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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - November 7, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas •a--*# DALLAS 752    ■#*"# 410 MOS3 ' .1 0/22/86 L XAS american microfilm ATT.- PETE SINCLAIR F.O. BOX 45436 DALLAS, TX 75245 251 Floodwaters race I Nation to Washington D.C. See Page 11A I Wafer Watch Comal River.............. 294    (same) Canyon inflow............ 528    (up 26) Canyon outflow........... 926    (same) Edwards Aquifer ....... 625.58    (up    .05) Canyon Lake level .... 910.67 (down .12) New Braunfels Herald New Braunfels. Texas Wurstfest offers Local full schedule See Page 2A ....... .. .....—i Thursday November 7 , 1985 25 Cents 18 Pages — 2 SectionsSuit filed against hotel owner By DAtf/l)bvERSTREET Staff writer District Judge Charles Ramsay signed a temporary restraining order Wednesday afternoon against the new owner of the Faust Hotel. 240 S. Seguin. Gloria Giannini of Colton, Calif., was charged Sunday with felony theft over $20,000 after allegedly depositing a bad check into a hotel business account and later withdrawing a substantial amount of money. Her bond was set at $100,000 by Municipal Court Judge David Perkins. Giannini was released from Comal County Jail after posting bond Tuesday night, but was arrested at New Braunfels Police station at 10:30 Wednesday morning on a warrant from Weslaco for theft by check. She was released from Comal County Jail after posting $15,000 bond set by a Weslaco judge. The restraining order, filed by the former owner of the Faust Hotel, was signed at2 p.m. Wednesday. Ramsay set a permanent injunction hearing for 9:30 a.m. Tuesday. In his petition for the restraining order and injunction, John H. Roberts Jr., former owner of the Faust, says Giannini bought the hotel on Oct. 7. “Immediately after the closing, the defendant knowingly and fraudulently commenced a course of conduct designed to strip the Faust Hotel, on a daily basis, of operating cash, checks and the credit card proceeds of the sale of food, beverages, and hotel room oc cupancy,” the petition states. The petition also says Roberts believes that if Giannini is permitted to resume operation of the hotel and is “permitted access to the cash income being generated during Wurstfest week...and to continue See WOMAN, Page 12A Water upsets Garden Ridge By SARAH DUKE Staff writer GARDEN RIDGE - Residents of Garden Ridge demanded to know the condition of their water at Wednesday’s city council meeting. Don Decker, owner of Garden Ridge Water Company, said the water is in good condition and safe to drink after tests a month ago revealed fecal coliform in it. Residents at the meeting were concerned because the public was not informed of the water contamination when 't happened. Raymond Whitley, health officer with the Texas Health Department, said contamination was found in the water during a routine test Oct. 5. “I understand several men on the council knew about that (fecal coliform in the water) and I don’t appreciate you and the council saying there is not problem or never was a problem,” resident I>arry Swain told mayor Paul Davis “I’m trying to raise a family out here and I think if something is wrong with the water then there is a big problem and the people need to know about it,” Swain said. Decker said there was never an order from the state health department to tell people to boil water. “At one point they said perhaps you should recommend people boil water to drink,” he said. Decker added that an hour after the recommendation was made, state health agents changed their minds about the recommendation and decided Decker should wait until the water was tested again. “In my opinion they (the water company) should have notified people immediately because they had bad samples,” Whitley said Thursday. “It should have been the responsibility of the water company to contact the city as soon as they knew there was a problem,” the health agent said. He added that by the time city officials were notified of the contamination, the problem was See WATER, Page 12A Bonds will save money for NBISD By LILLIAN THOMAS Staff writer New Braunfels ISD trustees decided to save the school district $960,000 this year and have a longterm savings of another $1.05 million. The school board met Wednesday night and approved issuance of $8.5 million in tax-refunding bonds, which will allow the school district to refinance the building bonds at 7.5 percent rather than paying the almost IO percent rate that was available when the building bonds were issued in 198 i The $ 1.05-million savings is the difference between these two interest rates over the life of the bonds. The $960,000 in savings is the budgeted amount the school district would have paid to the bond holders this year. Selling the new bonds will take care of those payments. That savings, which will go into an escrow account, will buy federal treasury bills and will pay for refinancing costs. “This program that allows us to do this has only been around for a few years,” said Lonnie Curtis, assistant superintendent of finance. “It used to be that a school district, like many governmental entities, could not refinance bonds and make money off of them. The bonds will be bought off on a staggered schedule, rather than all at once.” To complete the refinancing business Wednesday, trustee Gene Scott, who is secretary of the