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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - November 14, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas 2$ “ai*--    _ Outdoors Harald-Ztltung Thursday, November 14,1985 Page 10A Deer season begins with bang By CHARLIE PARSONS Outdoors writer Even though the weather didn t live up to the hunters’ expectations, final first weekend tallies indicate a rather successful season opening One half hour before sunrise Saturday found temperatures hovering around 70 degrees or so throughout most of Texas, with high winds and muggy conditions Just about all the hunters I talked to saw very few whitetails moving. Afternoon, however, found the deer beginning to roam about and many hunters were able to take their choice of animals Sunday broke with just about the same weather conditions, not really too conducive to bo out in quest of the elusive whitetail The fact that we have yet to have any significant typical fall weather tins been another barrier to area nimrods The vegetation is lush plentiful and thick Deer just don't have to st ray far from their home ter ritory to grab some food In accordance with this, fewer deer are seen because of lack of animal movement and hunting will tie much harder than usual until we have a cold snap that will make visibility easier by reducing foliage On a good note, the Hill Country rut is apparently in full swing, making younger bucks active in pursuing does for breeding privileges    This spritliness is unusual in that it generally begins in mid October in tile Hill Country and is concluded before the season opens Out of the half dozen or so locker plants I visited, every opertor bad an increase of 25 to 50 percent over last year's opening weekend Much can he attributed to the warm weather, as bunters hurried to protect their venison from spoilage, iud the numbers are indicative of a fruitful opening weekend Likewise, all locker personnel were excited about the conditions of all animals brought In for storage or processing. Several times the remark, “I’ve never seen the deer in such exceptional condition.” was overheard. All that I observed seemed to be literally rolling with body fat. Antler development was much heavier than the past few years and hunters overall seemed pleased with their results. And don’t forget the Herald-Zeitung Deer contest.Lost Maples color arrives Anyone Interested in seeing Texas’ Hill Country fall colors at their summit should take a trip now to Lost Maples State Natural Area. However, officials expect a crush of visitors, as the famous bigtooth maples for which the natural area is named have just begun to show their bright red fall colors. Because of the 150 vehicle limit for designated parking, park officials are advising prospective visitors to plan on coming during the week instead of on a weekend Campers and backpackers are advised to make advance reservations for overnight facilities Campsite reservations may be obtained by calling the park at (512) 906-3413. The park Is located in Bandera County, four miles north of Vanderpool on Ranch Road 187, and it contains 2.174 acres. (Jenera! information on Lost Maples is available by calling toll free 1-800 792 1112.State to issue saltwater stamp Effective Jan I, Texas’ inaugural saltwater fishing stamp will be required of all persons (except those exempt from fishing license requirements) who will fish the saltwaters of Texas for non-commercial purposes. The stamp shows the classic scene of a red drum cruising the flats In a Texas Bay and was produced by noted wildlife artist John P. Cowan, whose credits include Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year in 1977, Texas Arttist of the Year in 1978-79 and Trout Unlimited Artist of the Year In 1982. Cost of the stamp is $5. Collectors Covey of Dallas was chosen to produce the stamp and a print suitable for framing. The print sells for for $125 and Parks and Wildlife receives a $37 royalty on each one sold. Funds from stamp and print sales will be used for coastal fisheries enforcement and management. The 1985 State Waterfowl Stamp and Print, which featured a Cowen painting of snow geese, is expected