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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - December 29, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith let us to the end dare to do our duty as we understand it Abraham Lincoln Have a cheerful holiday, driver sober, says Tom Loeffler, below O Hvrald-Zeitung pinions Dave Kramer, Editor and General Manager Susan Haire, Managing Editor lf; H, 25 years ago today FOR THE NEW VEAR, I RESOLVE TO QUIT SMOKING, AND ALSO SAVE £5% OF EACH PAYCHECK. 15 years ago today.. THIS YEAR I WILL REALLY QUIT SMOKING AND ALSO SAVE 15% OF EACH PAYCHECK I Today. • I THIS YEAR I ABSOLUTELY, Positively resolve to QUIT SMOKING, AND THEN MAYBE I CAN SCRAPE UP ENOUGH MONEY TO BUY A NEW SHIRT I Tom Loeffler Holiday cheer can be soured by drunk drivers The holiday lights are on all over Texas, and the spirit of the season is here But good holiday cheer can sour tragically when too much cheer leads to drunk driving One look at statwide and national statistics for alcohol related accidents and deaths should sober everyone up pretty quickly and make you think before you drink and drive this holiday season. Last year in Texas, thee were 33.0tK> drunk driving accidents, more than I,OOO people wee killed In those accidents More than LIN serious injuries also resulted In the last IO years. 250.(nxi Americans died in alchohol-related crashes That amounts to an average of 25 OOO alcohol-related deaths each year or IM each week. 71 each day and one every 20 minutes Those are pretty touch odds to beat. Although greater citizen awareness and tougher law enforce ment campaigns against drunk driving have led to a slight decline in the percentage of alcohol related deaths across Texas this year, only your responsible actions and good judge ment will prevent you or one of your loved ones from becoming another traffic statistic If you plan a get-together over the holidays, here are a few common sense steps you can take to ensure a safer, happier season for everyone Hire a professional bartender or if you’re pouring, keep the alcohol at a reasonable balance with other ingredients Serve drinks at a reasonalbe pace Instead of ‘ pushing’’ them on guests -When a guest says “no thanks.” don't Insist Also learn to say “No!” when a drunk friend asks for another drink -If you are serving liquor, always serve food as well Food slows the rate at which the body absorbs alcohol. Serve non alcoholic drinks One of every three adults chooses not to drink at all. Don't rely on coffee to sober anybody up The only way to make somebody sober is allow time for the body to metabolize the alcohol lf some guests are too intoxicated to drive, offer them a ride home, have someone give them a lift, or pull out the sofa and have them spend the night Friends don't let friends drive drunk Finally, the legal drinking age in Texas goes up to 21 on Jan I, but don’t let the new age limit fool you into believing your kids are safe on the road Sixteen to 24 yoarp-oids make up only 20 percent of licensed drivers nationwide, yety they are involved in 43 percent of all alcohol-related crashes. Don't let your kids get behind the wheel if they're intoxicated. This is truly the season to be jolly, and with a minimum of effort and a little common sense we can keep it that way. I wish all of vou in the 21st District a happy holiday season! Your representatives Rap Tom I oaf (tai San Phil Qrtmm U S Hoot* Umtad Statal Sanata oi Raprasantativa* Washington 0 C 20610 1217 Longvuorth Moue* OWiea Bldg Washington O C JOSH San John Traagar Tull Sanata Capitol Station Rap Edmond Kuampal Anatto Tem 20711 Tau* Houm 04 Rapt«»ant«lives PO Boa TS 10 Gov Mark Whita Au*tm Taaaa TDH G ova* nor • On ic a Room 200 Stat# Capitol Austin Taaas 7*201 Nap Mac Swaanay (Guadaiupa County) San Lloyd Bantaan US Moult United Stowe Sanata Of Raptatantativat Room 240 RoaaaM Bldg Washington 0 C 20S1S Washington 0 C 20*10 Remember when ministration office, and their wives. 