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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - May 22, 1996, New Braunfels, Texas Herald-Zeitung o Wednesday, May 22,1996 O 5 A Faculty should bo hold accountable Editor, The school districts whose safe and orderly policies include no smoking, weapons, drugs and alcohol on school campuses means all people including faculty, staff employees as well as stu-' dents, parents and visitors. If a person is so hooked on tobacco that he/she simply must indulge or pass out or die, do it away and out of sight from all others and don’t expect someone to clean up after you. Students should never see you do it on campus. How does it look when students see their role model leaders hooked on a weed? I might even take a chew or ; smoke a cigar while fishing or hunting but not on campus. My God! What , the hell is the problem here? No wonder students are mixed up! Why should students pay fines for smoking or chewing when role model faculty and staff don’t? Jerry & Daugherty Spring Branch Large donations made to . Woman’s Cantor Editor, Please allow us to publicly thank the two local businesses that, through their contributions of time and talent, have raised and donated just over . $1,000 to die Comal County Women’s Center. Headrick Country Home Antiques sponsored a fund-raiser at their store, collecting much needed donations for the shelter and auction-; ingoffa beautiful piece of hand-made ; furniture. In addition, Esther and Wen-! dell Headrick offered generous dis-! counts to customers donating much • needed food and toiletries for CCWC ; and also presented us with a cash ! donation which represented a per-! centage of their weekend sales. H.E.B. • blessed us by including us in their J Mother's Day plans and allowing I CCWC volunteers to assist children in I decorating special cakes — a per-; centage of the cake sales was con-; tributed to the shelter. We would like I to thank everyone in the community I who made these events successful. To ; the volunteers that mailed and distrib- • uted flyers, to the volunteers that made I phone calls informing the public of I our events, to those that brought in a can of food or a blanket, to those that ; placed a bid during die silent auction, ; to the volunteers that helped the children decorate the on alcohol and disposable items on the river. Other resort areas such as Galveston have done it with wonderful results. Desirable tourists are back in Galveston, and their problem tourists are going elsewhere. Why haven’t we done the same thing? John JC Landry D.D.S. New Braunfels Obmmm folks nood our holp Editor, Let’s face it. This wonderful city in which we live has too many obese men, women and children. What’s wrong with that? Nothing except that each such person may die 20 or 30 years sooner than he or she would without the extra poundage, so we are told. Why couldn’t we have a club — open to all New Braunfelsers — about two-thirds of the members would be of normal weight, healthy, and willing to do all they can to help their fellow members lose weight with proper reward when they get back to their normal size? At the start, all "overweights" would be weighed and the total weight of all would be posted. Each month thereafter the (reduced, we hope) total tonnage figure would be posted so all could see what progress has been made. Of course, all of this would have to have each obese person’s doctor’s okay about diet and exercise. All "skinny” people, like the writer, could be "taxed” a little to pay club expenses. We need a real go-getter to head this group, a man or a woman. R'. Ewing Moore New Braunfels. Dresden bombing romomborod Editor, The numerous events held across America to mourn the first anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing were tearful. But they were needed so as to demonstrate love and hope, along with a commitment to move forward. Reflecting on the Oklahoma City bombing, and how its horror overwhelmed us all, it’s hard to imagine how horrible it must have been for the people of Dresden, when they were bombed SO years earlier. One building was destroyed in Oklahoma City and 168 people died. .PP Ash Wednesday, I* ! Mom!