board, had to be whisked away from a booth at Wurstfest in his lederhosen to sign the documents. In other business, the board cast 1,001 of their votes for Glyn Goff as their nominee to the Central Appraisal District board and cast 481.5 votes for George Erben, the city’s nominee. The meeting then adjourned to a study session in which Steve Tillotson with the Andrew Pere* architect firm, presented options for reroofing Seele Elementary and Lamar School cafeteria. The latter has already been budgeted. Seele’s ceiling had begun leaking See NBISD, Page UA Terrorists threaten to kill Americans BEIRUT, lebanon <AP> — An anonymous telephone caller said today the terrorist group Islamic Jihad would kill by firing squad the American hostages it holds in Lebanon because indirect negotiations with the United Staten had reached “a dead end.” A later anonymous call claimed the Americans had been killed and dumped at a specified location, but police said they found no bodies there Six Americans are missing in Beirut Islamic Jihad, believed comprised of fundamentalist Shute Moslem followers of Iran’s Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, has said it already killed one American and is holding the other five There was no way to authenticate either call, made to the office of a Western news agency in Beirut, apparently by different men The news agency made a transcript of the original caller's statement available to The Associated Press “We have decided the following the execution of the American hostages by firing squad," said the first caller, who spoke in Arabic and claimed to represent Islamic Jihad. or Islamic Holy War. “Wait for another call from us at I p.m. (5 a.m. CDT in connection with the status of the corpses of the American hostages,” the caller said At 2 p m. (6 a m. CDT I the agency said the man had not called back But an official of the agency, which asked not to be identified, disclosed later there had been another call at IO a.rn (2a.m. CDT). A man speaking Arabic said bodies had been dumped in a bombed-out factory in the Kola district of West Beirut. He hung up after a few seconds But it was not apparently the same man who delivered the death threat Police said at 2 p m they had searched the area thoroughly but found no bodies The second call differed from the earlier one because the man did not precede his terse message with tht first words of the Koran, Islam’s holy book, that callers claiming to speak for Islamic Jihad usually use Islamic Jihad was the group that claimed responsibility for exploding a truck bomb at the Beirut headquarters of U.S. Marine peacekeepers Oct 23,1983, killing 241 Americans. The wurst of Myron Myron Ftoren races his fingers across Na    18th year of appearances at Wurstfest    See accordion's keyboard in the Wursthalle    more photos, pages 2A, 12A. Wednesday night. This year marks Florets Reagan doubts sincerity of spy's defectionInside CANYON LAKE 5A CLASSIFIED 3-88 COMICS 10A CROSSWORD 38 DEAR ABBY 18 DEATHS _2A HOROSCOPE    3BToday's weather Today will be sunny and mild with clear and cool conditions tonight The high temperature will be in the up- KALIDEDOSCOPE 18 OPINIONS 4A OUTDOORS •A SCRAPBOOK 2B SPORTS 7-8A STOCKS 12A WEATHER    2A per-70s with the low dropping to near 50 degrees. Today's low was 50 degrees and Wednesday's high was 80 degrees. Sunset will be at 5:40 p.m. and sunrise will be at 6:49. WASHINGTON (AP) - President Reagan says Soviet masterspy Vitaly Yurchenko never gave the United States “anything new or sensational" during his three months with the CIA and may have been planted as a fraudulent defector in “a deliberate ploy” by the Kremlin “We just have to live with it because there s no way we can prove or disprove it,” Reagan said in an interview Wednesday. “You can’t rule out personal desire, homesickness, whatever it might be” as possible motives for the decisions by Yurchenko, a seaman in Louisiana and a soldier in Af ghanistan to return to their Soviet homeland, Reagan said. He spoke hours before the latest reported defection, a Romanian seaman in Jacksonville, Fla. Reagan told the correspondents of four Western news agencies he is perplexed by the unusual series of events, coming as they have in the days leading up to his summit meeting with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in Geneva ll days from now. Also during the 33-minute interview, Reagan said: — He would deploy the proposed Star Wars space shield unilaterally if other nuclear powers can’t agree on a worldwide defense and disarmament program. The president's comments appeared to negate the terms he laid out in an interview with Soviet journalists last week rn which he said he wouldn’t deploy a defensive system until offensive missiles had been dismantled. — There is every indication that Gorbachev is “a reasonable man,” and that gives Reagan hope he can convince the Communist Party chief the United States has no expansionist aims. — His goal at the summit will be to “eliminate the distrust” between the superpowers, not to negotiate a new arms control agreement “I don’t think the negotiation of facts and figures about which weapon and how many and numbers and so forth should take place at the summit,” he added. “I think that belongs where we have already put it, and that is with the arms control negotiators who are already in Geneva.” ;

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