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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - July 21, 2011, New Braunfels, Texas 41 Thursday, July 21,20111 heraid-zeitung com LETTERS POUCY The New Braunfels HeratdZeitung welcomes letters up to 250 words and guest columns of up to 500 words Guest columns must be accompanied by a photo The Herald-Zeitung reserves the right to edit or reject all submissions All submissions must include an address and telephone number so authorship can be confirmed Submit letters •    By e-mail to newsdherald-zertung com •    Online at herald-zeitung com •    By mail to Letters to the Editor, Herald-Zertung PO Drawer 311328 New Braunfels TX 78130 •Byfax (830!606-3413 •    In person 707 Landa St Republicans: It's time to call Obama's bluff £:î.::'s nc'f    Will ;s on uaca i'.o" “e Sé''.’ iKis column by Charles :o i'un ¡n absence A ASHINGTON -— President Obama IS demanding a big long-term budget deal He Aon t stg'" anything less '~e warns as> ''g "If not now A'hen’’ Hov. abou* last December ^'hen he ignored his debt com.missi.on s rec on^"-.endatio-s' Hoa about Februa'. Atien ne presented a budget that increases cei-: b. S O tnlhor ove' fie ne»‘ de:3de' Ho.*, abou' April, a hen he sougn* a de:: :erHng ncrease a th zero det:! 'éductio^ attached’ .A!; of a sudden he s a b<xn-again budg et talancer prepared to bravely taKe on hts oa-'" b. Takiing deep cuts entitle ments Reali ,' Name one He s t-een sav mg ’oreve^ f-a* he s prepared 'o discuss engage con .e^se about entitlerrient cuts But "'ever or :e has he public!. proposed a Single strj:'jra¡ change to anv entitle me"^' Hisn 11'-> A-hite House ^ea>ed that he 5 préparée to 'aise t*^e Medicare age or change the :ost^of-l>.-'g caicuiation" Anonymous talk iS cheap Leaks are designed to manipuiate Offers are fioa' ed and disappear Sa> It, Mr President Give us one single structural change in entitlements In public As part of the pose as the foward looking grown-up nsing above all the others A'hoplay politics Obama insists upon a long term deal. And //hat is Obama s definition of long-temi^ Surpnse An agree ment that gets him past Nov 6 2012 Nothing could be more political It's like his Afghan surge wind-down date Sep-temoer 2012 has no re.iation to any mii;-tar y reality on the ground It is designed soiev to position Obama favorably going into -he last A'eeks of nis re-e'ection ca.m-pa,gr us must let tax cuts expire, invest in infrastructure Betty Clifford s tirade is simply too much to Ignore Any economist '>4iether left fight 0' center will tell you that governments aren t like families when it comes to budgets We were paying down our debts before President Bush and his cronies decided that the ultra- wealthy deserved even bigger tax breaks than they already had So yes one of the steps to reducing our budget deficit will have to be letting the Bush tax cuts expire Another CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER COLUMNIST >'et the Oivmpian above-the-Vay no poiitics-here pose is succeeding A plia" press swallows the 'A'ni.te Hou.'^e sio' . line ’he grea* compromiser (’ ciea.“iv e»a' perated " sv^pathized a V. ashin.gto'' fbs‘ stOT'.) t)eing sr.'mied t-v Reput' lo^ intransigence (t^e nou^. actuaii, used :r anot^e^ ‘roni page Post news sto ry to describe ■ “le Pepubltcan position cy ta*es) The meme having been e^ablished Republicans have bep'^ neatl> spt up "o take the fait ' a dea ;s not reached I. Aug 2 Obama IS already ^-'a-ng the red flag A'arnmg ominously that Sojal Secu nt^, disabled .