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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - November 13, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Page 4A    Herald    Zaitung.    New    Braunfels,!exas    Wednesday,    November    13,1985 Land Commissioner says voters should be thanked, see Guest Viewpoint, below ^ ^ The basis of our Bkpolitical system is the W&Tlp right of the people to JL/ make and to alter their constitution of government. George Washington I Opinions H»rald-2f]tun$ Deva Kramer, Editor and General Manager Smamm Hair** Managing Editor -Ti James Kilpatrick'Don't just stand there, do something WASHINGTON One of the most life is the cry of the frustrated wife or be going wrong: “Don’t just sit Acting on that precipitate com-familiar exhortations in American husband when everything seems to there! Do something!"    mand.    Congress    appears    to    be    on    the verge of enacting what Rep. Les Aspin, D-Wis., calls “the dumbest piece of legislature" he has seen in his 15 years on the Hill. Aspin is too gentle. The pending deficit reduction bill is monumentally stupid; it probably is unconstitutional; if it can be made to work at all, it will work gross inequities; and its potential impact upon national defense, as Aspin made clear a few days ago in an open letter to the secreatary of defense, is nothing short of catastrophic. It is incredible that 75 members of the Senate, the President of the United States and the speaker of the House — among others whose sanity is assmumed but not always proven — should have swallowed this dish of legislative hash. Swallowed It? The verb is inadequate Eyes closed, nostrils pinched, the Senate on Oct. 9 gulped it down. “We can no longer do nothing!” cried Kennedy of Massachusetts. So the Senate did something. It passed a bill that mandates these beautiful achievements: in fiscal ’86. a deficit of no more than $180 billion; in 1987. a deficit of $144 billion; in 1989, a deficit of $108 billion, and so by annual increments to a promised land in fiscal ’91, when the deficit would be a breathtaking zero. Anyone who believed these fairy tales will believe the moon is made of cheddar cheese. Such believers should not be permitted to cross the streets without their nannines. These budgetary goals are firmly carved from cotton candy. It is sufficiently difficult to forecast income and outlay one or two years ahead; it is impossible to make reliable estimates six years ahead. For the past three weeks, nine Senate conferees and 48 House conferees have been struggling to rewrite the bill. Heaven knows the bill needs it. In its original form, the bill would have surrendered vast powers to the president to cut spending across the board. These powers would have been triggered not by congressional direction, but by bureaucratic conjecture: the Office of Management and Budget and the Congressional Budget Office would predict income and Outgo; if their estimated deficits weft more than 5 percent higher titan the mandated goals, all kinds of drastic things would have to happen. In his open letter, Aspin touched on only a few of these drastic things as they affect defense. A cut of IO percent in the fourth year, he said, “could force the firing of almost one-third of all those in uniform." Willy-nilly, the president would have to dismiss 674,000 of the 2,150,000 persons in the armed forces. Because of the mysterious machahisfni built into the bill, ship cofMtnfctttftt Could be cut by more thMi barf. Army engineers, facing a IO percent cut, could not decide to build 90 dams instead of IOO dams; they would have to build 90 percent of all IOO. The pending bill qftullfMI tflb one of the most radical ptbpta&ls ever seriously advanced dilCljpttof Bill. It had not one hour of COflimlitee hearings prior to consideration! on the floor. No analyses Of the Consequences ever wert examined. Up until the very moment of passage in the Senate, amendments Of major significance were being adopted. The best that can be said of this reckless and irresponsible legislation is that the next Congress will be free to repeal it. Because its main provisions would not become effective until 1987, little damage may be done Granted, something most be done about the deficits, but this bill Isn’t it.Guest viewpointVeterans owe Texas voters a vote of thanks By GARY MAURO Tam ian4 Commissioner Texas voters gave a special vote of thanks to our Texas Veterans Nov. 5 by approving Proposition K It didn't matter that Veterans Day hadn't arrived yet because Veterans Day is really a place in the heart rather than a place on the calendar Proposition H provided an addi tional $500 million iii funding to the Texas Veterans Housing Assistance Program enough to extend the pro gram for at least another two years without costing the taxpayer a single penny. The Veterans Housing Assistance Program provides qualified Texas Veterans with up to $20.ooo towards purchase of a house at a 9 97 percent interest rate, well below current marketing interest rates The VHAP is not good just for Texas Veterans, but for all Texans, since the Veterans Land Board loans $1 million a day to help Veterans pur chase homes in Texas. According to a recent study, it is in dicated that for