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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - May 17, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Opinions Dave Kramer. Editor And Puhiishe Jim Webre. Managing Editor Page4A    Hera\d-Zeitung    New    Braunfels    Texas    Sunday    May    11 1987 Editorial We finally did it We’re in at last! This is the last edition of the .\v u n rn ti n fe Is Hr rn Ui-Zeitung published out of our offices on South Casten. Tuesday’s paper will have been written, produced and printed out of new facilities at 707 Lamia, and are we glad. We've been talking about it for years and, frankly, some folks thought we would never actually do it. But we did. Not that tile old building wasn’t fine for its time, but it had gotten to the point of being unserviceable. As our city has grown, the need for a larger central fire station meant that we lost our privilege of parking behind the newspaper on city property. It is fitting that we grow with our city and its people. We’re getting out just in time. The new building was once the Skate Skelter, and anyone hanging around a newspaper at deadline can appreciate the link with a roller rink there are indeed some similarities in that inertia sort of takes over at some point. The design of our new 18,450-square-foot facility takes advantage of a state-of-the-art open office concept. The design by Gene Rutherford TI Architects allows free flow of activity and production effort crucial to an efficient newspaper. General contractor for the project was Wingfield Construction Co. Major subcontractors were Bexar Electric, Guada-Coma Mechanical Inc., and Ott Plumbing, and we thank them for a job well done. General improvements include a renovated Web Offset press, which will allow use of color with a greater number of pages per section of the newspaper. The facility and better work environment, we believe, will mean a better newspaper for our readers and advertisers. We moved in the rain Saturday and today will virtually complete the transition, although no amount of precipitation could dampen our excitement over this new and attractive addition to the community. Effective today, hand-delivered materials and business transactions will take place out of the luanda loc ation An open house is planned later next month, and we welcome the public to our new home. The //« nihiZntuny is your community newspaper, and we recognize the support our town has shown over the years. Without that support we wouldn't have this fine, new facility. The staff is proud of our progress and we trust the next TU years will tx* as prosperous and worthwhile as the first TU. So all tfiat remains is cleaning up. Anyone want to buy a used newspaper building? Andy Rooney Nicaragua policy faulty It seems as though we’re making an awful!) tan fuss atxmt Nicaragua, a small, jx»or. weak country that is more to be pitied than feared The United States has pulled all sorts of dirty tricks trying to bring down Nicaragua’s government The average American doesn't care whether the Sun-dimstas or the contras run Nicaragua. We wouldn’t know a Sandimsta from a contra if we stood behind Diem in a line at the hank. As Americans, we are supposed lo hate these people we don't even know9 It s hard enough hating all the people we know personally who deserve it Are the Nicaraguans really to he treated like an enemy? If Nicaragua is dominated by Communists, is it a serious threat to Oklahoma? Nicaragua is about the size of New York state. The whole country doesn’t have as many people in it as Chicago. There probably aren’t more than a few thousand conservative contra rebels trying, with little success so far, to overthrow the liberal Sandimsta government. Whatever details emerge from the current congressional investigation into the arms sale to our dear friends the Iranians, proceeds from which went to our dear friends Hie contras, it is apparent that we are paying people to overthrow the government of Nicaragua I know it doesn’t matter what I think, hut I think I don't like it. President Reagan wants to give the contras another $105 million next year. Never has so much been given to so few for so little. If we’re going to spend all that money on Nicaragua, there are wiser ways to spend it than on weapons, it would make more sense to try to win over the Nicaraguan people in a friendly way. After all, if you take $105 million and spend it U> help 3 million people, you can do m lot of big, good things with it. ffntead of giving the contras money Ut blow up power plants and destroy roads and bridges, maybe we ought to go into Managua with our big huc ks and help them. We have all been taught that to make a friend, we should be a friend. If we win by .spending millions to blow up their power plants and their bridges, you all know what comes next We’re going to have to spend more millions helping them rebuild their power plants and their bridges. That's the American way. Nicaraguans are Uke people everywhere. They don’t care which wing their government is, left or right, as long as they have jobs and enough to eat. Communism has never done such a wonder job of restoring any country’s economy that we should worry about a country being Communist. What usually happens with a left wing government is that it decides everyone who disagrees