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New Braunfels Herald Zeitung (Newspaper) - December 13, 1985, New Braunfels, Texas Dear Abby CABLE ESQiOlCETVPrincipal’s Immodest Proposal Draws Sympathy for Students DEAR ABBY: I sympathize with the student signed “Upset in Elk River” whose principal announced that he was going to remove all the doors from the compartments in the girls’ lavatory because some girls had been smoking there. It’s been nearly 50 years since I entered first grade in a one-building Southern school, where I had to share a large restroom with girls from elementary, junior and high school grades combined. I was from a farm and had been more or less isolated from other children and was doubly shy. The pain of embarrassment was far worse than the physical discomfort I suffered from avoiding going down to that basement bathroom with no partitions. I hated school for that Crossword one reason. Thanks for printing that letter, Abby. I hope the principal in Elk River changes his mind and considers the girls’ right to privacy. After all, the few girls who smoked in the lavatory will find somewhere else to smoke. But modesty, even that of one student, should be preserved if possible. There seems to be so little of it left in the world. ALSO CONCERNED IN CALIFORNIA DEAR ALSO: Hear, hear! Another Californian suggested that the principal leave the lavatory doors alone and install smoke alarms in the girls* restroom instead. Great idea. Where there’s smoke there will either be fire— ACROSS 1 Ovine animal 5 Fakery 9 "Make — 14 Father: Arab. 15 Soft drink 16 Carved gem 17 Wintry 16 Turnpike 19 Wrongdoing 20 Day s end 21 Spoke for 23 Saves 25 Greek peak 26 Carmine 27 Sad sounds 29 Dickens boy 32 Hit 35 Bus trip 36 Copper thread 37 Goddess of discord 38 High card 39 Almost round 40 Fish 41 Athwart 42 Vogue 43 Card game 44 Indication 45 Family gal 46 Simple 48 Former 52 Foreordained 56 Mardi Gras presider 57 Water lily 58 Red shade 59 South of France 60 Vote in 61 Roman road 62 Auction condition 63 Parks and Lahr 64 Cereal 65 a mess!" DOWN 1 Shoe tier 2 Higher than 3 Breakwaters 4 Youngster 5 Harangue 6 Circlets 7 Wingllke 8 Produced 9 Entree 10 Cautions 11 Copying 12 Scattered her. PREVIOUS PUZZLE SOLVED IF IL IuIe Is He Ih Ia IR *Ja Ib Is I V E IN hi ll ll II I I II ll ll I □□□□El anna aaa a □anana aaaaanaa □aaa naaaana or somebody smoking. DEAR ABBY: Not too long ago you had a piece in your column about which came first, the chicken or the egg, and you ended up by saying that the egg came first—and it came from a reptile! Well, I used to love eggs and ate two every morning for breakfast, but now I am unable to eat eggs because I hate reptiles. I am so sorry you put that in your column, Abby. Just the thought of eating reptile eggs turns my stomach! NO MORE EGGS IN FORT DODGE, IOWA DEAR NO MORE: I did not mean to imply that the eggs we eat today come from reptiles; I was referring to the process of evolution that began millions of years ago. The eggs you enjoyed were from hens—not reptiles. I hope this settles your stomach because food phobias are no yolk. SCOT □□□HH AMEN □□a □□aaa i □□a □on! 13 Killed weeds 21 Was sorry 22 Abstinent 24 Salad Ingredient 27 Tendon 28 Smell 30 Mideast land 31 Intermingle 32 De-rind 33 Mountain: prof. 34 Metric unit 35 Wander 36 Lowest 38 Links units 42 Even-steven 44 Hogbacks 45 Nasty looks 47 Inference 48 Assault 49 Sea or stew 50 Press, et al 51 Live 52 Common person 53 Walk-on. e g 54 Small group 55 Greek letter 59 Crop 1 2 3 I 14 17 I 20 ■ 23 24 26 32 33 34 37 40 J 43 rn 146 10 11 12 13 16 ,, 22 r5 52    53 57 60 63 It’s a wise woman who realizes that she’s no match for high-pressure, fast-talking salespeople. I admire their talent, but I wouldn’t want to pit my resistance against their persistence. DEAR ABBY: I just finished reading the letter from “Desperate Widow,” whose able-bodied 28-year-old son had been sitting around the house for IO years eating and watching TV. She asks how to get him out of the house. You said, “Throw the bum out!” Good advice. But it’s not always easy. I know; I had exactly the same problem with my own son when he was 23. I loved him, but I also knew that he would never be self-sufficient as long as he had