every one dollar the Veterans Housing Assistance Pro gram loans, seven dollars are generated in the Texas homebuilding economy, plus jobs are created for Texans In realdollar terms, that means we've already stimulated the Texas economy by over $4 billion in less than two years the program has been in operation And we’ve created over 25,000 jobs in Texas. This program, which makes these low interest loans can be combined with a conditional or VA loan and has enabled many younger Texas Veterans to move into the homebuy-ing market much earlier than they could have done had there been no Veterans Housing Assistance Program Older Veterans have been able to use this sucessful program to help build their dream retirement home, using their loan as a down payment or to buy equity in an existing home. So, it only makes sense that Texas voters continue this tradition begun during the early days of the Republic of Texas that rewards Texas Veterans for their service, especially on Veteran's Day. Andy Rooney A long list of things that are hard to do The following things arc hard to do Get in your car when someone has parked too close to you on the driver’s side Tear something along the dotted line when the instructions read “Tear Along Dotted Line ’’ Carry a couch upstairs if you’re the one walking backwards. Draw a circle freehand Let down a Venetian blind the first time without pulling the cord this way and that Tie a necktie so it comes out even at the ends Put the ice cube trays back in the freezer without spilling water Replace the screens with the storm windows...or the storm windows with the screens Get the color right again on the television once you’ve messed it up. Cut the fingernails of your right hand with you left hand if you're right handed or vice versa. Reach for the towel when you get out of the shower without getting water all over the bathroom floor. Turn over the mattress Get tile car in the garage without hitting some of the junk you’ve got stored along the side. Take something out of your eye without your glasses on ... which you’ve had to take off to get at what’s in your eye. Get off a crowded elevator at the second floor of an eight floor store when your the first one on Wash a pan you’ve scrambled eggs in Keep from getting distracted by another newspaper story when you're looking for the continuation on page nine of a story you started on page one. Open the back door when you’re carrying two bags of groceries Get up and go to bed if you fall asleep on the couch watching television. Swallow a pill by taking a drink from a fountain you have to bend over to get at. Remember when you last put a bat tery in your watch Get anything out of your pants pocket when you have your seatbelt fastened. Find the light switch in a dark room Keep your hands from smelling like gas when you help yourself at a self-service gas station. Take all the pins out of a new shirt. Pack a suitcase for warm weather when you’re starting from a cold place Get all the peanut butter out of the jar Get rid of the toothpick after you’ve eaten an hors d’oeuvre at a cocktail party Quit a job you hate if the money’s good. Know what to do with all the wires from two tamps, a record player and the television set Clean a paint brush so you can use it again. Not to lose some in the sink when you strain the water off the pasta. End a telephone conversation with someone you don’t want to talk to any longer. AND THIS/SMY INNER SANCTUM, IF TOU MLC. I COML HOtt TO BE FINE TUNED ON MT ARMS CONTROL POSITIONS BY MY HANDLERS AMAZING! DIMPLY ASTONISHING, SMf J wonder if me viewers of 'LIFESTYLES OF IHE RICH AND FAMOUS" COLAO SU WHATS IN WSF CLOSES! I'M SURF ITS SOMETHING THE REST OF US CAN ONL Y DREAM ABOUT' J ■<     »    I mc, I HAVE TO SAY TOURE RIGHT, MR LEACH THIS IS INHERE I REEF NU DAILY INTELLIGENCE REPORTS ON sam ARMS CONTROL VIOLATIONS.    , r supe SUPER' NOW,HOW ABOUT YOUR POULTS* UH.. COULD YOU EMPTY SURE.. YOUR POCmS FOR / ^ OUR CAMERAS* / Mete, Mailbag policy The Herald Zeitung welcomes the opinions of its readers, and we’re happy to publish letters to the editor. While readers’ opinions on local issues generally are of more interest to other readers, we welcome letters on any topic — local, state, national or international — that the writer chooses to address. Content will not prevent publication unless the letter is judged to be potentially libelous All letters to the editor should be signed and authorship must be verifiable by telephone. Anonymous letters will not be published. Send your letter to: Mailbag, New Braunfels Hcrald-Zattufctf, PO Drawer 361, New Braunfels Texas Your representatives Gov. Mark White Governor's Office Room 200 State Capitol Austin, Texas 78701 Sen. John Traeger Texas Senate Capitol Station . Austin, Texas 78711 Rep. Tom Loeffler U.S. House of Representatives 1212 Longworth House Office Bldg Washington, D.C. 20515 Sen. Lloyd Bemean a * ‘ i v United States Sedate , Room 240 Russet! Bldg Washington, D.C. 20510 Rep. Edmund Kuempel Texas House of Representatives P.O. Box 2910 Austin, Texas 7876ft w Rep. Mac Sweeney (Guadalupe County) U.S. House of Representatives Washington, D.C., 20515 San. Phil Gramrtf United Stat* , Washington ICI. ;

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