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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - December 19, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Outdoors Harald-Zfitung Thursday, December 19,1985    Pag*    9A Trophy deer in areaBig buckThis buck was spotted in the wild on a ranch located within an hours drive of New Braunfels. Deer season ends January 5.By ORARLIC PARSERS latiMn writer Bill pulled on his jacket, slipped the Winchester 30-30 from its place, turned and walked outside. The cold misty rain greeted him as he walked from the house to the barn, then down a trail by an old rock fence. It was an early December morning and misty rain chilled Bill as he walked down the trail. He thought of how cold it would be in the stand, then stopped and pondered the situation. Maybe he should just go on back home. But the hunter in him urged him on, and again, his legs began moving him toward his stand. He had only gone about IOO yards from his barn as something moved in the misty fog ahead. He blinked his eyes as a huge buck appeared and then, silently, disappeared. Bill at first though he was dreaming. His eyes strained as he tried to cut through the thick mist. He could see nothing, so on he went. He had taken only a few steps as the great buck again appeared. Bill said later, “It looked like a ghost.” But ghost or not, Bill brought the Winchester into play and fired twice at the deer. Then nothing. Everything was quiet, and the only thing that was moving the cold, misty air. With the Winchester poised, the hunter began slowly moving towards the point at which he last saw the big buck. The mist was thickening and he began to wonder if he had actually seen a buck. Then on the ground ahead, he could see the form of a rack. Then as he walked closer, he could see the entire animal. Not more than IOO yards from his barn, Bill Kuykendall had taken a 165-pound buck with a beautiful 10-point rack. But he had much more than that. He had traveled a mere IOO yards to accomplish what many With the Winchester poised, the hunter began slowly moving towards the point at which he last saw the big buck. The mist was thickening and he began to wonder if he had actually seen a buck. Then on the ground ahead, he could see the form of a rack. Then as he walked closer, he could see the entire animal. Not more than IOO yards from his barn, Bill Kuykendall had taken a 165-pound buck with a beautiful 10-point rack. men travel hundreds of thousands of miles to do. to take a Boone and Crockett whitetail. The deer had main beams of 26 '* and 26% inches, base circumferences of 4% and 5 inches and an inside antler spread of 27% inches to score 175 boone and rank 25th in the record of typical whitetail deer taken in Texas The year — 1925 The county — Hays. So there are trophy deer in the near Hill Country —■ good luck!Father-son, husband wife hunting trips offered Between now and January 5 when the deer season ends, Bill Morrill of Wildlife Management, Inc. is offering what I consider the best bargain in deer hunts I have seen this season. He has a 3,700-acre family-owned and managed South Texas ranch in McMullen County that is approximately 1% hours drive from the New Braunfels area Gearing his hunts towards father and son combinations. Bill is offering three days of hunting for a father and son 12 or under for $160 The price includes up to four does per combo, hunting from senderas or blinds as preferred by the hunters, a minimum of 300 acres without interference from other hunters, a guide on the ranch and a primitive camphouse if desired. Morrill also has one day hunts with the same accomodations for $75 during which two does may be taken Other options include a husband and wife hunt of which many people have taken advantage, or what have you Each party will be discussed on an individual basis This is not a commercial day hunting lease, but a controlled harvest by professionals to upgrade the quality of deer herds There are feral hogs, javelinas and bucks, all of which will again be handled individually. Morrill has pictures of true trophy bucks taken from the helicopter census to show the ranch's quality Information can be obtained by dialing 512-249-3868 in Boerne and speaking to Doris For any hunting supplies and last minute gifts, don't overlook Doc’s Guns, 1111 N Walnut, 629-1736. one of our contest sponsors who has a complete line for everyoneStriped bass can taste good Striped bass have been embraced by thousands of Texas anglers because of their sporting qualities, but their table qualities have been questionable at times. Texas Parks and Wildlife officials believe that stripers rank with the better freshwater fish in palatability, if one