer Society campaign "If It stops some people from smoking and that’s what they want to de and that’s their personal choice, fine,” said Brad Crone of tho North Carolina Department of Agriculture Smokeout gets mixed reception in the south RALEIGH (AP) - The American Cancer Society found welcome in much of the South s tobacco country for its ninth Great American Smokeout today, but its message was likely to he ignored in some quarters of the land where the golden leal means jobs "I would hope (the city of) Wilson wouldn’t be participating in a Smokeout because if it hadn’t been tor tobacco, there wouldn't be a Wilson ’’ said Marvin Coriin, president of Standard Commercial Tobacco Co Although Coghiii s hometown declined to participate, the nationwide midnight to-midmght kick-Uiehabit campaign aimed at America’s 55 million smokers is drawing more people from the tobacco-rtch South than ever before, "We have nearly IMI of our loo county units participating this year, so there are many activities going on," said Wendy Scott spokeswoman (or the American Cancer Society’s North Carolina office "In IMI. we had 32 unit*.’” Scheduled activities included school essay contests in Nashville, Term., "kick the habit" games in Kentucky and a frozen turkey giveaway for Northern Telecom’s North Carolina employees who quit cold turkey Many companies planned "adopt-a-smoker" campaigns that uses the buddy-system approach to giving up cigarettes. A Maryland ice cream store chain offered a cone of turkey-flavored ice cream to anyone who turned in cigarette packs But the approach in tobacco country is low key, says Wanda Jeffers, a group organizer in South Carolina’s Pee Dee region, where much of that state’s $184 million tobacco crop is produced. "I don't think we make everybody mad," she said. The Cancer Society says smok-ing contributes to heart and lung disease, including cancers But many Southerners do not want to hear such a message, particularly those whose livelihood depends on tobacco. "I smoke five packs of cigaret* im a day, and I think ifs good for you," Coghiii. SS. said. "I’m a living example that they don't know what they ’re tauting about * * The crop brought in more than $3 billion to tobacco powers in eight states in IBM. That money also bolsters department stores, equipment and car deaie.x and government tax coffers. North Carolina leads the nation in tobacco production, bringing farmers I1D5 billion in HMM. 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