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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - November 19, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas tVtRETT HOLLEY texas industries inc SICO CARPENTER frwy' DALLAS, TX 75247 WorldReagan, Gorbachev meet at summitSee Page 5A Comal River.............. 308    (same)Water    Cany°ninf,ow ........ 438    (down 22) Canyon outflow ....... 500    (down 426) Watch    Edwards Aquifer ....... 625    69 (up .03) Canyon Lake level .... 909.19 (down .42) Rangerettes beat Canyon in opener, page 6A New Braunfels CISD could face Local funding losses See below Herald New Braunfels. Texas Vol. 94-No. 226 Tuesday November 19,1985 25 Cents 12 Pages Empty chairs CISD could lose money through absences Trustees may OK new electrical rates By BC MIK ■•MMU Staff writer Empty chairs in the classroom last month could end up costing Comal ISD less than Ii.OOO in future state funding A total of 3,376 absences were recorded in CISD classrooms from Oct. 7 through Nov I. Abel Campos. CISD director of finance, said that total represented 12 more absences over last year’s statistics for the same period, and could mean an eventual loss of about $800 in state funding to the district •‘If you take the total number of absences for the four week period and multiply that times $73 46, which is what it costs this district every day a student doesn’t come to school, that equals $248,000,” Campos said “Theoretically, we’d be that much ahead if we had IOO percent attern dance But realistically, nobody has IOO percent attendance.” This is the second year state funding has been based on student attendance. The state has two accounting periods, and school districts can choose from one of three options in reporting their attendance to the state. Campos gave a report on the 1985 fall accounting period (Oct. 7-Nov. I) to CISD trustees Monday night The second four week period has tentatively been set for Feb 17 to March 14. “The state gives us three options We can take October's attendance figures and forget about February, or take February and forget about October, or we can take the best four of the total eight weeks Either way, you have to decide now,” Campos said “We’re going to take the best four of eight, and I'm fairly certain that’s what most districts will decide to do,’’ he added Last year, CISD took the best four of the total eight weeks, and wound up with an attendance percentage of 96.9 percent. Campos said that attendance percentage has now dropped to 96 67 percent based on October 1985, and could end up staying there, because fall attendance figures are traditionally higher than those in the spring tor most school districts Campos called the 96 67 percentage “respectable but certainly capable of improvement “That's not to say our percentage of attendance is good, because it is I’ve certainly seen a lot worse," he added Campos was also quirk to {mint out. “Just because attendance is up or down doesn’t mean CIS!) will get more or less inone\ “The state also looks at property values compared to the statewide average, and takes into account out certified state loss.” lie said “All these things enter into the binding picture “I’m guessing we won t know what our funding will he until next spring as the earliest maybe July 1986 ” Campos added “But the state continues to pay the district as is until the funding adjustments are made ” In other meeting news, Superinten dent Bill Brown aid CIS!) had closed on the property tor the new Smithson Valley High School last week See CISD, Page 12AInsideToday's weather It will remain mostly cloudy today with a 20 percent chance of thunder showers through Wednesday Expect colder temperatures late this after noon and tonight Today's high should reach the low 80s before drop ping to an overnight low in the mid to upper 40s Yesterday s high was HO and this morning's low was 71 Sunset tonight will tie at 5:34 pm and sunrise Wednesday will be at 6:59 a in CLASSIFIED    9-11A COMICS 89A CROSSWORD 12A DEAR ABBY 8A DEATHS 2A HOROSCOPE 8A OPINIONS 4A SPORTS 6A Typhoid in Colombia Typhoid cases are already beguin mg to lie reported in Colombia after last week’s deadly volcano eruption, health officials report And guards have been told to shoot looters in the area where a volcano eruption killed thousands See Page 5A. By DEBBIE DalOACH Staff writer New Braunfels Utilities trustees could approve new electric rates based on cost-of-service as early as next w<*ek Trustees got iheir second public peek at proposed cost-of-service-based electric rates at a s|H»cia! Monday night board meeting Four hours later. Utilities Manager Bob Sohn said he planned to put a resolution sending the revised rates to City Council for consideration on the Utilities’ meeting agenda next Tues day lf on the agenda and approved the rates will go into an ordinance that must tie passed by council and then read three times before the rates will go into effect I’he proposed rates presented Mon day night by Utilities consultant Jerry Thomas were similar to the board’s first public peek at a Sept 16 workshop That’s when Thomas suggested a re definition of electric customer classes, and corresponding rate designs based on what it cost the Utilities to serve each class But Sohn said he was concerned about the individual impact on each customer class and the os erall cost of the rate increase after the Sept 16 run through To answer Sohn’s concerns. Thomas said the only way to minimize the impact was to have a net reduction in revenue requirements, and he and the Utilities staff went to work They reduced a proposed $1 8 million electric transfer to other departments by $600 OOO A slow down in hiring future Utilities employees was recommend ed and inventory growth