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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - March 20, 1987, New Braunfels, Texas Opinions Dave Kramer. Editor and Publisher Jim Webre. Managing Editor PlQa4A Herat6-Zeitung, New Braunfels, Texas Friday, March 20.1067Forum LETTER POLICY The Herald Zeitung welcomes correspondence. All letters should be sign ed and include an address or telephone number. The newspaper reserves the right to edit. Letters should be sent to Forum, New Braunfels Herald Zeitung, P O. Drawer 311328, New Braunfels, Texas 78131-1328. or brought to our offices at 186 S. Casten. Bad, Bad Schloss a second point of view To the editor: Isn t it odd that when someone files for City Council the mud slinging starts? It is evident that the “Bad Boy” from Bad Schloss referred to by E L. Green is Gary Henry, candidate for the City Council. So let s talk about this “Bad Boy.” Let s list some of the “Bad” things he has done: 1. His business is one of the highest tax-based businesses in New Braunfels, which is one of the reasons your property taxes can stay low. 2. Hundreds of college and high school kids have summer jobs locally to help defray costs of college and allow them to work in New Braunfels rather than commute to other towns 3 The kids that Gary employs are not out on the streets and are less apt to get into trouble 4. Hundreds of thousands of tourist s dollars are being spent at ' restaurants, motels, gas stations. convenience stores as a residual of their visiting Gary's business 5. Thousands of sales tax dollars are generated for the City. 6 Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent locally with suppliers to operate Gary’s business By the above list, it is obvious that the “Bad Boy” Gary is generating ■ enormous amounts of money for the , City of New Braunfels and other local businesses This should be a councilman’s job I feel Gary is helping the problem of juvenile deliquency by providing hundreds of jobs for our kids during • the summer This is also a city councilman's job • It appears that Gary is already doing • a lot of a councilman’s job Remember a city is a business and should be run as a business No one wants to be involved in a business venture that loses money So should your city leaders lose money'’ I urge you to do as suggested in a previous letter about the “Bad. Bad Schloss ” Discover for >ouself. and then decide if Gary Henry from Bad Schloss might not be the best thing that has happened to this tov* n Buddy Stephens Secular Humanists not getting desired results To the editor In his cartoon “Education in Alabama Fundmentalism 101,' car toonest Oliphant is again perpetuating the myth that Fundamentalists are uneducated Tray Dishnal HoomamsD, undisciplined unshaven, toothless, poor postured and beer bellied , southern bigots Stars and Bars on shirt lf he were to portray anyone other than Christians thusly he would be immediately condemned as a bigot himself bv the Antidefamation League. NAACP. NOW. ACTA PAW BK According to the Oxford American Dictionary Fundamentalism is the strict maintenance of traditional or thodox religious belief especially Protestant such as the literal truth of the Bible " Most Fundamentalists would agree Your Representatives Ronald Reagan President of the United States The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, D C. 20500 Gov. Bill Clements GovernorsOffice State Capitol Austin, Texas 78711 State Rep Edmund Kuempel Texas House of Representatives P.O. Box 2910 Austin, Texas 78769 U.S. Rep. Mac Sweeney (Guadalupe County) United States House of Representatives 1713 Longworth House Office Bldg. Washington, D C. 20515 U.S.Senator Lloyd Bentsen United States Senate Room240, Russell Bldg. Washington, D C. 20510 State Sen. Judith Zaffirini Capitol Station P O. Box 12068 Austin, Texas 78711 State. Sen. William Sims Capitol Station P.O. Box 12068 Austin, Texas 78711 U S. Sen Phil Gramm United States Senate Washington, D C. 20510 U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith United States House of Representatives 509 Cannon House Washington, D C 20515 with that definition and add the deity of Christ (that He is God s Son) and salvation by grace »that man cannot save himself by good works). Oliphant's Secular Humanist, by contrast, is obviously well dressed, well heeled and by implication, well educated. Oliphant’s Secular Humanist obviously is beyond explaining his position, but his brothers have done so very well in the Humanist Manifesto ll of 1973 The tell us in Art. I. “Any account of nature should pass the tests of scion tific evidence; in our judgment, the dogmas and myths of traditional religions do not do so We find insuf ficient evidence for belief in the ex istence of a supernatural it is either meaningless or irrelevant to the question of the survival and fulfillment of the human race As non-theists. we begin with humans, not God. nature, not deity.” One doesn t need a degree in English or Semantics to see that Secular Humanists are. by their own admission. Atheists, and thus oppos ed to the beliefs of the vast majority of Americans Though they say. ‘The preciousness and dignity of the in dividual person is a central humanist value.’’ their philosophy i e religion, leads to the degradation of the individual For example, they “believe that intolerant attitudes often cultivated by orthodox religions and puritanical cultures unduly repress sexual conduct “ With plenty of help from man s selfish desires they have been largely successful in “freeing ’ this genera tion of young people from intolerant attitudes which repress sexual con duct, but what has been the result ’ Four thousand, five hundred in dividual preborn persons are aborted each day in the U.S., 98 percent for no reason other than that the mother is not married to the father or the pregnancy is inconvenient “Short of harming others or compelling them to do likewise, individuals should tx* permitted to express their sexual proclivities and pursue their lifestyles as they desire say the Secular Humanists What has t>een the result of free ex pression of sexual proclivities Mar ming increases in the spread of \ I» and the spector of \ 11 >s which some authorities believe will t>e worst* than the Bubonic Plague that killed >*» per cent of Europe While not doubting the sincerity of the Secular Humanists I can se** that the results they desire do not come from the ac Hons they promise Having usurped G«xl s position as the one who knows what is best for humans, they has** shown themselves to be lacking in understanding of cause and effect God knows what makes humans hap py and gave instructions in the Bible 2.OOO years ago that work better than the latest ideas of man Far from un duly repressing sexual conduct Biblical standards enable humans to avoid the degradation so common in our world today For an eye opening contrast tx*t ween Gods way and the .Secular Humanists I would suggest reading the Sermon on the Mount Matthew 5 6. and 7 and the Humanist Manifesto I and II available from P rome thus Books 700 E Amherst st Buffalo N V 14215 David Green * -T ACCUSED OF KIN' 1HuGS MD ANWDbRERS . Bein'Fur our of Siziness -Br GOVERMUNT WISEGUYS. ACCUSED^ EXTORTION AND TOItURE ME, I know Oust how DEY REEL I'M PROUD 1b CALL MYSELF ACONTIA Mike Royko Read on, gluttons for punishment A New york publishing house has sent me a copy of a new pajx*rha< k book it has ast brought out With it came ,i note that said We t.ike pleasure in presenting \*"i a th ti - re\ tew copy and ask that you*- send two copies of your notices to our offices I seldom re\ lew bouk' in my colon ’> I he Chicago paper tor Atm h I Ar ite has suction that take" care of that I it n this cas« I rn go mg to make an except nu This txxik is called It lf I rst wan j subtitle that says With the e\ciu> v« "i" it s!<>r\ tit the I anti Championship s,- The authoi is Keith Ii* -n.u I**/ Atm is the first baseman on th** New A ik Met t-.i et all team Actually beduin! w *.'« t som* professional ghostwriter did But th* words and story originate! with Hernandez I will tx*gin my review by saying that this is a very solid Ixxik Th** moment I open* i the package sand saw what ' ci* aixiut I threw it against my office wall as hard as I could Then I slammed it to tti* floor and jumped up arid down on it I fx-at or t with a chan tor several minutes until I ;ump*-<i onto my couch emo ttonally antiphysically pent Although slightly s* ult**-! th** Ikm»k was still in tact It is also a txM>k (ha’ * an caus** excitement I tiropp***! it on th* dr k of a ti lend who has had weekend season ti* kris at Wrigiev Field for th** James Kilpatrick past lo years It immediately stirred him to emotional heights He shouted VS by are you showing me that piece of delebxl I say deleted Hernandez and deleted the Mets and deleted the whole delet**d city of New York And deleted vou too “ Then he flung it against a wall anti gave it a Ko k It still remained intuit I told you it was a solid txxik It s a txxik that can move a sensitive reader to tears as I discovered when I showed it to a man who tuts t**en going to Cub games since lx4*> a year that is known as The Beginning of I larkness W hen tie Ux>ked at til** cover he cf Hiked back a sob a tear trickled down his cheek and he said Why them Why not us What was our sin ' How * an we atone tor it V ou know I asked my clergyman that and he said he wishes he knew I***, a us*- he lost $50 (letting against them Mid it s a powerful txxik Vs reviewers like to say It can hit you right in the guts This was proven when I showed it to a confirmed bleacherite who said me I rn going to throw up But enough of generalities U*t us consider the contents of this txxik tin the very first page Hernandez arui his gh<istw nter say    ad made the second out on a long the Mets were through tor 14H*. o out notxxly on two runs down ox already leading the World Series en our sc-oretniard operator at And on page Kl Heman.:* mss round dur mg infield practice I draw a lux* nan anil myself and call our manager over ivy I ,i*k ll* laughs MOV mg to page 1J a * Im*:    Oh sw**e! !    : of youth however were a different story It -cliff quietly a> I work my x.*v <• if .»! a bu I rn** !< listen to his judgments I wr<-ng wuhrnv swing I not tx It to th hardheads! hand arni I have had I ktHiw it sounds kind o? gart ast incr»>m prehansible But that v the way a st. ry ?