^ to the    the    end I ald-Zeitung and tfONB/IWBTfbr thousands ofAIlied bombers dropped terns of explosives on Dresden. Not a building was standing after the raid. At least 300,000 people were killed, mostly women and children. Dresden did not make or store war materiel. She was a hospital city, possessing 19 major medical centers, and Dresden was undefended. Some honest historians state that the destruction of Dresden was the largest single massacre in European history. Some of our fellow citizens of New Braunfels were in Dresden or its environs on the night it was destroyed. In the aftermath of Oklahoma City’s bombing, help arrived quickly. Generous Americans flooded the wounded city with rescue equipment, supplies and funds. Dresden also received help in her hour of need. Hundreds of ambulances and fire trucks from surrounding towns rushed into burning Dresden. They hoped to save as much of the beautiful city as they could. Before the raid, Dresden was called the "Florence of the North,” where street after street was filled with magnificent buildings, fountains and statues. But the English had set a trap for the emergency crews that night. A second massive raid was delayed by the Royal Air Force for several hours, tricking the Germans into thinking the coast was clear following the first raid. ; their publicity assistance, WE J THANK YOU. Karen MacDonald ComaI County Women *s Center i ; Ban alcohol on tho river : already Editor, ' This week the Guadalupe River and • Comal County were featured in an J article in the “Wall Street Journal.” | Some of the comments made by the ; reporter were enough to make Comal I County citizens proud. J One example: "Many local residents | and vacationing families have decried ; the beer-chugging, tequila-drenched, ! marijuana-fueled boaters and floaters, : who often regard the river as their per-' sonal trash can and latrine.” j Speaking of the river’s reduced flow : and of children who were on the river, : the reporter also stated, "If the river » was at its usual levels, the children would be endangered by naked drunks who leap from the cliffs into a shallow pool. But even naked drunks know not to jump today.” I How much longer are Comal County and the Guadalupe going to be ! assaulted by the naked "beer-chugging, tequila-drenched, marijuana-; fueled” thugs who invade Comal ; County and the Guadalupe on week-; ends? To answer the question: until I the residents demand a complete ban Dresden was on fire from one end of town to the other as it Was. The second "sneak” attack, as planned, caught the brave firemen, nurses and doctors between walls of flame and bursting shells. They suffered painful deaths. Few survived. Richard A. Odorfer New Braunfeb Column writ or out off stop with rooldonts Editor, While there must be a few scattered sympathizers with the Elan, I know of no one in this city who fits that description. I believe the city’s civic leadership has laid out the best approach to dealing with the (Clan rally: ignore them. Beyond that, however, I was most disappointed to note Mr. Croteau’s suggestion that the citizens of our city congregate at the Plaza to "moon” the Kl an. What type of persons "moon” anybody? Is "mooning” an activity that we would like to hold out to our children or grandchildren — as Mr. Croteau suggests — as being commendable? There are ways to express disapproval without resorting to this type of degraded behavior. I believe Mr. Croteau is out of touch and out of step with the citizenry of New Braunfels, whether or not he meant this as a tongue-in-cheek suggestion. As your city editor, he has a right and privilege to put forth his notions in our newspaper, but I believe he should understand that most of our citizens would like to exalt courtesy and decorum, not crass and degraded exhibitionism. Charles H. Davis IV New Braunfels a Newspaper has an attitudn problem Editor, New Braunfels is losing a dedicated professional who has had a lasting impression on all the folks she has taught, both about the dance and life in general. I have photographed Joan and the students she has trained for the last 16 years. My wife was her student for IO years. I hesitate to criticize the photograph your paper printed May 7, 1996. The writer and the photographer knew very little about Joan, and the result is a very sad photograph and a bad selection of words. In fact, nq photograph, would have been very •    i-    ‘    • iiiucn Defier. Your attitude about one article per person needs some looking into. We don’t need state and world news filling up the local paper. We want to know about the local people — try this and you might have an increase in circulation. There has been better local coverage in the San Antonio Express News. I think to show good will it would be to your advantage to redo your bad taste and attitude on Joan Slocum Hannan and let all others know what New Braunfels is losing. £ C. Keller J. L Keller New Braunfels Constitution allows for froodom of spooch Editor, What can you expect! Neither letterwriter Mendez on May 8, nor Millett on May 12, got the point, namely freedom of speech. And the pastors and churches should take heed! We have a Constitution in these United States and the IO Amendments, known as the Bill of Rights. Spelled out in Amendment One is, among other things, that "Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble.” And in Amendment Two it says, "A well-regulated militia, being nec