^terans benefit:- cntica medical research food tnspectior' — w^n out A'hich agriculture s.huts dox-^- -- a.'*' in jeopardy Tne Republicans a.^e oemg totally Ou' maneuvered Tne House spea*er appear; disoriented It s time to act. T "-e to Obama s bluff. A long-term deal or nothing^ Tne Republican House should immec. ateiy pass a short-term: debf-ceiling hike o^ S50C' billion containing $50Tj billion txjdget cuts That -wouid give us about five months to work on something larger The fat-cat tax breads (those corporate jets) that Obama s talking points end lessly recycle" Republicans should call for urgent negotiations on tax reform along the imes of Simpson- Bowies that m one option strips out annually SI i trillion o^ deductions credits and loopholes while lowering ta/ rates across the board to a top rate of 23 percent The president savs he '.vants ta^ reform, doesn t he^ Well, Mr P'esident here are fiv'e months to do so Will the Democratic Senate or the Omocratic president refuse this offer and allOA ^he country to default “ with all the rataclysmic consequences that the De-nocrats have been warning about for months — because Obama insists on a dea t^at is iO months and seven davs bnge'' Tnat s indeiensibie and transparently sel‘ serving Dare the president to make tha* .ase Dare him: to veto - or the Dem.ocratic Senate to block a short te''"’ aebt hr^ii' increase T*- ;S IS certainl'. better than the McConnel! p:an 'which would simp!', throv. debt ^eduction back to the prest den: But it "»-e House cannot do P'an A McConnei' ,s the tailback Plan B A^ter all br wha' crazy calculation should Republicans ai.iow themselves to be blamed *or a debt crisis that couid destaDiiize tne economy and e,en pre a double-dii 'ecession’ Rig'^t nov. Obam:d owns tne economv and :"s 9 2 percent unempio'.ment . ^ percent GD^ grD'Ai" and e*p<oding debt about A't'. :h he s done nothing . ba.r! h m OU' bv sharing ownership^ >ou cannot govern this country from one house Republicans should ha.-e lea'ned that ‘'rom the ! 995-9^ Gingrich Cli' ton fig' * A'hec: 'hf- GOP :ontrolied botr, houses and stit^ lost. conserNatives reallv want to get the nation s spending under control the only wa,v is to win the presidency Put the question to the countr, and let the peo(.)le decide To senouslv jeopardize the election nox m pursuit of a long term small-gov eminent Ryan-iike reform that is inher entiy unreachable without control of the W'hite House may be good for the soul But it could very well x^reck the cause I.KrrKI{> lO TMK K|)IT( M{ step will be to end the occupation of Iraq end the war in Afghanistan and bring all our troops home Most importantly because it is both a major cause of our déficit and the damage it is doing to families all o»er this nation we must focus on creating jobs Now 1 m not talking about more tax cuts to stimulate big companies because there s plent , of evidence that doesn t work just loo« at the Bush years where we had big ta^ Cuts and no change in unemployment No. 1 m talk mg about investing m the infrastruc ture that we ve allowed to crumble all over tms nation like the interstate high wa, bridge m Minneapolis that collapsed killing !3 people Aug 1 2007 If we put people back to work they II spend theif paychecks, w'hich will increase demand at stores all over the country and they 11 hire more staff and all of them will pay more taxes Then weII also have the benefits of resurfaced mghways and replacement bridges to deliver the