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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - December 20, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Page10A Herald-Ze/fung,New Braunfels, Texas Friday, December 20,1985W. L. Schumann Beware of planting wheat late in the season County oxtonsion agent Some farmers in Comal County are still trying to plant wheat due to unusually wet conditions that have prevailed during the past several months. Because of such late plantings, producers need to be aware of certain consequences Consequences of late planting are potentially reduced yield due to inadequate vernalization, possible winter kill and reduced vegetative development (tillering) that will result in increased pressure from diseases such as leaf rust and greater risk from heat and drought stress in the spring. Inadequate vernalization will be less of a problem in northern areas of the state than in southern regions with milder climate. Every winter wheat variety has some vernalization requirements. Vernalization simply refers to a number of chilling hours below a threshold temperature of about 40 degrees F. that is re quired by a particular variety to realize normal head development and grain yield. Each variety has different vernalization requirements below which yield will suffer due to an unadequate period of cold weather during vegetative growth. Wheats well adapted to South Texas will not normally require a Dear Abby Grocery Checkout Policy Poses a Relative Problem DEAK ABBY This letter seeks your advice about a problem that is probably familiar to many of your readers. The supermarket where I am employed bas a policy that forbids customers from purchasing items that will he rung up at the register operated by a relative. My mother in law thinks this poli cy is an insult and refuses to shop here even though she has shopped here exclusively for years. (She has to go out of her way to shop else where.) I am not the only member of the family working here—there are three of us! We have tried to tell “Mom” that this is a common practice among retail stores and is not meant as an insult to its employees or their relatives. We employees think our relatives should patronize this store, as it helps the volume of sales. We would appreciate your views as well as those of vour readers. CASHIER, NIAGARA COUNTY, N Y. DEAR CASHIER: The policy that prevails at your place of employment was established for a valid reason. Everyone involved—employees and their rel- Crossword ACROSS 1 Toothsome 6 Feign 10 Puncture 14 Diacritical mark 15 - T own 16 Ankles 17    with    a View 18 Heal chamber 19 Waterless 20 Kind of day 22 Penniless 23 Lei it stand 24 Fly s nemesis 26 Roman bronze 29 Author Bagnold 31 Trouble 32 International Vader 34 Pitch 38 Pick a crop 39 Sodium chloride 41 Green shade 42 Most certain 45 Most recent 48 River Sp 49 Angry 50 Understand 51 Kern musical 55 Window part 57 Mountain crest 58 Was hot 63 Acidulous 64 Defraud 65 Crumble 66 Sicily volcano 67 Marsh 68 Obtained entrance 69 Sediment 70 Filled with wonder 71 Insects DOWN 1 of David 2 Ouse feeder 3 Footslog 4 Gods 5 Greek deity 6 Dogs 7 Achieve 8 Copycats 9 Chess pieces 10 Alarming 11 Playing card 12 Akin 13 Waiter 21 Camping item 22 Security 25 Existed PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED ,TjR*o T ,0,R OSD E 26 Pretensions 27 Halite var 28 Wrangle 30 Carts 33 Musicals 35 Succumbs 36 Or 37 Network 40 Untied 43 Ancestor 44 Youngster 46 Russia s Mountains 4 7 Bank account 51 Badger s kin 52 Speak pompously 53 Swiss canton 54 Out of line 56 Plumed bird 59 Fast message 60 Roster 6 f Manage a magazine 62 Cozy rooms 64 Tiny Scot 1 14 21 7 8 19 I 123 261 27 28 32 33 38 42 29 11 12 13 ' ' 35    36    37 40 43    44 51    52    53 145 149 46    47 54 155 58    59 56 |50 60 61 62 67 70 atives—should realize this, and accept it without feeling offended or resentful. (Problems? Write In Abby. hor a personal, unpublished reply, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Abby, I'.O. Box .3H92.3, Hollywood, Calif. 901)38. All correspondence is confidential.) Horoscope By Stella Wilder FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20 Born today, you are a highly capable individual in many areas However. you do not necessarily have the self-confidence you need to begin working all-out toward achieving your goals. You would be wise, therefore, to start small and work your way up. gaining in confidence all the while. Once you feel fully compentent, however. there will be little that can stop you. and you will no doubt rise to the top of your chosen field in record time' The media holds a particular fascination for you. and you would be wise to explore this more fullv. To see what is in store for you tomorrow, find your birthday and read the corresponding paragraph Let your birthday star be your daily guide SATURDAY, DECEMBER 21 SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) ~ A good day for relaxation, time spent with friends You may become involved in quite an adventure before nightfall CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19) -- You may become the object of another's considerable fascination today. Explore the possibilities; romance may result! AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18) --Your plans and aspirations may be met with indifference today Do not bf discouraged, forge ahead' PISCES (Feb 19-March 20) - Time is of the essence today Do not let ii slip away without making the most of it! ARIES (March 21 April 19) - You receive troubling news during morning hours that may set the tone for the entire day. