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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - December 29, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Sports SmHhaon Valley bouts Canyon fp»    BA Nation Military spends billions in aid See Page 3A A i 0    M053    1012 2 7 8 6 empire microfilm CO P 0. BOX 8I642J CALLAS, tx 75381 Local Museum will get new building See below jj2 •VI m ^,1 . rn M AN !•*■« ma mm tm rn ** New Braunfels Sunday December 29, 1 985 50 Ce.its 48 Pages- 4 Sections Sophienburg Museum will get new chapter in history Inside MHBBRBRNr if bana Staff writer 1 h<* K»as*> •♦»»»<    #> mm    ana Academy str»«<» ***»    nim - aaa    tun mr of a young fiiti > it ~ -ut. NOW, 141 y***, •«««*. t» aeegwwN,, burg Memoru    r--,^    ^ inuits sight*    «Mft    ,    ap same grassy Ibis is very * .♦♦...«*» mm ♦ a dream of ttir <*»«** . «* «*. - finr-.iri-burg Vlus»*mi, u 4****#. « Mw » wm on I hat site    angR* chairman ^ building coma* There are »*, this commuii..- .    ***.„    m cumulated/’ ^ ^ been much    wmn—i    av    *** last few years «.Ui % « *« a***. gwnirr displays and tributed, the* have run out of j Krueger saul j building severe are trying chives into ti* good collectUm» mm** history of the • Ail of th,£ trolled by deteriorate/* Board P called the gram ambitsomJ ' mt new billeting em et e III Hide mm mn r * «,i«» 4 mmmtm rn »ae rn mtettef ear • mm 4» me* emf %*mt rn m nm*m mf mm i 4M0i tm tm mm & tm m rn rn rn***** m I toil ii» *m tm Emmett ** + * rn imm* m# met ami mmm- mmm **• a. * mm *• mmm «* **»* a 11 I rn*, mumm tm mmtt ****** rn rn «*ik ♦> '«»<** met *4 HHHMN* 4* ZMH*** * am* «•* <e» «e a 44* S' si®# .* *    '■ 444 A... 4*fl4lS|^ 4* int* «■»# mtt rn 00 0    » 4*«i    4    •***» •* #■■«**• 4MM|P -“*** tttm$ mm- mm mnf mw* 4®.m la «ve* .«44.4.4h# **m mumm mm -*i .imw *<* i n—    ny****** »,»• 4WM* I4» #*••* 4 •» I ------■ mm mm rn tm tammm$ *» mm-mmt rn # mm «** in m mmJ» tt ttm*m *•/ *•* Hi «p» tnmtnm et BmmL m- — at* » mn—* «*** # Mi AWA 14 Mi*' a ** •*** a**# Hwmwitfi on* * B*MB# * ***** .ffl.- ^igi I cm* '«»» Im* aw* Icgpa* 'ii mn** Hew cm ftmft ii «*** cm*** <*•«. c«»**i * **4 *|«i 4MWMI* * * |iagr mjm/0 m tmm mtmrnm mm* mtttm tt et jmtfit -- ttszttmt * i s tm m*m •    ^ Mafgaret Fields I 4better girt un etui it Fields said I Itmmm the retiinoent age three pmf* tm laittrr~ reacwA i’m retiring is mm I f*i* *he> ared someone now • I grow up with this iexpan ewe / Fields sand Th* waeuui board has formed a ugli commit let- to find a replace scag for Fields and she will stay on Lf SUI KRIEWALDT HERALD ZEI IUNO The museum will be torn down for a new building until someone takes over “She has been a real asset to the board and we’re sorry to see her go, Dierksen said * Margaret really turned the association around in terms of public awareness and as far as the quality of the association s facilities have gone ” “I was just one of the cogs that was part of this/* Fields said bragging CLASSIFIED 11 15A COMICS 7» CROSSWORD 8B DEAR ABBY 6B HOROSCOPE 7B KALEIDOSCOPE 1 6B OPINIONS 4A SPORTS 8 9 A WEATHER 2A on the scores of volunteers who design ami build the exhibits and who work at the museum and archives “It takes so many different facets,” she said. “There are so many volunteers - we have a small staff — it takes all these peopl#* to make this thing go ” Sot SOPHIES BU HG, Page IGA Today's Weather Rxpoct partly cloudy skies today with the high reaching near do Fast winds will lie near IU mph. The low tonight will be in the low 4«>s Monday will be partly cloudy and mild with a high in the low 60s Saturday's high was 65 and Friday night's low was 43 Uranus Weather A camera aboard the Voyager 2 spacecraft has photographed the first hints of a weather pattern on Uranus, and scientists say they might be seeing an icy fog over the planet’s south pole “It is the first time we have seen any detail in the atmosphere from our Voyager (television camera) images,” said Kills Miner, deputy project scientist at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Jet Propul sion Laboratory See Page KIA, American death toll reaches 5 Camarillo loses fight •f SARAN MKC Staff writer A New Braunfels man suffered minor injuries Saturday evening when the car he was riding in was struck headon by a Ford pickup truck on the Interstate 35 frontage road at USBI West Patrolman Spencer (iremmer. of the New Braunfels Police Department, said Arturo Garza. 