to produce $550,000, or a 43 percent increase over 1984 program royalties. TPWD officials hope the saltwater stamp and print programs will win public acceptance comparable to the waterfowl stamp and print, which has generated almost $2.5 million for the department’s waterfowl management and research.Rainbow trout program enters new era The rainbow trout stocking program conducted each winter by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is entering a “pay as you go” era, with future stockings dependent upon sales of $5 trout stamps. The stamps wll be required In addition to a valid fishing license for all trout fishermen, effective Jan I, 1986. They will be available from department offices and license outlets. Officials said the 1985-86 stocking program, bases on projected stamp sales, will Include four public fishing areas and six state park lakes. Trout will be stocked at all locations starting in mid-November and continuing at two-week intervals until March. Greg Schnautz of New Braunfels shows off his eight-point, 90 pound buck, shot in Comal County with a Browning Hyper-Cam Bow. The deer season started Saturday and all reports say 1985-86 should be a very good season Solunar table Plan your days so you will be fishing in good territory or hunting in good cover during these times. The major periods are in boldface and last for an hour and a half to two hours. Minor periods are in light type and are somewhat shorter. Mike Kilgore of New Braunfels displays an eight point, 14 inch deer killed at his ranch Fishing report AUSTIN (AP) Herr* is th** fishing irqioit compiled by the Parks ami Wildlife Department for Thursday Nov 14 1986 CENTRAL BASTROP Water clear 78 degrees normal level, black bass good to 2V4 pounds on red firetail and double tailed motototl grub ami Rn ti traps hybrid sloper slow cappie slow catfish good to five pounds on live trait and stink hart BUCHANAN Water clear 70 degrees, 10 feet low black bass good to three (rounds on tm// harts, stripe good to five pounds on cranks under buds white bass good to 60 bsh per stimy on topwaters unde buds crappie good to 30 fish per string on ms ii rows, catfish good to 28 pounds un live bail CANYON Water deal one foot above 'tomcat level black bass very good to tout pounds on blue worms and crawdad cranks in 4 IO tent watei snipe! slow i i»ppie lair to 40 bsh (ret string on minnows and flrmtlies white bass slow channel catfish good to three pounds on nisi nows and shrimp FAYI1 Lf Water deal normal level black bass fairly good to seven pounds a few over tire 21 inch minimum on worms, most keepers under 16 inches, crappie slow blue catfish tan lo 40 pounds on (ugline with live bait GIBBONS CRFEK Water fairly, some runoff, 70 degrees normal level black trass tan mostly in Slot or Ire tow on spinners, topwaters motor oil worms with chartreuse and white tails crappie eicaflent to three irounds to 15 fish pm stung on mnnows. catfish good but not many fishermen out. lake ties 70 80 boats [lei day on weekend 35 40 during the week, lima m 120 boats per day LBJ Water murky, 71 degrees normal level, Mack trass good to 2S (rounds on bu// traits stripe' good to tour pounds on silvei cranks. white bass good to 30 fish per string on clanks crappie slow catfish good to 12 pounds on curran LIMESTONf Water tenty murky 62 degrees one fool low black baas fairly slow to two pounds on Mack worms spinners, striper stow crappie good under bridge fist) fairly small white bass same catfish fairly slow lo four pounds on outline with rn (mow sand cutbait SOMERVILLE Water cleat normal level black bass slow striper slow crappie lair to eight tis/) per string white bass fairly stow, cattish good to two pounds on tod and reel TRAVIS Water clear 70 degrees BG feet low black bass tau to five and sn fist) per string to 2 h pounds on spinners and plastic worms. Mack and brown jigs striper slow crappie tau some under belted docks white bass tau. some schooling, to a dozen pet string catfish slow NORTHEAST ATHENS Wet et clear 63 degrees, normal level, Mack bass slow to 3W pounds on purple and electric blue worms, striper slow crappie excellent to IOO bsh per person to two pounds on minnows in 30 feet of