with it is the enemy. The Communist government of the people ends up puttng people in prison. Communism is not only oppressive but the system doesn’t work and the people hate it. Why are we so worried about Communism? What we're doing isn’t nice. The United States shouldn’t be overthrowing someone else’s government by hiring people to do the job. There are other ways we might help Nicaragua and, at the same time, help ourselves. Chrysler is offering $1.5 bilhon for American Motors. Instead of spending that money on a dying car company, how would it be if Ue I atocia bought Nicaragua? He owes this country something because we bailed Chrysler out with the same amount, a $1.5 billion loan, when it was going broke. The United States would be getting out of it cheap if it paid Chrysler something Uke $50 miUion a year to keep Nicaragua from boing Communist once Chrysler moved in. Maybe Chrysler could even make a deal with the Japanese to run Nicaragua for them for half price the pocket difference. A humorous outlook overcomes negativity By JOHN I. WALKER. M I). This past week, my wife and I took a trip to New York I was riot fun to he with: I griped and complained almost all of the way The flight was late, the cabin was cramped, the service was poor. When we arrived in New York, the cab driver would not open the trunk and wanted me to put my hags in the front seat I called him lazy; he called me inconsiderate using an indirect vocabulary that clearly got the point across. Finally, as my wife and I were getting ready for bed and I was compatning vociferously about the hotel prices in New York, we both broke into spontaneous laughter As we talked about how ridiculously petty I had been, I remembered what humorist Charlie Jarvis said, We get on an airline that takes us a thousand miles and complain if we are five minutes late ” I resolved then and there never to complain about insignificent issues. Here is how I him going to keep my resolution Appreciate Hod's gifts. My wife and I were flying to New York City to celebrate her birthday. It was long after college before I had ever flown in an airplane; more than two decades later, I had become so cynical and travel-worn that I was complaining about the priviledge of being able to go to New York City and attend a play. Thousands of people would lie grateful for the opportunity, yet I was complaining about trivialities. Twenty years ago, I would have been bug-eyed with excitement. I could get that excitement back by paying attention to the priviledge, not the price. All of us have many things to appreciate that we take for granted: Being born in this country.Mike Royko Freedom of choice F reedom of worship Life itself We don’t appreciate our health until we lose it ‘Youth,’’ as the poet said, “is wasted on the young." We can all keep that excitement by remembering and appreciating the little things. On our return flight, I sat next to a stock room clerk for the City of New York. He had been on 24 flights in the last year. He happily talked about the places he had been and the wonderful people he had met When breakfast was served. be ate with gusto and after finishing exclaimed, Boy, that was good ’’ He was a simple man, but he enjoyed life much more than the pin stripe executives who filled that plane. Pay attention to what is important. It is important to show my affection for my wife — to let her know that she is special and that I love her for all of her kind, gentle ways; that I appreciate her support and encouragement; her sacrifice and her compromise. I want her to remember my emotional strength, sincerity and integrity I don’t want to be thought of as a griper and complainer I don’t want to be remembered as a sorehead or a cynic. Developing spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually, and helping those around you grow is important. Minor inconveniences are not important. Cultivate humor. Regular readers of this column recognize how much I emphasize humor in dealing with the ‘ slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.’’ That is because humor is an extremely effective method for dealing with stress. George VaUIant, M.D., in his studies of Harvard graduates, has shown the use of humor to be an extremely effective method for achieving success. Valliant has studied Harvard graduates over a lifetime. He found that successful graduates had five traits that he calls mature defense mechanisms. These mature defense mechanisms were: altruism, supression, anticipation, sublimation, and humor. Altruism is the unselfish giving of your time and efforts to others: supression is the conscious failure to think about negative issues; anticipation is goal-directed planning for the future; sublimation is channeling aggressive and sexual drives into productive love and work Humor is responding to the stress of life with good cheer, wit and perspective. laughter helps heal hurt. I would have been much more pleasant to be with on the trip if I had started laughing with the first little foul-up For example, when we found ourselves squashed in the cramped airplane, I could have said, “I ve always wanted to experience flying as a canned sardine." Or, “With everybody bringing their luggage on board, I bet we could get a great seat in the baggage compartment.'’ These aren’t real funny lines, but they will help brighten and lighten the tension. To the cab driver, I could have said, “This is the first time my bags have made it to New York City. I’m so glad to have them with me, I’ll be glad to put them anywhere you want." Again, not really funny, but showing good cheer. By the way, after the laugh in the hotel room that night, the following day was one of the best of our lives. We both enjoyed what we had been given. We laughed and talked, held hands, and showed appreciation for each other. And I didn’t complain, not even when the two breakfast rolls and coffee cost $32 58 Dr Walker is medical director of Hill Country Hospital in San Antonio and has a private psychiatric practice in New Braunfels. What the Democrats and Donna Rice share Gary Hart went out in predictable style, blaming everyone but himself for his disaster. Oh, he conceded that he might have made some "mistakes." But his strongest condemnation was aimed at the prying press and the grueling process we use in selecting our leaders. Obviously, as he walks into his political sunset, he wants to leave the unpression that the press and the process brought him down, not his own weaknesses, foolishness, arrogance and poor judgement. And that theme has been echoed by his aides, supporters and other politicians. To hear them tell it, soon no sensitive person will want to run for political office because reporters will be hiding under their beds. This is, in a word, bunk. I haven’t noticed any shortage of candidates. They’re tripping over each other to get the party’s nod. And I doubt if any of them have to worry about their bedrooms being watched. That’s because Hart was unique. He was the only candidate who gave people reason to wonder about just what kind of strange bird he is. Hart wasn’t the victim of vague rumors or wild, irresponsible charges. Nor was his weekend with Donna Rice his only indiscretion. Even his involvement with another woman, which the Washington Post disclosed, wasn’t all. He was so active, and so careless, that sitting here in Chicago, far from Hart’s townhouse, I knew about another one of his female conquests. I happen to know the woman personally, and members of her family. And she told me how Hart wooed and bedded her last year. I’ve confirmed enough facts to believe her. She didn’t tell me about it because she was vindictive or wanted publicity. Just the opposite. Because he was a candidate for president, the woman wanted me to know that there was a pattern to his amorous exploits. As with Donna Rice, it began with a meeting at a park. Then getting together for drinks. Irater, Hart’s phone calls from all over the country. Finally, the big evening. That kind of attention from a handsome, famous man, a potential president, can easily turn a lady’s head. And her head stayed turned until he abruptly dropped her after, as they used to say in prim novels, having his way. She didn’t want publicity, nor did she want me to write about it before Hart withdrew, because she didn’t want to be responsible for his downfall. So, at her request, I agreed not to use the story. Frankly, I was relieved that she didn’t want the story told at the time, because that’s not my kind of journalism. In 23 years of writing this column, I’ve never pried into any public figure’s sexual habits. Like most people in this business, and in politics, I occasionally hear things. That guy is gay, this guy is keeping a mistress, another guy and his secretary ... and so on. Some lies, some true. But I always figured that if a politician’s private performance doesn’t affect his public performance, what do I care how he does it or who he does it with? And the overwhelming majority of news people feel the same way. Which is one reason why we are not, despite what Hart seems to be saying, entering an era of sexual inquisition by press. Another reason we aren’t is that most politicians either don’t have anything of this nature to hide, or, if they do, are smart enough to hide it. Hart wasn't. So a paper in Miami gets tipped about one romance. A paper in Washingtopn has another. A columnist in Chicago knows about a third. And who knows how many more would have, or will, bob to the surface9 Hart left such big tracks that it didn’t take a Daniel Boone to follow them. If you notice, nobody is asking Joe Biden, Paul Simon, Mike Dukakis, Jesse Jackson or any other candidates about philandering. They haven’t made it an issue, as Hart did for himself. So if embittered Hart supporters and other Democrats need someone to blame, their target should be Hart. He and his bizarre habits are the reason the Democratic Party is rn an even bigger mess than usual. And they might consider what would have happened if Hart had gone on to capture the nomination and be their candidate. You can bet that next year, when crunch time came, the Republicans, knowing about every squeak of the bed springs, would have unloaded the whole story: Miss Rice, Miss X, Miss Y and Miss I. The Democrats should think about that and ask Hart; Didn’t it occur to you Gary, what you were doing to us? Didn’t it occur to you that you might be depriving us of a candidate who had a chance to win9 So, if they need someone to be mad at, he’s the boy, because what he was doing to the Ladies, he was doing to the Democratic Party, except on a much grander scale. Emotions ;