goods that make the econ-om/ run JC Dufrftsne CilxXo ufWAin    cnrrnniâi RnAim PuW«tb«r and Editor Doug Toney MM««!M»> mm    C-t«*«»» Oweto» km    tût' IWM Karraker Ban all disposable containers on the Comal River By Ovpin KamlBV S(^ial to ftie HerakJ-Zeitung With the Nvorst drought irr recofded history, and most all the rivers bone dry. can we even pretend to be surprised that our precious Comal River is flooded with heat-weary tounsts^ And anyone who lives m a commu“ nity that thrives on tourism knows the flip side of Gollecting their hard earned dollars, their innate relaxing of oft times confining “rules" of common courtesy and good manners i d bet my bottom dollar that there are few who read this newspaper that can honest ly deny doing the same in some other town, some other time I II admit that I. too let down my hair" a bit when on vacation However, even at my worst 1 can still read and I still follow posted rules Take nothing but pictures leave nothing but foot prints' How often have we read that posting^ Why can't we adopt something similar for our rivers^ Forget the Orwellian alcohol ban, and for heaven s sake don t put more commerce on the nverbanks! Sim ply ban any disposable anything' No Styrofoam, no alu mmum cans, and no plastic food bags If you take it on the river, you have to have it in hand when you get off the river This IS not a new concept There are many nvers throughout this country whose stewards practice such restrictions Shoot some outfitters even take portable honey-pots along so the tourists don t leave their feces' Not that 1 m suggesting such drastic measures But really, folks, can anyone with good conscience begin to suggest that the mountains of trash that we col iect. not to mention the trash that eludes our trusty cleaning crews is not an environmental hazard^ We are truly blessed to live in a community that boasts tx'o lazy, spring fed ready for-tubm' rivers' And with due diligence we have built a reputation for being tourist friendly I believe we can continue to promote both with just a wee little shift in philosophy: Please enjoy the serenity and }0y and beauty of our cool, crystaklear nvers. but please respect this God given bounty' Take vour arn'i-strap thermos filled with your favontr beverage Leave nothing but your wake' ,ll(. iiiDv^ i\m>r(Mn T*- Associated Press. Today is Thursday, July 21 the 202nd day of 2011 On July 21,1861, during the Civil War, the first Battle of Bull Run was fought at Manassas, Va,, resulting in a Confederate victory In 1899, author Ernest Hemingway was born m Oak Park, 111, poet Hart Crane was born in Garrettsville, Ohio In 1911 Canadian communications theorist Marshall McLuhan, who coined such expressions as The medium is the message,’ was born in Edmonton. In 1^, the so-called 'Monkey Tnal" ended in Dayton, Tenn,, with John T Scopes convicted of violating state law for teaching Darwin's Theory of Evolution (The conviction was later overturned on a technicality ) In 19^, President Herbert Hoover signed an executive order establishing the Veterans Administration (later the U S Department of Veterans Affairs), In 1944, American forces landed on Guam during World War II, In 1949, the U S, Senate ratified the North Atlantic Treaty In 1959, the NS Savannah, the first nuclear-powered merchant ship, was christened by first lady Mamie Eisenhower at Camden, N J In 1961, Capt Virgil "Gus" Grissom became the second American to rocket into a sub-orbital pattern around the Earth, flying aboard the