♦ .*<is when you rip the pages of a tx< p.,if on*-by one as I vt* fn***n d*»mg Don t misdunder stand me I n. not doing that out ut spit** I Iii a gtxnl sjHHt , , ***** r t Ii se? Why in the last two years I .♦ u ' 'hit s I v* wat * tied my v id*si of the move k id Safe u which New V ork » ity g*•’ - nuke I n *• t* a?    « times lh** fait is I have found rf -tx wk I have tx-en tearing out th* pages and . mg them into little wad When I have atwut * I • *r. . wads I j u* them rn my fireplace under tin ► dc: *. a? I light them They re * xct a--.! In- gi-tt.r.^ a t re started Then I pour myself a Int k t< wet the gfits sit hack and stare at th* cia* kung flames And I pretend that I in iixiking at M * a Stadium Utilizing the wonders of the delete key My first typewriter oui*** veal' ago was my mother s Corona portable a little jot* with a flip flop s«*t ol key s Man and boy I layed vc it ti manual typewriters until this past April when at last I learned to compose directly on .ai IBM personal computer Hies*-daw when the talk turns to compute! I am now more < athold than the pop*- How come It s that tx-autiful key that is lafx*ied "delete Those of us who grew up on I lid*-(woods or Boy als had another key tm getting rid of the misspelled word or clumsy phrase That key was labeled x A ou just x ti out Unoffending passage and went on atx>ut your business But this wa messy and there always was a temptation to leave a bad sentence alone Nowadays most professional writers work on word processors My thought is that many of them have failed to appreciate what delete can do to help them They don’t back up and start over lad me offer a lew Hor rid examples This was from a story in the Indianapolis star atx>ut a basketball game But Jordan who if the Bulls had to play withou* him they would tx* u 29. came back in the second period From the Grants Pass tore Daily Courier alx»ut Lyndon LaKouche in court LaKouche began on Mon day undergoing questioning at a pretrial deposi tion at which th** public was barred from Where was that marvelous key The Nevada Business New s carried an item about Alice Arredondo s beauty parlors We must not overlook tile tact that tx*bind this sue cessful woman and business is tier wonderful husband d*x* who stands by her side Some months ago the Fort ('oilins ( oloradttan carried a column of guest opinion Somehow the type got pied A day or so later this notice ap peared "To read the guest opinion properly first read all but the last line of the first column then proceed to the third column and the paragraph starting, Why do we want Head the rest of the third column then return to the bottom lint* of the first column While individual property owners and continue to the second column The last paragraph in the second col Ullin is the last paragraph of the guest opinion ” This was headlined Clarification “ When we (ail to back up and start over, we (all into the mangles and tangles Thus the Anchorage t Alaska> Times reported a television program that “looks at the advances in technology which are making it possible for more women to have babies at 8 p rn on Channel 7 The Vex York Times in January covered the president s surgery “A final report on the pith state tissue from Dr Farrow and Dr Cotel-ingum is expected on Tuesday “ In Florida Today, readers learned that a judge had denied requests to dismiss suits “filed against a priest accused of sexually molesting four altar boys. tile Orlando diocese and its bishop ” You cope with these offenses by hitting the delete key and trying again Thus we speak of a program at 8 p rn on Channel 7 that looks at ad va rices etc We go to the active voice “Dr Far row ami Or Coteltngum ar*- * xjxs t*-.l to til** a final report We put a period after tx»ys and start arx-w I ti*- * Irlando dun *-si arui its bishop also art* defendants in til* * as*- Recast recast recast In the \f<i/ir<x I a Vex*. Star World readers learned of a * Cid who “was injured in January 19H* vs ti ii** ti* aas play mg with some children in a va* ant lot in (tx- Bilo block of Oellwixxl Drive on a heavy pol** tieing used as a seesaw across some culverts Be clear tx* clear tx- clear h rom a news let ter circulated by an accounting firm Indeed an interest of a donee will tx recognized even though it is a limited partnership interest which does not participate in th** management of the partnership if the genera! partner retains no con trol which substantially limits any of the rights which would ordinarily tx* exercised by unrelated limited partners and if the limited partner’s right to transfer or liquidate the in terest is not subject to substantial limitations The writer hasn't tx*en txirn who *l*x*s not get tangled in syntax now and then We try lo cram too many elements into a single sentence Then instead of striking out. backing up and starting over, we plunge recklessly ahead From a manual on slide presentations “Some of th** factors in this proliferation of materials is un doubtedly due to the increased importance placed on thorough and efficient curriculums and the general increases in class size experienced iii the school systems, as well as the necessity of ensur ing ” Delete. O Lord. delete* ;