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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - December 29, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas 410 14053 10/22/86 Sports Smithson Valley beats Canyon See Sports, Page SZI Nation Military spends billions in aid See Page 3A empire MICROFILM co p.o. box ®11    _______ Museum will get Local new building See below New Braunfels Hew Braunfels. Texas Sunday December 29, 1985 50 Ct. its 4 8 Pages 4 Sections American death toll caches 5 ,%n AP* Two wounded .. ,n, cl I i*d Saturday, raising to M V number of the U S citizens . in th*- Rome airport terrorist ' ‘ ,<firrn \mericans remained .li/rd following the Friday " Cg onslaught With automatic mw! grenades that killed 15 including three attackers. " * urrd 74 at leonardo da Vine! ‘ V, nrar simultaneous attack by *, terrorist* at Vienna’s airport, nr*rfdc' were killed and 47 in-' two of the wounded were * M ,n. State Department woman Debbie Cavin said * ,Aa\ m Washington She could i,tf |Vf. their naimn or any other in* Atmn because they had not waiv* |ivir^ said ,    m„ ii id suns of Oak IM at Rome » San! Eugenio ' d-l Four of his children were injured in the attack in Home. utwd story, Pgggj4 police Chief Hiccardo !n-‘^,d i|h‘ four lerrorlsts respon-Fridays carnage in Rome ”    bt    martyrs    of (inr apparently seeking * r |ft, an Ut aeil air raid last gal ag*"”'*1 »‘l<) headquarters fl V*- got 14 people who are still ‘ hospital." said U S. Embassy enc Terzuolo “'I here are ■Mg degrees of injury, but it like everybody who’s in the \,«| will survive ’ :„uol« Identified four of the .nrans killed as Natasha Simp-U a resident of Home. John km ore 20 of Wilmington. Del.; OI Newport Richey ami Frederick Cage. 2», of ,(>on Wis Cage was a member Capital Times Co. board of ’apilal MNI arlington, the State Depart-identified the filth dead an as Klena Tomarella. 67. family is from Naples. Ha lliciais >aid that Maland and cha died Saturday dia w as the daughter of Victor new s editor of The ated Press bureau in Rome, amelu Petrol! Simpson, who (or Time magazine and Voice (<cica Simpson and his son, pl y were wounded in tile at- See ATTACK, Page 16A Camarillo loses fight for constables By SARAN DUKE Staff wntur Comal County Commissioner Lorenzo Yankee Camarillo took a shot at increasing county constables' 19H6 budgets during Friday's com mlssioners' meeting He failed Camarillo presented the commissioners with a proposal to increase the budgets for the four constables by a total of more than $10,000 Camarillo said the increase would go for constable deputies .md transjwir tat ion expenses Camarillo moved to amend the county’s low; budget to add at least $2,000 to each of the constables' budgets The motion died for lack of a second Following the meeting Camarillo said he knew he did not have the sup port of the other commissioners but wanted to make an attempt at giving the people of the county the protection they have demanded •The point I was trying to make was to support the constables like Hie voters have asked us to.” he said During November, the constables presented the commissioners with petitions signed by hundieds of coun ty residents asking that constable Lorenzo Camarillo not tx* reduced as planned cut constables budget Commissioner CONSTABLES. Cage ISA Man bruised in accident All twisted Ricky De Los Santos Jr. gets pushed around on his swing at Landa Park by his brother, Adam Landa Park was crowded Saturday, as people jim * Lf SU€ KRIEWALDT Mf RAID ZEITUNG and wanner took advantage of the sunshine temperatures to play in the park. •y SARIN DUKE Staff writer A New Kraunteis man suffered minor injuries Saturday evening when the car he was riding in was struck headon by a Ford pickup truck on the Interstate :I5 frontage road at US Hi W est Patrolman Spencer (iremmer. of the New Braunfels Police Depart ment. said Arturo Garza. 12 of New Braunfels, failed to yield right or way and struck a 1976 Mercury Cougar The accident occurred at 7:3op rn The car. driven by J Pedro Galvan. 28. of New Braunfels was southbound on the frontage road Galvan was carrying two passengers when the accident happened Fer nando Hernandez. 