essary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Some people mention Montana, Waco, Oklahoma City and Ruby Ridge and they connect it with the militia. They are far off! If some of these people at one time belonged to a militia, they left them because they . must have other ideas, not those of the militia. What does Millett know about why black men were hanged? More white men were hanged than blacks. And he says "thanks to the white churches for their efforts and support during a time of crisis.” Do you know the meaning of crisis, Mr. Millett? What a laugh to call an assembly of a small organization, which is only practicing freedom of speech, a crisis. Ridiculous! You do not support Farrakan, but apparently it is all right if black police officers have their own organization, but the whites are not given the same rights. Our thinking young men and women, most of them are well-read, have the right to attend peaceful assemblies. They are intelligent enough to decide whether they want to join any or all organizations that appeal to them. Thanks to our Constitution here in this country, we still have freedom of speech, we still can say what we warn. That is not the case in many European countries. Enough said on this issue! And thanks to this newspaper which publishes different opinions for free. Mrs. Barker New Braunfels Abandoning pots cruel Editor, This evening another stray cat showed up at our door. That makes three cats this month. We have lived in Comal County for over 30 years, and numerous stray cats and dogs have appeared at our door. The cats have all been female, pregnant, and very hungry- Some of these animals never made it to our door, a half-mile from the highway. Many were struck by cars or trucks. The luckier ones died instantly. The others crawled away, frightened, hurt, hungry and bewildered. They became prey for wild animals or they slowly starved to death. Where were their families? These animals once belonged tq someone. They were beloved family members who were fed, cared for, and apparently loved. So — how could a human being be so cruel as to abandon a pet out in strange surrounding? Some of them even respond to basic training commands, showing they had some idea of training and were obedient pets. Just because a family lives in the country, they do not always welcome pets in unlimited numbers. Pets are a great responsibility and do take time, care and money. If you do not want your pet any longer, take it to the animal shelter or give it to a friend who does want the pet. Please do not just dump it out on the highway near someone’s gate. lf you do not want your pet to be continually presenting the family with more kittens or puppies, see your veterinarian about having the pet spayed or neutered. It is a simple operation and much more humane than dumping unwanted pets. I frequently wonder what the parents tell their children about the suddenly missing cat or dog. Do they lie and say Fido ran away or Puffy found a new home? How very sad to have to live such a lie. Surely there is a special place reserved in the hereafter for people who have abandoned their pets, and I do not mean in heaven. Holley June Guenther New Braunfels Phone companies, regulators start area code split discussions By JUAN B. ELIZONDO Jr. Associated Press Writer \ AUSTIN (AP) — The 210 and 817 telephone krea codes that together stretch from the Panhandle to the Mexican border will be split, but how and when are far from decided. Officials from the Public Utility Commission, representatives of major phone companies and con sumer groups began a series of meetings Tuesday to come up with proposals for dividing the two area codes. The PUC hopes to have both divided and new area codes in place before available numbers in the two run out. That’s expected to happen at the end of 1997. The informal group decided that a final decision needs to be made no later than November. They also agreed to meet next month to review maps of proposals. Last month, Southwestern Bell Telephone Co., offered three plans for splitting the 817 area code, which currently covers areas south of Fort Worth to north of Wichita Falls, and two plans for dividing 210, which covers from just north of San Antonio to the Mexican border. Those plans were reviewed by other phone companies and consumer representatives Tuesday. Happy 50* Birthday John! We’ll keep you young! We Love You! Donna, Bradley, Ashley, Cody & Baby to Be WANTED: 10 HOMES To Train Factory and Window Applicators (under supervision-fully guaranteed) TO APPLY VINYL SIDING IO Homes Will Be Done Regardless of Cost NO GIMMICKS 100% FINANCING AVAILABLE FREE INSULATION PACKAGE CALL 1-800-660-8063 Energy Survey on not failures A fishing guide once said that catching a fish depends more on who’s holding the pole than the bait that’s on the hook. “Optimists catch more