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) -- Idle conversation may ultimately prove quite profitable today Let nothing slip by unnoticed' GEMINI (May 21-June 20) - Early morning confusion should not keep you from completing today's tasks if you are firm in vour intention Focus CANCER (June 21 July 22) - Timetable laid out by partner, companion proves impractical Iron out difficulties through calm discussion. LEO (July 23-Aug 22) ~ What seems an obstacle proves later to be an inspiration You are entering a phase of strong. energetic accomplishment VIRGO (Aug 23-Sept. 22) - A good day for getting things done around the house - especially if you are allowed to go about your business uninterrupted. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) - You would be wise to disassociate yourself from conflicts on the home front today, or you risk adding fuel to the fire SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov 21) - Romance is spiced with intrigue today Al) should remain harmless if you and partner remain open, honest Copyngfcl im t mi»d feature Syt»d»*«t# tm Automatic Gate Openers At an Affordable Price! From *449 offer both Solar Power and Normal Electric Hook-up I Call for Y    Free    Estimate lephose (512) 885-4153 Safe-Secure-with Remote Control Aituutk Gate Opener* Hwy. SII C O. Box 221 8prix* Bruch, Tex. 78070 great number of chilling hours, while those common to the High Plains and North Texas generally require considerably more. If winter wheats can be planted and a stand achieved in December in North Texas, yields will not usually be limited by lack of vernalization. However, yields in South Texas will gradually diminish in most years as the planting date goes past the first week of December. In abnormally cold years such as late winter, little effect of winter yields was observed from planting as late as Dec. 20 if weather conditions are favorable and disease pressure is light in the spring. Although winter wheat is well adapted to cold temperatures and can stand extremely hard freezes without significant damage, wheat does not grow at temperatures below 40 degrees F. Wheat planted in December will have little opporunity to make any significant growth before weather wamrs in the spring. The greatest Injury observed due to the cold winter of 1983-84 was in fields where wheat did not emerge until early December due to planting in dry seedbeds. Stands that had not developed secondary root systems or produced tillers suffered somewhat erratic stand losses. More mature wheat lost leaf area, but stands were not significantly affected. Part of the loss of young wheat was due to shallow root systems in realtively dry surface soil which gets much colder than more moisture seedbeds. Another potential for yield loss in late planted wheat is due to lack of vegetative development in the fall, particularly the opporunity to produce tillers. Tillers are secondary shoots that develop from the main stem Tillers produce at least half of the wheat heads in most fields. Yield is equal to head numbers times number of seed per head times average seed weight The reduced opporunity to tiller in the fall could reduce the potential number of wheat heads, which is one important component of wheat yield Favorable spring weather or a mild winter would result in little difference in tiller numbers between early and late planted wheat. Higher seeding rates in later planted wheat help reduce the loss that might occur due to fewer tiller numbers. Late planted wheat also will mature late. In Central and South Texas, early maturing wheats produce the best wheat yields because disease pressure as well as heat and drought stress are greatest in the later part of the growing season. Producers plating late should plant a leaf rust restant variety and carefully evaluate the need for a fungicide application when the flag lead excerpts in the spring. If spring weather is dry as in the last two years, substantial yield losses might be expected due to drought or heat stress on later maturing wheat. Spring wheats are a possible alternative if winter wheats cannot be planted due to wet fields. Over most of the