important step is taken. Stripers have a band of red meat running just under the skin along the side of the fillet. This should be removed before cooking, leaving only pure white meat. Here is a recipe from Texas Parks and Wildlife biologist John Moczgem-ba. Take one or more fillets, two to five pounds total weight, and marinate them in your spicy salad dressing for 30 minutes to an hour. Crush a large bag of potato chips (sour cream and onion flavor is preferable) into coarse pieces and spread them evenly on a large cookie sheet. Place the fillets on the bed of chips and cook in the oven at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes, then put a layer of grated mild cheddar cheese on the fish and continue cooking until the cheese is melted Survey shows wildlife loss Earth satellite data analyzed by Fishing report AUSTIN (API Hem is the fishing report jm pried bv the Parks and Wildlife Department entral BASTROP Water clear normal level, black aes f«at to two pounds on HatLiraps, hybrid loper Bow cattish tan to im* pounds on live bait nth tod and reel BUCHANAN Water clear 67 degrees, IO feet ivy, black trass good to 6 Vt pounds on black tty in ood numbers, many in 3 4 pound tarry#, striper trod to live pounds in yond numbers trolling jigs. /trite bass yood to 26 bsh pet stony figging white labs; crappie slow yellow cattish yood to 40 ounds on live bait with many in 8 20 pound loge on Hotline CANYON Water clear one toot high, black ass slow, sloper slow and small, crappie fair at ight on minnows, channel cattish fait to four ounds on shrimp, white bass good to 60 fish per iring per day m 35 feet of water, v^ien not on top /flites will be near bottom best bait tor betorn is y and spoon FAYETTE Water clear, 6b degrees, normal /vet; black bass fair to eight pounds, only a oupie over the 21 inch limit during week, on ranks, catfish slow crappie slow LBJ Water murky, 68 degrees, normal level, Mack bass good to three pounds on black jigs, .toper yood to four pounds on deep running ranks white bass and crappie slow yellow elfish good to 12 pounds on live perch SOMERVILLE Waler murky, 2H feet high; Mack bass slow, striper fair to three pounds on ninnows. crappie fairly good to 12 fish on nrtnows and figs. white bass fair, catfish fair to wo pounds on shrimp and stinkbait TRAVIS Water clear, 60 degrees, near four aet low, black bass fair to two pounds on jig and jig, some on live minnows, striper slow at night jnder lights, not many fishermen NORTHEAST MONTICELLO Water slightly murky but fearing, 58 degrees, normal level, black bass jood to IO pounds on black worms, crappie fan o IV4 pounds to 16 fish per string on minnows, elfish good to nine pounds in good numbers on nightcrawlers on shrimp, bad weather forecast iapt fishermen away WEISH; Water stained, 63 degrees, lake full, Dtack bass good to eight pounds on black neon worms and plum worms; crappie alow, catfish fair to 16 pounds on Hotline with live bait Solunar table Here is the solunar table for Friday through Thursday. Plan to be hunting or fishing during the peak periods for best results. AM PM Minor major Minor major Thursday ........ ........ 11:50 5:40 — 6:00 Friday .......... .......12:15 6:15 12:25 6:35 Saturday ........ ....... 12:50 6:55 1:05 7:15 Sunday ......... ........ 1:30 7:30 1:40 7:50 Monday......... ........ 2:05 8:10 2:30 8:30 Tuesday ......... ........ 2:45 8:50 3:00 9:15 Wednesday...... ........ 3:30 8:50 3:00 9:15 the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department appear to confirm what hunters and conservationists have been saying for years — urban growth and other land use practices are altering or destroying the state’s wildlife habitat at a rapid rate. The department, in a contract study with Texas A&M University, studied satellite photos of 13 areas ranging from 365 to 5,400 square miles to record changes during the past decade resulting from urban expansion, forest and brush clearing and conversion to pure pine stands Dr. Craig McMahon, director of planning programs for the TPWD, said urban expansion in four of Texas’ largest cities ranged between three and 12 percent annually. He said portions of Travis and Hays counties lying west and south of Austin showed a 44 percent increase in urban buildup between 1973 and 1979, for a conversion rate of 3,000 acres per year. Northern Bexar County and northwest portions of San Antonio experienced a 70 percent increase in urban development and a conversion rate of 5,900 acres per year. The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex expanded 21 percent between 1973 and 1981, for a rate of 7,400 acres per year SOUTHEAST CONROE Watei clear normal level, bleck bass holding in 20 36 feet of water