water over cedar brush white baas tau to 10 psi string, blue catfish good on bloodbait and snnmp to IO pounds ctiarwiet catfish tau to five pounds bream good on red wormsm 8 IO feet (rf wetei CEDAR CREEK Water clear 61 degrees normal level black baas slow beat early on dark meiattatke worms and chartreuse spmneis in aaven feet of water striper good early m 35 I eel AM PM Day Minor Major Minor Major Thursday 6.25 12:10 7:05 12:50 Friday 7:30 1:20 8:15 200 Saturday 8:45 2:35 9:20 3:05 Sunday 9:55 3:40 10:25 4:10 Monday 10:50 4:40 11:20 505 Tuesday 11:45 5:35 5:55 Wendesday 12:10 8:15 12:25 6:40 on live bait neat maim dropotts, crappie slow; white bess tau in open wafer on chartreuse roostei tail and slabs catfish good in creek mouths to three pounds on worms, stinkbait end shrjmp MONTICELLO Water slightly murky. 72 degrees normal level black bass good nine pounds 12 ounces on cranks and fig and pig crappie slow. catfish good lo IO pounds on worms and shrimp PAI f STINE Water murky, 68 degrees, five i"<'bes above spillway black bass good to 6 Vt (rounds on fig and eel, some on worms, fig end ei-l shipei slow, crappie tau on |igs and innows, most below 10 inch limit, some keepers, catfish good on rod and reel to 4 '4 pounds with catalpa worms shrimp TAWAKONI Wster murky 66 degrees normal level black tiass slow striper fairly good to tout pounds on topwaters spinners and MacyuiMes baits crappie slow white bass fair channel cattish good to two pounds on shrimp, shad in deep water, hybrid striper fair near (lower station SOUTHEAST CONROE Main lake clear. 70 degrees black bass lair but scattered fist) fielding close to brush structure not too active, fish hit clanks lightly early and worms extra light later tau on RatLtraps in 5 18 teat of water taw bess fishermen oui. hybrid striper and white bass slow, cr ap pi* leu under 1097 bridge close to bottom, some m boat stalls no bream catfish good in creaks on bloodbait and nightcrawlers on rod and reel, few fishermen out. deer hunting good in national forest, a few trophies with IO points LIVINGSTON Water murky to muddy, some cleat spots in Pine Island area, 70 degrees, one toot above normal level, Mack bess fair to good in cleat water on worms, cranks, some good bass in re* trolly submerged vegetation on chartreuse spinners, striper stow crappie fair. white bess fair; channel catfish good to 2'A pounds. Mua catfish tan to 16 Iv pounds, yellow catfish good to 68 pounds on trotlines with live bait TOLE IX) BEND Water dee# normal level; black trass good to six pounds on spoons and spinners striper stow. crappie fan on Twisteria^ worms, I 16 ounce fig white bass slow, catfish slow SOUTH AMISTAD Watei clear 14 leat low black bass fairly good m salt cedar areas to 7H pounds on grubs end worms, topwaters. some striper to 27 pounds some 19s, many to 10 on big Red!ins #1 over lake but mostly under dam, crappie slow. white bass schooling good on white slabs catfish excellent sn baited holes to Six pounds BRAUNIG Water cleat. 75 degrees normal level, black bass slow, striper good to seven pounds on tiiapia and shad crappie stow white bass slow catfish good to five pound on bottine with tilapta CALAVERAS Water dear. 76 degrees, na mat level, black bass good to eight pounds on purple worms end Map ta stripe! tart to tour pounds average on silver spoons, redtish good to three pounds average on tilapta and cranks; catfish good to 32 pounds on cutbait. plastic worms. crappie stow corvine good to three pounds average on cranks COUTO CREEK Water off color, nor md level, black bass good to fivs pounds on purple worms, live minnows end spinners striper dow to four pounds on live rn (mows crappie good to I H pounds with stringers to 30 fish. white bass slow; catfish excellent to 8 'A pounds on rod and reel, to ll pounds on trotlme; yellow catfish good on shad and bloodbait. channel catfish prater minnows CORPUS CHRISTI Water muddy, some runoff. 