fish,” he said. “They believe they’re going to catch ’em and they catch ’em.” On white-water rivers and in controlled laboratories optimists do better. Empirical findings and scientific studies indicate that optimists are far more successful in all aspects of life than pessimists. Because optimists are more resilient, they turn defeat into victory. Optimists see failure as due to something that can be changed. Pessimists view failure as an inborn personality flaw. Optimists consider themselves lucky. Pessimists think themselves unlucky. Responding to disappointment, optimists tend to react actively and hopefully. They formulate a new plan of action or they seek help and advice. The pessimists react to setbacks by assuming nothing can be done. Optimists rejoice! Pessimists keep reading. Optimism can be learned. Hope can be cultivated. How can one have mastery over the events of one’s life? By succeeding. In little steps. Little baby steps of success lead to higher and higher successes. Say, for example, you are a tremendously shy person. The first thing you need to learn is how to smile. Just smile at yourself in the minor. Try not to Mush. But it’s okay if you do. Keep smiling. Next, learn to smile at some other human being. Just give them a little smile and quickly turn and run. When you discover that most people don’t chase after you, stick out your hand and introduce yourself... Then you mn. As you keep sticking out your hand and introducing yourself, you will discover that almost everyone will be pleasant. Next, you say a few words or, better still, you ask a few questions. Like, fsh’1 ar m bem ask this question When the day is pleasant.) Use the acronym FORM to help remember the questions to ask.F stands for family, as in “Do you have a tinnily!” Be creative here. There are John I. Walker, M.D. all sorts of possibilities. "Where do your kids go to school?” — etc. O stands for occupation, as in "Where do you work?” R stands for recreation, as in “Do you recreate?” Actually, "What do you do for fun?” is a better question, but it would mess up the acronym. Af stands for meaning, as in "What gives your life meaning?” This, of course, is a more in-depth question and you can word it several ways. "Wha excites you about life?” “What gives you the most pleasure in life?” “What things are most valuable to you?” These last questions are the key to understanding what motivates a person. As you go about learning how to ask questions, you quickly discover that strangers open up to you. They will tell you the most intimate secrets about their lives. Why? Because most people don’t ask questions. Most people talk. When you ask questions, you encourage people to talk about their favorite subject — them. Pretty soon you can talk to just about anyone. By learning to ask questions you become a brilliant conversationalist and one of the most popular people around. People begin to give you their phone numbers. After you call a few people, you feel comfortable selling over the telephone. Each success gives you the courage to sell more over the telephone. You become rich. You write a book — HOW I OVERCAME MY SHYNESS AND SOLD SI BILLION IN WIDGETS OVER THE TELEPHONE. You get on the David Letterman show to promote your book. You meet Madonna on the show, many her, and spend the rest of your life regretting overcoming shyness. (John Ingram Walker, M.D. is a Herald-Zeitung guest columnist and New Braunfels resident.) PUBLIC NOTICE On May 20, 1996, the Edwards Underground Water District declared Stage III of its Demand Management Plan (DMP). The average daily flow from Comal Springs in Comal County has declined to 175 cubic feet per second. Stage III of the DMP calls for Primary Users, those who produce or supply more than 18 million gallons of Edwards Aquifer water a year, to reduce demand by 20%. Demand reductions do not apply to “qualified industrial use” as defined in the DMP. Primary users must file weekly use volume reports with the District no later than the day following the first business day of each week. These reports should show the total amount of water from the Edwards Aquifer produced or supplied by the Primary User. Stage III will remain in effect for at least ten days unless a more restrictive stage is declared. The general public is advised to make every reasonable effort to conserve water at all times but most especially during prolonged dry spells. For information on water use restrictions, the general public should contact their water utility or city hall. BE WATER TIGHT! NEW NIGHT CLINIC TO OPEN EDWARD A. BALLI, AD. Family Practice JAMES D. BEDELL, Pi. Physician Assistant doctor’s clink; INC 908 EL Court St Seguin, TX 78155 Monday, Tuea-Fri, Saturday, *52!©- 8 anL-5 pjn. 8 a m -Rpm .830 ajn-4 jun. Se Hehla Espanol POR APPOINTMENT CALL (210)379-6823 METRO 303-2704 ;