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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - November 17, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Page4A Herald Zertung, New Braunfels,Texas Sunday, November 17,1985 Family has unpleasant Wurstfest experience, see below Herald’Zeltung ■mons Dave Kramer, Editor and General Manager Susan Hairs, Managing EditorYESTERDAY AMD -’’.'H-r    ’ffitiHiiiinnninij1TODAY ... I ...THE TEC HIO OLOGY TO EMO ALL NUCLEAR Attacks ..! Mailbag React helps us when we need it most To the Editor: Although you ma\ not be among those who have directly benefitted from the volunteer public service activities of (Guadalupe County React, you can be thankful such an organization exists iii our community November is designated National React Month Among their activities. React members monitor CR Radio Emergency channel 9 Even if you don’t have a CR radio, the next call for assistance could be made for you. by a passing motorist with a CH radio, to a local React volunteer who will respond by notifying the proper authorities police tire. ambulance or road service lf you have a CR radio, you could be the caller React helps React members are trained to answer calls for assistance of any kind motorists in distress, crimes in progress, boating emergencies and a multitude of others React monitors respond to emergencies and other requests for assistance on their CR radio emergency channel 9 These React monitors then notify the proper emergency service Another major program that React participates iii is called "Impaired Driver Alert” which encourages the reporting of erratic driving behavior to React monitors on CR channel 9 who notify the police to attempt to in tercept the reported erratic drivers before an accident can occur React members average 8 hours of volunteer service weekly many perform a lot more than this as well as expending their own gas and funds, without compensation of any kind Their only thanks is the gratification and sense of accomplishment which occurs with the know ledge of a job well done (Guadalupe County React is part of an international organization of ap proximately l.otm teams active iii each of the 50 states as well as Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands. Canada and other countries worldwide where CR radio is authorized Family upset by Wurstfest arrest Resides their valuable monitoring functions. React Teams provide com inundations and crowd control assistance for many public events parades. Halloween patrol, fairs, walk a thous, bike a thous and many others which help raise funds for a variety of charity drives Another important react funds is its safety break program Here React teams annually serve several million free cups of coffee to motorists on holiday weekends React members give up their own holidays so that tired motorists can stop for a "safety break ” Many React teams include members who are licensed iii the General Mobile radio and Anateur Radio Services to provide additional communications Guadalupe County R^act and associated teams worldwide serve the needs of their fellow citizens In recognition of its service, React has received such prestigious awards such as: the U S President’s Volunteer Action Award and the United Kingdom’s Prince Charles and Lady Diana Aw ard For more information about React in our community, contact: Virginia Kiser or Dickie George at Guadalupe County React, P O Rox 2595, l iiiver sal City, TX 78148 Reactively yours, Virginia C Kiser To the Editor: In anticipation of enjoying the New Hraunfels fall activities, my 70 year-old mother, myself and my daughter traveled from San Angelo to New Rraunfels on Nov 9. to spend the night with my son and daughter-in-law and attend our “first ever” Wurstfest We arrived at Wurstfest around 7 p iii and. even though none of us are drinkers but in keeping with the surrounding festivities, we ordered wine coolers which we prepared to sip while deciding what to do next This decision was immediately taken out of our hands by a woman who. according lo the identification on her shirt, was a law enforcement officer from Kendall County I and my family have the utmost respect for law enforcement officers, however, what we suffered from the hands of this female was harassment which I thought only existed on television Realizing that ignorance of the law is no excuse, I would like to submit that it is a very definite hail (heap It apparently was okay for my 17-year old daughter to have a wine cooler because I was her mother, but I did not have the same authority over my 18 year old daughter in law who was taken into custody by the female from Kendall County She would not answer any of my ques lions nor tell us where she was taking my daughter in law When I tried to follow them, she told me that under no circumstances could I go with them and to stand in that very spot until she returned We waited for ap proximately 45 minutes and made three attempts to obtain information on what was happening After being rudely rebuffed twice, we were finally given a map on how to get to the Comal County Jail which was where we would find the missing member of our familv While we were waiting to obtain in formation, the female from Kendall county relieved my daughter-in-law of her money, her wedding rings, forced her to stand spreadeagle while she frisked her, and then handcuffed her hands behind her back My daughter in law asked the female to please advise her family on where she was being taken, but was told "No Ma'am I can’t do that!” She then transported her to the Comal County Jail by private squad car, cracking "jokes” all the way about how she could have taken her to the old jail or could have sent her over in a van full of other offenders. Upon ar rival at the jail, my daughter-in law was charged with MIP (Minor in Possession), fingerprinted, photographed and put in a cell We were charged $200 in cash for her release and she still has to appear in court before the judge for final disposition of her case (All this for one wine cooler which she never drank ) In summary, the situation created by the insensitivity of the Kendall County officer was both frightening and disillusioning Once again, I respect true law enforcement and realize that in crowds such as Wurstfest that situations arise mak mg this