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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - December 19, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Pag* 6 A H%m\6~ZeHung, New Bra unfete, Texas Thursday, December 19,1985 Judith Zaffirini Zaffirini announces state senate plans By SARAN BUNE Staff writer Judith Zaffirini of Laredo stopped in New Braunfels Wednesday to announce her candidacy for state senator in District 21 "I am dedicated to a county-to-county campaign.” she said during her press conference at the New Braunfels airport “We plan to win through a grassroots campaign.” Zaffirini was greeted by about 25 supporters She had press conferences in Laredo. Eagle Pass. San Antonio. New Braunfels and Seguin Wednesday to announce her candidacy. She is vice chairwoman of the Texas Democratic Party, a member of the Democratic National Committee of the National Association of State Democratic ( hairs Zaffirini Joins three other Democratic candidates in the race to fill Sen John Traeger's seat State Hep William Hall, of Lardeo. and attorney J A Garcia of San Antonio have announced their candidacy Former representative Bennie Bock. of New Braunfels, has expressed an interest in running for the same position. Traeger. from Seguin, announced his retirement earlier this year He served as a state senator for 14 years The Democratic primary is in May and the elect ion is next November Zaffirini said she has criss-crossed the district since 1978 and knows the problems of each county She said she thinks the major issue facing the district is that of economic develop ment. ‘i've found that economic develop ment means something different in this area than it does in Laredo." she said She said the northern part of the 20-county district, particularly New' Architect to redraw Marion school plans 625-1611 1050 5. Oeguir Him BAfi-B-Q and Restaurant Is now offering several Tasty Mew Platters Catfish 3.9S- 4.95 snrimp    Oysters 4.95-9.95    4.95 Each served with coleslaw, french fries, beans, and Hush Puppies Chicken Fried Steak Chicken Strips 9.59-3.99    3.49 Each served with Cream Gravy, French Frys, Cole Slaw and bread. Try our Famous Bar-B-Q By SARAH DUKE Staff writer MARION — The Marion School Board voted Wednesday to allow architects to redraw plans for a proposed new elementary school building increasing the size of classrooms by two square feet. Tom DeKunder’s request to increase the proposed classroom size caused considerable discussion about the need for more room at the school. He said the increase in room size was needed for storage space. DeKunder told the board that by next September the elementary school definitely will need three new classrooms and possibly more. He also said that the elementary enrollment could double within five years causing a serious overcrowding problem. “It doesn’t matter to me or the teachers whether you want portable buildings, permanent or whatever,” DeKunder said. “The learning process will occur regardless of the type of building.” The board decided recently to hire an architect to draw up plans for a new elementary building. The board has not made definite plans to build the building but is considering the cost. They are also considering purchasing portable buildings to meet the school’s immediate needs. The proposed new building being considered would have eight classrooms Board member Sally Boeck said that while she is not opposed to building a new elementary building, she does not feel that the board should rush into the decision. “I’m just saying I don’t want to feel like we have to build a whole new building right now,” she said. Boeck suggested that the board ap- pr jve building part of an elementary wing and complete it when funds become available. DeKunder said that while a complete need building is not needed im-mediatedly, he thinks the board eventually will have to build new facilities. He said enrollment has Increased considerably during the past few years and will continue to increase. A new Marion intermediate school building is now under construction and is expected to be completed by March. Braunfels, is viewed as being more affluent than the south Texas and border areas of the district Zaffirini said to represent the entire district will take energy "We need a senator who has not only the energy to travel our large district and stay in touch with the people, but one who also has the discipline and dedication, the honesty and independence to represent each county effectively in the Texas Senate.” she said. Zaffirini said her primary issue will be the social and economic security of the family and the community “This security includes jobs, economic development, education, health care and enviromental concerns.” she said. • Everything must tie related to what is best for family security," she said “When families are secure, the community, the county and the district will be secure." Zaffirini said she decided to run for the senate only after she was certain that she could manage the demands of the job and have a healthy family life at the same time The mother of a 4-year-old son. Zaffirini said she feels it is very imper tant for her to spend time with her family. She said she also waited so long to announce her candidacy because she wanted to make certain that she had support from the people “Your typical candidate announces and then touches base with the people,” she said adding that she wanted to get support before announcing In preparing to represent the district in the Texas Senate, Zaffirini said she has conducted issues meetings and has written each county judge, mayor and legislator, re questing information packets, meetings and briefing regarding local legislative needs Radio /hack HD CHARGE IT (MOST STORES) Most Stores Open Late Nights Until Christmas! Tandy* 1000 With Monitor! 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