42, of New Braunfels, failed to yield right of way and struck a 1976 Mercury Cougar The accident occurred at 7:30p rn The car. driven by J Pedro Galvan, 28 of New Braunfels, was southbound on the frontage road. Galvan was carrying two passengers when the accident happened Fer nando Hernandez, 21. of New ROME (Al*    ***    ******** Americans t||e»«    ‘ii** live the numb*-* **»    **    ***** killed in the !<««»•* 4***»*«** *.*..* attack. Fourteen %«•»—#*** ****    ww««* hospitalized rn**..* mm ** morning mist aw***    ***** weapons and gr*•*«#*!•*- ♦♦«** *»•*•** people. inelu*t*i*« Hmm «***» tm and injured 74 et imwhhw rn ** Airport. In a near *i< other terrorist* *♦ ; three people <•« jured. Two pl Americans. spokeswoman Saturday in v% wiaiitgl*** not give their tt-mmm •* •* formation bete*** tm ed their priv«t •* #«gn*» “Thank the I awe*# * et m**m one survivor tim*turn* trntm * Lawn. Ill . at »««••*.« ♦ s-*** '*•* Hospital. F(nit >< »»«. also injured m taw at ••+ ** *•— m Related sft^v Deputy Pol Mf felisi saitl Hie sible for Fruit claimed to Palestine.” revenge for «§* October agalma in Tunisia We've got ta in the hospital official Erie t varying degr*«» •*< mm*m* seems like evev .*»*.<•, ww hospital will Mflf %«*Mi Terzuolo it. « mm Americans knw><    >mmm son, ll, a re»*WHi    »•    leiwwn Buonocore. et m*4»**tmmm Don Maland im et e** *, terne t Fla ; and F>ea.«» « Madison. Wi^    . 1>4#. • « . «. of the Capital * «*..    -    «» directors In Washitigi^, mm *mm 4 inent ideritiiMnii    alw    mn American a** » .«.««    a*.—** whose family ».    t&.n,, temtn US official    ..... mmm Tomarella die** •*, Natasha w a* -........... .Simpson, im * * emmet * Associated |>,«.Iff    m and Danieia works for Ti* of America Michael. 9, *< . i r' A# hmm md KH Ai 'la* .M ‘ » "a j* minted on rw» mg tm Itotem Adat ti MWiOwi    «i    pauf^e lf Sui VMC Ar AUDI atAAlDZffTOMG took advantage of the suftilwie and warmer temperatures to play at trie park for constables Man bruised in accident Braunfels, was riding in the front seat and received bruises on his right knee Henry Gonzales, 25. of New Braunfels, was riding in the backseat of the car He was not injured Both vehicles received major damage, Gremmer said The front end of the car was caved in and the pickup s radiator w as damaged In other police news. a man was robbed at gunpoint by two Latin males about ll :50 Saturday night As of presstime, New Braunfels Police had not arrested any suspects One of the men was reported to have a .45 caliber pistol and the two fled on foot The incident oc curred on Texas 46 South between tile Pay less Gas station and the Welcome Stop according to a police department spokeswoman i By SARAN BURI Staff writer Comal County Commissioner Lorenzo “Yankee” Camarillo took a shot at increasing county constables' 1986 budgets during Friday’s commissioners' meeting He failed. Camarillo presented the commissioners with a proposal to increase the budgets for the four constables by a total of more than $10,000. Camarillo said the increase would go for constable deputies and transportation expenses Camarillo moved to amend the county’s 1986 budget to add at least $2,000 to each of the constables’ budgets The motion died for lack of a second Following the meeting. Camarillo said he knew he did not have the sup port of the other commissioners but wanted to make an attempt at giving the people of the county the protection they have demanded The point I was trying to make was to support the constables like the voters have asked us to.” he said During November, the constables presented the commissioners with petitions signed by hundreds of county residents asking that constable Lorenzo Camarillo budgets not be reduced as planned Commissioners cut constables See CONSTABLES, Page I6A ;

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