enforcement necessary, but I strongly question the offensive tatties used by this particular arresting officer Patsy Howell . { 3 to V a s a LAMI, PO YOU THINK M. I HJO PAYS IN (geneva mi Bt MOUGH im WR Rf AGAN TO CONDUE ! serious ARMS Ne GOT I AT IONS J mi. AS YOU KNOW, THU PRTS I PTN J S PRECONDITION ID SERIOUS TADS IS AN ENP TD SOVIET INVOUYEMENI IN AFGHANISTAN, ETHIOPIA, NICARAGUA, ANGOLA AND CAMBODIA / RUE RE ALSO POTTING HUMAN RMS ANO INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM ON THE TABLE BASICALLY, HIE 'RE ASKING THE SOVIETS TO RENOUNCE THEIR /_    S~~~~    >JNH0LERUAY SO YOU'RE EXPECTING A PRETTY QUICK ANSWER* FRANKLY, WE'RELOOK ING FOR WAYS TO KIU TIM f / Remember when 10 years ago City Council Monday evening gave unanimous blessing to proceed with remodeling of the Main Plaza by the New Braunfels Rotary Club. Following a presentation of drawings by Dr. Mitchell Sacco, chairman of the Plaza Improvement Committee, the council voted to allow the organization to proceed with implementation of the more than $41,000 project. A surprise birthday party in th home of Mrs. Hulda Staats and Mis Clara Poggenpohl Oct. 25 honore Miss Poggenpohl’s sister, Mrs. Err ma Poggenpohl Cauley, on her sot birthday. A 4-3 vote ushered in a new mayor and mayor pro tem this week. Behind consistent block votes. George Erben and Jim Hays became the mayor and mayor pro tem during Monday night s reorganization of the city council. (Photo outline) The coaxing smile of Vanessa McHardy and Rosemar Allen don’t quite seem to persuad little Jennifer Kyle to give up that ic ed gingerbread snowman in her righ hand for the sweetmeat strawberr that Vanessa is offering her. . a part of the "Holidays at Home” pre gram being sponsored by the Canyo High School Homemaking Deparl ment Monday. A computer can be the “most valuable asset in the classroom" Wilfred Schlather told the New Braunfels Independent School District trustees Tuesday nfght. Schlather instructs seven students in computer science during his conference period at the high school Clarence Weldner of 795 Lee St and a member of Veterans of Foreigi Wars Post 7110, has been appointee by national commander-in-chie Thomas Walker to serve as a na tional aide-de-camp. Herb Skoog has been elected to a three-year term on the board of directors of the Texas Association of broadcasters. Canyon was unawed by Cuero Fri day night but desire was not enougl as the Gobblers ground out < methodical 23-0 victory to extern their winning streak to 40 straight 25 years ago New Rraunfels bids fair to resemble a deserted village Friday night as several hundred citizens head due southeast for the annual head-knocking of the New Braunfels Unicorns and Seguin Matadors Advance ticket sales at the school office here are breaking records for out-of-town games within the memory of Business Manager Emmttt Schmidt. Sweetheart at the Sweetheart Ban quet Saturday night at Missior Valley Guest Ranch Strongly Republican as usual anc back in its nationally out of step role Comal County rolled to a new record vote of 5,413 ballots cast Tuesday, according to unofficial returns Robert E. Riggs son of Mr. and Mrs Sherman Riggs of Route 2. Box 2. has enrolled in the flight instruction program in the Air Force ROTC at Southwest Texas State College in San Marcos Mr. and Mrs. Shelley Burt and Mr and Mrs John Langston were "al home” to many of their friends Sun day at the Langston home on South Seguin Avenue Miss Pauline Elbel, director of Christian Education at First Protea tant Church, was moderator for a panel discussion of "Basic Human Needs What Are They?” at a meeting of Senior High School Parent leacher Association Tues day. Miss Charlotte Haas and Miss Gerry Knowles will ride on the Comal County Fair float at the Cuero Turkey Trot parade Friday Tower Drive In: Sunday througf Tuesday, Yul Brynner and Gin; Lollabrigida in Solomon and Sheba ii Technicolor. Mary McCracken, daughter of Mr. and Mrs K.P. McCracken, was an flounced as the FFA Chapter (Classified ad) Like new alto E flat saxophone First-class condition Must be seen to be appreciated $130 Elburn Kanz. 2694 Becker St 50 years ago Location for the new gymnasium for New Braunfels, voted in Satr-day’s school bond election, was set for the High School grounds on Academy Avenue, beside the manual training building, in a vote taken by the board of trustees of the New Braunfels Independent School District Tuesday night. Within one hour after they ha< stolen an automobile here from C.H Bernstein, three young automobil thieves found themselves in the toil of the law at Alamo Heights Tuesda night Homer Hinman. owner of th Longhorn Cafe, reported the theft t Bernstein, who notified Constabl Walter A Scholl. At a recent meeting of the executive board of Comal Post 179, American Legion. G.L. Wood ap peared to make a report on a drive which he had been conductingin cooperation with other New Braunfels business men for the purpose of raising a fund for the organization’s drum and bugle corps Mayor H F. Fischer has reporte that Otto Warnecke has resigned as member of the Board of Kquaiizatio for 1935-36, and that A R Ludwig ha accepted an appointment in hi place A new picture show for New Braunfels, bringing with it a first class vaudeville bill every week! That s what Jack Kaufmann was promising this week in mysterious hints he was dropping right and left. Comal County farmers growing potatoes for sale are required to make immediate application for an allotment, according to County Agent George Ehrlinger Under the Potato Act of 1935, commercial growers of potatoes will have to pay a tax of 3-4 cents per pound for ail potatoes sold in excessof their allotment. Your representatives Rep. Mac Sweeney (Guadalupe County) U.S. House of Representatives Washington, D.C., 20515 Sen. Lloyd Bentsen United States Senate Room 240 Russell Bldg Washington, D C. 20510 Sen. Phil Gramm United States Senate Washington D C., 20510 Rep. Tom Loeffler U S. House of Representatives 1212 Long worth House Office Bldg Washington, D C. 20515 Gov. Mark White Governor's Office Room 200 State Capitol Austin, Texas 78701 Sen. John Traeger Texas Senate Capitol Station Austin, Texas 78711 Rep. Edmund Kuempel Texas House of Representatives P.O. Box 2910 Austin, Texas 78769 ;

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