around stump trees to 7Y> pounds on jigs spoons and MannOlures with heavy concentrations of good sized fish, striper slow white bass slow crappie good and large to 10 fish per string on minnows near bottom, catfish good to very good on night crawlers on Catfish Char I y stink bait RAYBURN Water clear normal level, black bass fair to spotty in 28 feet of water on jig and spoons, some on spinners, striper slow crappie slow catfish slow, not many fishermen deer and duck hunting seem to be slowing some TOLEDO BEND Water dear, 66 degrees, normal level, black bass good to 4'A pounds on spinners, spoons, some on worms, striper slow, crappie, bream, catfish slow. not many fishermen SOUTH AMlSTAD: Water clear. 58 degrees 14 feet low, black bass good to five pounds on mot or oil worms and topwaters in the San Pedro and Zorro Canyons, small striper end white bass very good rn Cow Creek end mouth of rivers on Old Reliable Slabs with black tops, larger striper m 10 26 pound range fairly good near the dam in the Burrow area on topwaters. Redfish. crappie slow, cattish good on trot me with cheese stinkbait, shrimp and worms in Castle and Zorro Canyons and around dropotfs in 60 90 feet of water CALAVERAS Water murky, 60 degrees, one toot high, black bass fairly good to eight pounds, IO ounces on tilapia and cranks in good numbers; striper fairly good to seven pounds in good numbers on tilapia. crappie slow, catfish fairly good to 27 pounds on shrimp, tilapia, shad redfish fairly good to three pounds rn good numbers, corvine good to three pounds on spoons and tilapia COLETO CREEK; Water clear, normal level, black bass excellent to 6 Vi pounds on red worms, black worms, purple worms, buzz baits, cranks, striper good to si* pounds on Hat! he riders trolling green and white jigs. crappie good with strings to 40 fish I pounds on minnows, white bass slow; catfish fair to 4H pounds on rod and reel and Hotline with bloodbath cut shad and minnows FALCON Water clear, 24 Vt feet low, bleck bass slow, some hybrid striper to four pounds, not many fishermen MEDINA Water clear. 28 feet two; black bass good to three pounds on worms and live met nows frorn Antone's Hollow to Goat Hill Along east bank striper Bow, all other fishing slow not many fishermen, only place to get live bait is Bob s Cove WEST SPENCE Water dear. 6b degrees. 23 feet low black bass slow, striper good from 12 20 pounds on live bait drifting chartreuse colored stabs. catfish slow, not many fishermen slowest week of the year, Wildcat cs Paint Creek ramps usable COASTAL SABINE LAKE Some small drum to three pounds on dead shrimp some redfish in hot water can but not in public area low ware/ tem peratures, redfish will improve with two Sunny days, ducks scarce, leases near Bassie Haghts producing limits, not many fishermen, no live bait Shrimp GALVESTON A few redfish at jetties, mostly oversized, most of the fieh right now a.e sand trout to I W pound# in area ship channels and Offatts Bayou, a few specks m Offetts Bayou. beach front producing sandtrout and whiting on dead shrimp, duck hunting las, not many hunters; big snapper boats going out. small ones can t get out PORT O'CONNOR Fishing generally slow PALACIOS Many limits of school trout, some to 4 Vt pounds in East Bay on artificials and fresh dead shrimp, half are keepers short strings to near ax pounds in turning beam and T res Palacios River, occasional recto in channels to over 30 inches on artificials and dead shrimp, a few flounder and drum; no live bait, water dm md rapidly after last front, good duck hunting with widgeon pm tails and mallards, good goose populations PORT ARANSAS Redfish in good numbers but moety undersized, one fisherman caught 300 with only one keeper, not many reds in flats, most have gone to channels, early rn week some lim ss to 23 inches m two hours; some live bait duck hunting excellent with easy limas of pintails, teal, not many trout CORPUS CHRISTI Not many fishermen due to weather, early in week some specks from boats in intracoaetal. no live bait evadable one 46 minute troll netted one shrimp, duck plentiful rn Laguna Madre, no fishermen on Oso Pier midweek fishing fairly alow. some reds and specks over last weekend, nothing since a* Auto Parts SPARKOMATIC COMPLETE CAR STEREO SYSTEM / P • AV • AVI/FM Cass**"* P a/*' • Dual Core    Stealers • locking Fas' Forward • Auto Stop • LED loo>cato's • Fits Virtually Any Ca' $3995 ©ach •CSS 40 Pc Inch & Metric SOCKET SET $3 «* ’• and '• drive recnet » andie e«ier Spam plug socxet and mucn more 06616A (Tg«Tr*l'yi Compact Hi-Lift 2 ton [Hydraulic Roller SERVICE JACK *28®* •6604 7G DIXCO TRIPLE GAUGE SET $19** Mi' H533 1    -NJ rn. 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