me to support him. I would tell “Desperate Widow,” “Your son will not starve. He may live on the streets or in his car for a while, but he will not starve—he’ll get a job if he gets hungry enough.” I ordered my son to leave my house, but he kept stalling, so I changed the locks and put dead bolts on the doors. He would call me up and beg me to let him come home, and I said no. And when he got angry and mean, I’d hang up on him! Once I let him come home to get his things, and when he refused to leave, I called the police. They came to the house with a crisis team and talked to both of us, then they saw to it that he left. My heart was breaking, but I said to myself, "I am giving this son of mine a chance for his own life. If I let him stay, he will be lost forever.” He joined the Navy, and it was the best thing that ever happened to him. What I did was not easy, but I knew it was his only chance to be an independent person. My heart goes out to “Desperate Widow.” I hope this will help her realize that if she really loves her son, she must be strong enough to lock him out—for his sake and her own. MRS. B., HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIF. (Every teen-ager should know the truth about sex, drugs and how to he happy. For Abby’* booklet, send your name and address clearly printed with a check or money order for $2.RO and a long, stamped (39 cents) self-addressed envelope to: Dear Abby, Teen Booklet, P.O. Box 3HW23, Hollywood. Calif. 90038.) jj- Jean Glowka, Certified Hypnotherapist £g Member: Professional Hypnotism Society of America ?•! i«    w presents B HYPNOSIS | 1:1    GROUPS    (J Saturday Afternoon, Dec. 14    -ej Free Lecture and ”Q & A” period    3:00    p.m.    jjj !•! Weight Loss 3:30 p.m.    $25    (2    for    $40)    lei ••J Stop Smoking 4:45 p.m. * _    $25    (2    for    $40) DEAR ABBY: I’m writing this while waiting for my husband to finish shaving and join me for breakfast. About five minutes ago, I glanced out the window and saw IO or 12 men exiting from a large van. They were nicely dressed, all carried briefcases, and were obviously a crew of salesmen. Within minutes my doorbell rang. I ignored it. My husband heard it and shouted, "Will you please get the door!” I yelled back. “It’s some salesman; besides, I never answer the door unless I’m expecting someone.” Ile became very impatient with me and said, "What’s the harm in answering the door and finding out what the salesman is selling?” I told him I felt no obligation to listen to strangers who want to sell rn*' something. He insisted I could always say no. Abby, this has happened several times in our 40-year marriage. I feel that this is my home and I don’t have to open my door to every person who pushes my doorbell. What is your opinion? JANE IN GREENVILLE. TEXAS DEAR .JANE: Same as yourn. VISA Si MC at Holiday Ion New Braunfels Bring i pillow I £ (512) 729-3424 (It’i not nacaaaary to pre-register.I 19.99 24.99 29.99 WINTER ROBES Beautiful assortment of warm gilt robes from I/xmiswear, Anne Leslie and Saylu. Selection includes acetate/nylon panne and soft acetate/poly fleece in pastel and bright holiday colors. S,M,L. Ask About A Bealls Charge Card. OPEN; 8:00 AM SATURDAY I 3ea]ls Seguin New Braunfels HELLO WIW NEH EMELIN niviftiii lei/Eske/in talks with ttuiays news makers about vital issues that affect you. Join the live audience and all of America via nationwide phone- in for thisfast-F paced, power-pat keelthirty minutes and tell us what you think. Seguin Cable Monday thru Friday Communications System 379-1505 New Braunfels Cable Communcations System 625-3408 Im! 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PB. PW. Tilt, Cruise, AM/FM 1984 Olds 98 Regency 2 Dr.* V 8. Auto. Au, All Power, tilt. Cruise AM/FM 1980 Mercury Marquis 2 Or. V-8. Auto, Air, PS, PB, AM 1982 Lincoln Mark VI V 8. Auto. An. All Powei, Tilt, Cruise, AM/FM Cassette 45.000 mi 1984 Ford F250 XLT Supercab Diesel, Auto, Air, PS, PB, PW. AM/FM Cassette Excellent Condition *6,995 *6,995 *7,795 *5,995 ‘9,795 ‘3,295 ‘8,995 ‘7.995 ‘10,595 *11,995 ‘5,395 *11,995 ‘11,695 5.550 *5.865 ‘3,650 *6.650 ‘5.445 •8.975 •2.550 •8.375 •6.935 •8.890 10.990 ‘3.950 10.880 10.950 ;

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