21, of New Braunfels, was riding in the front seat and received bruises on his right knee Henry Gonzales, 25. of New Braunfels was riding in the backseat of the car He w as mil injured Both vehicles received major damage (iremmer said The front end of the car was caved in and the pickup s radiator was damaged In other police news, a man was robbed at gunpoint bv two Latin males about 11 50 Saturday night As of presstime New Braunfels Police had not arrested any suspects One of the men was reported to have a 45 caliber pistol and the two fled on foot The incident occurred on Texas 40 South between Hie Rayless Gas station and the Welcome stop, according to a police department spokeswoman Sophienburg Museum will get new chapter in history giRAtVCRSTRfCT $»* ft writer the che gra^y knoll at Foil and ademy streets was once the focus V , young man s dream. U vow 141 years later, the Sophien-rii Memorial Association is focus a its sights on another dream on th< “ me grassy knoll. This is very preliminary - this is (ream of the board of the Sophien-41 , o Museum to build a new museum that site,” said Doyle Krueger, ^airman of the associations 1 .tiding committee. ••There are so many artifacts from community that have ache said There has .-en much improvement over the ^ . few years and we’ve done better 19 - - and things have been con lid* ^Ululated, displays tributed, then, all of a sudden., we . ..ye run out of space. Krueger said the dream includes a tilding several stories high. We trying to incorporate the arrives into the building, there’s a l)od collection there of the written tory of the community, he said h.All of these things need to be con polled by humidity, so they dont jpteriorate.” Board President John Dierksen ailed the proposed building pro CLm ambitious "We want to put a H’w buttling right there on Sophie s hill.” he said, explaining that a new building will need to "heat and cool efficiently, as well as display all the artifacts” "The board s wish list for the museum and archives Includes 35,(JOO to 40.000 square feet and costs between $2 million and $3 million "We had to come up with a master plan to see whether the facility would sit on that site.” Krueger said "We wanted to remain on that site and we found out it can work The building is not historic; it’s the site ” The hard part is yet to come — raising millions of dollars will take years, Krueger said, adding that the association will be approaching foundations and organizations and will apply for grants Margaret Fields, who was the museum’s first full-time director, is excited about the growth of the museum and said a new building has been needed for a long time But she won’t be director by the time the new museum is built, because she’s decided to retire “It has been an education for my and a challenge and I learned a great deal,” said Fields, who has been director for more than six years. Fields retired from teaching in 1978 after running the VOE program she initiated at New Braunfels High School for 12 years "I decided if I’m ever going to have any retirement, Inside CLASSIFIED 11 15A COMICS 7B CROSSWORD 8B DEAR ABBY 6B HOROSCOPE 7B KALEIDOSCOPE 16B OPINIONS 4A SPORTS 8 9A WEATHER 2A Margaret Fields I d better get on with it,” Fields said "I reached the retirement age three years ago "Another reason I’m retiring is that I feel they need someone now who will grow up with this (expansion!,” Fields said The museum board has formed a search committee to find a replace ment for Fields, and she will stay on Lf SUE KRIEWALDT MEHALL) ZEH UNO The museum will be torn down for a new building until someone takes over "She has been a real asset to the board and we’re sorry to see her go,” Dierksen said "Margaret really turned the association around in terms of public awareness and as far as the quality of the association’s facilities have gone ” "I was just one of the cogs that was part of this,” Fields said. bragging on the scores of volunteers who design and build the exhibits and who work at the museum and archives "It takes so many different facets," she said "There are so many volunteers — we have a small staff — it takes all these people to make this thing go ” See SOPHIENBURG, Page 16A Today s Weather Expect partly cloudy skies today with the high reaching near 60 East winds will l>e near IO mph The low tonight will be in the low 40s Monday will be partly cloudy and mild w ith a high in the low 60s Saturday’s high was 65 and Friday night s low was 43 Uranus Weather A camera aboard the Voyager 2 spacecraft has photographed the first hints of a weather pattern on Uranus, and scientists say they might be seeing an icy fog over the planet s south pole "It is the first time we have seen any detail in the atmosphere from our Voyager (television camera* images,” said Ellis Miner, deputy project scientist at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Jet Prupul sion Laboratory See Page 10AAM laced up, page IB ;

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