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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - December 29, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Attack was act of revenge ROME (AP) — The attackers who killed 12 holiday travelers and wounded scores at Rome’s main airport were Palestinians, apparently out to avenge Israel’s air strike against PLO headquarters in Tunisia, police said Saturday. Three of the gunmen died in Friday’s assault on Israel’s El Al airline and on TWA and Pan American airlines, police said. The attack wounded 74 people Two wounded Americans died Saturday, raising the overall Rome airport death toll to 15, including five ITS citizens A note found on the lone surviving terrorist said, "The tears we have sh ed will he exchanged for blood The war has started from this moment ” An additional three people, including one terrorist, were killed and 47 people were wounded in a near-simultaneous attack Friday at Schwochat Airport in Vienna. Austria. Alfred Rupp, a police lieutenant colonel and head of Schweehat Airport security, told The Associated Press that "it is clear that the two attacks were related.” but there was no firm evidence of a link on Saturday Riccardo Infellsi, Rome’s deputy police chief, told the AP the four terrorists who attacked Leonardo da Vinci Airport were "without a doubt” Austin couple saw attack; woman injured by debris AUSTIN (AP) — An Austin couple ducked behind an airlines counter in Rome’to escape terrorist gunfire and grenades, but the woman suffered shrapnel wounds that required surgery, according to the man's ex-wife. Juan Weindorf was injured when she and her husband. Ronald Weindorf, an IBM chemist, were caught In the Friday attack at Leonardo da Vinci Airport. She suffered shrapnel wounds to her right leg and arm. said Linda Carsner, Weindorf's former wife. Carsner said Weindorf called her home Friday morning to tell their son, David, 12, that he was all right. “He didn't want us to see it on TV first,” Carsner said. As Weindorf related the incident to Carsner, the couple was preparing to board a flight to Brussels when "the shooting started and people were Just failing right and left. "And then somebody threw a grenade. He said one of the terrorists was approaching him with a gun and he thought he was going to be shot,” Carsner told the Austin Amerlcan-Statesman. Ronald Weindorf was not injured but flying debris from a grenade explosion struck his wife, Carsner said Mrs Weindorf. 47. was released Saturday from Gemelli Policlinic, hospital officials said. The Weindorfs left Austin for Europe Dec. 7 for a combination business-vaction trip and had planned to return about Jan IO, Carsner said. Palestinians, but their countries of origin were not known "They call themselves the martyrs of Palestine and It appears that it is in reprisal for the bombing in Tunisia, where also several civilians. women and children, were killed." he said On Oct. I, Israeli jet fighters raided the base of the Palestine Liberation Organization in Tunisia, killing at least 60 people. Armistice signed Factions end bloody decade DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) —- Leaders of the three most powerful Moslem and Christian militias in lebanon sign ed a Syrian sponsored armistice pact Saturday meant to end nearly ll years of civil strife that has killed more than 100,000 people The 23 page peace document was signed at 3: IO p m. in a ceremony held under the auspices of Vice President Abdul Halim Khaddam of Syria. Druse chieftain Waiid Jumbaltt signed for the Progressive Socialist Party. Justice Minister Nablh Berri for his Shiite Moslem Amal movement, and File Hobeika for the lebanese Forces Christian militia “I am so happy It’s all over," Berri said, referring to the civil war that has engulfed lebanon since April 1975 Khaddam. who oversaw three months of negotiations that eventually produced the accord, signed as witness, to show that Syria will act as the pact's guarantor, state-run Beirut radio reported The three warlords met separately with Khaddam before the signing ceremony He then convened them in a one-hour conference at his office, their first such conclave The four men emerged from the closod-doors conference to an adjacent conference hall where more than 35 Christian and Moslem politicians, invited from lebanon, were waiting Reporters and photographers were called in The signatories shook hands as their senior aides hugged, kissed and exchanged congratulations Reagan sends Soviet greeting, urges Afghanistan withdrawal LOS ANGELES (AP) — President Reagan interrupted his California vacation today to renew his call for an end to the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan and to record a televised greeting to the Soviet people to be broadcast by state run Soviet television on New Year’s Day. While condemning the Soviets’ role in what he called "six years of utter hell for the Afghan people” since the Soviet invasion of their country in 1979. Reagan again urged Moscow to set    a timetable    for military withdrawal    He also offerer! to "serve as a guarantor of a comprehensive    Afghan settlement’ leading to restoration of an independent government there. Reagan’s weekly radio address to the nation underscored continuing differences betwen the United States and    the Soviet    Union over Afghanistan But the U.S.