10 years ago In the absence of one councilman, the matter of implementing a local landmark preservation ordinance was deadlocked Monday night bet naeen factions advocating property owner rights and preservationists Doyle W Smith Jr , a graduate of New Braunfels High School, became the fifth Smith brother to receive a baccalaureate degree from Texas A&M University when he completed his degree requirements last semester (Photo caption* Michael Anthony I    Cordova son o( Mr    and Mrs Victor ;    Cordova 871 Simon    Ave relieves a ;    Christmas gift    from Lorenzo I    Camarillo owner of    Ll Conquistador. I    as part of the open house celebration I    at the Barrios Ii (lidos Neighborhood Center at St. Joseph s Hail Monday I f I I i The new year will Im* rung in locally with the new Comal County ('our I house Tower Bells Dedication ceremonies for tile bells given by Waiter Faust Jr. will commence at II 40 p iii Jan 31 on the Courthouse steps Guest speaker at the Christmas luncheon of the Republican Women ut Comal County Dec. 15 at the Smokehouse was Jim Nowlin of San Antonio, a state representative Mrs. Jack Botchers is the club's program chairman and Mrs. Emil Moore is club president. Gayle Reeves, member of the Texas Lutheran College women's volleyball team and daughter of Mr. and Mrs Henry Reeves of New Braunfels, recently traveled with the team to play in its first A1AW championship tournament The TIX squad won the tournament and the national championship Ken Rice, vice president of the Ca nyon Lake Chamber of Commerce, is optimistic about the future He says now that schools have opened in the area, more young families will come to area and he forecasts that the area should be self-sustaining fairly soon25 years ago Nelson Jechow at present accoun tant for Servtex Materials Corp., will be the new cashier at Guaranty State Bank after Jan. I, 1961, it was an nounced this week by officials of the bank. The New Braunfels Independent School District closed its books as of Aug 31 “in the black’’ for the first time since 1951, it was reported to the Board of Trustees at a special meeting Wednesday night. Sp 4 Allan R. Nowotny. son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence J. Nowotny 520 S Santa Clara, completed instruction in Polish at the U S Army Language School, Presidio of Monterey. Calif • Photo caption) Ed Stockhorst ranch hand on the Jerome Schumann ranch, displays the big buck - or doe, take your choice — that he shot on the Stockhorst ranch near Christine in Atascosa County Dec 13 The 128-pound, 12 point deer was a true hermaphrodite, having both male and female reproductive organs Mrs. Marion Peterson’s Christmas decorations at her home at 480 S. Santa Clara Ave. have won the Chamber of Commerce's first prize of $25 in gift certificates in the annual Christmas decorations contest. Members of the Senior High School faculty, their wives and husbands, and Mr. Cecil Willis, Dr E A Sahm and Emmit Schmidt of the school ad were the guests of Oscar Smith, prin apa!, and Bob Long, assistant to the principal, and their wives, at a party given Dec ll at the Smith home on Clemens Street During recent months letters of inquiry about New Braunfels as a German community had a sudden and unaccountable spurt. Now we know why. The New Yorker Stasis-Zeitung und Harold reprinted in German Ken Armke's New Braunfels Herald column on plans to establish a German Restaurant in Landa Park The article included in formation about our city and closed with the admonition, in English, “What are you waiting for? Go West, young man’" The sale of Kiddieland, 157 W San Antonio, to E.O. Krause effective Feb I, was announced today by Dad Wells partner in the Kiddieland store.50 years ago The Enchanted Hour Kindergarten, assisted by Mrs. Geo. Beleft’* primary class, is presenting a program Sunday at 4 o’clock at the Studio Eigteen lettermen of the Unicorn football squad were awarded their sweaters at an assembly at the high school Friday. Those receiving sweaters were Dan Gotthardt, Henry Soechting, Bennie Borgfeid, Carl Marion. Paul Thompson, Leroy Lehmann, Wilfred Broher, Frank Morales. Ben Faust. Dan Cummings, Jerome Elbe!, Kenneth Shoemake, Ray Rott, Marvin Jarisch, Grant Smith, James Henry. Norman Brehmer and Melvin Scheel Wesley Rosenberg has set something of a precedent and a goal for others in capturing the holiday spirit for his office in the county Court House Festooned and wreath ed, the rooms take on an extra bit of Rosenberg’s own cheer) personality. AU the kids reported a big time at Amo Wolfshohl’s Rial!*' (Theater) Christmas Party Saturday The success of the affair was assured when each boy and girl received a box of candy and a couple of oranges Advertisement. 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