74 degrees normal level, black bass slow, soma early on cranks, noisemakers, striper slow, crappie fair in 12 14 feet of water white bass slow, blue catfish good to 27 pounds on shad on hotline with shrimp, no yellow catfish yet, no perch lot bait FALCON Water dear. 25 feet low. Mack bass fair to lout pounds on plastic worms, striper fairly good around dam to eight pounds boiling magnum Hatlbenders around points, spoons, cannonball spoons and worms, crappie stow; white bass good around state park, catfish good but small WEST POSSUM KINGDOM Water clear 85 degrees normal level black bass good to six pounds on worms and topwaters. striper good to five pounds hybrid striper good to 4H pounds on topwaters crappie good with good stringers on ■labs white bass good to 60 fish per string on slabs catfish good to 20 pounds on hotline on all baits except shrimp best fishing m two years. some say SPENCE Watei clear. 67 degrees. 26 feet low, black bass stow to two pounds on slabs, sin psi slow, crappie fairly stow, whits bass good to two pounds on slabs cattish fairly good to three pounds on hotline COASTAL GALVESTON Sandtrout excellent in ship channel and at lethe* to 400 fish per boat on dead shrimp, scattered specie in bays, mainly drifting and on live shrimp, great numbers of undersized redtish rn bays, mostly 1012 inches, good numbers of sheep sh sad to six pounds around jetties, redtish good to 29 inches at lethes, a taw over 30 inches, good number of flounder, some to eight pounds, but run has bean stowing, fait number of ducks in the bays. PALACIOS Short strings of redfish to six pounds on live and dead shrimp, spoons from Tres Palacios River and generally in bays, soma from piers, number of rat rads, soma limits of specks to about five pounds, slowing at midweek on shrimp and artificials, flounder from IH pounds from piers, new turning basin, small drum to two pounds from piers, live bart available, goos hunting stow due to bluebird weather, beds still comng in. good goose season predicted PORT ARANSAS Plenty of redfish. but not hitting, plenty of roMing fish spotted m the hats, specks still stow, so ms horn Corpus Christi Bay from 7 VV pounds around NAS, the Walls. Urn ss possible, hounder m good numbers around lefties, ferry docks, bulkheads, gigging good to 70 bsh par night in hats, offshore fairly show due to rough wafer, live ben plentiful at 97 par quart; duck season opener good, but worsened with bluebird weather PORT ISABEL Windy during weak, fishing slightly off, good numbers of redfish and trout, beat around Three Islands, along East Flats, along Leguna Atascosa retugs, bvt bait a variable, no offshore activity, good number of ducks for duck opener, mostly pintail, a taw hounder showing up Auto Parts > v Aim# hi'' *4 ’PM**1 IMM’ MUMME MOTOR OIL A    > V Aivoiiiff in i hm* III    | -fcSSS- SAE HD 30 *159 One r 2/One Quit rf Casa OI val* Olina Motor Od    110.08 Buyer s Check from Valvohna    <1.40 Ona 12,Ona Quart Casa    IT M Your Not Coot 64* tow 40 * *4 > One 12/One Quart Carf if Valvohna Mottn O ti I ZI Buyer's Check from Vaivolmi    2    40 Ona 12/One Quant r >•    tass Your Not Cost quart 74C ■ oui quart Ai I kern is 2 Ton HYDRAULIC ^ JACK J* $575 ONLY each TOUGH CAT OIL DUMP Holds 5 quarts •55300    Disposable    dram system TRAILER , BALLS (JT Y    Solid    Steel \\ )j    Interna!    Thread >*;'• $5 Chrome Finish JUST 69 each ANTI-FREEZE & COOLANT SAVE $3.00 BV MAIL on leo gall)" 1* QI Pf A*< ANTI FRff/f a COO! ANI $2 LIMIT ? 19 gallon net cost Home & Auto ELECTRICAL REPAIR KIT iv $4 O - 99 kit Standard OIL FILTER WRENCH % I ONLY A f 791 c 7 PIECE SCREWDRIVER SET 0499 $1 set HEAVY DUTY RUBBER (\ TIEDOWNS \ YOUR CHOICE    . 491 IS 20 each 31 HUNTER’S SPECIAL Extra Service Extra Savings $2 29 Come on America each light up your lanterns' TOUGH CAT «*~ CAR CARE CLOTHS YOUR CHOICE I ■<r SHOP CLOTHS •554 30 Soaks up over 5 limes etngru m oil CAN Mf ASH CLOTH •55570 Sot* 4 qeutie Im! her* POLISHING CLOTH •554/t Won 1 sc latch    Wrme    toppf.es    fast    only' 675 NEW BRAUNFELS,TEXAS HIGHWAY 81 WEST • Complete Machine Shop Service    *110119$:    Monday-Saturday    8    to    8 • Complete Line of Automotive Paints & Supplies    Sunday    9    to    4 625-7563 Installation not included Spacial orders excluded Available ai participating stores BUMPER TO pi tiv/iPFP- .....*    o THROUGH NOVCMBCN IT. IM* lf w can’t help you, nobody con. ;

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