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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - December 26, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas A10    "’pp!CAN HICKW *-TEXftS^liNCLftlB ATT-- PE AT ' •    ,    4q436 P.O. ®0XTX 752A5 DALLAL ’ Motorists killed Texas on Texas highways See below Comal River.............. 360    (up    15) Water    CanV°n inflow ......... 700 (down 57) Canyon outflow........ 755 cfs (same) Watch    Edwards Aquifer ....... 626.69 (up 02) Canyon Lake level . .    909.78    (down    17) How to beat Local holiday blues See Page IB New Braunfels Herald New Braunfels. Texas Thursday December 26, 1985 25 Cents 24 Pages 2 Sections Baseball in review, page 8A iFSllf KWfWAlOT Mf RACO KITLING centerFire guts recreation ByDANA OVERSTREET Staff writer Four years of improvements to the Lamia Recreation Center went up in smoke this morning Investigators today continue to sift through the gutted building searching for a cause of the blaze, which was extinguished about 2 a m They have not ruled out the possibilty of arson. Fourteen New Braunfels firefighters and IK volunteers brought the fire under control about 45 minutes after the tam call. The fire, which did the most damage to the office area, gutted the inside of the brick building, which once housed the Lizann Dress Manufacturing Corp About four years ago. a group called the Recreation Association initiated the drive to start a recreation center The city parks department took over the operation of the building three years ago. Firefighters are not sure when the fire started “It had been burning quite some time.” said New Braunfels Fire Chief Jack Wilson “The heat was terrific inside the buiding “ Wilson said fire crews had to break down the front doors to the buiding. “There w as quite a bit of water and heat damage to the inside of the building.” said New Braunfels Fire Chief Jack Wilson. * But, structurally. the building is still sound.” Arson investigator Bob Reed and Ll Wes Meyer, fire inspector, are looking at the building today. Wilson said “There are several things we have to look into.” Wilson said, ad ding that until the investigation is complete, “we don't rule anything out ” The buiding and its contents were insured, said Assistant City Manager Court Thieleman “The insurance company has been notified and will be here today and we're taking inventory on the damage and salvagable Lf SUF KW! WA IDT/HfRALD-ZlfTUWG Fire investigator Bob Reed, above, sprays the rec center with water. A firefighter, right, the gutted center. items.” he said City officials plan to meet Monday to determine what the city will do next, said MarcusTonish. recreation coordinator “We have a lot of deaning up to do. walks through the debris of storing all the weight equipment and waiting for the word from City Hall on the plan of action.” Tonish said Salvaged items, including weight See KIRK. Page 16A 15 killed on Texas roads By TNE ASSOCIATED PRESS Fifteen people died on Texas highways over the Christmas holidays, three deaths more than the state Department of Public Safety had predicted tor Hie 30-hour period that ended at midnight, a spokesman for the state troopers said today. DPS spokesman Mike Cox noted that seven ol the deaths occurred in two accidents, and he said thai ironically, the good weather may have contributed to the number of deaths, because it encouraged more people to drive The last traffic death during the holiday period, which began at 6 p m Christmas Eve, was a one vehicle accident in Arlington on Christmas Day. which took tho life of 19-year-old William Kirk Harlow, of Arlington. Cox said Harlow lost control of his jeep on a curve at 8:50 p m and it flipped over He sam the young man was not wearing a seat belt A passenger in the jeep received minor injuries Two other accidents also occurred on Wednesday. Maroa Ann Briggs. 1H. of Lam pusas. died after her car went out cf control near Lampasas. stale troopers said Investigators estimated the accident took place about to :$o Christmas morning, but the wreckage was not discovered until 2: top rn In Corpus Christi, Mary Agnes Meyer, 50. of Corpus Christi was killed when she was struck by a car while crossing a city street with her husband, who was slightly injured in the accident Police said it occurred about 0:55 p rn Wednesday. Earlier, two headon collisions See TRAFFIC, Page 16A Inside CANYON LAKE 5A CLASSIFIED 134 5 A COMICS 12A CROSSWORD 13A DEAR ABBY 1B HOROSCOPE 13A OPINIONS 4A OUTDOORS 9A SPORTS 8A WEA! HER 2A Comal County residents learn to buckle up Today s Weather It will be partly cloudy and not so cold today with a high in the upper 50s and winds from the north at IO mph becoming southeasterly between IO and 15 mph It will tie partly cloudy and cool tonight with a low near 40 and southeasterly winds IO to 15 mph Friday will tie partly cloudy and mild with a low near OO and southerly winds IO to IS mph. Yesterday’s high was to and this morning s low was 22 Sunset tonight will be at 5:29 p m and sunrise Friday will be at 7:24 a rn Rf DEDDIE OsLOACN Staff writar More than loo