state, however, spring wheats yield about 30 percent less than winter wheats. The later winter wheat is planted in the fall, the less will be the difference In yield potential between spring and winter wheat. Two types of spring wheats are planted in Texas. These are day-length sensitive wheats such as Nadadores 63 and day-length insensitive wheats such as Cajeme. DK22S, DK49S, Siete Cerros, Anza and Penjamo62 Day length sensitive (long day) spring wheats head out when days lengthen in the spring and should be planted during November or early December. Day-length insensitive wheat head out in response to warm temperatures and may head out during the winter lf planted too early. Such wheats should be planted from Dec. 20 to Jan. 15 in South Texas and as much as three weeks later in North Texas. Tkc Silver Tree , a A ii 20 °/o DW 0,1 All James Avery & other 14 K. Gold Jewelry, now thru Dec. 24th! 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His lob was to keep camels in the entourage, watered and fed. His boss, Jamil (Jam EEL), was kind and encouraging to him . . . partly because Hafid was his Nephew One cold, wintry day Hafid decided he wanted to do something a little more challenging for his Uncle Jamail. He went to Jamail and told him so. Jamail thought about his young nephew's desires to better himself and thought back to when he was about the same age Jamail had worked hard all his life, saved his money and had been given ten secret scrolls by one of his previous bosses that gave him the secret to persuading people to his way of thinking. Jamail decided he would see what Hafid was made out of! The Caravan was camped on a hill just outside of a little town named Bethlehem Jamil informed Hafid that he would give him one of his prize blankets . . with his own symbol in one corner a star and a half-moon to take in to the little town the next morning Hafid was to try and sell it to anyone in town, lf he was successful, he would be promoted to being one of Jamail’s salesmen Hafid was excited about the opportunity and looked forward to the next day. As soon as the sun rose the next morning. Hafid was on his way down the hill to the little village He knocked on every door and stopped every person he met but was unable to persuade ANYONE to buy the prize blanket from him Finally as night was starting to fall and he was about to start back up the hill to Jamail and admit defeat he heard a little baby crying back behind all of the main stores in the down-town area He walked in hack to investigate and to his amazement saw a couple who had lust given birth to a little child and they were in a stable with some animals belonging to the Inn. Filled with compassion for the little family, Hafid offered his prize blanket to the Mother for her newly born child. She accepted it and immediately wrapped it around the shivering baby After wishing both proud parents good luck Hafid departed the stable and headed hack to camp on top of the hill. On the long trip back. Hafid quandered what he should tell Jamail that the prize blanket had been stolen that he had sold it and the money had been taken by thieves or the truth As he walked up the steep incline to Jamail’s tent he looked up and saw his uncle standing in the entrance to his tent Periodically, Jamail would look up in to the sky and then back down at Hatid Hafid decided to tell the truth . . that he was unable to sell the blanket to anyone and had given it to a young couple who had just given birth to a child As Hatid walked up to Jamail, Jamail asked him to look up into the sky at the bright star over head Jamail told Hatid that the star had followed him all of the way trom the little city Hatid then told Jamail about his experience that day Jamail took all ot these events in account and decided to take his young nephew into his headquarters tent and tell him the story about the ten scrolls and how his boss long ago had given them to him Jamail then told Hatid that he was taking the events of the day as sign that he was to pass along the ten scrolls to Hatid To shorten the story a little now Hatid took the scrolls, studied them and became a very rich. successful man. Over thirty years later Hafid was rn troduced to the Apostle Paul Hafid noticed something familiar about the robe Paul was wearing Paul said that it had been given to him by one of Jesus’ disciples after He was crucified And after asking Paul a few 3 questions about Jesus and inspecting _ the comer ct the robe to see the halfmoon and star. Hatid knew that Jesus was the baby he had given the prize blanket to behind the Inn years ago Hatid then gave the Ten Scrolls to Paul tor safekeeping and with the help of the Holy Spirit, Paul became the greatest soul winner ot his time Have a Merry Christmas on His Birthday1 -Love, Bob Lewis-(Ed Note This space donated by HCC, Inc ) UUU aaacc ;

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