-Soviet    agreement for an    unprecedented    exchange of televised New Year's greetings demonstrated both sides continue to work toward an improvement in superpower relations Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev will address Americans at the same time Reagan speaks to the Soviet people on New Year’s Day. Although Reagan's message was recorded immediately after he delivered the radio speech live, officials said the text of his remarks would not be made public in advance Howells FURNITURE 9U0 W. Sun Antonio 629-7566 ALL PRICES RETURN TO NORMAL JAN. 2ND 2 DAYS ONLY 9 am 6 PM 90 Days Same as Cash $2 OOO Instant Credit to Qualifying Customers Visa MasterCard Cash or Check CBS Radio broadcast what it said was an interview with one of the men held as terrorists. Asked if he was a member of the PIX), the man interviewed replied, "Yes.” Asked where he got his instructions, he replied, “Fatah.” AI Fatah is the mainstream PIX) group led by Yasser Arafat. When asked why the attack was staged, the suspect said: "Because Israel (pause), we kill Israelis.” CBS did not identify which terrorist was interviewed. The two survivors were under heavy guard in a Vienna hospital with stomach and chest wounds A Vienna police spokesman said no one "to our knowledge’’ had talked to the suspects In Malaga. Spain, a man who said he belonged to a PLO faction headed by Abu Nidal claimed the faction was responsible for the Vienna and Rome attacks. There was no way to confirm the call. An Italian news agency. AGI, on Saturday quoted unidentified judicial sources as saying the lone surviving terrorist in Rome told officials he and his accomplices belonged to Abu Nidal. The report could not be con firmed independently. Military aid tops $120 billion WASHINGTON (AP) - Sfnce 1950 the United States has provided more than $120 billion in military aid to 113 countries, about half of the money in grants, according to U S government figures The trend is away from loans on ordinary commercial terms and toward either outright grants or loans at subsidized interest rates, says a report by the General Accounting Office, the investigative body of Congress "As this trend continues, the United States is faced with a rise in actual costs to provide assistance to various countries and at the same time the need co reduce federal expenditures and. in turn, the budget deficit.” said the Oct 30 report, made available to reporters last week. It estimated that as of last Sept. 30. debts outstanding in the United States for military aid amounted to $60 7 billion owed by 43 countries Of that. $58 7 billion is guaranteed by the U S government. The biggest borrower was Israel with $25.5 billion, followed by Egypt with $14 3 billion and Turkey with $6 3 billion The biggest grants went to Vietnam — over $15 billion Until the mid-1970s, the US government usually gave arms to its allies, paying the manufacturers itself Then lending money to the allies became the more usual method, with the loans guaranteed by the United States Interest rates were high, many countries were borrowing heavily for other purposes as well and many got into trouble with their payments According to an earlier report, last Sept. 30 there were 22 coun tries overdue on $595 million worth of military debt — $413 million of it owed by Egypt. "Since the mid-1970s, the U S government has made almost $17 billion in payments due to defaults on guaranteed loans," the report said The debtors have repaid about $920 million of that, the report said Under a U.S. law passed in 1976. no new aid can go to any country in default for more than a year, Curtis Mathes Hurry in and save on brand new, pre-owned, floor sample, and demo models! 19’* COLOR PORTABLE, standard tuning, walnut finish cabinet, orig. $449.95.......................$225 19** COLOR PORTABLE, 12 channel tuning, remote control, walnut finish, orig. $499.95 .................$249. 25** COLOR CONSOLE, 12 channel electronic tuning, dark oak finish, orig. $749.95..................$349 25** COLOR CONSOLE, 12 channel electronic tuning, dark oak finish, orig. $799.95 .................$349. 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