unbuckled Comal County residents have gotten tickets since Dee I for violating the state s new seat belt law Violators face fines of $25 to $50 after the 1985 Legislature made seat belts mandatory for most drivers and front seat passengers The law went into effect on Sept I. but motorists were given a three month grace period to help them get used to the idea A Gallup poll indicated 14 to 15 per cent of all motor sts in Texas wore seat belts before the mandatory law was passed Mike Cox, a Department of Public Safety public information officer, said, “We figure if we had 80 percent compliance, the law could save I 1.200 lives a year, and could prevent up to 28.000 mon ies ” He also said 97.1 percent of the 2,913 persons killed on Texas highways last year were not wearing seat belts. Since Dec 1. New Braunfels police officers have issued six tickets for unbuckled seat belts while Comal County Sheriff’s deputies have writ ten lots of warnings, but no ti* kets Department of Public Safety troopers working in Comal County wrote pi tickets and nine warnings the first week of December, JI tickets and four warnings the second week, and 27 tickets and one warning for the week ending on l>ec 21 By comparison. Austin police have issued about 20 tickets per day since the beginning of the month against motorists not wealing seat iielts. This month's ticket total there has already exceeded 4**o Gary Wong, a local I B’S trooper. said the new taw is • 'definitely a good idea.” and indicated the majority of people seem to be obeying it “I haven't noticed any tumbling for it when I’ve stopped people ' he added Joe Fedor, a tellow tripper, *aid, “I don’t know if they re putting them on when they get inside their cars, or before I get there after I ve stopped them But I have noticed more seat belts buckled than I ve ever >>een before "I ve worked plenty of fatalities in Comal County where the victims would still be alive if they'd been buckled up. Fedor said “I believe it < the new law i is working lf we catch violators, we ll ticket them "Nowotny does an inside job in identifying familiesBf DANA 0WENSTNEET Stall writar Talk to Jerome Nowotny for more than five minutes and you'll learn more about the history of Western Europe than you were ever taught in school. For almost 20 years, Nowotny has researched the history of family names and painted wooden coats of arms bearing a family “logo It’s the research that interests 72 year-old Nowotny “This is the most fascinating subject,’* Nowotny says as he looks around his small, crowded workshop “It s not just a matter of opening a book and here you are," he said. Coats of Arms — an identification system developed rn IU5J were created by a father for his sons. "It represented their first name - it was identification to go along with their last name,” Nowotny said “More importantly, it was for identity at a distance” during the feudal system of the Dark Ages. “Every human being used an identifying logo,” Nowotny said, explaining that the Coat of Arms for each son in a family varied slightly, but used the same theme When Nowotny is presented with a name, he first looks through one of his many books to find anything on the origin of the name “Then, I look in my book where I have the pictures (of thousands of Coats of Arms) hoping to find it,' he said “Every human being has one, but that doesn’t mean that I will find one,” Nowotny explained. “It is not as easy in some cases, because there s not one person in over 3 billion descendants of Western Europe that has a name that has not been changed.” Before the invention of first names in the 15th century peole were referred to as “the person by the hill “By where you lived or what you did — butcher, cooper, taylor or by idiosyncracies, things that described you — long and short,” Nowotny said. Names also changed through the years, because people were illiterate and spelling was done phonetically “And a third reason (names changed!, people deliberately changed them — Kanz was Kleinerhanz, Nowotny was Novak ” Nowotny can trace the origin of almost all Western European names German, French, Spanish. For tugese. and Hie smaller countries, such as Belgium Holland and the British Isles Names he can’t find are sent to a research company to trace Attr locating a family’s Coat of Arms. Nowotny asks his client to choose a favorite design, there could be a hundred Coats of Arms — all with a common element, such as a lion — for one family name “I say You want the prettiest one, don’t you’’’ ” Nowotny said. "I have fun with ths and I say. ‘Do you want your 30th grandfather or your 44th‘>' " He can’t be certain which design belongs to a particular branch of a family tree “Not one human being can trace beyond the 15th century, because no one had a first name," he said After choosing which size to make the Coat of Arms, Nowotny tapes a sheet of graphite paper on top of a blank piece of wood and sketches the design including a color scheme. “My normal service is one month depending on how intricate it is,” See NOWOTNY, Page 7A ;

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