Liberty Bell 1. In 1969, Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz“ Aldrin blasted off from the moon aboard the ascent stage of the lunar module tor docking with the command module i(,( )\ r\(n \ oi H iM .KCiKi ) t )Fri( J A u s PRESIDENT Barack OtMima T60Ü Pertfisyiv.a'.'d N'/ Wasftington, D C /0600 U S SENATE Kay Bailey Hutchison RusseU Senate Wxe BuitC'^iq Roof’ m Wasiiifigton, D C 20510 TeleoTione (202i 224-5922 Fax 12021,224-0776 Wef; http7/hutchison seriate gov (Send e-maiis through Web S'te I Sar Antonio ofiiCe 145 Duncan Ofive Suite 120 Sat Aiitonio 78226 Teieciione: (2101340-2885 Fa* ¡2101349-6753 John Comyn Russell Senate Hart Bopni 517 Washington; D C 20510 Telephone ;i202l 224-2^ Fax (202122^2856 ^ Wet) trttp Z/comyn s^te gov tSerid e mails throu^ Wet site) ■ Austin office 221 West« St Suite 1530 Austifi, rx 78701 Jelephijne 1512) 469-6034 Fax 1512) 469-6020 500 Suite' : Sdf.iAf* 78205 Teiephoi^ 2-0)22-; NX i2’0:^24 8569 U S CONGRESSMAN nith Ravftufn House Offtc-i' b'/iidiny Room 240? Wastimq-,r^ DC 205^^ TelepfKxif- 12021225 4/36 fdx (202.225-8628 Web tinp ^'iamafsrr..tri fwuse g(.. iSend e-fTidits thfo«q^: Wet) site i Sam Antwio office ’100 Nf Loop 41G,&j.!e 640 San A/itwio 78209 Tetephof ie (210) 821 5024 fax I2T01821-5947 Henry Cuel lar 1404 Lofiqwarth Hoij«? fjffice BuiWinq Wa^ington DC 20515 Teiephom- (2021:225 l&W Fax (202i 225 1W1 W^ http //house góv/iuellaf Antonio offtfe 615 E Houstw St San Antwto 78205 Telephone (210(271 2851 *■•1» i?^0)27’ób/' TEXAS GOVERNOR Rick Perry Sîdîi: Ca(>ioi Room. 28 ' PO B(j> I242fc AbUin r> 78711 Ip ephone (800) 843-578<í Fa; i512l 46.11849 STATE HOUSE Doug Miller Capitol OHce EXT El 216 PO Box 2910 Austin TX 78768 Phwe (5!2) 463 0325 Nev. Bfaufifeis -iddress 387 W Mill Stfi-et New Braunfels, TX 78130 PtKxie 18301625 T313 John Kuempel Capitol address Roorri €1 2Ó8 (xipitol Exterisioo PO Boxato Austin TX 78768 15121463 06G2 (5121480-0391 Fa*; Segoifv address 523 E Dbrwqan #102 Seguin, T)( 78155 (830)379-8732 STATE SENATE Jeff Wentworth (^itoi oft ice U 9 Càpitoi pfione (512i 463 0125 San Afitomo 1250 N E loop 410 Suite 925 Sai Antonio TX 78209 (210)826-/800 Fax 12101826-0571 E-niaii teff wentwonh^sawte state tx us NEW BRAUNFELS CITY COUNCIL 424 S Casteil Aw PO Bo. 311747 New Biautifels, T> /813M747 (8301221 4000 Mayor Gale Pospisil niavDri&nbtexas oig Telephode I830I 62S 2447 Dist 1 Councilor RichanI Zapata r/^tai5nbfexas org Telephww Ejitwsion 450T mpu Oist 2 Councilor Mari( Goodner nigo(Xjtier<8irtttexas org IL'JI Telephone    4502 ^ Did, 3 Cotmciior Mike Ybarra [email protected] org Telephone Extefisior 4503 BOist. 4 Councilor Samty Nolte [email protected])tex3s org TelephfyM? fjrtension 4504 HOist 5 Councilor Bryan Miranda txTiirandii'Snliti'xas otg Telephone (830)837-51/8 : Í ^I Dist 6 Councilor Steven Digges j íi(ligges#nbtexds org leleiitKM'e f Ktension 4506 COMAL COUNTY COMMISSIONERS COURT (Àiinal Countv CoointissiontKS' Court ! 99 Mam Pta/a. Nev\ Biauntels (830)2211100 County Judge Sherman Krause krause^o comal tx us TeietJiicine |830)2?1 1105 HPct, 1 Comm Donna Eccleson cctdiiie%o ctimaltx us Teleptione (830)22! 1101 Pet 2 Commissioner Scott Haag fi(iagsc<®co comal tk us Ti‘lephpfH> ¡830)221 1102 ■■k Pet 3 Commissioner Greg Parser cctgepi^io coma! tx'us Telepltóne (83(1) 221 1103 Pel, 4 Commissioner Jan Kennedy fitik^cpcumaUx US' Ì(>ÌKplK)n»':(8;«))221 1104 STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION William B Iiavis Ruiltliny 1701 N CoiHJiessAvt' Austin. TX /8/01 ;