was eliminated for the next three fiscal years Revenue requirements for capital projects and capital equipment were each reduced by 25 percent too. resulting in a total $4 million reduc tion from all of the combined cutbacks “One way to look at this is $2 3 million was a direct result of lower fuel costs from LURA (Lower Colorado River Authority),” Thomas said, “while $1 8 million was co*t- See UTILITIES, Pa* ISA Local man treated in shooting A 23-year old New Braunfels man has been released from McKenna Memorial Hospital after treatment for a gunshot wound to his stomach Police Detective Juan Gusme said Rafael Solorio Moreno of 710 W Nacogdoches No I “walked up to Colonial Manor Nursing Home and they found he had been shot ” The incident occurred about 11:30 Saturday night in the 800 block of US 81 “I questioned him at the hospital and we believe the wound was self-inflicted, but it is still under investigation,” Gusme said Gusme said Moreno, who was shot with a small caliber handgun, suffered a flesh wound on his lower abdomen In other news, Gusme reported that car, business, and house burglaries are keeping detectives busy He asks that “anybody that might have seen anything to give us a call.” The burglaries are occurring at night and are happening all over town. Gusme said “We don’t know if it's locals or out-of-towners “Anyone seeing any suspicious activities around cars or anywhere, should call.” Israelis attack Syrian fighters TEL AVIV, Israel (API Israeli warplanes flying a routine patrol over eastern Lebanon today shot down two Syrian MiG fighters that tried to intercept them, the Israeli military command announced The military command said the Israeli planes shot down the sophisticated, supersonic MiG-23 jets with air to air missiles Lebanese military sources said they received a report from their Reyak air base in the Bekaa Valley confirming that the Soviet made planes had been downed In the Syrian capital of Damascus. a Syrian military spokesman said the MiGs drove off two Israeli F 15 fighters “who violated Syrian airspace in the area of Nabek," 40 miles north of Damascus He said the U S made Israeli Eagle fighters “withdrew towards the occupied territories- without achieving their objective ” He did not mention any Syrian losses It was the first time Israel downed Syrian warplanes since the summer of 1982 when HO to 90 Syrian planes were felled in major air battles that followed Israel's invasion of Lebanon The Israeli military command said the Israeli planes returned safely to base Israeli military sources who spoke on condition they not be identified said the Syrian planes fell inside Syria The sources said the Syrian planes had been flying inside Lebanon close to the border when the battle tiegan They gave no location for the air battle One of the sources said Syrian planes normally fly parallel to Israeli planes on patrol, apparently to make sure the Israeli pilots don’t cross the border Normally the planes stay outside of what the source called “contact range ” He said he did not know why the Syrian pilots behaved differently today The source said the Syrian planes apparently shifted direction to in tercept the Israeli patrol and he indicated that the Israeli pilots may have fired the first shots “In aerial combat today, ifs a question of whoever draws first, wins." the source said Heart attack causes wreck A heart attack caused an 83-year-old New Braunfels to veer off the road in a one-car accident Monday morning. New Braunfels police said. Police said that cardiac arrest, not the accident, caused the mans death According to police reports, Roland Paul Hemen of 699 Lee was northbound in the 600 block of South Seguin Avenue when his 1981 Oldsmobile Cutlass veered off the road to the right The accident occured at about 9:52 a rn The car hit a utility pole on the side of the road, but left no skid marks, the report states A witness said the man did not attempt to dodge anything in the roadway, said a police department spokeswoman Hemen was in full cardiac arrest when New Braunfels EMS arrived and efforts to revive him at McKenna Memorial Hospital failed. Funeral services for Hemen will be held at 2 p m Wednesday at Doep penschmidt Funeral Home. Burial will follow at Comal Cemetery with the Rev. Harold Zirkel officiating. The son of Emil and Norma (nee Holekamp) Hemen, he was born Aug 22. 1902 in New Braunfels. A lifelong resident of the city, Hemen married Augusta Bouland on July 4, 1926 in Tenaha See WRECK, Pagel2APlay with day Dee Buck demonstrates the art of making pottery to first grade students of Lone Star Elementary Schools. The students got a LISI* KRIFWAIDT Mf RALL) ZtlTUNG chance to make their own pots and have them fired in a kiln. See inore photos, page 3A. Squirrels cause power outages By DANA OVERSTAKE! Two squirrels gave utilities workers a run for their money Monday by causing power outages in two parts of town One outage affected about 2,000 customers for only 20 minutes, while the other affected only one small subdivision, but lasted almost three hours About 3:30 Monday afternoon, a squirrel “tried to cross a hot one to the ground.” explained John Huck, New Braunfels Utilities electrical superintendent. The squirrel probably was on a charged wire when he touched the ground wire and then became lodged between the two. Huck said “He didn t fall like they usually do ” Huck said the incident occurred when utilities workers were coming in from their shift so there was plenty of manpower available to locate the problem “It was a very minor problem once we found it,” he said. Power was out along the Freiheit circuit, which includes Gruene Road, Interstate 35, Langtry Apartments, See POWER, Page 12A ;

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